Destroying Agatha - Chapter 2


Morning came to find Robert still tangled in the sheets, and Zoe gone. The alarm clock read quarter past nine. He knew his daughter was never one for getting up early and assumed that she had either went to the bathroom or was checking on Maisey. He rolled over on his side and felt something odd. For some strange reason he felt something oddly tacky around his crotch area. He pulled back the covers and was mortified to see that he was naked. On the base of his cock was a sticky coating of blood tinged fluids. He found her panties lying in the bed next to him.

Images of the night before came flooding back into the forefront of his mind. The one thing he could not remember was how it all started. The memory seemed to begin with her already on his cock. He instantly felt sick about it all. He was not only terrified of what would happen if anyone, especially Agatha found out, he was also scared of how his own daughter would see him.

He would not be kept in suspense for very long. Zoë came bounding into the room, wearing only one of his t-shirts. Morning sun filtered in, catching the soft highlights in her dark brown hair.

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   She giggled as she watched him grab the covers and yank them over himself.

“Suddenly shy daddy?” She questioned. “You weren’t very shy about shoving your cock down my throat last night. ”

He could not believe the words that came out of her mouth. She did not seem upset by the ordeal at all. He was shocked. Before he could muster any words, she crawled into bed next to him, making it more obvious that she was not wearing any panties. Each time he tried to move away, she moved closer to him. She gave him a very puzzled look.

“What’s wrong daddy?” she asked.

“Listen Zoë, I don’t know how things all got started last night but I am sorry. It never should have happened and it can never happen again. ” He blurted out.

“Why daddy? Didn’t you enjoy fucking me?” She inquired. “You sure seemed to enjoy it last night.


   Did I do something wrong?”

“It is just wrong. Sick and wrong. ”

He could tell the words crushed her. He immediately tried to find the words to explain his feeling but he just stammered. She sighed heavily. She could tell he was flustered. She decided to tell him what happened.

“Daddy, you know I love you. Last night you were spooning me, and I could feel your hard cock pressing against me and I just could not resist. I had never done it before and I thought who better to lose my virginity to than you. I knew you would not hurt me or go around bragging to the guys about popping my cherry. I just thought it would be special. ” She said quietly.

Robert was surprised at his daughter’s confession. He never imagined that she could have initiated the whole thing or that she would want to.

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   His thoughts began to conflict thanks to the new information. He was flattered that she would want to do such a thing, but still felt guilty because he not only cheated on his wife but he had fucked his own daughter. He kept looking at her while he tried to figure out just what to say. He never got a chance to speak a word before she made her move.

Zoë quickly grasped the blanket and threw it back. His cock was already half hard. He was amazed at the speed in which she leaned down and began to suck the head of his cock into her mouth. The tip of her tongue kept tickling the hole in the tip of his cock. He drew in a sharp breath through clenched teeth. Part of him wanted to push her away but the pleasure she was giving him made it hard for him to put the thought into action. She looked up at him as she let more of his cock enter her mouth. He could not believe how sexy his daughter looked with his cock between her teen lips.

He felt the lust raging inside of him. His mind filled with things he wanted to do to her. It was just what she hoped her action would inspire.

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   His cock quickly swelled as she continued to suck it teasingly. She knew how to keep a guy on edge and was putting that knowledge to good use. She knew that he would not be able to take much more before his primal need to fuck would take over. He grabbed a handful of her hair and used it as a handle to move her up and down his cock. She moaned loudly around his cock. He just kept forcing it deep into her throat. He knew if he did not blow his load before moving on to other activities he would be lucky to last five thrusts into that sweet little cunt of hers.

He thrust up into her mouth as he pushed her head down. Robert’s hips moved faster and faster as he fucked her eager mouth. The thought of how that tight pussy would taste drove him to orgasm. He pulled back as he started to cum in her mouth, shooting several shots directly down her throat, and letting others land on her tongue. While happy that her plan was working, she was disappointed because she thought that he would be finished as soon as he emptied his seed into her mouth again.

Once he had shot the last of his sticky cum into her mouth, he pulled her off his cock and forced her onto her back. His eyes were wild with desire. She was surprised when he pushed her thighs apart and moved between her legs.

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   She had never let anyone go down on her before, so she had no idea what to expect.

Robert’s mouth sought out her clit immediately. The tip of his tongue flickered against the little mound of flesh as fast as it could. Zoë’s body stiffened as she tried to catch her breath. The feeling was so intense she could barely keep herself from cumming instantly. He locked his lips against her flesh and continued to tease her clit while two fingers found their way to her pussy. She was already incredibly wet. He dug his fingers into her tight little honey pot and worked them in and out quickly. Zoë gripped the sheets as she squirmed. He showed no signs of letting up.


He loved to hear her call him daddy while he played with her pussy. She kept twitching and shaking while he fingered her. His fingers curled inside of her, rubbing her sweet spot while he continued to work on her clit. Within seconds, she was bucking wildly.

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   Her juices were leaking from her cunt as his fingers sawed in and out. He knew she was on the verge of cumming. He decided to push her over the edge as hard and fast as he could. His fingers withdrew as he moved his mouth to her pussy lips. His tongue stiffened and began to fuck her. He took a finger, already wet with her juices and began to press it into her dirty rosebud. She let out a cry. She had always sworn she would never let anyone near her ass, but now she found herself pushing back against his finger. She started to grind her hips, smearing her pussy juice on his face as he ravenously ate her cunt.


He forced his finger in deeper, triggering an instant reaction. His tongue stabbed into her as she came all over it.

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   He had never tasted anything so sweet in his life. He greedily sucked down every bit of her honey that he could. He knew that he would never be able to resist the chance of tasting her again. He continued until her convulsions stopped and the river of her sweetness ran scarce. Robert slipped his finger from her ass and looked up at her. She laid there dazed from the orgasm.

“Get on your hands and knees. ” He said with a devilish grin. “Daddy wants to fuck that sweet little cunt of yours. ”
It was clear that his lust had taken over once again. She rolled onto her hands and knees, though her legs were still a bit weakened. He stared down at her perfect ass and marveled how much it resembled her mother’s ass. He wondered if she too would learn to please him in the ways her mother had once. He wrapped his fingers around his thick shaft and rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her wet pussy lips to get it lubed up. She squirmed.

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   Her pussy was still overly sensitive from the orgasm. He did not care. He pushed the head in slowly, and then moved both hands to her hips.

He drove his cock deep inside her in a single thrust. Zoë let out a low cry. He loved how her pussy tightly gripped his cock as he fucked her. He started out with slow but hard thrusts, jolting her forward with each. The moment she showed signs of truly enjoying it, he began to speed up. The way his balls slapped against her clit drove her mad. She pushed back into his thrusts, wanting more and more of her father’s cock.

“Fuck me daddy. Fuck your daughter’s pussy. Make it all yours. ” She moaned.

The words seemed to wash away all traces of guilt and loathing.

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   He knew that he would never stop fucking her every chance he got. His fingers dug into her hips, leaving tiny bruises as he pounded her harder and faster from behind. He had always loved doggy style. Suddenly, her cunt began to contract around his cock. It took everything he had not to let it push him over the edge. His cock was covered in a new flood of her cum again. He let go of her hip and brought his hand down hard against her cheek. She let out a sharp cry, startled by the sudden blow.
“What a bad girl, trying to make daddy cum already. ” He said, spanking her once again.

She bit her lip and tried not to moan as his spankings turned her on even more. She could not believe how right it felt to have his cock deep inside her. It was no longer about getting him away from Agatha. Now, it was about getting him all to herself.

“Oh daddy keep spanking me.

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   I am such a bad girl. ” She gasped.

He needed no more encouragement than that. His hand came crashing down repeatedly on her reddening cheeks. She came again on his cock as he fucked her with such urgency. She wanted so badly to feel his cock spewing cum deep inside her while she came. Her muscles spasmed around him as she let loose another torrent of her sweet sticky wetness. Her father could barely control himself. He wanted to cum inside her so badly, but he knew he could not. He knew if he did not pull out immediately, he would spray her cunt with his seed. He started to pull back but she just kept pushing against him. Before he could pull clear of her, it happened. He filled her with load after load of his thick cum. She moaned with delight as his cock twitched inside her. When he had finally finished, he pulled out and collapsed against the bed.



“I shouldn’t have done that. ” He sighed.

“Shouldn’t have done what?” She inquired, cuddling up to him.

He slipped his arm around her. “Cum inside you like that. I can’t get you pregnant. ” He said quietly.

“Don’t worry dad. There is a pharmacy in the next town over. I am sure they have that pill that they are always advertising on TV for when your birth control fails. “She assured him.

“OK. ” He said. “But if you really do want to keep doing this, we have to get you on something and quickly. Filling your tight little pussy with my cum felt too damn good to stop doing it.

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   We can never let Agatha find out about this. ”

Zoë giggled and leaned up to kiss her father. She never imagined how much she would love the feel of her own father’s cock inside her. She knew that she would never willingly give up having him fuck her any time or anywhere she wanted, so she would have to come up with a plan to take care of her stepmother so she would never tell, but that would have to wait. For now, all she cared about was basking in the afterglow.