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Her father leaned over, and spat a gob of phlegm into his daughter's mouth. Her tongue darted out and licked the mucus from her red lips. Father and uncle kept up an alternate barrage of spit and phlegm. "Oh, yeah, give it to me, I want it all. Fuck me, fuck me harder!" She reached up and pulled her father's face down toward hers. Her tongue probed up towards his, as he let a long thread of saliva ooze out of his mouth into hers. His tongue twined around hers, as he sucked on his daughter's mouth. He sealed his lips on hers, and belched into her gullet. He could see her tits, nipples erect, reddened by the mauling they had received from her uncle, whose dick he could see sliding in and out of her cunt, his fat belly slamming against hers. He pulled up from her mouth, and forcing it open, snorted two great gobs of green snot into it. He stuck a finger up his nose and pulled out a wad of mucus, which she greedily licked off. He leant down and she licked the snot off her father's mustache and worked the tip of her tongue into his nostrils. Her father stood up, planting his feet on either side of his daughter's waist. He put his hands on his hips, and looked down at the girl's face, glistening with spit. His long fat cock hung down over his swollen hairy balls. She looked up at her father's meat, dangling below his belly.

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   He bent his knees and let loose a loud fart. The smell filled the room. She moaned. "Open up bitch," he snarled, and let a stream of hot yellow urine gush from his dick into her waiting mouth. She swallowed thirstily. He let the stream play on her tits. The hot yellow liquid poured over her tits and nipples. He turned around and let the stream of piss spray on her bush, pissing on his brother's dick as it rammed in and out of her cunt. "Yeah, lets have some lubrication down here", Tom said. "This pussy's tight enough. ""Ready for the main course?" He squatted over her face, spreading his ass-cheeks. He grabbed her tits in his hands, and squeezed and twisted them till she gasped, flicking her hard brown nipples with his fingernails. His hairy hole was an inch or two from the girl's open mouth. He could feel her breath on his anus, as she panted with lust as her uncle's fat meat drove in and out of her tight little cunt. "Fuck me," she breathed, "Fuck me!" She could smell her father's hole.

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   Sweat and shit, mingled with all the other sex-smells of his hairy crotch. She stretched her tongue out to taste her daddy's shit-hole, reaching up to spread his ass-cheeks wider apart. As her shiny pink tongue touched his sticky brown hole he let loose a stinking wet fart. All the stench of his bowels filled his daughter's mouth and nostrils. "Give it to me, Daddy," she yelled. "Eat my shit, you dirty slut, eat it all. " His hole opened up, and a long rope of shit slid out, filling the girl's mouth. It coiled over her lips, like Italian sausage. "Filthy toilet whore" her uncle grunted, as he shoved his meat in and out of her hole. Harry looked down at the pile of shit on his daughter's face. He jacked his huge dick furiously, drops of dickjuice falling on her tits and belly. The girl chewed on her father's turd, sucking on the wet brown shit mass filling her mouth. Her eyes were half-closed and she reached down to finger her clitoris while her Uncle's fat dick kept reaming in and out of her cunt. Harry sat back on the girl's face, squashing the mound of shit out under his buttocks, coating his ass with shit. He leaned back and pulled on his dick, while his daughter reamed his filthy ass, sucking the turds out of his hole, swallowing down her father's stinking crap.

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   "Fucking shiteating slut," her uncle grunted, watching his brother's heavy balls, coated with the shit Harry was using as lubrication to jack his pole. He started to accelerate his strokes, jolting the girl's body as he matched his brother's pace. "Eat your daddy's shit, bitch!" he screamed as he shot a load of cumslime up her cunt. "Piss up her ass, Tom," her father said. Slowly, Tom pulled his slimy dick out of her cunt. He pulled the girl's legs up into the air and roughly jerked them wide apart. Her cunt gaped open, glistening with her uncle's scum. The girl's fingers spread her pussy open, smearing the semen over the hot pink lips. Cum dripped down, running over her tight brown asshole. Harry grabbed his daughter's ankles and pulled them back so her cunt was in front of his mouth. Tom stood up and rubbed the head of his cock in the cumjuices, and pressed it against the hole. Her fingers rubbed faster and faster against her swollen clit, and the men could hear her moaning under her father's shit laden ass. Her father shoved his tongue into his daughter's cunt, licking up his brother's cum, and grinding his shit-hole into her mouth. Her uncle forced his cock up her ass-hole with one violent shove. He could feel it packing the turds tightly into the girl's rectum.

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   She jerked in pain and pleasure, forcing her father's tongue deeper into her wet pussy. He chewed on her clitoris, his brother's scumslime dripping down his chin, as she pushed her tongue deeper into his shit-hole. Tom fucked her ass for a few strokes, and then stopped; "Yeah, take it all, I'm gonna fill you up. " The girl felt her Uncle's hot urine filling her bowels. The hot liquid bloated her belly. As the fat guy plunged his meaty dick in and out of her ass-hole, the yellow liquid oozed out and ran down the crack of her ass-cheeks. She felt her father's hot hard tongue probing her cunt, and his teeth chewing on her swollen clitoris. She opened her mouth to swallow the fat turd he was forcing out of his asshole. As she did so, she started to piss, squirting the urine into her dad's mouth. He swallowed it down, grunting with pleasure. The piss ran down her body and over her tits, which she squeezed and mauled. She was in a frenzy of lust: her Uncle's thick rod was fucking her ass and filling her with his hot urine. Her father was eating his brother's cum out of her cunt as she pissed in his mouth, and she was sucking the shit from his ass. She had become a total toilet slut. She could feel her Uncle's urine bloating her bowels.

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   Sharp cramps bit into her belly. Her rectum was filled with her own shit, her Uncle's dick, and his hot piss. He pulled out his dick, and fastened his lips on the girl's anus. He forced his fat tongue into the tight hole. She bore down, opening her hole as though she were about to shit, and his tongue made its way into her rectum. The piss juices ran out down his chin, and he could feel the tip of his niece's turd up inside her gut. His nose and his brother's rubbed together in the girl's crotch, his tongue drilling into her ass, and her father's into her cunt. The two men's eyes locked, and they simultaneously snorted gobs of snot. Their tongues pulled out of the girl's holes to lick up the mucus, then returned to drilling her orifices. Her father ground his meaty shit-covered ass into the girl's face. Her tongue probed his shitty hole, which squeezed and sucked back. Both men were furiously jacking their dripping penises. She could hold it no longer. Suddenly her Uncle's mouth filled with his niece's shit and his own piss. The brown enema juices and lumps of shit ran down her body.

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   The two men locked mouths between the girl's legs. She could feel their stubbly chins rubbing on her clit and ass-hole. They swapped the piss and shit back and forth, the stinking liquid drooling down their chins. Tom returned to her ass-hole for another mouthful of excrement, and urine, and spat it at his brother, who opened his mouth to catch it and greedily sucked it down. They laid the girl down, and her father held her legs apart. She spread her cunt-lips with her fingers, as her uncle squatted over her vagina. A huge brown turd oozed slowly out of his hairy ass-hole. His brother guided it into his daughter's gaping cunt.
    It stuck out like an obscene brown dick. She gripped it and fucked herself with it. She moaned as she shoved the greasy turd in and out of her slimy pussy. The two men stood up, and exchanged positions. Tina lay on the floor, between the two men, fucking herself with her Uncle's fat brown turd. Her face was covered with a thick layer of her father's shit, smeared into her hair. Her tongue licked around her lips, sweeping lumps of excrement into her mouth, which she chewed and swallowed slowly.


      Her Uncle knelt astride her chest, and spreading his shitty ass-cheeks, wiped his filthy hole on her firm tits, one by one. He could feel each hard nipple rubbing against his sticky hole. His fat cock hung over the girl's mouth, coated with her own shit and his slimy cum. He shoved it into her mouth, forcing her father's shit down into her throat, fucking the little whore's mouth as he had fucked her cunt and ass. She choked and gagged on her Uncle's dick, spit and shitjuice bubbling around her lips. His fat rod rammed her father's turds deep into her mouth. The creamy brown crap oozed out around his pole as he drove it into the girl's toilet mouth. Harry pulled his daughter's legs apart. She moved her hands, smeared with her Uncle's shit and cum, over her body, coating it with a thick brown slime. She squeezed and fondled her tits, covering them with crap. She pulled and tugged on the erect nipples. Her father stroked his fat cock, reaching under his balls, and greasing it up with his own shit. He knelt between Tina's legs, and bent down to suck out her shit-filled cunt. His brother's bitter crap mingled in his mouth with the taste of his cum, and his daughter's cunt-juices. He chewed on the girl's clitoris, and she moaned loudly, choking on her Uncle's dick, and twisting and pulling on her tits, flicking the nipples with her nails.

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      Tom pulled his shit-covered pole out of her mouth, and turned to face his brother, who was grunting and snorting as he ate out his daughter's toilet-bowl cunt. Tom grabbed his niece's long blond hair, and wiped his filthy ass and dick with it. "Fuck the little whore, Harry! Let her feel her daddy's dick up her dirty cunt-hole!"He stood up and moved around behind his brother, who was on all fours, pigging out between his daughter's legs. Tom spread his brother's filthy cheeks, and spat a gob of phlegm onto his shit-covered hole. Harry reared up, spitting shit into his daughter's face. He pointed his shit-covered pole at her crap-filled cunt, and shoved it in. His dick rammed into his daughter's cunt. "Yeah! How does your daddy's dick feel, whore? Fucking dirty toilet bitch. "He threw himself on her body, biting and chewing on her shitty tits. His ass bucked and rocked as he fucked her; her cunt-lips sucked at her father's cock. His belly slapped against her shit-smeared stomach. He reached up and forced his hand into his daughter's mouth. She started to retch and gag. His mouth fastened on hers sucking his own turds out of the girl's filthy mouth as she puked and vomited up the sewage she had swallowed. Tom spread Harry's shit-smeared ass-cheeks apart, and shoved his cock up his brother's shit-hole.

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       He slammed it in, as his brother's ass muscles contracted in orgasm. Harry roared as he felt his brother's pole forced up his ass, and he shot his hot sticky sperm into his daughter's cunt. She twitched and twisted under their combined weight, her cunt contracting in ecstasy. She spewed up the contents of her guts as she came. Her father swallowed down his daughter's puke as he felt his brother squirting up his ass-hole. "You made a good start, slut," he said, looking down at her crap-smeared face. "I'll bring over some of the guys from the construction site tomorrow. "More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.


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