Dear Diary


Uncle Jim has been staying in Tommy's room this past week and it has been great. He looks as good as ever. Jen keeps begging me to let her stay over so she can drool over him but I don't want to share Uncle Jim, especially now. As you know there is a bathroom between my room and the twerps room. Well last night I forgot to lock it when I finished my shower and went to bed. I was exhausted and honestly forgot this time. Well after dinner, Dad and Uncle Jim had gone out with some guys from the office to celebrate Dad's new promotion to district manager. I heard them come home. It was kind of hard to miss since Dad hit the trash cans on the curb. Anyway it had to be about 2 am and there I am lying in bed naked trying to fall back to sleep. I heard Uncle Jim come into the bathroom. I was almost asleep by the time he finished and I heard the door open. At first I didn't realize it was MY bedroom door. I had rolled over on my side facing away from the bathroom when I felt him climb into bed next to me. He thought he was in twerp's room. He was just wearing his boxers.

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   He has an amazing body Diary. His long dark hair, deep hazel eyes and lean body are just incredible. I know he's my uncle but still he's hot. I could smell the whiskey on him as he lay down. He murmured something and rolled over. His body was pressed against mine as he draped his arm around waist. I froze. He moved his hand up to my breast and was cupping it when I felt it. The thin fabric of his boxers could not hide that huge cock of his. It was not completely hard but I could feel it poking against my bare cheeks through the material. I didn't know what to do. What would happen if someone went to twerp's room looking for him and found him here? I started to move and he gripped me tighter. His strong hand was mauling my breast. I had never felt so turned on in my entire life. Softly I whispered his name but did not get a response.

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   I said it again a little louder this time. Still nothing. Finally I said it louder. He gave my breast a squeeze as he groaned. I could tell he was completely out of it. I know that I always said that I wanted to wait me and Billy Connor to be going steady for a year before I went any further than first base but how could I resist. If you seen him Diary you would understand. Uncle Jim is so sexy. I took his hand and moved it down my body. He groaned again as I parted my thighs slightly and placed his hand against my trimmed pubes. His fingers nestled in against my warm pussy and he wiggled a bit. I could feel his cock getting harder. I needed to get off so bad. Since mom made me help clean up the kitchen tonight I didn't get my shower before bed until late and I was too tired to masturbate. Now I had to do something.

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   "Uncle Jim" I said sharply. I felt him move as he realized someone was calling his name. He left his hand between my thighs as he leaned up and groggily looked around. "Huh?" I rolled over onto my back and looked up at him. He stared at me in shock for a minute. I could tell he was just as surprised as I was when he first came into my room. He didn't pull his hand away at first. I think he was afraid to move or something. I am not sure he even realized what was going on at first. Once he did he moved like he just stuck his hand into a fire. "Oh my god Eve I. . . " he tried to say. I just looked down at his boxers which where straining against his now fully erect cock.

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   He immediately sat up and covered himself with his hands as he gave me the deer in the headlights. "I thought I was in Tommy's room. I didn't know" his words trailed off. I asked him "oh so you thought you were groping my brother?" He looked terrified as he stammered and tried to explain. I smiled at him and took his right hand in mine. It was so much larger than mine. I spread my legs slightly and placed his hand against my pussy again. His eyes got huge as he felt my soft patch of hair and the wetness that was seeping from my pussy lips. "Now Uncle Jim. If you help me I won't tell mom and dad. You know what will happen if I do. "He nodded as he stared at me. I don't think he could believe what I was offering to him. I sat up and looked into his eyes as I awaited his decision. "But Eve.

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   I'm your father's brother. We can't do this. " he weakly protested but did not move his hand away. "Do you think it will matter what happened exactly when I tell mom and dad how you climbed into bed and started groping me?He looked down as he moved his hand. The front of his boxers looked like they were about to rip part from the strain of his hard on. The alcohol in his system must have helped him rationalize the situation because his hand started to move against my pussy. I lay back down and watched him as he crawled down the bed and knelt between my legs. I was so nervous. I have never let Billy do this to me despite how much he asked me to. He spread my legs wider apart and lowered his head. His hot breath tickled my skin as he kissed up my inner thigh. He was so gentle with me. I was shaking from being so anxious and turned on at the same time. He softly kissed my clit before putting his mouth over it. I moaned as he started to suck on it gently.

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   His tongue kept flicking against it and sending shivers up my spine. I could hardly think straight. He continued to lap at my throbbing little button for several minutes before he pulled back. I let out a disappointed groan. His tongue moved down to my pussy lips. I was trying to stay quiet as to not wake anyone else and end this delightful moment. The tip of his tongue was parting my lips as his nose brushed against my clit. I thought I was in heaven, until he pulled my lips further apart with his fingers and began to probe my aching pussy with the full length of his tongue. It was incredible Diary. I started shaking and moaning so loud that he stopped and told me to quiet down. I bit my lip when he continued and it happened so quickly. My body felt like it was on fire. I couldn't stop myself as my hips started to buck. I have never felt anything so intense in my life. I have cum before from touching myself but this sensation was a thousand times stronger.

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   He relentlessly tongued my juicy pink hole as I came all over his face. It was amazing. When I finally stopped writhing he sat back on his heels and looked up at me. His mouth and chin were glazed with my drippings. I stared up at him in awe. With a devilish gleam in his eyes he said "Well Eve I took care of my part of the bargain. You got off. . . Now it's my turn. "I know I should have stopped him but I couldn't. My body wouldn't let me. I just nodded and watched as he stood up and slid those boxers down. His cock stuck out obscenely as he crawled up next to me. He lay down on top of me and pulled me to him.

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   His lips attacked mine. It was the most erotic kiss I have ever experienced Diary. I could taste myself on his lips and tongue as he rubbed his cock against my pussy. I don't think he knew at this point or not that I was still technically a virgin but I don't think it would have stopped him. He rolled off me and knelt next to my chest as he said "Now why don't you wrap your lips around Uncle Jim's cock Eve" I had never giving a blow job before in my life. Billy had begged me to but I never would. I always thought it was disgusting. For some reason it didn't seem so unnatural and dirty right now. I rolled over onto my side and parted my lips slightly. I was nervous and I think Uncle Jim knew it. He played with my hair as I took the head into my mouth. I had seen pictures in magazines and on the internet but I was really not sure what to do. I started sucking very lightly and moving my head up and down. My teeth scraped along his cock and he groaned loudly.
    He stopped me.

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       As his hand reassuringly caressed my cheek, I looked up at him. "Careful dear you aren't supposed to use your teeth" he coaxed. I tried again making sure I didn't scrape. He moaned softly as my mouth took him in. After a few minutes he stopped me again. I was scared I still wasn't doing it right. I looked up at him pitifully. I could tell he knew I was confused by this. "I don't want to blow my load just yet Eve" he replied before I even asked. He moved between my legs again. He gripped his thick cock with one hand and rested the other on the bed by my hip. I held my breath. I didn't know what to expect really. I felt the smooth tip of his cock pushing into me and I tensed up a bit. He stared down at his cock as it slid a little further inside.

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       Once he had it in partially he moved up over me. I looked up at him as I kept biting my lip. He began to push in slowly at first. I watched his face as it contorted in pleasure. My pussy was so wet he didn't have much trouble until the head bumped into my hymen. He looked down at me for a moment as if he was puzzled by it. Then a broad smile curved on those fantastic lips. "So you're still a virgin huh" he chuckled. I could feel my face turning bright red. I was so embarrassed. He eased his cock almost out of me and then gave a sharp thrust. The pain was intense when he first did it. I started to scream but his hand quickly covered my mouth. He stopped with his cock lodged deep inside me. Then Uncle Jim leaned down.


       He moved his hand and kissed me deeply. I felt his tongue trace my bottom lip before it slipped inside. He waited until I relaxed to start moving again. I couldn't help moaning as he picked up the pace. My hips started to move to meet his. It was the most amazing feeling. My pussy was stuffed full of Uncle Jim's cock. I felt another orgasm quickly building inside me. I couldn't believe it Diary. It was more intense than the first one. His hands roamed my body while he continued to kiss me. He kissed down my chin and neck, continuing lower. Soon his mouth found my nipple. I couldn't hold back any longer. I came hard.

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       I thought I was going to pass out I came so hard around him. He groaned but didn't let go of my nipple. He kept nipping and sucking at it. It was driving me crazy. I ran my fingers through his hair as I started to calm down slowly. He was being so gentle with me. I couldn't believe it was really happening. He began to pump harder. We were both sweating like mad. He started to grunt as he leaned up. His eyes were clenched shut as his cock pistoned in and out of my pussy. I ran my hands over his arms as I felt him throbbing inside me. I couldn't stop myself and came again. It seemed to really get to him because suddenly he groaned loudly and I felt the hot thick load of cum explode inside me. My muscles milked him as they twitched.

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      He collapsed on top of me. We were both out of breath. He lay on top of me for a few minutes while we both regained our strength. It felt funny as his cock softened inside me. It was like a balloon with a slow leak deflating. I felt the wetness seeping out of me. He stood up and put his boxers back on and leaned down and kissed me on the lips again. "Remember Eve. No one finds about this. . . and we can do this again before I go back to Charleston" he said before he went into the bathroom. I waited until he had gone to bed and snuck into the bathroom. I noticed there was blood on my thigh. At first I thought I started then I realized it must have been from him popping my cherry.

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       I cleaned myself up and changed the sheets before I went back to bed. It was the best night's sleep I have ever had. I just can't wait until mom and dad take twerp to the orthodontist today and I get time alone with Uncle Jim. .



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