I wasn’t sure what had woken me, but I felt something touching my privates.
Whatever it was, was causing strange new sensations to race from my privates to every part of my body and it felt rather nice, so I just laid there and I enjoyed what was happening.
It felt like someone was using their finger to rub up and down the groove of my privates.
I still had my PJ bottoms on and the finger was rubbing on the outside of them.
I’d been told many times to never let anyone ever touch my privates by my mother and if it were to ever happen, I was to tell her straight away.
I’d often wondered why anyone would ever want to touch my privates anyway.
After all, that was where I peed from and why anyone would want to touch somewhere where you peed from?
But now, having someone’s finger touching me down there and causing these strange new sensations to flow through my entire body, I could understand why.
It felt good.
Because the bedroom was in total darkness, I had no way of knowing who it was that was touching my privates.
Maybe it was someone who’d sneaked into the house while everyone was asleep?
That thought scared me a bit, but as the person who continued to rub their finger up and out the outside of my PJ bottoms wasn’t hurting me in any way, I doubted that it was someone from outside the household.

That only left my older brother Dean, Daddy or mum, and I really couldn’t see any of them playing around with me in this way.
The person, who was playing with me, moved the tip of their finger upwards, to just above my slit and started to lightly scratch at the small bump that I knew was there.
Stronger sensations started to flow through my body and I nearly cried out in pleasure, but somehow managed to keep quite.
I felt my stomach muscles twitching and also my legs were beginning to shake slightly.
I wished that I’d not worn PJ’s to bed last night.
I knew it was naughty of me to think what I was thinking, but I wondered what would have happened had I not been wearing anything down below?
Suddenly I felt a warm gush down there and thought I’d just peed myself, but this had felt way different from any peeing I’d ever done before.

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I cried out in surprise when it first hit me and whoever had been playing with me, suddenly got up from beside my bed and I heard him leave.
Why I thought it was a male, I don’t know, but I couldn’t see mum ever touching me down there, not after warning me so many times about it.
I waited a few seconds to see if he’d come back, but he didn’t.
I then shoved my hand inside my PJ bottom and felt myself down there.
Instead of the wetness I’d expected from pee, it felt slightly sticky.
My exploring fingers soon found the small bump he’d been playing with from the outside of my PJ’s and I began to do what he’d been doing to me.
To my amazement, the same strange sensations he’d be causing me to have, came back forcefully.
Because it was so sensitive, it took only a minute or two before that same warm, gush flooded my PJ’s.
Whoever it had been, had awoken in me, a new and wonderful world of sensations.
I decided that I liked these new feelings racing through my entire body and would keep on playing with that small bump from now on.
I rubbed my fingers in the wet goo between my thighs and even slipped the tip of my finger just inside my lips.
I’d never ever touched myself down there before tonight, except for when I wiped myself dry and even though mum had always said that good girls never touched their privates and to do so was a sin and I’d go to hell for it if ever I did it, I felt as though having my finger inside myself was the most natural thing in the world to do.
I didn’t feel like a sinner.
Instead, I felt as though I wanted more than just my small finger up inside of me, why I felt like that, I had no idea.
I pushed my finger inside as far as it’d go until something soft, yet tough stopped my finger’s entry.

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I thought that was the very bottom of my thingy, or as I’d once heard it described as a vagina.
Being o