Emily II: An Incestuous Commitment


Emily II: An Incestuous CommitmentWritten with true love and explicit lust.
            The moans were very loud. Every single inch of my penis was sliding in and out of her lubricated asshole at a very aggressive pace. The pace went faster after every thrust. As she was holding on her pillow for dear life, my hands were glued to her waist making sure she kept herself steady in the doggy position. The sweet smell of candy apple coming from the candles helped me stay in the mood and keep me fully erected as I plunged deeper and deeper inside her anus. Emily’s moans became screams. Her screams protruded both pain and pleasure but she kept telling me to go on. I went on until I felt my cum reach the tip of my penis. I quickly pulled out of her ass and sprayed my semen all over her butt cheeks. She collapses on the bed letting out a sound of relief. I feel my body weaken and lean as well on the bed right next to her. My cock was extremely sore and red. The light smell of vaseline coming from Emily’s bum found its way to my nose and made me smile with complete satisfaction. But the dream would soon end…
I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes. I had trouble believing it was only a dream since it felt so real.

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   For sure it had to excite me during my sleep as it felt quite sticky in the front of my boxers. But it didn’t bother me at all. It was my first erotic dream I had about my sister since the last time we actually made love. That first time we got together was the only time ever. It happened exactly a month ago. He haven’t spoken to eachother about it since, but every night we kiss before going to bed. We promised to us both that it would be a one time deal, yet I hunger for her pussy once again. Her nice, sexy, juicy vagina covered with a gorgeous bush of black pubic hair.   I get up and decide to take off my boxers. Here I am standing in the dark, naked and fully erected. I reach down to touch myself and began thinking about Emily.
As I rub my penis roughly with my left hand, my memory was set on sight of her twat. I remember staring at my cock slowly sliding inside of her inch by inch. The tight walls of her then virgin pussy and the bucking of her athletic hips made me cum hard. I would give anything to feel it once more.

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   Everytime we kiss at night I wish she would spontaneously drop on her knees and make me ejaculate in her mouth.   The excitement became too much and I suddenly have an idea. I jump on my bed and lay flat on my belly. I pull one of my pillows and place it right under me in my crotch area. I begin humping my pillow as if I was making love to a woman. Of course that woman in my mind was Emily. It’s been about 18 minutes as I continue to fuck my pillow and make my bed squeak. My body froze in place as I felt a hand grab my naked butt. I lift my head to check around me and spotting my sister came to my surprise.
There she was just looking at me through the dark. Emily then leaned to my night table and lit the new candy apple scented candle I bought a few days ago. With light now glowing around the room, I could now see my sister perfectly. Perfectly topless that is. Her long brown hair was untied and her beautiful hazelnut eyes looked at me with lust and desire. Her free-floating breasts seemed firm as ever not to mention that her cute puffy nipples were already rock hard.

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   I get off my pillow and lay on my back, exposing my penis to welcome my sister. Emily stood next to my bed for about five minutes, staring at my cock while anxiously licking her lips. I stretch out my right arm to put my hand behind her soft neck and slowly guide her towards me. She leaned over me, opened her mouth wide as her lips were just a few inches away from my cock. The moment the tip touched her lips, she stopped and pulled away. Emily grabs the edges of her tight white panties and slips it off completely. It seemed like a split second as she jumped on the bed and got on top of me.
I now have a perfect view of her slim body. Her long legs were spread across me and felt the heatwave from her pussy on my rock solid cock. She still has her massive black bush which is absolutely gorgeous. I could feel my mouth salivating by looking at my own sister’s hot unshaven pussy. I do prefer women who trim their pubic hair, but there is something about Emily’s that I simply idolize. I begin touching her clitoris with the tip of my fingers and eventually rub my whole hand on her twat. Emily fondled her breasts while I continue masturbating her clit. My fingers got her wetter by the second as she aggressively crave for me to fuck her insides.

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   The look in her eyes said it all and without any hesitation I let go of Emily’s twat, and I lubricated my penis with the wetness she left on my hand. I pull my cock upwards and slide it in her.
I surprisingly penetrated her vagina with ease. Emily has definitly been practicing with a dildo or some sort of sex toy as I began to pump her cunt without any trouble. Once again I am making love to my lovely, sexy, athletic sister. She was riding my cock like she missed it for years. Every movement of her hips make me feel her voluptuous pussy lips suck in my penis, like it wanted to swallow it. At every stroke I felt the tip of my cock rub against Emily’s spongy g-spot and ignited her on fire. I still can’t believe how well I fit inside of her. But it sure convinced me that she was the perfect woman for me. She stayed on top of me for several minutes, then made the quick switch to the mercenary position, continuously moaning out how we love each other very much with all our hearts.
Pumping her from on top, I pulled both her legs over my shoulders for maximum penetration. Her firm breasts bounced at every stroke. Our eyes gazed eachother as we savoured more and more pleasure. It was great to fuck my sister again, but all great things must come to an end.

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  . . I was about to ejaculate!
Approaching my final strokes, I looked her straight in the eyes and asked her if she was ready for this. . . Ready to take the risk of being insiminated with a load of hot, fertile semen once again. She took her time to answer as I felt my testicles become tense and my cum rising in my penis. But to my ultimate shock, she came up with this reply : « Will you marry me, dear brother? »
I answered back with a loud « Yeeeesssss! » and came hard inside of her.
To be continued. . .



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