Empty Seat At Christmas (a.k.a - Mothers Gift)


I am by no means a professional writer. I have a story to tell, and hopefully it's one you will enjoy.

This is part one of what I would like to be a long series. I tried my best to introduce the characters in as short of an intro as possible. Thanks for reading! If you enjoy this story, you can reach me on the sexstoriespost. com forums, my name there is: JackMalice

Chapter 1.

Before I begin my story, I'd like to tell you a little bit about my family. First of all, my name is Donnie, and I come from what most people would call an unusual home. My mother, Molly, was 18 when she gave birth to me. It wasn't strange when I was a toddler, as I couldn't very well tell the difference between my Mother and the mothers of my friends. All adults seemed the same to me, and at the time I was content. The complications began in my early teens, when my mother was in her mid 20's. I remember that when my friends would stay over at our house, they would comment on her good looks, and exclaim the things they'd like to do to her. Jokingly, of course. My Mother was in fact a beautiful woman, though. She was young, and quite fit for a mother of 3 (I'll get to my siblings later).

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   My Mother had the body of a highschool cheerleader, and boy did she know how to show it. She would walk around in the tightest shorts, and sported the smallest shirts she could squeeze her breasts in. She had long brown hair that she kept well maintained, and her beautiful hair only helped to compliment her large, bright honey-brown eyes. She was definitely not a ruined woman, as some men would call a mother of three.

My biological father would visit my Mother for a quick fix of sex on occasion. I remember, even as a young child, seeing him lead her in to the room only to walk out whilst zipping his jeans up several minutes later. I don't know if my Mother had any romantic feelings towards the man, but I imagine it's hard to refuse the person that's financially supporting you and your child. Of course, with great sex comes great responsibility, and my Mother was soon pregnant again. My brother and sister were born when I was 18 years old. They were born approximately 6 minutes apart, and looked nothing alike for twins. My brother, who had my Mothers beautiful brown hair, was named Andrew, and my sister Katie. My sister was a real treasure. Katie had bright blond hair that was closer to a shade of white than the color yellow, which she never brushed properly. She was also quite pretty for a 7 year old. She had dark blue eyes, and freckles around her nose and cheeks.

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   Being the playful little kid she was, Katie managed to lose her front teeth during a game of kickball and the large gap in her mouth only added to her overall charm.

My brother Andrew on the other hand. . . he was a quiet boy. He never said much, and when he did manage to muster up a sentence it was usually too soft spoken for anyone to hear. I think he had the wild idea that Katie was my Mothers favorite just because she spent more time with her. My Mother didn't trust Katie as much, as she was too trusting. Andrew wouldn't look a stranger in the eyes, but Katie would follow as if she had known him for years. Katie needed much more attention than Andrew, but I suppose these truths are hard to understand when you're a 7 year old boy that spends most of his time sulking alone. Andrew didn't have the benefits of his own bedroom, so he'd usually just hang around the front yard. On occasion, the neighbors dog would find his way on to our porch. Andrew loved dogs, so this made him especially happy. He would spend every minute with the dog until his owners made it home from work and dropped by to pick him up. My Mother wouldn't let Andrew have his own pet due to the increasing costs of food and supplies, so this was something Andrew cherished.

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As for myself, I didn't spend much of my time at home. Between my Mother working, and my siblings at school, I had little to hang around at home for. I had a part-time job as a prep-cook at a local Italian bakery, and whatever days I didn't spend working, I usually spent hanging out with my boss, Mr. Gianis kids. They were 18 and 15, so I obviously had more in common with them then I did with my own siblings. We would usually just watch T. V. in the back office, or walk around talking about nonsense. Sometimes I would flirt with Cameron, Mr. Gianis 18 year old daughter. When Tommy wasn't around, Cameron and I would walk around the building and sit underneath this oversized cement foundation. It was a large frame of cement blocks that were going to be the foundation for the house Mr. Giani was building, but when his wife passed away several years ago he decided to drop the construction project and concentrate on his business.

Me and my siblings have never officially met our biological father, or any father for that matter. He's alive and well and supposedly supports us financially, but as far as I'm concerned my Mother raised us single handedly.

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   To me, he was nothing but an empty seat at Christmas. The only memories I have of my father are of him dropping by to deliver his check, and occasionally to take my Mother in to the room for what I believed to be sex. He hasn't dropped by in years though, and my Mother claims that his checks now arrive exclusively by mail, all due to his fancy new job in New York.

It was Christmas morning and my brother and sister had already torn through every wrapper they could get their little hands on. My Mother was cooking breakfast, and I was watching the local news. My sister jumped on my lap, and wobbled around excitedly. "Thank you for my scooter Donnie!". I had gotten her one of those motorized two wheelers. It took quite a bit of saving, but it was worth seeing her this happy. My siblings didn't receive as much as they deserved, and yet they never complained. I wanted to spoil them for once.
I didn't expect my brother to jump in excitement, but I could tell he was happy with his gift. I found him one of those "professional" remote control cars at a second hand shop. Our neighbor bought his son one a few months back for his birthday, and I could tell Drew was jealous.

I didn't have much money, especially not after buying the gifts for my brother and sister, so I bought my Mother some flowers.

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   It wasn't a very lavish gift, but she seemed to enjoy it. My Mother never really received any gifts. As good looking as she was, she was only ever with my biological father and very rarely even left the house aside for work or to the shops. She spent most of her time working, and when she was at home she was either cleaning or cooking. For the most part having friends seemed to be out of the question.

Last night my Mother told me about a surprise gift she wanted to give me today, but it seemed like she had forgotten. I didn't see any gifts labeled for me. I couldn't even find a card with my name on it. I wasn't as disappointed as I expected to be, I don't really let my expectations control me much.

"Come on guys, get some breakfast".

My Mother called us from the kitchen. I escorted my brother and sister to the dineing area and sat them down. The plates were already set, and had eggs, hash browns and toast already piled on them.

"Go wait in the living room, Donnie, if you don't mind".

To be honest, I was more nervous than excited.

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   My Mother rarely ever treats me to gifts, let alone surprises, and this Christmas was no exception as far as I was concerned. I was wondering if she was planning to give me the gift she told me about the night before, but I didn't feel it was right to ask. As I was sitting down, she walked in to the living room and sat beside me on the couch. I was feeling strangely tense with my mothers leg against mine. She was sitting so close to me that I could smell the shampoo from her hair. It was a mixture of fresh cucumber and mango.

"You're a real good kid Donnie".

I could hear her breathing. She seemed very calm, but something was different about her. My Mother seemed like a different person at that very moment.

"Thanks Mom, but-". I mumbled.

"I appreciate you gettin' the gifts for Drew and Katie this year".

"Of course Mom".

I was feeling chills all over.

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   I didn't spend much time talking to my Mother, especialy not while sitting this close to her. She was mostly a familiar stranger.

"I didn't have the money to buy you something you'd enjoy, so I wanted to give you something special instead".

Her tone was becoming more of a whisper with each word. Now I was really beginning to feel nervous. At that moment I realized that even though this woman was my Mother, and I was born from her body, I didn't really know her at all. She was always working when I was growing up, and she never really spent any quality time with me.

"You don't have to get me anything, Mom".

My Mother slid her hand across my leg. I couldn't shake the awkward vibe lingering about the couch. I felt tremors climb up my leg as they made their way to my back.

"Don't be nervous Donnie, this is something I've thought of for a while".

She seemed so confident. I was ignoring the sexual tension that suddenly made its way in to existence.

"What are you talking about Mom?".

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I figured playing stupid was better than facing the embarrassment. I wasn't feeling very centered.

"Just come in to my room once Katie and Drew are tucked in to bed".

She kissed me on the cheek and returned to the kitchen. I had an intense feeling across my body, and for some reason my manhood was aching to break through my cargo pants. I had to relax and catch my breath before I could manage to move a muscle.

We didn't speak a word throughout breakfast. I couldn't even eat. I was nervous, but at the same time quite anxious. I couldn't believe how turned on I was by my own Mother. I had felt somewhat sexualy attracted to her before, mainly because it was impossible to ignore how beautiful my Mother was. Mother or not, she was a very desirable woman with very desirable features. There have been times where I caught a glimpse of her breasts while she was getting dressed in the morning, or watched her bend down to get a pan from the lower cabinet in the kitchen. She was a sexy woman, and even as her son I couldn't deny being attracted to her.

“I’m off to work!”, I shouted.

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I announced it from across the living room just to make sure that no one would confront me. I didn’t really want to face my Mom just yet.

Chapter 2.

The car I drove around wasn’t great. It made it from point A to B with little trouble, and that was what mattered most. It wasn’t what you’d use to pick up a girl, and voided any impressive qualities it might have had with rust decorating it’s lower frame. It was like everything else about my life: average.

I arrived at work several minutes late. My boss, Mr. Giani, never cared whether I was late or not, as long as I finished my work within the time frame, he was fine with me taking extended breaks or leaving early. Today wasn’t expected to be a particularly busy day, so his kids dropped by much like they always do on days where no additional help is necessary. Mr. Giani's 18 year old son, Tommy, wasn’t feeling great that afternoon so he decided to relax in the delivery truck with a magazine. He was a bit of a hypochondriac, and would complain about feeling sick often. I followed Cameron to our usual hang-out spot, and we just sat around underneath the foundation, chatting.

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   For obvious reasons, I was having trouble concentrating on anything other than the events from earlier. Cameron was talking about her friends, and the trouble they managed to cause at school that week, but I was focused on what had happened that morning with my Mom. After several minutes, Cameron was beginning to realize that I wasn’t really paying attention to her.

“Are you listening?”. She screamed, “Donnie!”.

“What?”. I whimpered.

“This is the funny part, were you even listening?”. She sounded disappointed.

“I’m sorry, I’m just. . . My head’s out of balance today”. “I don’t really know what’s going on”. I figured I'd confess my confusion.


   It was only partially true, because in reality I did know what was going on, but I was in fact out of balance with my thoughts. After all, being aware of something doesn't make it easier to understand.

All of a sudden Cameron did the strangest, most unexpected thing. She grabbed my head and pulled my face towards hers, pressing her lips against mine. I had kissed other girls before, but never like this. Cameron let her tung explore my mouth as she nodded her head from side to side, pushing me down on to the pavement. She climbed on top of me, with her legs spread apart, placing her knees on each side of my hips. We kissed like this for several minutes, until I placed my arm around her back. She pushed herself away, pressing her hands against my chest as she lifted her head, separating our lips from one another.

“You’re such a pervert Donnie”, she said amusingly.

Cameron giddily walked away, leaving me shocked and even more confused then I was before. By the time I gathered myself enough to return to the bakery, Cameron and Tommy had left and Mr. Giani was planning on shutting down the shop early.

"Here's your bonus boy". Mr.

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   Giani pulled a folded check from his wallet, and handed it to me.

"Bonus?". I was surprised to say the least. Mr. Giani is a nice guy and all, but not one to hand his money away. Especially not without prior notice.

"Yeah, I forgot to include it in your check last week. It's a bonus, for Christmas". He was being sincere.

"You've been working hard. You deserve it, now get the hell outta' here". He laughed, and waved me away with his arms.

Mr. Giani was always waving his arms around when he talked. Cameron told me that it runs in the family and that most of their relatives use hand gestures.

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   She called it 'expressions in motion'.

Climbing in to the drivers seat, I unfolded the check that I was still holding in my hands. It was a check for 745 dollars. Since I worked part time, I didn't earn much at all. 745 was at least twice the amount I earned that month. I wondered if Mr. Giani had made a mistake. It felt impossible that my bonus was more than my months salary. I spent the entire drive home calculating my options, and decided that if Mr. Giani gave me this check with such assurance, I should keep the money. I couldn't cash the check immediately, as it was past 5 O'clock, and that's usually the hour that banks close at in this area. I parked the car where I usually did by the sidewalk, and made my way on to the porch. Andrew was sitting in the corner of the porch with a puzzle, struggling to fit two obviously misshaped pieces together. He was undoubtedly aggravated.

"What's wrong, Drew?".

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   I didn't expect anything to be wrong, as much as I expected to receive no response at all.

"It's not fair that Mom always takes Katie to the supermarket and I have to stay here with Mrs. Whitaker all the time", Andrew exclaimed.

I was more surprised to hear him shout than I was to hear him confess his frustration.

"Do you really want to go to the supermarket?, It's boring. ", I said, trying to convince him that staying home was better.

"No. . . ". "I mean, not really. . But. . .

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   I guess not". He was confusing himself.

"Listen, you can come along with me to work tomorrow, how's that sound?". I couldn't imagine Mr. Giani minding my brothers presence at the bakery.

"Ok!", he yelped.

Entering the empty house, I half expected to be greeted by a ghost. It was quiet to say the least, and obviously quiet enough for Mrs. Whitaker to have fallen asleep on the couch. Some babysitter she was. I tip toed around the living room and made my way to the kitchen for a drink. It was 5:30, and my Mom would probably be home soon. There's only so much time you can spend at the supermarket with Katie, trust me. I was thinking of calling Cameron and asking her what had gotten in to her earlier. Cameron and I had always flirted playfully, but I never once thought she was interested in any more than a friendship.

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   Cameron was actually a pretty cute girl for the most part. She had fairly long black hair, green eyes, and smooth olive skin. She was also pretty shapely for a girl with such a small frame, which only made her curves more noticeable. I admired her body on more than one occasion, and I especially liked her ass. She had a nice round butt that looked great in any outfit she wore, which unfortunately mostly consisted of jeans and tee shirts. She wasn't obsessed with vanity like most girls her age. On special occasions she would wear a nice dress, which was my favorite of her overall attire. Sometimes she would sit on my lap while watching T. V. , and I struggled to prevent her from noticing my stiff reaction. I wouldn't say I had any feelings for her, though. I always thought of her as a good friend, and passed off any arousal as 'every mans primal instinct'.

I was sitting on a stool in the kitchen when I heard a car pull up. Mrs. Whitaker had already been woken up by Andrew slamming the door upon his entrance to the house.

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   I stepped outside to help my Mom with the groceries.

"Here Donnie, get the water, I'll get these bags". She was carrying 5 or 6 bags full of microwavable meals and vegetables.

I got the water from the back seat of the car and grabbed a few bags of soda.

"Go get your brother!", my Mom directed. Katie ran in to the house, leaveing the door open behind her and started screaming for Drew.

"I could have done that Katie!", Mom shouted.

Several trips later, the groceries were in the house and my Mom was rearranging the cabinets and fridge cautiously, trying to find room for everything. It seemed like quite a big purchase, especially with the financial problems we've been facing lately. I didn't bother asking her how she payed for the shopping, though. It wasn't any of my business where or how my Mother obtained her money, but it was hard not to be curious. My Mom worked as a secretarial assistant for this small, home based business that this sweet old couple operated. They would distribute music and films online for independent artists. My Mother dealt with their paperwork, organizing and arranging files, and answered the unimportant phone calls. The job didn't pay much per hour, but the hours were plentiful.

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Chapter 3.

We spent the remainder of that evening watching T. V. Mostly recycled episodes of canceled sitcoms. It was 8:15, and nearing bed time for my siblings. My Mother had them brush their teeth and change their cloths for bed, while I brought some empty boxes in from the shed. I was becoming more anxious as the second hand on the clock seemed to move slower and slower with every passing minute. 8:16, 8:19, 8:23, 8:25. What I've been nervous about all day was 5 minutes away, and my body couldn't have been more tense. My back was stiff, and my arms were shaking like I had an uncontrollable twitch.

"Donnie, you can go wait in my room", my Mother whispered to me as she passed by. She was wearing gray tights and a pink 'support breast cancer' shirt. I watched her hips move as she walked away, and then rushed to her bedroom. I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to do, so I just sat on the corner of her bed and waited. I was panting heavily and my mouth was going dry.

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   I had an unrelenting nervous feeling in my chest.

Several long minutes later my Mom popped in to the room, closing and locking the door behind her in an overly quick fashion.

"I'm sorry it took so long, you know how Katie is". My Mother walked further in to the room, inching towards her vanity.

"Yeah". My voice was cracking.

"Don't be nervous baby, just lay back", she said in an unnaturally erotic fashion.

She didn't seem nervous at all, while I on the other hand was scared to death. I felt like my muscles wouldn't move, so I rolled on to my back, and just lay there, in the center of my Moms bed at 8:48pm on the most confusing night of my life.

My Mom turned away from her vanity, now facing in my direction. She stared at me for several seconds before speaking.

"I want this", she said in a lower register.

My Mother pulled her shirt over her head, revealing her beautiful breasts to her son. Her nipples were pointing freely, and her stomach was smooth and flat. She rubbed her hands against her sides, slowly turning around.

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   Lowering herself, she leaned on to the vanity, giving me a good look at her curvy ass. She was wearing pink lace panties with a heart in the center. By now, I was harder than I've ever been before. I felt like my dick was going to tear through my pants. My Mom continued her show by sliding herself on to the bed, and pulling herself towards me by grabbing the blankets that were folded and tucked in so neatly. She rubbed her hands around my crotch, clearly acknowledging my obvious arousal, and unbuttoned my pants. I helped her pull them off by lifting myself in the air as she slid them from beneath me.

"You're adorable Donnie", she whispered.

I couldn't manage a word, let alone a proper response. She massaged my crotch through my boxers before she grabbed my shaft and rubbed her fingers along my testicles. She brought her mouth to the tip of my cock, teasing me with her tung.

"I. . . ugh.

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  . . ", I couldn't speak.

It felt amazing to have my Mom massaging my dick through my boxers, and just as I was getting absorbed in the pleasure she stopped abruptly.

She climbed on top of me, making sure to sit directly on my crotch and leaned towards me, bringing her face as close to mine as possible without physical contact.

"Do you love me?", she asked me in an unusually seductive manner.

"Yes. . . ". I managed to respond, even with her crotch rubbing against mine. I felt like I was close to exploding, every movement she made I was scared that I was going to cum.

She slid herself off of me slowly, which almost sent me over the edge, and quickly pulled my boxers off in one pull. She looked in to my eyes as she grabbed my shaft and began running her tung up and down the tip. I could barely contain myself.


   I was watching my Mom stare at me as her mouth took my shaft in to a heaven of wet warmth. She grabbed my dick, and began sucking furiously. I could feel her hot wet tung slap against the tip, as her lips tightened around my flesh.

"Oh God. . . " I whimpered in ecstasy.

She slid her lips all the way to the bottom, pushing my cock in to her throat as she slowly moved her head from side to side in a churning motion. She let me slip out and took a quick breath of air, and grabbed my cock again, wrapping her gorgeous lips around the tip. She let her tung explore the top, as she jerked her hand up and down my shaft. I couldn't hold myself much longer.

"Ughhhh Mom. . . Mom!", I was trying my best not to scream in pleasure.

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"Mom! I'm gonna' cum, Mom!". "Ahhhhhh! I'm gonna' cum, ughhhh". My voice was becoming louder with each moan of pleasure.

My Mother just kept sucking the tip of my shaft, swinging her head around, letting her lips circle my cock as her hand began squeezing my shaft. She knew I was close, and she knew how to make it feel as good as possible.

I could feel her squeezing me, sucking in every inch while I slid in and out of her throat. Her tung, swirling around while her lips played hide and seek with my cock.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming Mom! I'm cumming!". I couldn't hold myself any longer. This was the culmination of a pleasure like no other I'd experienced.

"Cum for Mommy baby! Cum in my mouth sweetie!", she said in a muffled voice.

She placed her lips over the tip of my cock, and jerked the shaft again, this time as fast as her hand could move.

"Ahhhhhhh Mom! Ughhhh", I screamed unintentionally loud.

I felt spurt after spurt of of hot cum squirt in to my Mothers throat. I was moaning loudly with every stream of semen, and my Mom just kept jerking her hand up and down, swallowing every drop.

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   I could feel my cock being massaged by her tung, as my cum swirled in her hot mouth.

"Oh my God", I exclaimed. I've never felt this relieved before. A weight was lifted from my chest, and I felt more relaxed than even before.

My Mom climbed on top of me, laying on my body with her face towards mine. She kissed my lips more passionately than I could have imagined. I wrapped my arms around her, rubbing her back gently as her lips pressed against mine.

We both fell asleep shortly after. My Mother from the exhaustion of work, and me from the overwhelming pleasure I had just experienced. I climbed out of bed as quietly as I could, and made my way towards my bedroom.

"What happened with Mommy?", I heard Katie's voice from behind me.

To Be Continued. .