When I was seventeen I tried out for the football team. I was good at it. Damn good. The coach put me on a weight-training program after the first season. I firmed up and gained twenty pounds of muscle over the next few months. My body grew harder and trim. Dawn seemed to be noticing me, her twin brother, for the first time. She started complimenting me on the way I looked, teasing me about the other girls talking about me even as she felt my muscles. I started catching her watching me as I worked out in just a pair of shorts in the basement. It was just after our eighteenth birthday when Dawn started taking a more direct interest in the way I looked. We were both seniors. Dawn was a cheerleader, and I was the starting halfback on our school's football team. Out of the blue, Dawn announced one day that my hair sucked. She said that I should change my hair-style, and that she would be happy to help me with my problem. We had a den-like room in the basement where Dawn and I hung out while the folks stayed upstairs. Mom and Dad never came downstairs.

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   They said that the way Dawn and I never picked up our stuff made them sick, so they gave us total responsibility for the basement. Once a week, Mom checked the place out. Our allowance depended on how neat the basement was on Saturday morning at ten o'clock sharp. I was sitting on the couch one evening watching Monday night football when Dawn came down the stairs with a set of brushes and combs and some other goop in jars and spray cans. "It's time to do something about your hair, Dan," my twin sister said, standing in front of the TV just as Chicago was getting ready to try a long field goal. "You're too good-looking a guy to go around with hair like *that*!"Dawn walked to the couch and hopped on top of me. Suddenly, this squirming, lovely girl was all over me. I wrestled with her like we did as kids, but my heart wasn't in winning any longer as Dawn snuggled over my lap. I was shocked. She straddled my lap, one knee on the cushion on either side of my thighs. As she leaned forward to work on my hair, my sister's tits pushed into my face. I forgot all about the football game as Dawn started brushing my hair. Her cantaloupe-sized, braless titties swayed back and forth, brushing my chin. The nipples hardened through her thin T-shirt, darkening into two dents surrounded by a circle of bumpy flesh. The obvious happened.

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   My cock got as hard as a steel pipe in about three seconds. Dawn didn't stop brushing my hair even though I knew that she had to feel my cock pushing up against her crotch. She squirmed her legs wider, sort of settling down over my lap with her cunt sliding over my bulging hard-on. Her brushing picked up a steady pace. So did her hips. My sister moved over me, dry-fucking my cock through my jeans. I moaned, unable to stop the cum from surging up out of my balls. In other words --- I came in my pants. My hands tightened at her waist as the uncontrollable spasm hit. I shuddered, closing my eyes. I felt the the hot rush of cum spilling out into my underwear. When I opened my eyes again, Dawn was watching me, her own face flushed with passion. I started to apologize, but Dawn wouldn't allow it. "That should do it for tonight," she quickly said as she hopped up from my damp lap. "I gotta go do my homework.

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  "The next night, Dawn came to me again. She didn't let on what she was really doing. Every night for a week, it was the same routine. She'd tease me as she combed my hair, finally making me shoot a wad of cum in my pants, then she'd get up and leave. Her outfits changed over the week, getting more and more revealing. Her pants and old T-shirt became a skirt and sweater or a loosely buttoned blouse. My hands wandered, caressing her thighs and back, but I never got the nerve to grab her titties, even though I was dying to feel those twin mounds that kept brushing my face and chest. Each time I'd just about get ready to feel her up, my cock would erupt in a creamy flood and end everything for another evening. Needless to say, neither of us told the folks what we were doing down in the den. About a week after it started, my sexy sister suggested that my hair might be easier to manage if I washed it before she worked on my new style. I took an early shower and went down to the den with a short robe wrapped around my body. I looked into the living room before going down the stairs. Dawn was there, talking to our folks. She saw me as I passed, still toweling my hair. I wanted anxiously for my twin sister.

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   She slowly came down the stairs a few minutes later with her combs and brushes. Dawn had changed her clothing. She had one of her short skirts again, and this time she was wearing a half-shirt that just covered the bottoms of her beautiful breasts. I was sitting on the couch in my usual place. My robe was untied and only loosely covering my lap. As Dawn started to get on my lap, I flipped open the robe, thinking that I'd shock my teasing sister. But I was the one shocked. She saw what I was doing, yet she went ahead and straddled my lap anyway. Her skirt rode up as Dawn's crotch came down on top of mine. "Jesus, Dawn!" I gasped. My already hard cock touched bare fur. Dawn was naked under her short skirt. I was a virgin on that memorable night. Dawn wasn't. She moaned as she felt my steely hard-on touching her cunt.

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   She looked straight into my eyes, this time forgetting all about the brushes and hair spray. "Ooh, yes," she whispered. "That's what I've been wanting to feel, Danny. "I didn't know what to do. I never thought past the part where Dawn would be shocked by my naked prick. Yes, I dreamed about my sexy twin sister a lot. I guess that I secretly wished for her to jump my bones, but I never *really* thought it would happen. Dawn moaned softly and reached between us. Her fingers found my throbbing cock. She curled her soft hand, pointing the head of my boner up into her furry heat. My sister raised up. When she came back down, she impaled herself over my prick. "Jesus, Dawn!" I hissed in stunned awe, my vocabulary seemingly stuck with those two words. It was my first fuck, and my first feel of pussy. I loved it.

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   My beautiful sister's cunt sucked at my swollen cock as she slid down ever so slowly. I didn't know what screwing would feel like, but this was more than I'd ever expected. She was all wet and tight and hot inside. My cock fit so well, the gripping tightness sliding down and down, then rising back up all the way, nibbling at the head of my throbbing hard-on for a split second before swallowing up every inch of my cock once more. My hands slipped up the side of Dawn's sweet, young body. I paused at her ribs as her arms went around my neck. I looked up into my sister's gorgeous green eyes. She licked her lips and then caught the lower one between her white teeth. My hands moved. I cupped her firm tits, squeezing as I felt her crinkled nipples pressing into my sweaty palms. "Kiss my titties," Dawn groaned in a gurgling whisper. I pushed her half-hirt up and over her breasts and caught one of my sister's erect brown nipples, sucking at it. I pushed both globes together against my face, switching back and forth between boobs, nibbling at her nipples with my lips. "Bite 'em," she panted. I didn't want to hurt my sister, but I did as she begged.

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   I pulled out on one rubbery nipple, stretching the crinkled bud until it snapped through my gripping teeth. I caught it again, sucking in deep as I worked my teeth over the stiff flesh. My tongue wobbled back and forth over just the tip of her sensitive nipple. "I'm gonna come, Danny," she whimpered. "Yes, baby. Ooooh, that's it! God, I'm gonna come so good!"Dawn pushed my face away, grinding her hips against my crotch. I squeezed, rolling the rubbery buds of her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. Dawn went into a spasms over my lap, her cunt rippling up inside. She held my throbbing cock in that liquid velvet trap between her churning legs, raising and lowering herself over my length. The sensations as she fucked me were overwhelming. Dawn's first orgasm washed over her. That did it. I fought back a groan as I shoved my cock as far up inside my sister as I could get it. My cock shook as cum blasted deep inside her body. As my huge load of cum roared into my twin sister's hot cunt, she leaned down and pushed her lips against mine.

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   Her baby-soft lips parted. The warm, moist snake of her tongue slipped into my mouth, searching. Our tongues intertwined as we both enjoyed the mutual, wild orgasm. Dawn and I got a lot of use out of that basement den all through the remainder of our senior year. We were horny in ways that only eighteen-year-olds still discovering the joy of sex can be. Every evening when we could both manage to sneak downstairs, Dawn and I made love. My sister had more experience, so she showed me the way. One of those evenings not long after we started screwing, Dawn asked me if she could suck my cock. Dawn dropped to her knees in front of me, sliding between my legs and unzipping my shorts to drag out my stiff prick. I thought she was just being nice. It wasn't until later that I found out that Dawn sucked me off just so I'd slow down a little on the draw when she fucked me. Her pretty face came down close to my achingly hard cock. Those soft lips opened. I shivered as her tongue rolled around the crown of my prick. My sweet twin sister looked up at me, those green eyes driving me crazy, and then she took every inch of my big prick into her ovaled mouth.

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   She used her hand over the bottom half of my hard-on as she cupped my swollen balls in the other hand. Her head started bobbing. Her tongue rolled so wonderfully over the head of my boner. "If you don't stop," I groaned almost too loudly in my lust, "I'm gonna come. ""Mmmm," she moaned, the sound vibrating excitingly over every inch of my prick as I rocked back and forth with the rubbery head pressed up tightly against the back of her throat. "Here it comes!" I hissed, still trying to warn my sister that I was about to come in her mouth. My cum flew way too quickly once more. Dawn knew what was happening, and she had no intention of pulling off. Dawn took it --- all of it. The hot juice splattering and gushing into her mouth and throat made my gorgeous sister shudder against my thighs. She swallowed my first jet as I again filled her mouth with my love. Dawn kept sucking until I was finished, then she came up into my arms, her mouth finding mine to give me a sperm-flavored kiss. I thought we were through, but my twin sister knew better. Dawn stripped totally naked and rolled over onto her back on the old couch. I'd just shot the best load of cum in my life, but my cock didn't go down a bit.

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   It stayed rock-hard. I got on top of Dawn. Her creamy thighs parted as she opened herself to me. I humped tow or three times before I found the opening. Dawn was patient, even though she as as eager as I to get it on. Finally, I found her furry wet hole, frantically driving my hard-on into her tight pussy. Dawn slowed my pace, showing me what to do, encouraging me with her whispering and her beautiful, squirming body. That was how it started. We fucked and sucked each other all that semester. Dawn taught me to be a great pussy-eater. I love it when she sits on my face and comes over and over again. We found out that we're two of a kind. We both love sex. Neither of us can get enough of the other's body. We're perfectly matched.


   We should be --- we're twins. My cock fits into Dawn's tight pussy deep enough to bottom out when I fuck her hard; yet it's small enough for her to deep-throat me all the way down to my balls when she gives me a blow-job; and when Dawn lets me slide my hard-on up into her sweet asshole, I can fuck her as fast as I like, and it doesn't hurt her at all. Dawn's a true three-way girl. She just loves sex, and she doesn't care where I put my cock, as long as I put in *her*! Early on, we both discovered that we never wanted to live apart. In the spring of that first year, the folks took a flying vacation to Florida for a week. Somehow, Dawn and I talked them into letting the two of us stay at home --- alone. I got to sleep with my sister for six whole nights. We'd fall asleep after fucking late at night, then wake each other orally the next morning. That was really neat. We screwed four or five times a day in every position my horny sister knew, and some that she'd only read about. By the time we picked our folks up at the airport, Dawn and I were as good as married to each other. That was four years ago. Yes, we're still together, and I still can't keep my hands off her. Dawn's a nurse now, and I'm still in school working on a masters degree so I can be a physical education teacher. We found a school that offered both of our specialties.

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   That way, we got to room together. My twin sister and I are still best friends --- and lovers. We love each other, and I believe we always will. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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