Different Life- Incest pt2


Cant really remember how that day went but as the day started I remember I help out around the house and the Andersons there. Its been about 3 years and I try to stay away from Mr. Anderson so I would not feel uncomforable around him. Since the last time I saw him naked jerking off I would sometimes stick my finger in my ass hole while I was jerking off. I cant explain it but like the feel in my ass hole. I never thought I was gay because I would always peep at my mom when she in the shower or changin cloths. I love to touch my cock( maybe 5 1/2) feel it while my mom peel her panties off and see her hairy pussy watch her bend down and see her ass hole. I would then look at my cock while I was stroken it and think about my moms pussy juices all over it. That day I was in my bedroom when Mrs. Anderson pass by and I heard the badroom door close. Since the badroom was right next to my bedroom, In my closet I drill 3 holes in the wall to see in the restroom. The walls in the bathroom had flowers and all colors so you really could not see the holes unless you got real close.

All 3 holes would be looking at the mirror at different angles. I got in the closet and closed the door. As I look I say her unbottom and unzipp her shorts and pull then and her pink panties down to show her big jungle of hair. I begin to pull my pants down and start to jerk off.

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   I could hear the pee hit the water. As she stood up to wipe I saw her lips that where so big. She wash up look abit in the mirror and left. It was dark in my closet so I lean against the wall and close my eyes thinking about that pussy and my moms. I bent forword a bit and slowly insert my finger in my ass. I heard the bathroom door close and look to see who it was. It was a friend of the family a guy. For some reason I watch him take a pee with his big cock( it most have been aleast 7") I started to push deeper in my ass and got naked and.