Emily II, Part 2: An Unexpected Involvement


Emily II, Part 2: An Unexpected Involvement
Written with true love and explicit lust.
            Seven months have passed since Emily and I got engaged. We kept it a secret from everybody. A brother marrying his sister is not very well accepted around our community… hence why nobody knew about it. During the last seven months, my future wife kept me busy sexually, of course. Although there is always room for new tricks and positions, Emily and I kept it really simple in bed. Her favorite position is to ride on top of me while I watch her juicy vulva lips slide up and down my penis.
As for me, since I had that erotic dream of me fucking her up the ass, I always preferred the doggy position. Every morning we woke up together was a treat. We have our usual 69 in bed; Emily would then give me my morning blowjob in the shower and for the grand finale before she leaves home for school, I lick her pussy from under the table while she eats breakfast. Every single day we have the same routine. It keeps us happy and sexually healthy.
Oddly enough, for seven months we have been having unprotected sex and yet Emily has not become pregnant. This is perfect for now since we are not ready to have a child. But our wedding day was just a week away and that’s all that matters. We are both very anxious to get secretly married.

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   Soon I will have my very own sexy, athletic, curvaceous, eighteen year old sister Emily as my wife. My loyal wife Emily… I would have stayed loyal forever, until an unexpected gift came along. A surprising gift from Emily…
You see, Emily is in her first year of university, studying to become a paramedic. Her school program requires her to leave for certain periods of time. Every time she’s away, that leaves me alone at home only to satisfy myself with masturbation. Living in a relationship based on sex and passion, you can’t expect me to be okay for a few days without having any action. I mentioned it to her several times about how I cannot stand not making love at least once a day, and Emily said that she would work on it. And she did. Emily had to leave just a couple of days before the wedding. That morning we did not have a 69, she did not suck me off in the shower, nor would she let me eat her out from under the table! That left me senselessly horny all day long. Why did she act so strange this morning? Was she in a bitchy mood because she finally became pregnant? I kept asking myself questions until they were answered late that night.
I was alone in my room and I did not hear the knocking at the door. There I was in front of my desk, masturbating while looking at the Candice Michelle issue of Playboy. It took me a few seconds to realize that someone was coming down the stairs. I quickly put my cock back in my pants and hide the magazine.

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   I turn around and come face to face with my fifteen year old cousin Melody! Now Melody is a very cute and attractive girl. She’s quite developed for her age and her body makes her look like she’s actually twenty years old. Melody has long dirty blond hair, beautiful green eyes behind thick glasses frames and her breasts are big, I mean, they are enormous! I’d say at least double E cups and they fill her shirt very nicely. I continued staring her down without saying anything at all. Her jeans were the tightest I have ever seen. Her hips are quite larger than Emily’s and I could see that she gained a bit of weight around her waist since the last time we’ve seen each other. But still, she is sexy.
I look up and ask her what she doing here and this is how the conversation went:
“What are you doing here so late, Melody? What is the occasion?”
“Well”, she replied. “Your sister told me that you were feeling lonely lately. So I’m here to cheer you up!”
“That’s very sweet of you. What would you like to do?” I asked.
“I want to suck your penis!”
I just couldn’t believe it; she wants to give me a blowjob! My little underage cousin wants to suck me… that meant Emily sent her to me… and that means Melody knew I am sleeping with my sister!
“Did my sister send you here???”
“Yes she did. I know everything about you both. Everything! Like the fact that she loves to ride you from on top, that she likes to swallow your cum, you love fucking her from behind, you have a 69 every single morning…”
“Oh my God, I didn’t realize how close you two are. ”
“Very close, and I’m here to do her and you a favor.

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   I’m going to make love to you while Emily is away. ”
“Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, you are young and you’re my cousin after all…”
Melody slowly dropped on her knees while she kept her eyes fixed one mine.
“Does it matter? You fuck your own sister on a daily basis, plus you are about to marry her! Besides, you and her have been doing little sexual things since your young teenage years. Who cares if I’m only fifteen?”
“Yeah, you got me there. ”
“Alright, I know your cock is already stiff, I saw you with that magazine! So take it out right now cause I’m going to show you what that Candice Michelle slut can’t do!”
I didn’t hesitate any longer and pulled my cock out my pants. It only took a few seconds for Melody to grab it and slide it between her soft and silky lips. Still on her knees, she completely pulls my pants down and grabs my naked butt with both her hands. She then began to deep throat my penis without taking any gasps of air. It went on for only a few minutes as I already felt a tension in my testicles. My cock kept hitting the back of her throat at every sucking motion she did. She had no choice but to swallow everything since I began cuming and make the semen trickle down her hole. To be honest, she has better skills in blowjobs than Emily. My sister never deep throated me before. She only takes the tip in her mouth and sucks it gently. But Melody… that job from Melody was terrific!
“How… how was it?” she asked me, trying to catch her breath.

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“It was awesome! Emily never did something like that to me. ”
“Well then, I believe your soon-to-be-wife needs to learn a couple of tricks from me. ”
“I guess. So, what now?”
“I said I came here to make love to you. So let’s have sex!”
Before I knew it, Melody stood up and began undressing in front of me. It took her a few minutes to actually take off her jeans since they were so tight! I took off my shirt and got out of my pants around my feet. Facing me is a beautiful young woman wearing only a seductive black thong and a black bra holding up her explosive bust. I walk closer towards her and reach behind her back to undo her bra, while kissing her neck. As soon as her top came off, I look down and savor the view of two massive breasts. I grab them with my hands, gently fondling and squeezing them. The more I caressed, her nipples became rock hard, and so did my cock. Her tits are surprisingly firm and they pretty much stand up on their own while I expected them to sag.
“Well, well!” she said between a few kisses, “I think someone’s ready to play”.
“You bet your sweet ass my dear!” I replied.
And speaking of her ass, I drop my hands way down there, grabbing both cheeks.

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   Unlike her breasts, her fairly large bubble butt was quite soft and jiggly. Yet I still got a kick out of it. It made me remember how Emily’s ass is solid as a rock compared to this bowl of Jell-O I held with my hands. Speaking of Emily, my cousin made me feel like I never knew her at all. So I had to ask her this:
“How much convincing did it take Emily to make you come and do this with me?”
“Actually, she never told me to come here and keep you company… The more your sister told me about your sex life, the more I felt like I had to try it for myself. She doesn’t know that I’m here. ”
“And what do you think so far?” I asked.
“I think that you better take off my thong, bend me over and fuck me in any hole you want, because I want it bad! And when we’re finished, I sure fucking hope that your cum is either in my cunt or up my ass… cause I want you that bad!”
“Melody, baby, you make me want it that bad too!”
I grab a hold of her thong and rip the thin material right off of her. I push Melody toward the chair and make her bend over it. She spread her legs apart, exposing her plump, juicy pussy lips for me. I approach her, take her by the waist and slowly guide her towards my anxious penis. As soon as the tip got inside her outer lips, I take a deep breath and with a single push, slide in my penis completely inside of her. From the first stroke to the last, Melody kept shouting out loud moans of pleasure. I pumped her from behind for what it felt like hours, but probably was just about ten minutes. Still in position, I caress her jiggly butt, making little shockwaves on her skin after every plunge.

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   Finally the time came to cum and I didn’t want to stop.
“I’m going to cum Melody! My balls are fucking tense! Get ready!” I shouted out.
“Huh…Ohh… Wa… Wait…”
“Oh shit, I’m cuming! I’m cuming!”
“Wait… I’m… Ohh…Ahh… I forgot to take… take my pill!!!” she screamed out loud.
It was too late. I have already been ejaculating in her for a while. Holding on firmly to her ass, my cum kept shooting out of me into her. My cock was deep and there was no way of stopping it. I just inseminated my underage cousin with the same load I incestuously deposit in Emily. But this time, I do believe I got a woman pregnant… my marriage to my sister is definitely fucked if ever she discovers…
To be concluded…
… in Emily III: One Wife & Two Secrets.