Emily's Indiscretion


Doug stared in disbelief. How could his own mother do this? Emily and Frank frantically reached for their clothing, as Doug stood silently watching them for a moment. If only his afternoon classes hadn't been cancelled, she would have gotten away with it and no one would have ever known that she was screwing around on Marcus. Finally the anger had forced the words out.
"You fucking whore . . . " he said as he stared coldly at his mother.
Despite his rage, he couldn't take his eyes off of her naked body. Frank pushed past him quickly and ran out of the house still struggling to get his shirt on. Emily tried to leave the room, her hands shaking as she clutched her dress against her naked body. Doug grabbed her, pushing her back to the sofa where she and Frank had been pleasing each other. He stared at her for a moment, fighting back the anger building inside him.
"What do you have to say for yourself mother?" he said, watching the tears well up in her eyes.
"I'm so sorry Doug. Please .

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   . . let me explain" she answered, her voice cracking slightly.
"What's there to explain? I came home and found you sucking another guys cock in my father's house. I can't fucking believe you would do such a thing. " he replied.
"It's just that . . . " she stammered, trying to put her dress back on.
"It's just what mother? You're such a whore that you can't keep your fucking panties on and wait for dad to get home?" he said grabbing the dress out of her hands before she could put it back on.
Doug was furious but not just because she was cheating on his father. He was jealous. Since he hit puberty he had an unnatural crush on his mother. It was something that he kept well hidden, but now it was about to tear him apart.

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   Emily was a very attractive woman, making it seem almost normal for him to have such feelings for her.
"You're father hasn't touched me in 2 months. " she blurted as she burst into tears.
He couldn't believe what he had just heard. His mother was a beautiful woman, how could his father not be all over her every night. From her long wavy raven locks to her translucent blue/green eyes and sleekly toned body, she was a vision of sexuality. His thoughts became distorted. Part of him wanted to comfort her, to try to be understanding about what she was going through, while the rest of him was fighting the urge to push her down on the sofa and drive his cock into her moist cunt until she begged him to stop.
"Please Doug, I beg you not to tell him about this. " she pleaded as she looked up at him pitifully.
"And why shouldn't I tell him mother. Why shouldn't I tell him what a filthy slut you are? " he asked, his cock throbbing in his jeans.
"Please son, I swear to you this is the first time I've done anything like this and it will never happen again. " she sobbed.
"You are damn right it will never happen again.

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  " Something inside Doug snapped as he watched her succulent firm breasts rise and fall with each breath she took. "Since you want to be the town whore, maybe I should take a turn at you myself. "
Emily was stunned at her son's words. She knew she was in no position to fight him. Not only was he big enough that he could easily overpower her, but she knew once her husband found out about the little affair, she would be penniless and living on the street. She watched in horror as her son stepped closer, noticing the outline of his engorged cock through his snug fitting jeans.
"Doug, please don't do this. I'm your mother. This is wrong. " she said, hoping to reason with him.
"Yeah and once I tell dad, you will be out of my life for good. So why don't you show me what a good cocksucker you are and maybe I won't tell him about you and the guy from the muffler shop. " he snidely replied. "Now get to it bitch. "
Emily sighed softly.

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   She knew he was right. Her hands shook as she reached for the button on his jeans, unfastening them slowly and pushing them down. She was quite impressed by the size of his swollen cock as it remained trapped in the dark blue boxer briefs he wore. She was disgusted by the thought of what she was about to do but she figured that she had no choice in the matter. She had to do it to keep her family.
Her fingers inched under the edge of his underwear, slowly peeling them down. Doug stepped out of them, kicking them and his jeans aside. Emily swallowed hard as the head of his cock bobbed inches from her face as it sprung free from the fabric prison. She looked up at her son once more, hoping to find some trace of pity in his eyes, but found nothing but a deranged lust.
Her lips parted slowly as she wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft. He inhaled sharply as he felt her warm breath on his skin. It was the first time anyone else had even touched his cock like that. He licked his lips as he watched his mother skillfully take the head of his cock into her mouth and begin sucking lightly. His eyes nearly rolled back in his head as the intense pleasure hit him. Her tongue felt so soft and warm as it caressed his smooth skin.

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   He dropped the dress, his hands moving to the sides of her head as he groaned softly.
"Oh fucking god mom. That feels so damn good. " he said as he forced more of his cock into her mouth.
She tried to feed it in slowly, adjusting to his girth. She was amazed that he was so well endowed. Her fingers slipped from the base as her lips finally rested against it. The thick patch of sandy blond pubic hair tickled her nose as she nuzzled his crotch before sliding her lips back up his throbbing shaft. Her eyes clenched shut as she tried to blot out the reality of who the cock in her mouth belonged to.
The muscles in Doug's legs tensed as he felt her buttery soft lips glide up and down his shaft. It took all he had not to blow his load in her mouth right away. Her tiny hand delicately cupped his balls, rolling them gently in her palm as she continued to work her mouth over his raging erection. Doug stared down at her, trying to grasp the fact that this was not just a fantasy anymore. Finally, he couldn't take it any longer. He felt his balls tightening up as the hot thick cum erupted from his pulsing cock and into his mother's mouth.

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Doug pulled her head forward, making her gag as his cock forced into her throat. He grunted and groaned as he emptied his seed down his mother's throat. He knew now that he had already gone too far to stop. He had to feel every inch of her superb body. He pushed her back against the sofa as she let his cock slip from between her lips. The look in his eyes told her the ordeal was far from over.
He crouched down in front of her, forcing her legs apart. Immediately she moved her hand to her crotch, trying to cover herself out of instinct. Doug quickly slapped her hand away as he stared at the soft pink flesh. He ran his fingers over the neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair above her sweet hole. He could see the droplets of moisture lining her thick pink lips. His fingertips traced over the slick little slit slowly as he glared at her.
"Oh my god mother. You are one sick bitch, getting all wet from sucking your own son's cock. You truly are nothing but a worthless whore.

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  " he said as his fingers invaded her tight little hole.
She let out a loud moan as two of his thick fingers delved deep inside her before pulling back slowly. He forced them in deep again before pulling them nearly out. He continued to finger fuck her until all she could do was release lusty moans as her hips moved to meet his thrusting fingers. He began to move faster as his thrusts became more brutal, making her voice raise with each pleasurable sound.
The sight of her writhing on the sofa in front of him had his cock already starting to swell once again. He pumped his fingers into her quickly dampening cunt faster and harder, watching her chest heave. Suddenly, his fingers were drenched as a wave of her sweet honey washed over them. He was astonished that his mother, this forbidden goddess of sexuality, just climaxed from his touch. He withdrew his fingers, staring at the wetness that glistened upon them for a moment. As he brought them closer to his mouth, he could smell her musky scent, making his mouth water for a taste.
She watched him lick her juices from his fingers, as she silently prayed that he would spare her any further humiliations. Her body however was consumed with a fiery passion. The rest of her honeyed liquids leaked from between the two swollen lips of her pussy. Doug could not help himself.

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   He had tasted her sweetness and now he wanted more.
He dropped to his knees, pushing her legs further apart as he leaned in closer. His mother started to push him away but he stared up at her like a man possessed.
"Don't you fucking dare think you're going to stop me now you fucking slut. " he growled. "You want sex so bad you're going to cheat on my father, well now you're going to get more than you bargained for. "
He quickly buried his tongue in her cunt, lapping wildly at it as his nose crushed her clit against her pubic bone. She bit her lip hard, trying to stifle a moan. For some reason, his harsh treatment of her only served to turn her on even more. Doug's tongue probed deep into her velvety folds, curling as it withdrew, trying to draw out all of her tasty essence.
Emily dug her nails into the sofa cushion as he licked deeper and deeper. She was on the verge of orgasm when Doug finally pulled back, looking at her with an evil grin on his face.
"I think it's time to move upstairs so I will be more comfortable mother. Get to your room. I will be there in a moment.

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  " he said, standing up slowly. "I expect you to be laying there, looking sexy and ready to beg me for more. "
Emily's eyes widened as she looked at her son, who now towered over her petite frame. She quickly got to her feet and scampered up the steps to her bedroom. Doug had gotten an idea as he tasted the sweetness between his mother's thighs, one that would guarantee that he would never be denied that pleasure again. He quickly locked the front door then ran up the stairs to his bedroom and grabbed the digital camera off the desk before entering his parents' bedroom.
The door flung open and Emily was startled by the flash of the digital camera as it snapped a picture of her nude body. She tried to reach for something to cover herself with when Doug slammed the door shut.
"Don't you fucking dare mother. You know if you piss me off at all I will tell dad about what you and that guy were doing. After he hears that, he won't believe you if you tell him how you swallowed my cum. " he cruelly chuckled.
"Please Doug, don't do this" she begged.
"Shut the fuck up mother. Now lay back down on the bed and spread your legs wide.

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   I want to see you finger yourself. " he said, aiming the camera at her once again.
Emily did as she was told, knowing that he had her just where he wanted her. Her hand slipped slowly down between her thighs as she parted her legs. The shameful look on her face said more than any words she could have expressed. Despite how wrong she knew the situation was, she still could not help but be aroused by his attentions. Her slender fingers gently pushed into her cunt as she let out a soft moan.
Doug continued to snap photos of his mother as her fingers began to work in and out. He watched the shame morph into a sick pleasure as she bucked her hips to meet her thrusts. Her slick juices glistened on her fingers as he captured it all on his camera. His cock was throbbing as he watched his mother feverishly fucking her cunt. He moved closer, his lens focused on the object of his lusts.
He finally pulled her fingers away from her cunt, pushing her hand toward her mouth. Emily quickly began to suck the juices from her fingers while her son took more shots of her.
    His free hand then moved to his cock, guiding the tip to her drooling cunt and pushing in slowly.


       He groaned as he began to enter her. She was much tighter than he had imagined. His aim quickly changed, snapping off shots of his rigid cock sliding into her slick hole.
    Emily was moaning and writhing against the bed. Finally, Doug hilted himself deep inside his mother's cunt. He held still for a moment, letting her juices coat his thick shaft. He started sawing in and out of her, his pace slow yet hard. His mother's thin frame was jolted by each deeply penetrating thrust. After a couple of minutes, he withdrew from her, and walked across the room. The disappointed look on Emily's face soon disappeared when she realized he would return in a moment. He set the timer on the camera, making sure the angle was good as he sat it down on the dresser, then returned to the bed his parents shared.
    Without a word, he drove his cock deep into her hungry cunt in a single thrust. His hips pumped hard and fast as he brutally fucked the woman who gave him life. He reached down, catching her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger and giving it a sharp pinch. She moaned loudly as her muscles began to spasm around his cock and her warm juices flooded out of her.

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       The camera caught every moment of it, intermittently taking more and more pictures.
    As soon as the orgasm was over, Doug withdrew, staring down at his mother with a sinister lust gleaming in his eyes.
    "Get on your hands and knees slut," he growled as he reached down, giving her clit a brutally hard pinch.
    She let out a loud whimper but quickly obeyed. Doug guided his cock back into her dripping wet hole and began to hammer away brutally at her. His fingertips dug into the soft flesh at her hips, pulling her back into each thrust as she moaned loudly. He kept staring at her tight little puckered hole as he fucked her. He knew that he had to take her ass as well. His mind raced with fiendish ideas of what to put her through, but he knew he had little time until his father would return and he had to cum soon. He slid his throbbing shaft from his mother's pussy and pressed the head against her dark little hole.
    "Oh god no Doug, please. I've never. . . " she started to protest, but Doug quickly slapped her ass as hard as he could, cutting her words shorts.

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    He then forced her head to the mattress before he began to force his thick cock into her ass. She shrieked as the head ripped past the tight ring of muscles and kept burrowing deeper into her virgin hole. He quickly bottomed out, not giving her a moment to adjust and began to pump hard and fast. She sobbed as he took from her the last of her dignity.
    "God you have a tight ass for a slut. You love it don't you mother. You love having your ass fucked by your own son. " he said, pulling her back into each brutal thrust.
    When she didn't answer right away, he began to slap her ass again, leaving large hand print shaped welts over it. He continued to spank her as he drove his cock in as hard as he could.
    "Answer me you fucking whore. We both know you love the feel of cock so much you don't care who's it is. " he grunted as he continued to pound her like a cheap whore. "You're cumming again aren't you bitch. "
    His balls slapped loudly against her pussy lips, feeling her warm juices coat them with each strike.

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       He couldn't hold out any longer. His cock was aching it was so hard and his balls were starting to tighten. He continued to drive his cock into her ass until finally the thick ropes of cum shot deep inside her bowels. His mother laid there sobbing as he emptied his seed into her. Finally, he pulled his cock from her sore hole. He smirked as he looked down at her. He moved her over, laying down on his back next to her. His fingers tangled in her long raven hair, pulling her up for a kiss before he forced her face down to his crotch.
    "Time to clean up your mess mom" he chuckled.
    Emily gagged as she tried to pull away, not wanting to taste the mixture of his cum and her ass. He pulled her hair harder, forcing a yelp from her lips. As soon as they parted, he forced his cock into her mouth.
    "And don't you dare bite. I swear I will make sure dad knows all about you and that other guy and how you tried to bribe me with sex not to tell on you. " he stated.

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    Emily could not believe how cruel her son was being to her. Did he truly hate her this much? She began to softly suck, trying not to throw up from the vile taste coating her son's semi hard cock. He used her hair as a handle, pulling her back slightly and forcing it all down her throat again before it finally deflated.
    Once she had cleaned it to his satisfaction, Doug pushed her away, climbing off the bed and getting the camera. He stood there leaning against the dresser as he flipped through the images that it contained. He smiled wickedly as he looked at every moment of her humiliation.
    "You better go clean yourself up mother. Wouldn't want dad to find out what's you've been up to?" he chuckled as he headed for the bedroom door. "And by the way mom, after he goes to sleep tonight, I expect you to come to my room. I wanna fill that worthless cunt of yours with a load as well"
    With that he walked out, going downstairs to get dressed, leaving his mother slumped on the bed sobbing openly.



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