do you want to see me for real?


My name is Dave; I am a 36 year old business man and single father. My wife died 12 years ago and I have devoted my life to raising my 18 year old daughter, Ashley.

While on my way home, I was involved in a small traffic accident, nothing big, just a fender bender. After trading information with the other driver I talked with my insurance agent, who said that if I could e-mail some pictures of the damage, it would help expedite the claim. When I got home, I left the car in the drive way and went to Ashley’s room where I found the camera on her nightstand.

After taking 8 pictures of the damage, I hooked the camera up to the computer to download the pictures. Instead of the 8 pictures I was expecting, the camera downloaded 33 pictures. Figuring Ashley just snapped a few pictures of her and her friends, I selected all the pictures and choose to view them in a slide show.

The first picture was exactly what I expected, Ashley standing by her bed smiling with her hands behind her back. The second picture showed Ashley giving a slight pouty look. In the third picture, Ashley presented a overtly sexy pose sucking on her finger… this is when my cock began to take notice.

The fourth picture Ashley had unbuttoned her blouse showing a lacy bra, my cock began to swell in anticipation. In the fifth picture, the blouse as well as the bra were off and Ashley was covering her breasts with her hands as a huge tease. My cock was getting huge.

The sixth picture was the money shot for titties… a perfect set of B cup 18 year old breasts. I was now rubbing my cock through my pants.

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   In the seventh picture, Ashley had removed her jeans and was showing off a rather revealing thong. I didn’t even know she had a thong.

It was at this point that I paused the slide show and changed the screen over to the 55 inch High Def TV. I also unbuckled my pants. As the slide show continued, I was now rubbing my cock inside my pants. The next three pictures was more of her showing off her cute ass in that thong. I again paused the slide show and slipped my pants and underwear to my ankles and was slowly stroking my cock as I continued the slide show.

The very next slide rewarded me with the money shot of Ashley standing there facing the camera completely nude showing her 18 year old pussy. And I might add, it was the prettiest pussy I have ever seen. I paused the slide show again just so I could look at this picture a bit longer. When I started the show again, I was rewarded with a close up. Ashley was now lying on the bed, her knees up and parted with her pussy open and looking very moist. The next two shots were also close ups, one with her finger rubbing her clit, the next with her finger inserted deep in her pussy and I was getting very close to cumming.

The next picture showed Ashley sucking on the finger that was just in her pussy and my mind was swirling on just how good that must taste. The next picture after that, Ashley looked to be getting playful as she stood bent over showing her ass and pussy and looking back at the camera from between her legs… At which time I heard, “Hey dad, what happened to the…” I turned with my cock in hand and saw Ashley standing in the door looking at me jerking off to her picture of her on the big screen.

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I yelled, "Ashley! What are you…?" as I scrambled to kill the slide show and get my pants up. When I turned again, she was gone. I sat back in the chair thinking “what have I done!” After about 5 minutes of getting my heart rate under control, I gathered up what composure I could and headed to her room to talk to her about what she walked in on, still not sure what I was going to say or even what I could say.

When I got to her room, I found the door slightly ajar and knocked as I pushed open the door calling, “Ashely… can we talk?” Ashley, was sitting on her bed and stood when I walked in looking a little nervous. I then said, “We need to talk about-"

Ashley quickly cut in, “Daddy… do you want to see me for real?”

All confused, I replied, “What, sweetheart?”

She replied, “Do you want to see me for real?" And with that she pulled her tee-shirt over her head revealing those perfect 18 year old B cup breasts.

"Ashley," I stammered, "what are-"

Ashley cut in again, "It’s ok Daddy," as she pushed her shorts and under wear to the floor and stepping out of them, "I took those pictures for you. "

"You took them for me? What? I don’t understand. " I might add, about this time, my cock which ran off and hid when Ashley first walked in, was now back and coming to life.

Ashley was now standing right in front of me, naked, and a more beautiful sight, a more sexy sight you couldn’t ask for. As she looked up at me, she said, “I took the pictures for you because you’ve never had a girlfriend and I want to be your girlfriend. " With that she started to rub my cock through my pants as she released my belt and unzipped my pants.

To say that I was confused is an understatement. My mind was racing almost as fast as my cock was growing. As Ashley pushed my pants to the floor, she was now lightly stroking my cock. I said, “Ashley, we can’t be doing this.

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She replied, “Sure we can Daddy – we’re just going to make love. ”

“But Ashley, you’re my… it’s wrong. ”

Ashley ignored my pleas and moved slowly back toward the bed leading me by my cock. All during this time my brain was in a fog of confusion. Part of my brain kept saying this is wrong, this is wrong, but it didn’t appear to have any control over the actions of my body as I just followed her lead.

As she lay back on the bed drawing be on top of her, I came to rest between her legs. As soon as my 7 and a half inch cock touched the opening of her very wet pussy, nothing else in the world mattered but satisfying this primal urge, and I found myself pushed my cock into my 18 year old daughter. Again, my brain was yelling this is wrong, but my body wasn’t listening.

Completely overcome by the moment, I was now fully inside my daughter’s very tight pussy and had started to slowly fuck her. At this point, I would like to say that I pounded her young pussy for 30 minutes giving her countless orgasms until we both collapsed from sexual exhaustion. But in reality, I didn’t last 30 seconds before I started to cum buckets inside my baby girl. As I grunted the last of my orgasm and my cock softened, I slowly pulled out of her and rolled off to the side and heard Ashley say, “Boy, you really did need this!”

Hearing her words, I looked at her lying there smiling when she said, “So, how long before we can do this again?” As she spoke, my brain came out of its fog and realization of just what happened struck me and I began to jabber, “Oh my god, what have I done? I am so sorry, Ashley, we never. . of god. " I looked upon my naked daughter lying there, legs still spread, pussy agape, oozing my cum and I began to panic a little saying, “Oh god, what if you get preg-”

Ashley quickly cut in and said, “Don’t worry dad, I’m on birth control.

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“You’re what… how… when did?”

“I went to the school nurse about two months ago, and she gave me a shot that they said would be effective for about 6 months. ”

“You did wha… really, they do that?”

“Yeah, so there is nothing to worry about. So, when can we do this again?”

When she said this, I looked at her again and this time instead of seeing my 18 year old daughter, I was looking at the sexist sight I had ever seen in my life. My brain was no longer saying this was wrong. If anything, it was a little numb to everything that had just happened. As I looked at my naked daughter lying there I heard her say “Daddy?” as a means to break my spell.

In that instant I decided that if I was going to do this, I was going to do this right and as she began to repeat her question, I leaned in and kissed her. Not a kiss that a father would give a daughter, but a full on tongue wrestling kiss with all the passion of new lovers. Ashley responded in kind with a soft moan and some very wicked tongue action.

We continued this kiss for a couple of minutes, my hands exploring her young body. Where moments ago I was in shock about what I had done, now I was determined to pleasure my daughter in every way possible. I broke the kiss, partly to come up for air, but also to quickly remove my shit.

I was now fully naked. I looked again at my daughter and saw her looking back at me with nothing but lust in her eyes! I leaned in to resume the kiss, but quickly moved on to her neck and ear. Her moans were becoming more pronounced interspaced with “Oh daddy” as she held me close.

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   I continued my journey down her body, next finding myself sucking on the most perfect pair of titties one can imagine. A perfect set of perky B cups that only a teenager could have topped with small pink areolas. And as I nursed on her titties, I found that the more I sucked on her titties, the raspier her breath became and I knew she was close to her first orgasm.

I again continued down her body – licking, sucking, and nibbling as I went, pausing next at her belly button. 30 seconds into sucking on her belly button, Ashley surprised me when her body went totally ridged as she grunted out her first orgasm. As her orgasm subsided, I paused my exploration of her body and said, “Boy, you really needed that!”

She replied, “Jeeze dad, I’ve never come close to cumming that hard before. ”

I replied, “That’s just the beginning sweetheart, that’s just the beginning,” and then I looked down as saw her pussy, still agape, still oozing my cum and I knew what I had to do next.

As I lowered my face between her legs, the smell of sex was overpowering and I just let my primal urges control me as I began to lick and suck my cum right out of her pussy. This was by far the wettest, the sloppiest pussy I have ever eaten – and the taste, unbelievably good. I locked my lips around her slit, sucking her clit as my tongue lapped up every drop of our cum as it oozed out of her. I also pushed her legs back raising up her ass so I could also lick her anus clean of the cum that dripped down there. All during this time, Ashley was completely incoherent as she was in a constant state of orgasm. Once I finished cleaning her pussy of all my previous cum, I noticed that my 7 and half inches was fully restored and waiting for round two.

I stopped eating her pussy, I gave her mons one last kiss and asked her how she was doing.

Breathing hard, she replied, “Oh god dad, that was… oh my god that was… “

"So are you ready for daddy to fuck you?"

“Oh god yes! Fuck me daddy!”

"OK sweetheart, I need to you turn over so daddy can fuck you real good.

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“OK Daddy. ”

And with that, Ashley turned over and I positioned her with her head down and her cute little ass propped up. As I stood behind her with my cock gently pressed at her very moist pussy, I asked, “Are you ready sweetheart?”

She simply replied, “Fuck me Daddy,” and with those words, I pushed my cock into my daughter again, but this time things were going to be different.

As I slipped into her pussy, Ashley let out a low moan letting me know she like this invasion of her body. Being of clear mind this time, I noticed just how incredibly tight her pussy was not to mentioned how wet. Once I was fully in her, I paused for a moment savior the sensations coursing through me. I looked down and the sight of my cock disappearing into my daughter was simply the most erotic sight I have ever seen and with that I started to fuck her – slowly at first and every time I thrust into her, Ashley would let out a low moan displaying the pleasure I was giving her.

As I picked up the pace, the low moans turned to grunts and Ashley quickly learned to push back meeting each of my thrusts. When her first orgasm hit, her body tensed up, her pussy clamped down on my cock to where I could hardly move it and she screamed out, “Daddddddyyyy. ” This was followed in quick succession by several smaller orgasms. For the next 20 minutes I alternated between pounding her pussy for all I was worth to a slow easy fuck and Ashley seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm. Finally, I could feel my balls reaching the boiling point and knew I would soon be filling my daughter’s pussy with cum again so I picked up the pace to where my cock was nothing more than a piston on overdrive.

Ashley was completely incoherently sputtering, “Daddydaddydaddydaddydaddydaddy,” in time to each of my thrusts. Finally, with one final thrust the damn broke and I began to unleash an incredible amount of cum into my daughter’s pussy again. At the same time, Ashley had reached her peek and for nearly a minute her body was totally ridged, she stopped breathing and her pussy, which was tight to begin with, clamped down on my cock to where I couldn’t move as she grunted through an equally tremendous orgasm.

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Once our orgasms subsided, my cock went soft and I slowly withdrew it from Ashley. I asked her if she was ok and in between deep breaths, she replied, “Oh shit that was good,” and then just went back to breathing heavily.

Ashley had yet to move from the position I had been fucking her in and her ass was still propped up in the air, so not wanting this session to end quite yet, I dropped to my knees and began to gently lick her pussy and ass. As before, I was rewarded with a sweet mixture of her pussy juice and the cum I had just shot in her. While I was licking her clean, Ashley again has a couple more small orgasms which I think helped her recover from the earth shattering orgasm she had when I came inside her.

Once I lick her clean, I climbed up on the bed and snuggled next to her and for the next few minutes. We just laid there together quietly enjoying the afterglow of the incredible sex.

After a few minutes, Ashley spoke. “Daddy?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“So what happened to the car?”


Later that day, the two of us looked at all the pictures Ashley had taken for me. In the last picture, Ashley had slid a cucumber up her pussy. I looked at her and said, “A cucumber?”

She just shrugged and smiled. While looking at this picture, I asked her, “When did you say you took these?”

”About two weeks ago. “

I thought for a second, and then said, “I remember you making a cucumber salad a couple of weeks ago – you didn’t use this cucumber, did you?”

Ashley just sat there with a smile and asked, “Can we go fuck some more?