Educating Laura Pt 1


My wife passed on about ten years ago, leaving me with four very young daughters.
It had been a hardship that we dealt with in due time and I have done my best to raise them on my own. To the best of my knowledge I have done a pretty stand up job, they are well behaved and well mannered little princesses, listed in order we have Suzie who is seventeen, Amanda who we just call Mana is sixteen, Laura whom is fifteen, and last but not least my sweet little thirteen year old Kerri.   We live pretty far out in the Canadian wilderness so most of their schooling has been done by me at home. Well the story begins with me having my morning coffee and smoke out on our back sundeck, I don’t smoke in the house because of the girls. Anyway, I had just showered, thrown on my housecoat and went out. I was sitting there sipping my coffee and listening to the critters in the woods when I caught movement in the corner of my eye, I turned to see Laura staring at me from behind the glass doors between her and myself. I didn’t realize at the time that my housecoat had fallen open on one side, I caught for a split second the angle she was looking before she turned and walked away. When I looked down at where she had been staring, I saw that she had a clear view to all I have, a perfect side shot of my cock drooping over my big balls. It was the first time as far as I knew that she had seen a mans, let alone any males equipment. I didn’t think much of it; I just covered up, finished my coffee then went inside and got dressed.
Over the next few weeks I noticed she had grown a fascination for dad, for lack of a better word, because every time we were in the same room together the first thing she would do is glance straight at my crotch.
A few weeks had passed since the sundeck incident, and  I was having a very quiet and relaxing evening, the girls had been fed and the mess cleaned up,  everyone was all tucked in nice and cozy in their beds, except Laura who was busy working on her latest home Schooling assignment at the kitchen table. I had settled in on the sofa with a good stiff drink and a book. At this point I was actually on my forth stiff drink when Laura came bounding around the corner and did her usual glance at the bulge of my crotch. She was in the middle of the living room and just standing there with an odd look on her face.

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   So I asked, “What’s wrong sweetie?” she didn’t say anything for awhile and then said. “Shortly after I got my first period you and I had a talk about boys and girls and where baby’s come from and a thing called sex. ” “You also told me that boys have sperm that are sort of like seeds that grow into babies in mommy’s tummies. ”
“And you said boys have millions of them that want to get in me and it only takes one, so I shouldn't have sex until I am ready to have a baby. ” “Yes Laura that's true, it only takes one sperm to make a baby. ” I replied. She almost cut me off with, "But Daddy how do I know what not to do if I don't even know what sex is?" "You talked about it and mentioned it a lot but never really told me what it was" "Will you show me and teach me what it is? So if a boy try’s to do it, I'll know what’s going on?" "Please Daddy Please" "I have been wondering about it a real lot ever since I saw your thing on the sun deck a few weeks ago, what did you call it?, Oh yea a penis"
I didn’t know whether to burst out laughing or shit myself, or both. Here is my freckle faced fifteen year old with absolutely no idea what she is asking me to do. Standing there in a short checkered skirt, with a matching jacket over a white blouse, her long blonde hair framing a cute little face was cascading over her shoulders and down her back. She was a perfect picture of pure innocence, and had no idea that she had just asked her own father to bury his manhood in her cute young body.
I said "no Laura you’re just too young to even be thinking about this stuff" “if you have finished your homework then why don't you go play with your toys or something and forget about it, it’s past bedtime anyway" And I got up to get myself another drink, hoping that when I returned she would have gone off to play or do something else. But when I got back, she was sitting on the sofa pouting. When she sat down her skirt had hiked up to the point I could see her little pink panties and a sweet feminine bulge. The very thin material had moved in such a way that it molded perfectly into the shape of her young tender lips, leaving nothing at all to the imagination.
I stood there and just looked at her for a few minutes, until she again stated "Daddy Please" "Please Daddy" with a little whine in her voice.

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   She was sitting there with her arms crossed tightly across her chest with a pouty look on her face, while at the same time her pretty pink flower was pouting at me from between her slender legs. I was by now getting quite perturbed at both her and myself and said "You have no idea what you’re asking me to do, do you?” “No Daddy I don’t know what I’m asking you to do, but I want to learn what sex is and your not just some boy, you’re my Daddy and will teach me right!” I just stood there silent for a few more minutes looking back and forth between her pudgy pink material covered lips and her angelic little face, and then the most unexpected thing occurred. It must have been all the vodka I had consumed and the fact I had been without for too long, but I suddenly felt things moving around in my balls and they tightened up, and heat was beginning to build in my cock, it was slowly going hard as I stood there looking at my young daughters sweet mound. I should have run out and had myself locked up for even considering what was going on in my mind as my meat continued to harden, but instead, I walked over and sat down beside her.
I said “Are you really sure you want to do this sweetie?” she looked me straight in the eyes and said “Yes Daddy I’m really sure” I pondered for a few moments and said “you do know that we will have to take our clothes off and touch each other don’t you ?’
“Umm, that’s ok daddy” she replied “Just teach me, Please”
I lovingly took her in my arms and cuddled with her for a few minutes, then unbuttoned
her blouse, unveiling a pair of sweet perky breasts, not large by any means, but well formed with perky nipples. She emitted a soft cooing sound as I placed them in my mouth, kissing and caressing them until her nipples were good and firm. I then slowly kissed my way down her belly. Reaching inside her skirt I removed her panties exposing the prize. Puffy angelic lips covered in a light dusting of silky blonde hair. I kissed them as if they were her mouth, my tongue probing the inner folds. Targeting her little love button with my mouth I inserted a finger, then two. I tenderly worked her with fingers and tongue until I felt her tense and utter little sounds, then she said “Oh Daddy”
“Oh Daddy something is happening” Her legs straightened and she shuddered, then shuddered again with a loud moan. Then in a soft voice she said “Oh Daddy that felt so wonderful” I replied “That’s called climaxing sweety, or as most people call it cumming” “so daddy just made you cum”
  “Ok sweetie, I have showed you how boys make girls feel good now it’s time to learn how girls make boys feel good” “Ok Daddy, yes you made me feel Really, Really good” she replied. I sat her up and stood in front of her pressing my shaft down so it was pointing right at her lovely face and said “Lick it honey, right there” as I pointed to a glob that had formed at the tip. She did and said “It’s a little salty Daddy but tastes Ok” “ Alright honey now just slide your mouth on it nice and slow” “That’s it” “Good Girl” I took her head gently in my hands and moved her with a slow rhythm sliding my cock in and out of her sweet little mouth.

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   I must have been crazy, here I am standing in front of my almost naked daughter with my raging hard on, while her very stretched mouth was trying really hard to please me, but at this point I was too far gone to care.
The pressure at the base of my balls was so immense I needed release, and I needed it now, I said in a very shaky voice “Baby, remember when you had cum and how good it felt? Well, Daddy is about to cum baby, get ready sweetie” Her mouth was so stretched and full with my meat she could only let out a barely audible “uh huh” My eyes just about rolled back in my head as it started to flow, I pulled the beast back to give her room, with only the head in the first wave hit her mouth, she gagged as it filled her and she pulled off . The second wave hit her forehead, The rest all over her chest. She didn’t know to swallow so it squirted out through the corners of her mouth and was running down her chin. While she was coughing and gagging she managed to say “Oh Daddy, I didn’t know that juice would come out of it, did juice come out of me when I did that cum thing?” I replied “When you feel a boy’s penis pulse like that it means he is pumping out his sperm” “Baby Seeds?” “You Gave Me Your Baby Seeds?” “Your Baby Seeds are going to grow in Me Now?” “I’m going to have a Baby??” “No Laura, sperm has to go in there before you could get pregnant and have a Baby” I patted her wet little mound. Your mouth doesn’t count. “Oh Daddy, you scared me” “It’s Ok sweetie your safe with Daddy” She pondered that for a moment then answered “I know Daddy, that is why I asked you to teach me”
My cock was now only half hard but my mind was mush, I was lusting after my sweet little girl and no longer feeling guilty, I was going to fuck her come hell or high water.
I pushed her back on the sofa and took her legs in my hands and pulled her forward until only half of her ass was on the couch and placed her heels on my shoulders, which with her size spread her legs wide and put me in a perfect position. I could feel the heat growing back into the beast as its head was now positioned directly on front of her virgin opening. At this point she asked “Daddy what are you going to show me next?” I took some of the lubricant I had quickly retrieved from the bedroom and smeared some on my shaft and a little in her pretty pussy lips. As I gently pressed my manhood inside her silky opening I felt as expected some resistance but the lubrication was working well, I pressed in a few inches and stopped.
Kneeling there with my shaft head inside her I asked “does that feel good sweety?”
She replied “Well, I feel stretched but yes I guess it feels good”
With that I took a deep breath and pushed in past her virginity, she winced and closed her eyes but didn’t utter a sound.  “You are about to learn what it is you asked your Daddy to teach you" I whispered.
I was finally past the border and able to now work my magic, I pumped slowly and gently into her belly, her body was so small and slim I could actually see a bulge my cock was making on her tummy, I could see my cock moving around in her, see how deep I was inside of my little girl. I slid in and out nice and slow, only feeding her about half of my nine inches.

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   I kept up a nice slow pace for about 5 minutes giving her sweet pussy time to adjust to my size, once her tiny entrance had stretched enough to accommodate me I began giving her a little bit more on every in stroke. The bulge on her tummy that my cock was creating was almost to her belly button and I still had more to give her.
I slowly entered deeper until my balls where tight against her ass cheeks, I could not believe my little Laura had swallowed me whole. While my little princess laid there completely and totally impaled on her Daddy’s Meat, she looked up at me with her huge blue eyes, which were quite dilated. And said “I bet Mommy liked making babies with you Daddy, this feels so good” That nearly put me over the top, I started to pull out for fear I was going to empty my balls in her on the spot but was able to gain control.
Her entrance had stretched enough to accommodate this new form of intrusion, and I was able to slide in and out with greater ease, so I picked up my momentum and started to piston in and out of her, my balls slapping against her backside. Laura started moaning intensively again once I increased my pace, I slowed, looked into her eyes and said in a raspy shaky voice “how are you feeling baby?” she replied “Daddy my tummy feels Really Really full and So So Good” “Are you going to make me cum again Daddy?” I couldn't reply I was overwhelmed with the overall sensation of being buried to the hilt in my princess's silky tight body, the animal in me took over and I again began pounding into her. After a short while she started to whimper and make cute little sounds, then blurted out “Oh Daddy" "Oh daddy it's happening again" "Oh Daddy" "Ohhhhhhhh"
I felt her shudder then go limp like a little rag doll. I continued the blissful pursuit of my little angel’s silky treasure pounding in like there was no tomorrow. I slowed and gave her long and gentle strokes, almost exiting but just leaving the last millimeter of the head inside then slowly back to my balls. Her body tightened again and her legs flexed "Oh Daddy" "Oh Daddy" "I'm going to cum again daddy" "Oh Daddy it feels So Good" "Daddy I'm Cumming" at that point I whispered "Me Too baby" "Me too"
I could feel the pressure in my scrotum building and the release getting closer while my conscience was screaming at me to pull out, but that carnal animal urge was preventing me, I was desperately struggling with the two emotions when  it started. Deep from the center of the earth, it flowed through my balls on up, a white hot lava that could not, would not, be halted, I reached up and put my hands under her shoulders and pulled her onto me, sinking as deep as I could into her shuddering young body, my sweet tender princess moaning as I brainlessly let my balls do the job they were designed for, and injected wave after wave of my life giving fluid into her awaiting garden. I held her tightly on me until they were completely emptied, both of us spent we just laid together as our minds and bodies came back to reality. She had this sweet dreamy expression on her face as she cuddled with me. After a few minutes of silence Laura uttered in a panicked voice "Daddy, I felt your penis pulsating inside me did that mean you put millions of baby seeds in me like it did in my mouth? is that what you just did? I’m going to grow your baby inside me now?" 
As I pulled out of her sweet tender body I looked down and her pussy was splayed open like an invisible penis was still inside her, traces of my cum and her juices were slowly leaking out and running down between the cheeks of her backside.

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   I had to tell her the truth, I said “Yes princess, daddy just put a lot of his sperm inside you, I’m sorry honey but you just felt so good I didn’t want it to end” it was then I heard an odd noise and looked over at the door to the living room, standing there was my 18 yr old daughter Kerri, her eyes as wide as saucers and her hand over her gaping mouth. Not only had I just drained a boatload of semen deep in my daughter’s unprotected baby maker, but my thirteen year old had just watched me do it.
Kerri Just stood there like a statue looking at us for what seemed like a lifetime, I finally broke the silence with the only thing I could think of “How long have you been standing there sweetie’ What came next told me she had watched most of the performance. Kerri asked “Laura what is it like when Daddy makes you cum?” “Daddy will you please make me cum too?” “That looked like a lot of fun” I was flabbergasted and came back with the only words that made sense. “Not now princess daddy is really tired and it is past everyone’s bedtime” Laura was now standing, took her clothes kissed me on the cheek and headed for her room with Kerri in hot pursuit. I made another drink, while thinking long and hard about the evening that just took place. Now it was a waiting game, to see if she missed her period. What was I going to do if she gets pregnant with her fathers child.