Topic: EITHER OR BOTH Either or both.
 Looking back I suppose I was the meat in my parents sandwich and I loved every second of areas excepted the sexual factors of animals as a part of country life. From a very early age we all knew coupling was how life happened. Not much has changed,even today. That is for real country folk.
 This happening however was back a while. Me,well just a boy at the time. Mother and father? hitched for life through thick and thin times. All in all,we enjoyed life and all it gave us. Mum? Well she was all woman,especially when it came to mamary glands and the mating orifice. Respectively,not for her,city bras' or shaven pussy. You got it as it is and she had no refusals in that field I can tell you!
 No siblings,just us three and our fields plus whatever was making money at any given time. Although not sexually conscious of my mothers sexual attributes when young. I did look at her as she leant over the washing tub with her dress top not always buttoned to the neck. I enjoyed watching her breast swing under her dress,with those large hard nipples dangling at the ends. Also I became facinated with every movement of her legs as in this bending type of action,either house chores or changing the water feeders for the chickens etc.

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   With never any knickers on I liked to see her ass cheeks and pussy slit with the puffy part pushing backwards and forwards between her thighs.
 But by the time I'd reached puberty,these body parts had taken on an altogether more attractive element. I also realised my mother had recognised the signs in my interest,as she became more and more brazen when she caught me looking. More and more she would bend right over rather than squatting on her haunches as before. - Who was I to complain? I also worked out that mum relayed these events to dad,but made sure I wasn't in earshot,well they thought I wasn't anyway.
 Over the same period,dad often stripped naked after a hard days work while mum chucked bowls of water over him while he soaped off the grime. There was the odd occasion where dad got boisterous,grabbed the bowl and poured it over mum. I only realised at puberty,it only happened when she had a thin white cotton dress on. Of course the water made it virtually see through and dad and mum stood giggling. Each time as I watched,my dad's cock started getting stiff. I knew by now why,then faking surprise mum would glance at it exclaiming, "Oh no! Don't you dare" She dash off towards the house screaming with dad hard at her heels, - and I mean hard. I also found now that my cock tended to stiffen as I headed in behind them,knowing I was about to hear them making love.
 I didn't need to watch,mum talked me through everything dad was doing to her,although she had no idea I was outside listening. - Silly me! It was at one of these happenings I first shot off my spunk. I'd cheated too,peeping through the door as dad pulled his dripping knob out of mums pussy.

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   This also was the first time I'd seen his full hardon. Looking at my own,I wondered if I'd match his size when adult. - I needn't have worried on that score.
 Background now covered,lets get to it eh!
 Over my younger years,once or twice say in a fortnight,I'd awaken in the night and head to mum and dad's room for solice as kids do. That said,they'd move apart and I'd get between them in the warm. At puberty,I'd dropped the kid like excuses but still headed there the same. with them letting me get in the middle still. Our night attire was by todays standards old fashion, - but remember this was the country. We wore white cotton gowns,men and women. Mum's to the knee,dad's just below,but dad's tended to rise a bit at the front due to the packed lunch thereunder,protruding more sometimes than other. Mum would giggle and say, "Sidney,you need to pee" but I quickly realised it was more a case of he needed mum.
 When ever this happened I noted mum would also glance at my gown as well. There was some occasions where my gown was sticking out some. This happened when I'd seen mum putting hers on just previous to dad appearing. Of course because at my age I was still growing my gown was not that far below my cock which emphasized my protrusion.

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   "Up to bed,bed rover,NOW" Just after I'd hear dad fucking mum downstairs.  
 Of late,when I got in their bed,still gaining the middle slot,I'd face mum's way and she invariable faced me,while dad spooned in at my back. I found also that as they made room for me,mum's gown was always high up her body and dad's was above his pubic area. Also dad very often had a hardon. not being stupid I was sure I'd spoilt their moment,but nothing was said.
 The first moment that had me frightened to breath was on one such occasion. Having settled down I knew my cock was resting on mum's inner thigh and she just had to have felt this. She done or said nothing about it.  As I started to nod off,I sensed a slight movement behind me,it was dad barely moving his hips but his cock was stiffening against my ass crack. With bated breath I felt his knob end just sliding slightly up and down against my ass crack and after a while I knew he had precum as the slippery feeling got smoother.
 With this going on,my own cock became hard. Not daring to breath hardly,Shocked! I felt mum's hand touch my cock and move it to the vee line of her thighs about a couple of inches below her belly. Mum said, "That you moving Sid?" Dad answered, "mmm" Mum, "He must be asleep" Dad, "mmm" Dad's pumping increased,in turn my body was moving now and my cock was sliding like dad's but along mum's legs.
 "Little buggers cocks like an iron bar on my leg. Again "mmm" My heart stopped as my dad's hands felt for my ass cheeks and eased them apart just enough to let his knob start sliding over my sphincter.

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   Up and down my ass crack it slid getting wetter and wetter,torturing the rim of my asshole. I'd never felt anything like it,it was working me up. My legs went taunt as I tried to stop an orgasm. My spunk shot against my mum's tummy as uncontrollably I thrust the head of my cock against her pubes.
 With a hushed giggle, "Little fuckers just shot off over my belly" I felt mum feeling my spunk on her. A grunted "mmm" then a wet warm sensation spilt all along my ass crack. Dad had shot his load on my ass. From the thrust I'd made at mum's belly my muscle's relaxed. It was then I realised that as I'd pressed at mum dad had followed me resulting in his orgasm. As I said,now I relaxed and settled back,a further surprise,dad had held his thrust forward and on reflex my ass sphincter was under pressure to open for the spongy sticky head of dad's hardon. "You just cum as well?" "mmm" "Where'd you shoot it?" "Ass crack" "Inside?" "No,along it. My ends pressing at it now" "Pull off him,he might wake up,try it again later" "mmm" Dad's cock pulled back and he turned over. My sphincter was throbbing with excitement. Mum distracted me then. As she also turned away,which in her moving spilt a lot of my cum onto my belly.

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   I mumbled as though half asleep. 'What's that wet mum,its on me and you' "Shhh,go to sleep,its a wet dream you had"
 With mum turning away,I got a bonus,with her gown up under her waist I now had her ass presented to my belly parts. I lay quiet and wide awake with heart pounding. It seemed like hours before she started breathing steadily with a very light snoring. The times right,she must be asleep now. My hands crept towards her bum,conscious I may tickle it I gently felt for her legs/thigh/pussy area. There it was,but it was well between her thighs. Bunching my fingers,I tried to just feel it a little bit,but it didn't work. I had sweat on my brough,from fear I think. Then it happened,mum moved the leg up towards her belly while leaving the one on the mattress here it was. I moved on to her again. Her slit was there,and her puffy outer labia,I thrilled as my fingers felt her soft puffy inner labia's lips. The puckering softness enthrolled me.
 Fearfully I felt along the groove,it was wet and silky,the slipperyness felt like my cock end does when my love juice wets it. Excitedly my heart beat frantically.

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   My sperm must had made mum fruity and she'd produced love juice because I'd cum on her. - I hoped this was the reason,but then again,she had had that conversation with dad,if you could call it a conversation.
 My cock was hard again and I sneaked it along mums ass crack and let it lay there. The next thing I knew,I was aware dad had turned again and I could feel my ass groove was still slippery from earlier,how much earlier I had no idea. This time,he had the spongy head of his cock pressing at my asshole. Craftily I gripped my already oh so hard cock, placing it against what I hoped was mums pussy hole,or there abouts. Dad wasn't moving,just had it pressing against me. Almost by instinct, - for I had no idea what would help, I felt my rim flexing,I wasn't doing anything but my ass was.
    A little more pressure,then I felt dad squeezing his cock until some warmer liquid coming from its end squelched against my bum. He pressed some more,my ass started hurting,it didn't want to open,another jerky thrust now.
     Dad was getting excited,I could tell by his heavy breathing, I was sure my bum was being opened a bit. The pressing eased then another press at me. Mum turned and with the disruption of this,my moving must have relaxed my bum because I felt a distinct lump up inside. "You trying again?" "mmm" "Any good?" "mmm,heads just gone up there" That was it,dad had the fat head of his prick inside my rectum. I held still trying to relax.

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       "How does it feel?" "Fucking tight" "He fingered me back awhile" "mmm,is he now?" "No!" "let him,it might help me get up his ass more" Mum took hold of my hand,she pushed it to her cunt and closed her thighs on it. "Still asleep" "mmm"
     I desperately wanted to play with her cunt but refrained. Let them have their fun,my ass was now feeling the real dad cock as he slowly pressed at my rectum and before long he was tickling my ass cheeks with his pubes. "Fuck" "What?" "I'm goin a shoot" A surge of cum shot up my rectum and dad cut to the chase,grabbing at my hand on mum's cunt he moved it in and out of her cunt as he pumped at me,with spurt after spurt of his cum going up my ass. "Sorry kid,but you had to have it" He withdrew his cock and disappeared from the bed and the bedroom while I continued to masterbate my mum.
     As phoney as you like. Mum said, "Oh god! Your dad made you finger me. Come here" She grabbed and rolled me on to her belly as she went onto her back. My hand just fell away from what I knew was a pussy almost at orgasm. "Did I hear that naughty dad of yours say he'd bummed my little boy, - God, I hated that mumsy wumsy shit. but it got me there. As I was pulled to between her thighs my hardon just sunk completely up her quim.
     I raised up and looked at her in the dawn light. Mum you've pulled me into you. A wry smile appeared,"Oh god yes,I can feel it" 'Mum,can I,you know move it? in and out a bit' "You may as well,it'll do no more harm" She went back to the mumsy wumsy bit as she grasped my ass again.

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       Come here my baby,let me feel how your dad's nasty,nasty cock bummed you" Fingers from both her hands was pulling and pressing at my sphincter. I felt a couple of the joints go up there. "That dad of yours,he's filled my babies bum with his cum. Never mind mum will make it all better" She did,within seconds she orgasmed all over my boyhood dick and my cum shot up her wad after thrusting wad.
     We now clung to each other in ecstacy. Orgasm's slowly dispelling. 'Mum,I didn't need the baby stuff. I enjoyed what dad done and even more what you just did' "Me too,but I like playing the mumsy wumsy stuff. It gives me one hell of an orgasm. If you can stand me doing it,I'll let you fuck me all the time" - 'Mumsy,look to see how much my nasty daddy spunked up my tiny bum' Smiling wide mouthed she pulled at my ass. "Oh you should see it,its lots,the dirty man" Pushing me away,she quickly straddled my boy body. Holding her nightgown up under her chin,she pulled her pussy apart. "But not as much as my naughty baby has just put in this one" My cum dropped on my belly as her rather used quim gushed my spunk out. I watched as she tensed her pussy to make more drop on me.
     "Would you let dad watch as you do me next time,he'd love to see how quick you pump at me and to watch your ass moving" 'I don't mind,but dad doesn't know that I've fucked you yet' "Ah! That's why he left as soon as he'd done you,he didn't want to queer your patch the first time you had me" - 'FUCK! Dad wanted me and wanted me to have mum' "Sort of,we do all sorts of stuff.

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       We enjoy variation"
     Bloody hell,things must have happened I'd missed totally.




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