Dominating Mom


Jenna is 30 years old with one son, Henry, who is 18 years old. Obviously if you do the math Jenna was fairly young when she had her son. She had a boyfriend who she was going out with for about a year and he was moving away. So they decided to remember each other and what better way to remember someone than to have sex with them. And have sex they did. Nine months later *PLOP* out came Henry and Jenna never saw her boyfriend again.

Well, one day Henry got the idea that his mother was lonely and that she needed company. He wasn’t thinking sexually or anything just that he would spend more time with her. So he decided to take her to a movie.

“Hey mom,” Henry said as he approached his mother.

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“Hey Henry, whatcha up to,” she responded.

“Nothin’ much, just wondering if you wanted to go see a movie?”

“Yeah sure, that sounds great when does it start?”

“It starts at six o’clock. ”

“Great, let me just go take a shower and we will get going. ”

The only thing Jenna had on sitting on her couch was a pair of booty shorts and a tank top. No bra and no panties. She got up, turned around, and bent over at the waist to pick up her phone which had fallen between the cushions. She didn’t think about the fact that this was extremely sexually appealing to her son. So Henry stood there admiring his mother’s beautiful ass. He started to get a boner and was rubbing his dick through his jeans. Then to top it off when she turned around one of her tits bounced out and she didn’t notice. Henry’s jaw just dropped. There his mother was, clueless that one of her 36c tits was hanging out of the side of her tank top. And just before that she had just given her son an ass show. Luckily Henry had on some fairly tight jeans so his mother didn’t notice his raging hard-on.

Once Henry heard his mother get in the shower he immediately pulled down his pants and started jacking off as hard as he could. Thinking about his mother’s amazing ass and tits he came in no time, jizzing all over the floor, not bothering to clean it up at all.

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   Then a thought came into his mind. Why not blackmail mom into having sex with me? All he had to do was get the video camera and video tape her naked, then he would threaten to put it up on the internet if she didn’t have sex with him. Genius.

So Henry rushed to his room and found his video camera that he had got for the last Christmas. He made sure he had room on the card and that it had some battery left. After that he took off his clothes and slowly and quietly moved to his mother’s bedroom. She had her own bathroom off of her room, so they could take showers in the morning at the same time. He slowly turned the handle and opened the door. He tip-toed across the room and up to the bathroom door. Henry put his ear up to the door to hear if she was singing or not, and to his luck she was. He slowly opened the door to his mother’s bathroom. He pressed record on his camera and started filming. About 30 seconds after he pressed record the shower turned off and Jenna got out of the shower.

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   She was stark naked and didn’t reach for the towel she just paraded around the bathroom naked air drying. Finally after about 2 or 3 minutes of air drying she reached for the towel and started to dry off. She started at her head, she dried of her amazing breasts and once she got to her pussy, she stopped. She dropped the towel onto the floor and started masturbating. “OH MY GOD!!” Henry thought. Jack pot. Henry pressed the record button again and ran out of the room. He took the card out and saved it to his computer, he then ran out of his bedroom and to his mother’s bedroom.

Henry burst through the door into his mother’s room. She was standing there in capris and nothing covering her tits.


“Oh mom you really should lock the door, because it just recorded you masturbating. And unless you take off your pants and bend over that bed some lucky bastards are going to jack off to it on a porn site. ” Henry told her.

By this time Jenna was crying, she couldn’t believe her son, the best thing in her life, was blackmailing her into sex. “Why?”

“Because, after seeing you this afternoon, shaking your ass in front of me and bouncing your tit out of your shirt, no man could resist. ”

“But I’m your mother,” Jenna tried to reason with him.

    “And I’m your son, whoop-de-doo, now take off your pants and bend over the bed. ”

    Jenna was now sobbing and started taking off her pants. She bent over the bed and just let her face fall onto the mattress not even trying to look at her son. Henry took his place behind his mother and in one quick movement he had all 6 inches of his dick in his mother. He started pounding away like there was no tomorrow, and all the sounds in the room were the slaps from him pounding into his mother and his moans. Then all of the sudden Jenna moaned.

    “Oh you like that you slut, you like getting fucked by your own son?” Henry asked her

    “Yes,” Jenna said quietly.

    “What was that, I didn’t hear you?”

    “Yes,” she more pronounced. ”

    “Yes what?”


    “That’s more like it. ”

    For about another ten minutes they fucked like crazy, a lot moaning coming from both sides of the dick. Then all of the sudden Henry shot rope after rope into his mother’s dripping cunt. “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I’MMM CUUUUUMMMMMMING!!!!!” Henry screamed.

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    After he came he pulled out of his mother and spun her around. “Clean off my dick,” Henry ordered her shoving his dick in her face. She immediately took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him like crazy. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and pulled her to her feet.

    “Now, how about that movie?”