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It was a Monday, my first day of freedom, three weeks of relaxing had just started, I had the house to myself mum was at work and my dad was working away again, he spends most of his time away from home, we would be lucky to see him once every couple of weeks depending on how busy he was at work and at the moment he is very busy since his company’s shedding jobs he is having to do three peoples work. My mom puts a brave face on but I know she gets depressed about the situation. There is just the three of us. My mother had me when she was 18 and my dad was 22 and somehow they managed to stay together, my mother is and has always been stunning and all through the years I have had to listen to my friends and even people I don’t know telling me she’s a milf, not that I needed telling, at 5'2", 110lbs, and 36 EE boobs that were beautiful and round and didn’t sag much they just hung a little, full pouty lips and voluptuous curves that made up many a man’s fantasies, a beautiful round arse and long, silky black hair she is defiantly a milf. Now I’m 5’11 with an athletic build as I like to keep in shape and I have a 6 ½ inch cock. I get up around nine and walk down stairs and grab myself some cereal, mom won’t be home till four so I have some personal time on my hands. Being 18 I head straight to my laptop and begin to surf for porn. It takes almost no time at all to get myself worked up, I get myself so horney it’s unbelievable but I don’t just want to spank it and get it done with, I want something, I don’t know what, I just need something, so I pick my laptop up and head for my parents room. The second I walk in I’m hit by the sensual aroma of the perfume my mother wears, the gentle but sexual scent only adds to my overall mood. I head for the laundry hamper at the foot of the bed, I reach in and pull out one of my mother’s lace thongs, black with red frilly trim, it was their date night last night one of the few chances they get to have some private time. I lift it up so my face and inhale deeply the intoxicating aroma of her juices soaked into the cloth. I’m just about to pull my dick out and start going at it when I glance towards her wardrobe which is slightly ajar which was odd because this one she usually keeps locked, I get up off the bed and step over to it. The door creaks as I open it only to be almost knocked on my arse by what I am confronted with inside was lingerie there were Corsets and Basques, Babydoll’s and Chemises, Stockings, Tights, Hold-Ups, Suspender Belts, Sexy Bra Sets with matching Thongs and G-Strings, sexy cowgirl, maid, nurse, his and hers police outfits, prison inmate, schoolgirl and Catwoman costume’s. This was almost too much for me, I began to rub and sniff hunting for traces of whether they’d been used before. I notice a silver case in the bottom corner, I lift it out and into the room, I flick open the two clips before removing the lid and let me tell you something, where as what I found in the wardrobe nearly knocked me on my arse what was inside this box almost gave me a heart attack and nearly caused my balls to explode. There were vibrators, rabbit vibrators, G-Spot Vibrators, a couple of strap-on’s, dildos, double enders, nipple clamps, nipple pumps, nipple squeezers, anal beads, butt plugs, whips and chains, handcuffs, blindfolds, lubricants, even cock rings.

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   I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I was guessing that when they got the chance they made the most of it. Even with all this I didn’t think there was anything there I could really use, I jumped back onto the bed and began to look up video for some of the toys, I watched lesbians with strap-on, dildo’s, etc, I finally clicked onto one video where there was some Russian women fucking a dude up the arse with a strap-on, now although I had never gave this any thought before this video turned me on, I took a hold of my mom’s thong, took a deep sniff then wrapped it around my swollen cock and began to stroke it, and it didn’t take long for me to blow my load all over the bed, her thong even my laptop there was cum everywhere. I quickly began to panic, I started to wipe the cum off my laptop and the bed sheets with her thong then threw it into the hamper without thinking, jumped off the bed, grabbed the case and threw it into the wardrobe and closed the door, I grabbed my laptop, quickly straightened the bed and left the room.  Later that day I went to a friend’s house to try and get my mind off what I had seen but it was useless my mind was racing all I could think about was what my mother would look like wearing all those outfits. Obviously I wasn’t the best company so I told my friend that I wasn’t feeling too good and I left for home. It was now six and by now it was dark. As I approached my house I noticed the light coming from my mother’s bed room, I opened the front door and walked in. “Hi mom,” I shouted as I walked in. My mother soon appeared at the top of the stairs, “Joe can I see you up here for a moment?” She said softly, I looked up, “Sure Mom. ” I walked upstairs, her bed room door was open and I could see her sitting on her bed still dressed in her work clothes a white blouse and a long skirt. “What’s up?” I ask as I walk in the room and sitting down on the bed next to her, “Joe, have you been in my room today?” She asked, “No,” I said instinctively, “Okay let me re-phrase that, Joe I know you’re been in my room today. ” She said in a bit more of a forceful tone. “No. . .

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  No I haven’t,” I stammered, “Joe don’t lie to me. I can tell when you are. I know you’ve been in my wardrobe too and that you’ve been in the box. ” I look down, I can feel my face becoming flushed, “And I know you masturbated on my bed,” this was a nightmare, I just sat there praying that this wasn’t happening and wanting it all to be over, she reached up and lifted my head up with her hand and then pulled the thong that I had used earlier out from by her side and held them up in front of me, terror replacing embarrassment. “It's okay baby, I’m not mad. ” She said softly, “What?” I said sounding surprised, I was expecting a roasting from her. “Look I know what young lads are like, but you can pay for a new duvet mister. ” She said, “What?” I said, “A white cum stain on burgundy bed sheets is rather noticeable. ” She said with a hint of playfulness in her voice and the hint of a grin on her face. “Okay mom I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. ” I said, “It’s okay baby. Now since we’re here is there anything you want to ask me?” She asked, “Like what?” I ask sounding rather dumb, “Well what you saw in my wardrobe and case for instance?” there was now a silence in the room I had no idea what to say to her. “Look,” she said while jumping off the bed. She walked over to her wardrobe and opened the door and reached down and grabbed the silver case then came back over to the bed placing the case between us.

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   “Is there anything you want to know about any of these?” She asked, “Not really, I know what the all are. ” I said, she began to rummage through the case, “Why do you have a strap-on?” I said thinking it was a silly question, “I have three in different sizes, and me and your dad use them together. ” She said seeming happy that I actually asked a question, “But why, doesn’t he just use his cock?” I ask, “Well these ones are unisex so he can wear one and fuck me in both holes at the same time or I can wear one,” She said. I was shocked all this information was been thrown at me and she seemed to be happy to talk about it. “Why would you wear one?” I ask sounding really confused, “I use it on your dad sometimes. ” She said, “What? Why?” I shout, “He likes it. ” She said, “Oh my God my dad’s a fag!” I say while burying my head into my hands. My mom lets out a little laugh, “Your dad’s not gay, just because he likes being fucked in the arse doesn’t mean he’s gay, you’re only gay if you fancy men and want to fuck them. ” She said with a chuckle, “But why what does he get out of it?” I ask, “Pleasure, being fucked in the arse can give a person a lot of pleasure if the person doing the fucking knows what they’re doing. In fact the male’s g-spot is in his arse, a man can have huge orgasms when that’s stimulated enough. ” She said, “Wow, it can really be that good?” I ask, “Yes, we can have a go if you like?” She said, “What?!!!” I say while been thrown by her words, “Well I know what I’m doing and I can show you how good it is and a few other things too. ” She was serious and the room went quiet again, “I don’t think so mom. ” I said, “Go on you’ll love it I swear, tell you what if I can fuck your ass then you can fuck mine. ” She said, “It’s too weird you’re my mom. ” I said getting up of the bed, “What happens will never leave this room I promise,” She takes my hand, “I promise I’ll take good care of you.

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  ” She whispers. My whole body shudders and my heart starts to beat even faster, I can’t believe what’s happening all I know is I want it to happen. “Okay. ” I say, she now let’s go of my hand and sits back down on the bed, “Come on then, let’s see you. ” She says, “What?” I reply, “Strip!” She orders. I stand up and slowly begin to remove my clothes starting with my socks, then my t-shirt quickly followed by my jeans, my boxers are now the only thing between normality and the unknown. I take a hold with both hands and slowly begin to slide them down. I stood back up to face my mother. The room is silent once more, I watch as her eyes move down my body where they linger for a bit then slowly move back up to look me in the eyes, “Nice dick, you have there. ” She said, I laugh, “Thanks. ” She stands up and moves over to me placing her hand on my chest and her other hand on my arse squeezing the cheek. She lets her hands drop back to her side and takes a step back, she raises her hands again and begins to unbutton her blouse slowly revealing her close to bursting bra underneath and then removes the blouse all together letting it drop to the floor. She then reaches for the zip on her skirt, slowly pulling it down then slowly began sliding it down to the floor giving me a good look at her tits causing my cock to spring to life. She reaches forward and grabs my hand, pulling me towards her, she reaches down and takes hold of my stiff shaft, gently stroking it, “Climb on the bed, get on your hands and knees. ” She orders.

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   As I climb on the bed she walks over to her night stand and pulls a box of baby wipes out of the draw, then walks back round to me.
    She pulls out a baby wipe and starts to clean around my arsehole, “It’s been a while since you’ve had to do this for me,” I joke, she laughs and continues with what she’s doing. She then throws the baby wipe in the bin and I watch her spit onto her fingers and then she begins to rub it into my hole, sending shockwaves through my body. She repeats this a couple of times, before saying, “Okay. Now just relax and don’t clench, I’m going to put a finger in. ” With that I begin to feel some pressure and I feel her finger begin to slide in. She moves it in and out a few times, then removes and spits into my hole before inserting it again, at first I could feel how tight I was and I was a little uncomfortable but after a few minutes I could barely feel her finger. “Okay we’re going to try for number two. ” She said, before I feel my hole stretch a little and her second finger slide in. She slowly finger fucks my arse for a few more minutes till again I can barely feel them. She removes her fingers and then I feel both of her hands on my ass cheeks, pulling them apart, I look back and see her head moving towards my arse, our eyes meet as her tongue touches my hole for the first time causing my whole body to jolt with pleasure. I feel her tongue circling my hole causing ripple after ripple of unrivalled pleasure. I then feel her tongue begin to enter my ass lapping up and down while she tongue fucks my hole, I can’t help but let out a moan of pleasure as her fingers return to my arse and begin to slide in and out with some freedom now, as she begins finger fucking my arse with one hand and stroking my cock with the other. I begin to really start to enjoy this now as I rock back onto her fingers, “Okay you’re about ready,” she says as she stops. She now reaches into the case and pulls out a shiny black strap-on which was a little bigger than my cock at about 7” long and had a reasonable amount of girth, she looks at me, “Can you help me with this?” “Yeah sure,” I say while climbing down off the bed.

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       She turns her back to me and I stand up close to her as she slowly pulls down her panties bending over in the process allowing my cock to slip between her thighs and rub it’s self over her ass and pussy, “Can you undo my bra please,” she asks, without hesitation my hands are up and unhooking the strap and it pings open, I slide the straps off her shoulders and let the bra fall to the floor, she takes a step forward away from me and begins to turn around slowly revealing her huge breasts to me. I look her up and down, her tanned skin with no sign of tan lines anywhere on her body and nicely trimmed pussy hair. I look up at her boobs her huge nipples have become erect. She holds out the strap-on, and I take hold of the straps and I lean over while she steps into the harness one leg at a time, she then takes over, pulling it up covering her pussy, she adjusts the straps, tightening it up, she looks up at me and takes hold of the dildo as if it’s her own dick, she steps back over to the bed and reaches into the case once more this time pulling out a tube of K&Y jelly, she squeezes some out onto her hand and begins rubbing it over her dildo then adding some more, “Bend over the bed,” she says and I do as instructed. She steps behind me, I hear her squeezing some more lube onto her hand then almost immediately feel the cold lube as she rubs it in to my hole. She’s now ready, I feel her rub the dildo up against my hole, “Mamma’s going to take good care of you, just relax,” she says as I feel the first bit of pressure on my ass. I realise straight away that the dildo is much fatter than her fingers, I can feel the pain as it stretches my tight hole, she slowly pulls out then gently but firmly pushes again, she repeats this a couple of times before I feel a pop, it’s in now as she slowly begins to pump in and out of my stuffed hole, before pulling out again and applying more lube to my ass. This time it slides in and she begins pumping harder, I feel her hands on my hips as she begins to rock me slowly to meet her thrusts, each time she’s getting deeper and deep inside of me. The more she pumps in and out the looser my hole becomes and the more I begin to enjoy it, she lengthens her strokes I can feel the hole length go out then the whole thing slide back in, “mmm. . . ” I moan out, “You like that baby?” she says, “Yes. . . uh.

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      . . Deeper!!” I moan out, the sound of our bodies slamming together fills the room, “Yes!!!. . . Faster. ” I yell. She stops and pulls out, “What you doing?” I ask sounding disappointed that she stopped, “Lie on your back and put your legs in the air. I want to see the pleasure in your eyes as I fuck you. ” I quickly do as she says lying on my back, legs spread eagled and she quickly positions herself again. She slides the dildo back into me, I’m quickly mesmerised by her breasts which rock and bounce every time she thrusts into me, she takes hold of my limp cock and begins to stroke it, it already has pre-cum dripping out of it and she soon has me hard, I try my best to meet her thrusts as she fucks my arse, I stare deep into her eyes and she stares back into mine, “Fuck me. . . Mom I want you to fuck me harder please!!” I beg, I’m loving it, my whole bodies tingling I begin moaning uncontrollably, my hands grabbing the sheets, then I feel it, my body twitches and I feel my balls swelling as my seed races from them, “I’m going to cum. .


      . Mom I’m cumming!!!!” I yell as I wrap my legs around her as she rams the whole 7” into me. She stares deep into my eyes as my seed explodes out of my cock over the length of my body and over my shoulder, my whole body shaking as squirt after squirt empties out of me, an amount I have never seen before covering my upper body, I feel my hole spasm uncontrollably onto the dildo, she continues to stroke my dick and milk it dry but it becomes too much for me to bare and I stop her. She removes the dildo from my arse and I collapse with exhaustion desperately trying to catch my breath. She begins to run her fingers up my body kissing and slurping my cum as she moves up, “Did momma take good care of you baby?” She asked, “Yes. . . That was amazing,” I replied to her still trying to catch my breath. “Is that something you would like to do again?” she asked, “Defiantly,” I reply without hesitation, “Good, soon you will be able to take the bigger ones like your dad,” She said, “Cool. . . When do I get to fuck your ass?” I ask, “Not tonight baby. . . Your balls are already drained and I want that cum in me.

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      . . You can fuck me tomorrow night we can make a night of it, we can dress up if you like?” She says, “Yeah defiantly,” I reply, “Good, also you can put a butt plug in and you can discover the pleasures of fucking someone with your ass filled. ” She says, “Sounds good to me mom. ”Please leave feedback if you enjoyed this, and part 2 will be along soon if feedback is positive. I love to see pics of the women who read my stories. Would you mind sending me one if you’re 21 or older? I base my characters off of it josephsmith1974@live. co. uk.