Dirty Little Secrets Pt. 2


Ryan was roused from a deep sleep by the sounds of screaming coming from his sister’s room. Angered about being yanked from such a wonderful dream featuring his newfound internet fantasy, he stumbled out of bed. He headed directly for Haylee’s room. He was still half-asleep when he reached her door. He could finally hear why the two had been fighting. Ryan really did not care about the cause of the argument. He only wanted it to stop.

“What the fuck is going on in here?” He bellowed as he flung the door wide open.

The two girls immediately started trying to talk over one another. He really was not focusing on a word that they said. All he really wanted was for them both to shut up. Suddenly, the younger of the two erupted into laughter. Haylee realized what she was laughing at and followed suit. He stood there for a moment or two, with a puzzled look on his face. He then realized that both of them were staring at his crotch. He looked down to see his cock, while still trapped in his boxers was jutting out, fully erect.

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   He moved his hands to try to conceal his raging hard on and backed out of the room. He could still hear them giggling about it.
He went back to his room, completely embarrassed by his cock’s hardness. He slipped on a pair of pants and a baggy t-shirt, waiting for his cock to deflate. By the time he emerged, the fight had ended. Ashley had ventured downstairs somewhere and Haylee remained in her room, with her door open only an inch or so. He peered inside. Haylee was at her closet door, undressing. For a moment, he could not move. His eyes remained glued to her sweet young form. His mind raced as she turned around, facing the door as she moved toward her bed.

His gaze was transfixed on her firm, round breasts. The only thought in his head seemed to be about putting one of her erect pink nipples into his mouth. A noise from downstairs snapped him instantly back to reality. He hurried toward the top of the stairs, afraid that any moment he would have been caught peeking at his sister.

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   He ran down the stairs and hurriedly plopped down in a chair. A few minutes later, Haylee descended the stairs, carrying the same messenger bag she had the day before. Ryan was sitting in the living room, flipping through channels when she walked through toward the kitchen.

“Listen Haylee, I know mom and dad do not really give a fuck what you and Ashley do, especially when they are not home. I, on the other hand, do. I am not going to put up with the screaming and fighting. ” He said, staring at the television.

He waited a moment or two for a response but all he heard from the kitchen was the refrigerator door opening. Ryan decided to walk in there and make sure it would be the final confrontation over the matter. He found her bent over, searching through the fridge in search of a bottle of enhanced soda. The short denim skirt she wore barely contained the two perfectly sculpted cheeks of her amazing ass. He could not help but stare at her exposed flesh. His gaze was rewarded. He was able to capture a tiny glimpse of the sheer white lace thong that hardly covered her hairless pussy. He suddenly had the urge to walk over to his younger sister, pull down that sexy little thong, push her skirt up over her hips and bury his face in that sweet pussy.

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Haylee spun around with a bottle full of peach colored liquid in hand. The thought vanished as quickly as it had formed. She stood there glaring at him without saying a word for several seconds. It was plain to see that she resented him trying to tell her what to do. It had been ages since anyone had even bothered trying to discipline her.

“Fine. Whatever. I am going over to Monica’s to study for the SAT’s. I’ll be home late. ” She said as she reached for the black strap of her bag. “Don’t bother waiting up. ”

As she pushed past him, he thought he saw something black stuffed sloppily into the messenger bag. Haylee was barely out the door when Ashley returned from the back yard, with cell phone in hand.

“Ryan, I need a ride to Sierra’s. Haylee was supposed to take me but you seen what a bitch she was being.

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   Anyway, I called mom and she said to ask you to take me. I am supposed to be staying there for the weekend. Mom said it was fine. ” She said, racing toward the stairs.

Ryan sighed and ran up to grab his shoes. For a moment, the image of his sister’s thong clad pussy flashed in his head, only this time when the girl spun around it was Nicole instead of Haylee. The thought disturbed him. He could not understand why his mind would suddenly connect the two. He shook it off at least for the moment. He instead started thinking of the fun he would have checking out more of Nicole’s clips when he returned home from dropping off Ashley.

The moment he got home, he quickly returned to his room for a much-needed orgasm. He turned his laptop back on ad stripped. Once again, the image crept into his brain. His cock was already swelling as he tried to chase any thought of Haylee away. He logged into the site once again and immediately returned to Naughty Nicole’s gallery.

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   As he began to browse through looking for another video clip to slate his lust, he froze. On his screen was an image of Nicole wearing the very same panties that he had saw less than an hour earlier in his own kitchen. He calmly tried to rationalize it, but nothing was making any sense.

Maybe, he thought, just maybe the image was why he was so turned on while staring at his sister’s heart shaped ass earlier. Ryan forced himself to believe that it had to be the reason. The more he looked at her the more he noticed the similarities between the two. He chalked it too up to coincidence. He moved to another page, hoping to avoid further thoughts about it. When the page reloaded, he noticed a flashing pink “UPDATE” icon at the top of the page. He eagerly clicked on it.

“Log in at 9pm tonight to see our very own Naughty Nicole in her first live webcast as she helps welcome our newest Lolita, Rachel to the family. ”

He glanced at the clock. He still had several hours to wait before the live show would begin. He went back to the gallery and decided he was in the mood to watch a clip called “Wet and Wild. ” He clicked on the link and waited with cock in hand for it to load.

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The scene opened in a bathroom, centered on a large white bathtub. Candles lined the far side of the tub’s ledge and above the faucet was a small chrome cradle that held a handheld showerhead. Nicole stepped into view wearing only a beautiful short blue satin robe and a pair of black lace panties. The little blue ribbon accents matched the hue of the robe. The lights were slightly dimmed, allowing the candlelight to dance, but still allowing every detail to be detected. In her hand, she held a very realistic flesh tone dildo complete with balls. On its bottom was a large suction cup. She sat it down gently on the ledge, almost out of frame.

She reached down and slowly unknotted the belt. The robe fell open revealing her bare flesh that glistened in the candlelight. She allowed the robe to slip from her shoulders and flutter softly to the floor. Her fingers glided across her stomach. She sat down on the edge of the tub, reaching for the knobs to turn on the water. Once it was just right, she placed the plug in the drain. The tub slowly began to fill.

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   Nicole stood up. Her fingers dipped below the edges of the lace that encircled her trim waist. She pushed the fabric down over her curvy hips and let them slide down her long, tanned legs. She carefully stepped out of them, and into the semi-filled tub. She reached over and turned the water off with her toes, keeping it from getting too deep.

She picked up a red heart shaped sponge that concealed a small but quite powerful little waterproof bullet inside. Holding it in one hand, she picked up a small bottle pink tube of shower gel and squeezed some onto the heart. She placed the tube back where it had been sitting. Her finger carefully felt for just the right spot. As soon as she found it, she pressed it, making the vibe hidden inside spring to life. She bite down on her lower lip which was covered now with a thick layer of very shiny cherry red gloss that gave her lips the appearance of hard plastic. She started at the curve of her neck, letting the suds run down between her ample breasts. Her hand followed their path downward. Her hand moved across her chest. Nicole lazily traced a myriad of circles and figure 8s over her soapy mounds of flesh before inching any lower.

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   Her stomach was next to receive a thick coating of suds. The sponge continued to travel even further down her body.

Her foot moved just enough to nudge the plug and work it partially out of the drain. The water slowly started to empty from the tub. Nicole moved on to her shapely legs, and then back up toward her sweet little pussy. She whimpered and gasped as the vibrations hit her clit. She licked her lips, parting them to allow another gasp to slip from within them. Her hips rocked slightly as she pushed harder against the sponge heart. The water had finally vanished from the tub. She put the sponge down, reaching for the knobs. She turned the water on, picked up the showerhead, and diverted the flow from the faucet to the handheld unit.

She aimed the spray at the nape of her neck, letting the water run cascade down her body. She changed her target, chasing the suds down her soft skin. She rose gracefully to her feet, following the soapy lather down each muscular leg. She lifted one, daintily placing her perfectly pedicured toes on the wide outer edge of the tub.

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   This time, she pointed the powerful stream of warm water directly at her tender clit. The pressure of the water against the tiny nub sent shockwaves through her. Her head dropped back as she inhaled through clenched teeth. Her aim remained focused as her body twitched. She managed to hold out for several seconds before she pulled it away. She turned the water off and let the showerhead recline in its cradle once again.

Nicole reached for the dildo once again, holding it gingerly in her hand. She knelt down, lightly rubbing the suction cup on the wet floor of the tub to moisten it. She placed it on the wide ledge and pushed down until it was stuck securely to the surface. While still kneeling, Nicole flashed a smile and leaned forward. Her hands cupped her full c cup breasts and pushed them together around the thick, veiny shaft. She lowered her head down and flicked her tongue against the rubber cock’s smooth tip. She moved the supple mounds of flesh up and down its length. Each time they reached the bottom, she let the head slide between her ripe red lips. She continued to play that way for a brief moment or two before she rose to her feet again.

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She straddled the ledge, keeping one foot on the floor and one still in the tub. Crouching down just enough for the head of the dildo to rub against her wet, hairless pussy, she began to rock her hips ever so slightly. She moved just enough to let it part her puffy pink lips. Nicole rocked her hips more, allowing the toy to trace up and down them before she started to ease herself down on it. She bit down on her glossy lower lip as she felt the toy penetrate her completely. Her hips slowly rotated in small, tight circles. Quiet moans filled the room as she enjoyed the feeling of her pussy being filled by the thick toy. Her hands moved to her chest, massaging her tits as she started to raise and lower her hips.

The dull surface of the shaft was starting to glisten as the thin layer of her juices coated it entirely. The wetter it looked, the faster she seemed to bounce on it, taking its full seven and a half inches into her. Her fingers toyed with her nipples as she rode the dildo faster. She lightly pinched and tugged the erect little nubs between her fingertips. Her movements became more frantic as she began slamming herself down on her lifelike prosthetic.

She tossed her head back, with her intense blue eyes clenched shut. She brought her right hand from her bouncing tit, all the way down to her tiny pink button.


   Her juicy cunt had a vise like rip on the toy cock she was riding hard and fast. Her sweet secretions were leaking out from between her splayed pussy lips and dripping down the length of the shaft. Her fingertips rubbed faster, crushing her clit beneath them. A slew of mumbled syllables came streaming from her mouth as she got closer and closer to unleashing the fury of the orgasm that was becoming more powerful by the moment.

Nicole tossed her head back again, her black hair whipping wildly as she let out a cry of pleasure. She bounced faster and faster, concerned only with her own pleasure. Her fingers went back for her nipples again. She pulled them further from her chest than before as she pinched them both. The loud wet sounds of the dildo plowing upward into her dripping wet pussy each time she slammed her hips down nearly overshadowed the moans and gasps. Her sticky sweet honey was running down the large toy and pooling on the porcelain beneath her. Her body quaked uncontrollably and her cries of passion grew even louder. The full length of the dildo was buried inside her now as she orgasmed around it. Her legs twitched, unable to remain still.

It took several minutes for her orgasm to pass. Nicole slowly stood up just enough to let the dildo plop free from her sopping wet cunt.

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   She sat back down, just behind the toy and slid her pussy along the ledge. She leaned forward and began to languidly lick the rubber cock clean as she had in her previous clip. It was easy to tell that she rather enjoyed the taste of pussy, at least her own, as she lapped up every drop. Once she had given the cock a nice long tongue bath, she wrapped her lips around it, and took its full length into her mouth. Her head bobbed several times as she seductively sucked the well-used toy. After several minutes she spit it out, winking at the camera before everything went to black.

Ryan had christened his chest and stomach with another massive load of cum. He knew it would not be the last time his balls would empty that day as he watched Nicole perform. In a few short hours, he would drain every drop within him as he watched the bewitching angel perform with her friend. For now though, his thoughts turned to quieting the rumbling in his empty stomach.