David's Stories Part One: My Mother's Secrets


Ever since my dad left when I was eleven, my mom had taken to coming home from her job dead, and flopping in front of the tv in her room, drinking pretty heavily. I fixed my own meals except for her one weekday off, a different day each week, when she would pay attention to me and make my dinner for me. She never went out, only occasionally had friends around, and never saw another man after my dad. I could very easily get away without even talking to her all day, but I usually tried. On the days I didnt, I would run to my room, before she had left work, strip off, and sit there looking at porn all night. If I was lucky and it was a friday, I would go downstairs and watch the adults only chanel while my mom slept on, unawares. This particular night, at around ten pm, I had already came three times, and I was feeling pretty tired, but I decided to go downstairs and watch the adults only channel for a while longer. I navigated my way down the stairs, past my sisters room, and turned on the tv. The volume was full up, and noise blared through the house. I hit mute, then sat there reveling in my own stupidity, expecting my mother or sister to come down the stairs and ask what the fuck was going on. I had forgotten to check on my mother. After a minute or two, when the expected yelling had not arrived, I prowled upstairs to check on my family. My sisters room stayed dark, so I pressed on to my mothers room. The door creaked open loudly, but my mom didnt notice. I doubt she would have noticed if the house fell down. My eyes were briefly caught by the adults only channnel on her tv, a black woman being served by two white men at once, but then I was drawn to my mother; lying on her bed, legs spread wide, humming vibrator sliding in and out of her wet pussy, her tits shaking as she was caught up in an orgasm.

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   I stood, frozen on the spot, as my mother moaned softly. Then the moment was over, she opened her eyes, saw me standing there, and screamed. The moment of discovery was too much for her, and she started to cry. Without thinking I hopped onto the bed, and cradled her into my arms. Between sobs, the whole story came out, how she had been so frustrated after dad left, how she had started watching the Adults Only channel every night, how she came at least twice a day, even sometimes at work. I made soothing noises, although inwardly I laughed, we had both been masturbating all the time, and hiding it from the other. I wasnt sure if she knew who she was talking to, normally she seemed quite reserved to me, but maybe she had drunk more than normal that night. After a while, I became aware of my raging erection. Although she had been stark naked when I came in, I had barely realised it, that was how shoked I had been. Now I could feel every contour of her body on me, her spine under my fingers, her breasts pressed to my chest, her juices slowly dripping onto my stomach. Slowly, ever so slowly, I began sliding my hands down her back. She whimpered, then lay still. Bolder, I slid my hands down until they totally encompassed her buttocks, then started massaging her. At the same time I kissed her, softly on the forehead, then on the tip of her nose, then deeper, on her lips, thrusting my tounge inside her mouth. She kissed me back for a moment, then broke away.

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   "David?" She asked, her voice quavering. "What a-are you doing?" I kissed her once more, but she broke away again. "David?" She asked me. Slowly, I pulled my hands away from her butt, and she relaxed. Then I started to slide my jeans off. "David! Stop that at. . . . " She began, then her eyes were drawn down to my throbbing, aching, 8 inch long dick. Her eyes widened. She opened her mouth, then closed it. It had been so long since she had seen a real dick, I think she had almost forgotten. I locked my arms around her again, and this time she did not resist as I kissed her. Slowly, she reached her hands out, then touched my cock.

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   Moaning deep in her throat, she began stroking it, then took it inside her fist, the end protruding by almost half its length from the open end of her palm, then started pulling it back and forth. It jumped each time she pulled it. I placed my hands on her buttocks again, but she didnt notice. Quickly, I lowered my mouth to one of her nipples.
    She moaned again. Slowly, it began to harden inside my mouth. She detached me, then lowered her mouth to my jumping cock. I gasped. Her mouth was so hot and slipperey! I had trouble not cumming on the spot. She licked the pre-cum off the head of my dick, then began spinning her head around, going up and down the length of it. I let her do it a little while longer, then just before I came, I pulled her head away. Pressing her shoulders back into her bed, I moved on top of her, then slid my dick into her pussy. She moaned, then placed her legs over my shoulders, and whispered, "Fuck me, David, please, I can't wait any longer, fuck me now!" I started pounding into her, sweat dripping off my hard muscles. It wasnt long before she tightened in my grasp, my cock getting squeesed, as she came. I held back, then kept on fucking her cunt after she had stopped shaking.

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       I held on desperately, my balls bouncing against her ass, porking her with my rammrod as hard as I could. She was moaning and crying out, then she fell back in my arms. I couln't believe how much of a slut my mother was being! Normally she was really reserved and dignified, but here she was, sobbing underneath me! Slowly I leant back, until she was squatting over me, still attached to my massive hard on. She reached out to steady herself on my shoulders, and I took the chance to suck on her surprisingly firm breasts. She moaned, and as I squeesed her butt cheeks, she began rocking backwards and forwards. "Oooooooooooooohhhhhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhhhh David!" she cried. I groaned from the depths of my chest, growling. It felt incredible! Before this night I had been a virgin, and the beginning and end of my sexual experiences had been my right hand. That simply didn't compare to my mother, fucking me like a pro. Her thrusts became wider and deeper, and she sucked at me like a vaccum cleaner, teetering on the very edge of leaving me completely, before sliding back into the warm wetness, her tits bouncing as she rocked back and forth. Slowly she ground her vulva down on my belly, pushing my dick into the very depths of her vagina. Her wild oscillations back and forth became faster, and she started moaning from deep in her diaphragm, now bouncing up and down on me, before pushing into me again like she wanted to squash me into the bed. The feelings running through my body were intense, like someone was running a jolt of electricity up and down my dick, and I knew I couldn't hold on much longer. I grasped her around the waist, and started pulling her down onto me with each thrust, at the same time bucking my hips upwards. "Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh god David, I'm cumming!" she screamed, and I groaned as I came simultaneously.

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       Her cunt muscles tightened around me, and my seed erupted into her womb, pouring out of me. leaving me drained. She let go of me, then squeesed again, thrusting down on me, I yelled out and sat up as all my muscles contracted with the painfuly pleasure of my first fuck. Slowly, I sank down, then lay on my back, wilting. I got up, showered, and came back to bed. She was asleep, but stirred as I fondled her breasts again, and I fucked her through three more orgasms before I blew a bucketload of cum deep into her, and she collapsed into my arms, asleep. This is purely a work of fiction. This is my first erotic story, so be nice.



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