Davids Trip To See His Cousins


The next day wasn't very eventful, except that he did get to see his cousins for the first time in about 2 years. All four of them came over, and the little one, kambry barely let him take his attention off her. But he saw Kimberly, and she’s grown a lot in 2 years. Now about 5'5" tall, relatively petite, nice B cup boobs, blue eyes, and flowing dirty blonde hair. Kimberly and Bobby decided to stay over the night at their grandparents, since they hadn't seen David in so long. That night was no different from the last, Once David was in the bathroom he went straight to jacking off. After about 3 minutes of trying to masturbate, the door opened, with Kimberly standing there seeing her older cousin David lying there, jacking himself off! David looked to be in total shock, scared like fuck of what might happen. But Kimberly just stood there, she didn't seem scared, and she got a little smirk on her face. "You stay right there, I’ll be right back. " She said, as she walked off, closing the door behind her. David just laid there, not exactly knowing what to think, he didn't think she was going to go tell his grandparents, but he didn't know. She was back not 45 seconds later, but she brought bobby with her. The look on his face was a little scary to David, he had that look like something awesome was going to happen, or that something horrible just happened, David wasn't sure. David was still lying on the ground, his penis now less erect than it was before. Kimberly walked over to David, kneeled down, and said,"Well David, I don't know if your going to be into this, but like, me and bobby, have been fooling around for something like 6 months now. Since your here, and it seems your horny enough, maybe you want to join us.

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  . . "Bobby was just standing there with a look of anticipation on his face, and chimed in with, "Yea man, it would be awesome"David still didn't know what to think, he was a little freaked out at the thought of doing stuff with his cousin. Kimberly stood up, Walked out and said, "Finish up, we'll be in the back bedroom. "David, a little shocked to say the least, was finished with his bath as far as he was concerned. He put his clothes back on, and made his way to the bedroom, not exactly knowing what to expect. While walking through the hall he sees his grandparents bedroom, lights off, and they both appear to be sound asleep. As he opens the door of the bedroom, he sees Bobby lying naked on the side of the bed, propped up on the pillows, with Kimberly, still completely clothed kneeling on the floor, with almost all 5 inches of his cock in her mouth. Bobby notices David, and so does Kimberly, She relieves herself off of Bobby’s dick, and says, "Come on over David, I’m all ready for you. "With that she stands up and takes off her tight, Abercrombie shirt, revealing her white as snow sports bra. David walks over, she grabs his hand and moves it up towards her boobs, his hand rubs against them, and she lets go. He takes over and fondles them more, after a few seconds, he moves away from the boobs, with a gained sense of courage, he kneels down, and begins to unbutton her jeans, unzips them, and slowly slides them down, she lefts one leg, he pulls the jeans out, and then with the second leg. There he is, kneeling before his 18 year old cousin who’s wearing nothing but a white sports bra, and white cotton panties. She takes the bra off, slipping it over her head, and David just has to touch her young, perky, erect 18 year old nipples. While he stands there with Kimberly, teasing her nipples, Bobby gets off the bed, and decides its time for Kimberly to have her panties removed.

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   He slips them off quite quickly. Kimberly was surprised by the act, she was so caught up in David that she was startled when her panties hit the ground. The site of her pussy was a shock for David, it was so perfect, so young. The pink, puffy lips, cute little clit, and barely grown public hair. David’s hand went to touch it, the first feel of the insides of her lips was greater than david could have ever imagined. It was no Kimberly’s turn to undress David, She was much faster in the act though. She had his sleep pants off in a snap, and he had his shirt off, she made quick work of his underwear, and like that he was there, naked, hard, and with his two oldest cousins. Kimberly said,"David, Bobby took me for my first, but i want you as my second, please can i have you in me. . . "She didn't need to say it twice, David was just as quickly on the bed, and she was coming up next to him, lying on top of him, her boobs on his chest, kissing him, and with one hand positioning his cock at the lips of her pussy. And like that, he pushed in, her eyes lit up and she suppressed a loud moan, for David, the feeling couldn't be described, it was just pure ecstasy. They went through 3 minutes of mild fucking, when David couldn't take anymore, and shot the biggest load hes ever had right into the depths of her pussy. This 3 minutes may have been enough to get David off, but Kimberly was far from orgasm, and Bobby hadn't even came once. So Kim gave David a kiss, and pulled off from him, his dick still slightly hard.

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   She got up, rubbed her pussy and tasted a little of the mixed girl and guy cum. She opened up the drawn in the nightstand next to the bed, and pulled up the little jar or petroleum jelly. She opened it up and got a little on her fingers, she spread her legs and rubbed it on her ass hole, rubbing it up into it. David was a bit shocked at the sight of this, Bobby on the other hand just went over and grabbed a little bit, and rubbed it all over his dick, then went over to the other side of the bed and laid, legs open, dick sticking straight up. Kimberly just followed to the other side of the bed, and climbed up on the bed, and kneeled over Bobby’s dick, positioning her anus over his cock. and slowly bending down on it. It had a moderate sized width, and she had a grimace on her face as she was going down on it, as she had almost half of it in her, she looked over at David who was standing now, watching it, and she forced a little smile. Once it as all in, she was in a bit of pain, and took a few moments to recover, but soon was pumping up and down on it with growing speed. While she was doing this, she was using one hand behind her to balance, and the other to rub her clit. She then slowed to a stop and reclined back onto Bobby, and asked David, who was now rock hard again, to come fuck her other hole. David walked over to the other side of the bed, and slowly tried to position himself so that he could get at her pussy easily. He leaned up over her and pushed himself in, she let out a slight scream with the suddenness of it, but managed to keep it down, so as not to awake their grandparents. David kept pumping in and out, while Bobby tried to push into her even more. This was too much for Kimberly, Both of her holes being pushed to their extreme, she let out a muffled moan, and orgasmed all over David’s cock. He could feel her inner walls tightening around his dick, and the rush of her cum exploding all over him.

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   At that, Bobby also let go a thick load of cum that exploded into the depths of her ass. David was so over whelmed by the orgasm of Kimberly that as soon as she let her juices flow on him, he burst out gobs of cum inside her. They were all exhausted as bobby laid back, and Kimberly leaned up and kissed David. David got up and pulled out of her, and walked over to the Dresser to grab some Kleenexes to clean himself off. Kimberly was getting off of Bobby and also walking over to get a few Kleenexes, she brought a few back for Bobby to get cleaned up. They all finished up, and got dressed, Kimberly and David walking to their rooms to go to bed, as David stopped at his, Kimberly stopped too, leaned over and exchanged a kiss with David. And that ended their little sex trip, at least. . . for tonight. .


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