Did you really do it


Many people asked me have I actually had sex with my own mother. I usually would just chuckle and void answering the question directly. The answer is yes. It wasn’t an open affair, but I got chances to fuck her more than a few times and I took every opportunity that I got.
My mom was single when I was going up and she had a lot of men who were interested in her. I think it was because she slept with all of them. I don’t know that to be completely true, but I don’t remember a guy that came to see her who didn’t end up in her bedroom.
I watched so many guys fuck my mom. Her bedroom door lock didn’t work and it didn’t squeak much when it was pushed opened. My mom caught me peeking a few times and got on to me fiercely after her company had gone. She would yell at me that it was perverted that I watched her having sex and acting like I wanted to have sex with her too, but then she would go on about her business doing very little to hide her nakedness from my prying eyes.
The first time that I fucked my mom was after one of the men had left suddenly and she was naked on her bed. I stood peeking inside wacking my cock and staring at her pussy which I could see clearly from the door.

She had fallen asleep with her legs spread wide open. I figured that since she was sleep that I could get on and off of her without waking her up.
I got a good five or six strokes before her eyes popped wide open and she said, “Oh hell boy, get your little prick out of me.

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  ” When I took too long, she thrust her hips bumping me out and shouted “Get!” I scrambled out of her bedroom.
Once I calmed down, I was happy that I had actually fucked my mom. That took me through several weeks before I started building the guts to try it again. I had come up with all kinds of plans, but none of them ever got a chance to work. My next opportunity came after my mom had been out drinking at a bar. She was brought home by friends and I helped her to her bedroom. I helped her get all of her clothes off before she passed out on her bed.
She was pretty out of it doing little more that moaning. I got her legs spread wide enough and started fucking her. I pumped my cock until I fell over exhausted. The problem with that was I fell asleep. She woke me up in the morning yelling at me that she was not my fucking girl friend and to get out of her bed.

    I started getting smarter. I started sneaking in her bedroom, fucking her and then getting out of there. She would wake up giving me dirty looks, but she didn’t stop me.

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       She yell at me that she was becoming afraid to have company over because I might try to get in bed with them.
    I never felt my mom getting mad at me, just discussed with what I might be doing at the time. She did often called me “pervert” though. She joked with me about it. She say that she was afraid to take a nap because I would fuck her if she tried. She would also call me by saying “get your little prick over here. ”
    When I started having girl friends, she would help me out with diner and movies, and quiet time in the dark along. She also celebrate with me when I scored. She said “that’s what you need is some young stuff and not my old ass. ” She still didn’t stop me from fucking her two to three times a week.
    …. let me know if you want to know more.