Divorce makes life strained


   My life changed after my sixth birthday. My mom and dad filed for divorce. They both lost interest in each other after I was born. Dad married mom, Donna, because she knocked her up. There was no love, just sex. I, Sam, was a product of two people whom wanted to just to fuck each other brains out. My mother, Donna changed after she had me. She became a mother and saw me as her child and responsibility. After thier divorce my father always provided monthly money, however, never wanted to be my father.
   I'm now 18 and mom has been working her ass off putting herself through college, providing for me, and never taking care of her emtional needs. My mother is hot, she has 36 C breast, tiny waist, just enough musclular to make her hot,  a great, tan, tightest ass, and best of all she's 5foot 4inch tall. I noticed all of this when she tans topless by the pool in the summer. I always go inside to watch her and jerk off. Something happened in early June that changed our relationship as mother/son to woman/man or lover to lover.
   I just got home from the last day of school for summer break. I stepped into the kitchen to find note written by mom saying she would be late coming home from work.

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   She left money for delivery and left it up to me what I wanted for supper. I went up stairs to take a shower and change clothes. As i past mom's room, I saw on her bed something that made me take a double take. It was a 12 inch rubber dildo on mom's bed. From that moment on all I could think about was mom using it to get herself off. Moreover, picturing her naked on that bed, hot, sweaty, masterbating, pinching her tits, tasting her cum, screaming/moaning as she hit her orgasm, and wondering what thoughts were going through ming to get her off. I never thought of my mother in this manner before, sure she hot. However, I never had the imagination to think of her in a sexual being. It then struck me, I had a full erection in my jeans. Moreover, it hurt like hell because I was blessed with two things: a huge set of balls and a nine by three cock when erect. I needed to do someting about this.
    I went to the bathroom to take a shower and relieve my aching cock. I stepped ionto the shower and began to lather down with shapoo and soap. However, I did not know mom came back early from work. She finished with all of her meetings and just wanted to come home to chill.

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   As she was coming up the stairs, I was stroking my cock and lettin g the entire world know it. She could hear my moans and nasty talking through the walls. Because she came into the bathroom and was getting her own sex show, the shower had clear class/I was covered from head to toe in soap. I was pumping my cock and as everytime I pu mp my cock my balls slammed against my body. As I did this I kep saying, "come on mom, suck your son's cock". I was lost in time when I feft my balls tighten up. "Fuck yeah mom down your throat bitch", I said out loud. With that I sot cum all over the back of the shower for ten minutes. It was then when I openend my eyes and saw mom standing there stairing at me with a smile. "When you're done cleaning yourself off, we need to talk right fucking now Mr. ", she said as she took my clothes.
    I came down stairs to the kitchen with new clothes on. "You are my son and you are also a man. I knew one day you might start masterbatering, however, I was hoping you would not give me a private show that left hot and bothered. What I'm trying to say, Josh,  is I have no problem with you jerking off, just clean up your mess", mom told? "Mom, what about your mess on your bed", I told her.

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   "Well, that's my mess that I did not clean up hun", Mom said. "Do you have any more questions for me because I need to work out, take a bath, and shove that fucking dildo in/out me un til I cum", she said as she turned and left to go work out.
    I followed her to the basement were our gym is and started lift weights as she was in the changing room. Mom was surprised to see me in there lifting weights after her free peep show. She came out in a tiny g-string bottom and a white t-shirt, of course no bra.  She began her workout on the treadmill. Mom set it at a fast pace even for her. It just so happens that there was a mirror at the wall she facing so she could see me as I was doing arm curls. I made sure that mom saw me staring at her tight ass boucing as she was running on the treadmill. I pit one weight down so I could stand and pull my shorts off. I sat back down on the edge with my legs spread wide so she could see me stroking my cock. As I was doing my thing, mom gave me a wink with a kiss. I stood back up walked over to her as she slowed downed.  
    "When I first saw you naked as a baby, I knew then that one day you and I would be fucking each other. Do you want to know why I knew that.

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   Your dad had a big dick, but when you came out, your dick wasn't dick it was a cock to be worshipped honey", mom said.  "Mom, I want you to be the first pussy I've had", I told her. "I have one condition that you must obey or it will stop, do you understand", she said. "Of course I will mom", I promised her. "I will let you explore any and all of your fantasies you want to do. You must promise me that I will be the only woman in your heart, mind, fantasies, and desires" she made me promise. "Yes mom, I will the only man for you. How can any man turn down the sexual offer you just made", I told her. "Well honey what do you want first", mom said as she took off her white t-shirt.
    "Mom, get on your knees, I want to fuck your throat until you puke, bitch", I demanded her to do.  
       Mom step off the treadmill to walk over to my throbbing cock. As she proceeding over, the only thing that ran through my mind was how ot my mom was, she had the best tits of any woman I've ever seen, and now she is all mine to have forever. I stood up as she got over to me. "My son has been a naughty boy, he's been in mommy's room playing with my dido. What should do to punish my naughty boy? Oh!, what's this huge cock infront of your mommy? Your dick looks as if it needs to be relieved of all the pressure it's under.


       Do you want your mommy to assist you with that my son", mom said to me in a naughty voice. As she said that, she was stroking my cock with her hands. She would take both of her hands and slowly sqweeze and pull on my cock producing large amounts of precum.  Mom would use my cock as a stick and slam against her mouth and tits. Then, she would her tongue to lick just underneathe the tip of my cock. I thought I would explode every time she did that. All the time she had he eyes locked onto my eyes.  
        "Mommy?, I want you to swallow my cock all the way down to the base", I begged her. "For my one and only son, I will blow your cock as hard as you want hun", she replied to me. Mom took my cock into her mouth and gave me a hard blow job, although she only had half of it in her mouth. I decided a promise was a promise and I was going to hold to it. I grabbed her hair and head with my large hands. Before mom had a chance to take a breathe, I started to fuck her mouth as far/deep as I could. I did not care about her feeling because she gave herself to me. Mom was taking every inch of my cock and before I had a chance to pull out she threw up on me and the floor.

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       "Honey, you have to let your mom know if your going to do that so I can catch my breathe", she said. "OK, mom hold on because I'm going to fuck your mouth til I cum", I proclaimed to her. She just looked up and started to wrap her mouth around my cock. I started to throat fuck momthree times as hard as I did before. The feeling of my cock going past her tonsilsand down her wind pipe was turning me on so bad.  "I'mmmm cummmingg mom", I screamed out. As I screamed those words I picked up the pace and fucked harder. As I began to shoot cum down her throat mom began to thow up again, only I did not pull out and just kept fucking her until I was done with my orgasm My mom was a champ because she never pulled away and just let me fuck her mouth nas she kept throwing up.  
    Part II Our shower together in the.



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