Derek and Ryan


Derek watched furiously as his twin brother was handed his new set of car keys. Even though it was his birthday, that was no excuse for his parents’ behavior.   They had only ever wanted one child, and when their mother had them both, she immediately favored Ryan.   Their father, John, took pity on Derek, and often sided with him in debates, but he was often away on business trips and hardly had any time at home. That left Derek in the hands of his mother, Joyce.


“Only 2 months until I’m out of here!” muttered Derek. They had just graduated from high school, bother with honors. Ryan was going off to study law, while Derek had chose criminalistics.   Their mother obviously preferred Ryan’s choice, and had bought him a new car. Derek had received a second-hand laptop.


Derek slowly stood up and walked to the mirror. He was around six feet tall, with a muscular body. He had formerly played hockey, but had quit because he decided it was a stupid thing to do after school. Wanting to keep his appearance, he began working out at the gym three times a week. Although he was paler than his brothers tanned body, he was no sore site to look at. His dyed black hair was spiked up in all different directions.

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   His face was slightly narrow, with high cheek bones and a perfect complexion. Piercings covered his ears, and he had one on his eyebrow and one on his tongue. His eyes were sharp and blue, like his mothers. He wore a black t-shirt with a heartagram on it, and baggy black cargo shorts, with a punk belt to match. His eyes flickered past the pentacle necklace his brother had given him in 8th grade, when he had first transformed into what he was now.   He smiled slowly, remembering.


He was put into the same class as Ryan, and everyone kept confusing them for each other. His brother was only slightly smarter then him, but had been chosen by the popular group- you know, the guys on the footballs team and their pretty perfect girls with short skirts and lip gloss, giggling at any moment. -. Derek had felt alone and out of place. He immediately skipped school and ran home, tearing down all his posters and dumping all his clothes into his brothers’ room. Then he quickly took a trip to the mall, and bought his appearance he wore now. His room was now covered in Gothic symbols and bands, and Derek’s knowledge of Wicca had grown as the years past. Following his transformation, he was immediately labeled as a Bad Boy, skipping classes, smoking under the bleachers, going to raves, and sleeping with the stoner girls. He kept up his grades, and so he was never expelled.

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Ryan, on the other hand, became the perfect child. As they entered high school, he chose the prettiest preppy girl and dated her for almost three years. He became Captain of the football and wrestling team, and kept his perfect appearance: blonde hair, slightly long and gelled, with his tanned muscular body and piercing green eyes, from his father.


A slam of a door jolted Derek out of his thoughts. As he peered out the window, he saw his father walking up to the front door, his suitcase trailing along behind him. Derek smiled and went down to meet him.
“Hey kiddos!” he father said, laughing as he walked in the door.
“Hey Dad!” Derek said with enthusiasm
“Hello” Ryan politely answered, smiling.
“Hi John” Joyce said, coming out from the kitchen, “How was the flight?”
“Same old crap, different day” John replied, smiling.
“Well, come in, I just about have dinner ready. Boys, you too. ”


            John and Derek jostled each other while Ryan ran off to help his mother with the dishes. “So, what’s on your agenda this evening?” John asked his son
“Eh. A bunch of the guys are going down to the lake. They’re camping there.

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   I think I might join them later” Derek said.
“Hey! My buddies use to do that all the time at your age. Sounds like fun. And you, Ryan?”
“Um… the groups going out to dinner and then sleeping over at Joes, actually…so…” he trailed off.
John laughed. “Well, you two better go. I hate when my friends are late. ”



Almost four days later, Derek still hadn’t come home.   The twins’ parents had been fighting constantly when they thought Ryan couldn’t hear them. This made Ryan’s heart break. He knew their marriage was slowly coming to an end.   He was also worried about Derek. Although the two barely got along know a days, he was still his brother and had no car. Ryan couldn’t take his parents fighting anymore, so he snatched the keys and took off to find Derek.


He drove aimlessly through their small town, looking for him.


   He finally saw him by the bus station, slumped against wall with his eyes closed. He sighed, pulled over, and got out of the car.
“Derek?” he questioned, shaking him slightly.
“I don’t have any money, you fag. Get the fuck away” muttered Derek.
“Derek, its Ry. You better come with me before the folks realize you haven’t come home yet”
            His brother slowly opened his eyes. His pupils were like pinpoints. He’s stoned out of his fucking mind, Ryan thought.
He pulled his brother up and into the car. They drove in silence for a few minutes.
“So where the hell have you been?” Ryan asked, breaking the silence.
“None of your fucking business you retard!” growled Derek.
“Don’t call me that!” Ryan snapped.
“What, retard? Retard, retard, retard!” Derek chanted, laughing.

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“You fucking idiotic!” screamed Ryan. “I hate you!”
“Right back at ya!” Derek said, eyes narrowed.
And the silence filled the car once again.
            Ten minutes later, they arrived back at the house. As Ryan unlocked the door, he could hear his father yelling. Derek also heard it and rolled his eyes. “I live in a house with fucking morons. ” He muttered. They both wandered toward the sound, coming from the kitchen. There stood their mother, screaming and crying, and their father, with a load of suitcases at his feet.
            “I can’t take it anymore, Joyce! You’re always bitching at me! I met Diane last year at the Pittsburgh conference. And I’m leaving. AND THAT’S FINAL!” he roared.


“Fine. Go! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” their mother shrieked.

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Both boys were slack jawed and wide-eyed as they watched they’re father leave. And that was the last they ever saw of him.


            Things went from bad to worse. Their mother was constantly crying. Derek and Ryan were fighting horribly, giving each other bruises, black eyes, and busted lips. A month before the two boys left, their mother called them into the kitchen.
            “Derek, Ryan…” She started, looking desperate and sad. “I’m afraid I have some bad news for you both”.
“What can be worse than the hell were living in now?” Derek muttered, quietly but audible to everyone in the room.
            Joyce ignored the comment and kept going. “Well, since your father left, we’ve been a little short on money…and…well…I’m sorry, Derek, but I had to sell the apartment you were going to move into. But Ryan’s apartment has two bedrooms, and I’m sure he would love to share his apartment with his twin brother…” she quickly said, glancing in Ryan’s direction.
“Sure Mum. I’d love to”
She smiled meekly, and then looked at Derek, whose eyes were bulging out of his head.
“You…you…sold my apartment?” He said quietly, looking at his feet.

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“I’m so sorry Derek. Really, I am. ”
“Oh. . . well…that’s alright then…a sorry will make up for everything!” he said sarcastically. Joyce just stared.
“I can’t believe you sold my fucking apartment without any permission! I could’ve gotten a job, or moved another guy in and split the rent. Jesus!” he said angrily.
“Oh, come on Derek, will it really be so bad living with your bro? You two hardly ever talk anyway, with your busy A month later, Derek appeared by Ryan’s new bedroom door. He had unpacked faster, and already had his clothes, bedspread, bathroom supplies, food, furniture, TV, laptop, desk, and posters, and other things put up in his room. Ryan was just finishing his.
“Hey bro, what’s up?” Ryan said tonelessly.
“I’m laying down rules” Derek said
“Let me remind you that this is MY apartment, not yours” Ryan replied.
Derek ignored him and continued talking.

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            “Number one: NO going into my bedroom at all. Respect my bedroom privacy, and I’ll respect yours. Number two: Mondays and Wednesdays you’re cooking dinner. Tuesdays and Thursdays I will. Fridays we’ll take out or something. Saturdays you’re on your own. Sundays you’re with mum, obviously. Number Three: Take nothing of mine. Number Four: Follow these rules” he finished, smirking.
“Fine” Derek said, and then left.


            Months slowly passed, and they fought whenever they saw each other. Usually they were so laid down with homework and couldn’t be bothered to even talk to each other. Then one day Derek decided to visit his friend at another university. He got packed and ready to go, when he suddenly realized Ryan had the car. Fuck! I’ll just sneak by his law class and get the keys, and then I’ll be home free.

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   He thought, and off he went.


            They lived about a 18 minute walk from the university, and it was a nice day anyway, so Derek didn’t mind the walk. But you could always save about five minutes walking through the Misfit Park. In the daytime, it was nice there. Women had picnics, kids played tag, old ladies fed ducks, but at night, gangs came out and beat anyone who came across them. Derek always took this path, in daylight or moonlight, because of his look; the gangs never bothered him. About halfway through he heard laughter coming up ahead of him. As the figures became visible, he saw around a dozen guys in baggy clothes pinning a prep up to a tree. They were robbing him, beating him, and laughing. Derek kept his eyes down. That poor, mindless idiot he thought to himself.


            As he got closer and closer, he recognized the shape of the boy pinned to the tree. His eyes widened in disbelief.
            “Ryan!?” he cried.


Ryan made no sound, but stared at him with pleading eyes that defied description.

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   Derek only knew one way to get Ryan free. He quickly pulled the knife he carried out and pointed it straight at the men.
“He’s mine. Pass him over” he growled.
“But he was walking through our turf, man” one of the men said. “He’s ours. ”
“He’s new here. He’s from Niotant. Let him go. ”
“Niotant?” one of the boys said, confused. “What the hell is that?”
“Haven’t you heard? It’s the latest coven from Ireland. They’re taking over the streets by force!” Derek said, laughing. “You hurt him and you’ll be dead within the hour”
The men looked at each other, fear sparkling their eyes
“Fine.  He’s all yours. Don’t let him on our turf again, or you’ll be sorry.


“Oh,” Derek said, “I’ll make sure he knows”
He grabbed Ryan roughly by the collar and practically pulled him out of the park. When they were out of sight, he threw him up against a tree.
“What the fuck were you thinking!? You know how dangerous that park is. I am NOT going to save your ass every time some shit happens to you. Jesus!” Derek yelled.
Ryan just looked at his feet,
“I…. I’m sorry Derek. I didn’t mean it. Honest. ” he mumbled


Derek stared at Ryan for a few seconds. He usually loved picking fights. Why was he all sappy now? He grabbed Ryan’s face and forced him to look at him. Ryan’s eyes were like pinpoints. He knew this look all too well.

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   What have you been taking!?” He screamed. “You could’ve been killed! Don’t you realize that!?”
Ryan continued to look at him, fear in his eyes. Derek sighed. “Let’s get you home”
            With Ryan leaning heavily on Derek’s shoulder, it took almost half an hour to get home. Derek placed Ryan on the couch and phoned his friend, telling him he wouldn’t be able to make it that weekend. His friend was a little pissed, but no one got mad at Derek, so he just hung up. Derek walked to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. He poured it into a cup and gave it black to Ryan.
            “But I don’t drink it like this” Ryan complained.
“It’s the fastest way to get that crap out of your system” he explained. “Well, that and sleep”
Ryan slowly drank the coffee, and about an hour later Derek could see his eyes slowly returning to normal. He waited patiently for an explanation.
            “I don’t know what I was thinking,” Ryan began, sighing. “Freddie offered me the stuff, and well, I just wanted to try it. I didn’t think it was do me any harm.

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  ” He looked over at Derek and saw his jaw clenched. “And then everything kinda dulled out. It was a nice feeling. And I decided, ‘Well, hell, I’ll take the park and save a few minutes. ’ I decided that I could hurt one of them if they attacked me. ” This was when Derek lost it.
“Attacked you?! ‘Attacked you’?! These guys are dangerous, Ry. They carry guns and God knows what else. You could have been killed! You could be laying on the sidewalk, totally and utterly dead. ”
    Ryan looked down. “I know. I’m sorry. But you know what it’s like Derek. Everything just kind of fuzzes over. ”
Derek sighed.

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   “I don’t want my brother getting into the life I chose.

    “But you saved me from those gangsters. I have NEVER been so happy in my life about your appearance!”
    Derek smiled slightly. “That’s about the only good side of it. I lost a lot of things, Ry. I lost our family, I got into drugs, and people think because I look like this my IQ automatically drops about eighty percent. ”
    This shocked Ryan. “But you’re one of the smartest people I know! And you get a lot of hot chicks. ” He added, grinning wickedly. The smile quickly faded. “But…I know how mom treats me compared to you isn’t fair. And I know how much it hurt you when dad ran. But you’ll always have me and your friends, Derek. ”
                Derek looked quietly at his hands. “Sometimes I wish that I could have a real mom and dad that loved me.


      ” He whispered.


                Ryan stared at Derek. He looked so lost. Brotherly instincts took over, and he placed a hand over Derek’s. “Hey- It’s alright. Things will get better. I promise. ” He quietly rubbed the skin of Derek’s wrist. Then he started to notice things. Like how blue his eyes looked when he wore black. And how his pale face looked so beautiful in the shadows of the apartment, and how he could blend into the shadows and looks magnificent. And how sharp his features were. Something suddenly came over Ryan. He stopped rubbing the veins on Derek’s arms.


                Derek looked up.

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       He was amazed of how much he had liked his brother doing that; how much he had craved his touch. He moved closer, putting his hands in Ryan’s lap. Ryan stared down at them. His eyes opened in pure shock. The veins he had thought he was tracing weren’t veins at all, but scarred lines. He glanced at his brothers face, and then back at the lines on his wrist.
                “Derek…you haven’t!” he said, looking scared. Especially because one of them was fresh and the scar still had blood crust on it.
    Derek looked wearily at Ryan. “It’s nothing Ry. It’s not as bad as it looks. ”
    “But you’re a cutter!” Ryan whispered.
    “It’s not like that. It’s like pot, Ryan. When I don’t want to take it, I just do this instead.

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       It feels nice. Almost soothing. It’s like this fetish I have. ” Derek explained.
                Ryan didn’t know what to say. Instead he looked at the fresh scar, and gently leaned down and kissed it.


                Derek was shocked. He didn’t know what to do. It felt nice though. Ryan continued kissing the scars, than slowly moved up Derek’s arm. Derek’s heart was beating furiously. Ryan finally reached Derek’s mouth, and kissed him lightly. He quickly backed away. Derek stared, his lips slightly parted. The kiss had felt so nice.

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       He quickly wrapped his arms around his brother and kissed him hard, sliding his tongue deep into his brothers mouth and pushing him down on the couch. Ryan moaned.
    “Ever been with a guy before, Ryan?” Derek whispered, biting his ear.
    “No” Ryan gasped. “Never. ”
    “Well neither have I. But I’ve definitely thought about it. And you always came to mind” Derek moved down to his brothers neck and sucked and licked it gently, leaving red marks.
                “What are you doing?!” Ryan said hoarsely.
    “I’m claiming my territory. ” whispered Derek. He slowly ground his hips into Ryan, feeling the straining in his jeans. Ryan gasped and grew rock hard. Derek growled in approval.
    “You liked that, didn’t you?” he demanded, his voice low and husky.

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    “Mm. . . Oh God!” Ryan cried as Derek bit his neck gently.


                Derek quickly lifted off Ryan’s shirt and threw it aside. He kissed a trail down his chest, making him squirm. He then gently drew out his tongue and licked Ryan’s stiff guy nipple. Ryan squeaked.  Derek laughed, the vibration causing flashes of pleasure to go shooting through Ryan. Derek began sucking and nipping at the nipple, then slowly switched to the other.
                “Oh God, Derek! You’re killing me here!”
                Derek just smiled wickedly. He moved lower, undoing Ryan’s jeans. He slowly pulled them down and off and stared at Ryan’s cock. It was about 8 inches in length and the head was smeared with precum. It gently touched it and it jumped.

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    “Excited to see me, aren’t we, Ry?” he laughed.
     Ryan was breathing heavily. He had had sex in the past with his girlfriend, but it was never as enjoyable as this. Derek kissed the tip of Ryan’s cock and slowly began to slide it in his mouth. Ryan gasped and raised his hips.
    “Ohhh God Derek. Please. Faster. Please. ” He begged.
    Ryan quickly began to move his head up and down. He tried to deep throat it, but he had never come down on a guy before and wasn’t able to. So he played with Ryan’s balls instead, swishing around the cum. Ryan began moaning and groaning and placed his hands on both sides of his brother’s face.
    “Oh god, bro.

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       I’m so close. Please. I’m so close. ” He whispered. This is where Derek decided to take control. He pulled Ryan’s cock out of his mouth and grabbed the head.
    “No. You better not. ” He growled.


                Ryan was shocked by the sudden change. He had read about this kind of stuff before, and had always wanted to try it. He took a few deep breaths and forced himself not to cum. Derek pulled himself off the couch and tore off his clothes. Ryan stared in amazement. Even though they were twins, Derek was at least nine inches, and had a thin trail of hair leading down to this cock.


       The goody trail Ryan though, wickedly.
    “Come. ” Derek said, making Ryan shiver.


                Ryan followed him into his bedroom and sat on Derek’s bed. Derek began rummaging through his items until he found what he was looking for. A pair of hand cuffs. He laid Ryan down on the bed and cuffed him to the backboard. Ryan smiled.


                “Let’s see how long you can take this bro. Ever heard of the rules?” Derek questioned.
    “Of course. ” Ryan said.  I can’t cum until you tell me to. I have to call you Master, although I would prefer not to” he added.
    “Just call me Derek” he said, laughing.

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       “But that’s the only rule for now”


    Derek then pulled out a comb and gently scraped it down Ryan chest. He shivered violently. Derek smiled. He lubricated his hand and wrapped it around Ryan’s cock.


                “Now, Ryan, you get fifteen strokes and you better cum when I tell you to or you will be punished. ” Derek said.


    Ryan became scared. He didn’t know if he could do that. But when Derek slowly began to jack him off, he lost all though and Derek counted as he stroked.


    On fifteen, Derek thrust his thumb into Ryan asshole. “Cum. Now!” he demamded.


    Hot pleasure shot through Ryan’s body. He spurted all over Derek’s hand. “Ohhh Goddddddddd!” He moaned loudly.

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       Derek covered the moan by kissing Ryan deeply. Ryan’s hands tugged at the handcuffs, but they would not give in. He wanted to touch Derek’s cock so badly. He knew Derek needed release.
                Derek scooped up some of Ryan’s cum and tasted it. He immediately fell in love with the taste. He leaned down and began licking it off Ryan’s stomach and cock. Then he went back up and kissed Ryan.
    “Mmm, Ry. Taste yourself. You taste so good!” He said
    The kisses became hotter and hotter and soon Derek was begging for release. He strattled Ryan and put his cock by his face. “Suck it. ” He demanded.


    Ryan quickly engulfed the nine- incher.

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       He moaned at the taste of Derek’s precum.  He sucked hard and licked the underside as he went. Derek soon felt the rumbling in his balls and knew he was close.
    “Oh, god, Ryan, here it comes!!! I’m cumming~!” he cried, shooting it into Ryan’s mouth.


    Ryan gagged but managed to swallow most of it. He too was in love with his bro’s taste. Derek leaned down and kissed Ryan roughly on the mouth, sharing his own cum. “Mmm…. ” They both moaned, getting hot and bothered all over again.


           Derek quickly released Ryan from his handcuffs. Ryan practically attacked him, kissing him furiously and wrapping his arms around him. Derek kissed back, and their tongues massaged each other. Then Ryan pushed Derek down and slid down his body kissing as he went. When he reached Derek’s asshole, he paused. He quickly flicked his tongue out and right into the tight asshole.


       Derek cried out in pleasure. “Oh God!” he moaned.


    Continued later, if I feel like it. Review, please. I just wanted to see if I could write it. I know the beginning was long, but if it was worth it, make it a good review!




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