David's Stories Part Two: Ascent To Heaven


I am David Carpenter, and I lead a charmed life. Somehow, I manage to do well in school, and stay in shape, without really meaning to. All my life revolves around getting as much sex as humanly possible. My tastes are not limited by colour, age or blood. Even my own mother was not free of my ravashings. After my sister had gone to bed on most nights, I crept into our master bedroom, and spent all night with my throbbing dick in one of my mothers holes. Now, however, I was facing a dilemma. Because the last time I had seen her was when I was four, and my sister was off at band camp for a week, my mother had sent me off to spend the two weeks of the winter holidays at my Aunt Betty's house. No internet, no porn, noone to fuck. The stewardess might sate me for now, but what about the time I had to wait?I stood, then walked over to the curtain blocking off the crew cabin from the two passenger ones, what ifs flowing through my mind. What if she wasnt there? What if another steward was there? What if I had read her wrong? What if the moisture had been for someone else, and the sticking of ass into my face an accident? What if. . . . . .

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   I steeled my courage, and stepped through the curtain. All was as I hoped: she was standing there, alone, one hand on a forgotten trolley, the other rubbing furiously at her crotch through her skirt. Smiling, I came up behind her, placing one hand on her round ass and the other under her own, sliding over the smooth fabric, feeling her womanhood underneath. She spun, opening her mouth to scream, then she saw who I was, and a wicked smile played across her face. Leaning over my shoulder and signalling to a chuckling person out of my line of sight, she took me by one hand and led me to the crew only toilets. Locking the door, she spun back on me, hair whirling out like a cascading black jet of molasses, white shirt already on the floor. In one smooth motion she ripped my pants down and hiked her skirt up, before jumping on me, my dick sliding into her until it came to rest, up to the hilt in sopping pussy. I gasped as the sliding brought me to the point of orgasm, before she furiously started bouncing. Her tits moved up and down, before I caught one with my mouth, sucking like a baby. We moved as one, almost a melding of people. It was fast and furious, our muscles firing at random as we were led by mother pleasure. Precum and pussy juice swirled freely between us, the friction seeming to ignite our deepest selves into a burning fire of passion. She moaned slowly, rising in frequency, pouring her essence into the air around her through her orgasmic cry. She tightened around me, her cunt muscles clenching and squeesing, and I gasped as I erupted, contracting like a woman giving birth as I stood on the pinnacle of sex, my seed pouring straight into the strange woman bouncing above me. She stood, producing a cloth from somewhere, and wiping herself off, before stepping back and starting to struggle into her clothing.

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   I closed my eyes, barely taking in the recycled air in my mouth or the vibrations running through my body. All I saw was a pair of teethmark on her left breast, and I fought down the urge to giggle. I grabbed the stewardess arm before she went back to the economy class section, and she spun around, looking at me quizzically. "Thanks. . . " I gasped at her, and she just tilted her head aside, moved my arm off hers, and walked through the partition. Suddenly I was in my seat, seemingly before I had told myself to wak away. I lay my head back, and waited for landing, happily confused and thoughts running through my head. Don't women usually want to at least know my name? Maybe she was a nymphomainiac. . . . that thought stimulated a whole wealth of possibilities for me, and my train of thought was interrupted by the bump as our wheels touched down in Perth. I moved out of the plane, barely taking in my surroudings.

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   The whole flight had an air of surrealism in my mind, and I could hardly remember my name. Luckily, my Aunt was waiting for me, otherwise I probably would have walked out onto the streets and gotten lost faster than a child in a maze. However, the first sight of my Aunt in eleven years cleared the fog from my mind straight away. The last time I had seen her, my Aunt had been just a big woman who looked on me like I was a brainless body full of impulses. Hell, I was more like that now than before. . . . . and my Aunt really stirred my loins!I hadn't noticed before, but she was really, REALLY sexy. Not exactly skinny, she had a little fat on her frame, but it wasnt rolls and rolls of fat, just a little chubbyness that accentuated her curves, and boy, what curves! She had hips of gold, and breasts to match, nice, probably C or D cup, that poked out like the twin peaks in a mountain range.
    Her neck - length dark brown hair framed her full, nice face. Her lips were parted slightly, in a very erotic fashion, and her eyelids had the barest dab of shadow, strategically applied to enhance the greenest green I have ever seen. She was wearing a low cut floral pattern dress that showed her cleavage as she leant forwards, and I could catch glimpses of inner thigh as she moved her knees apart while she stood. She stood, welcoming me in a low voice that set shivers down my spine, and hugged me tightly, pressing her hard nipples through the cloth of her dress into me like spearpoints, and belatedly I realised she wasn't wearing a bra.

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       Her breasts must have been so firm it wasnt funny!"Come on, the car is outside, we should be home in about half an hour. . . . Did you have a good flight?" She spun me by an elbow, heading for the exit, and I smiled. "My flight was. . . . excellent. Who else is home?" I returned, wondering about how long it would take me to get inside her panties. . . . "That's great! John's home from work right now, but Jo Ann wont be home for a few days; she is camping with some friends a but further north" Aunty Wendy informed me, and I secretly grinned.

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       If I remembered correctly, Uncle John worked for Telstra, and kept terrible hours, leaving early, getting home at lunch, then leaving again at three. I would have plenty of time to seduce her. . . . The car ride seemed to pass in a blur, and I tried in vain to conceal the rising bulge in my pants as my Aunt's skirt rode up the vinyl seat, and her panties slowly came into my view from the vantage point of my head against the dashboard. She smiled at me, but seemed to believe my excuse of tiredness. I think she knew anyway, as she slowly started to work her knees apart, almost unnoticably. Just as the bulge in the white material of her panties of her pussy started to become visible, we pulled to a stop, and she announced, "We're here!"I got out, trying again to conceal my hard-on. I think she noticed me as before, and she simply smiled at me again. I had no idea what I was in for. Well, I was planning fucking her, but I was prepared inside for two sexless weeks. . . .

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      Hope for the best and plan for the worst, that was really what I was doing. We entered the house, and instantly I felt myself at home. Large and clean, the hallway led into a staircase that, if I remembered correctly, led to the bedrooms. On my left, a roaring fire was set deep in a fireplace, warming the whole house against the oncoming cold, surrounded by comfortable armchairs that looked brand new, and a television. One addition I noticed, though, was a satellite television box. Allright! I thought, My porn requirements will be satisfied! Little did I know then that I would not be without pussy a single night in my new, large, Western Australian home. Second effort, actually this story was to include the whole two weeks, but there will be a third one called western hospitality. What do you think?.



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