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Wendy kept up the house and David helped out when he could. The house was small but plenty big enough for the both of them. As the weeks passed, David couldn’t help noticing his little girl was beautiful, with long legs and a tight ass. He would stare at her lips and wonder how they would feel if he kissed them, and then look away quickly; disturbed by the way his thoughts were going. He would catch himself trying to get a peek at her nubile body as she got ready for school, or to go out with friends, or when she got ready for bed. He knew it was bad, he knew it was wrong, but the pull of his baby girl was too much for him to resist. She was so innocent, so incredibly sexy, and he was obsessed. He found his mirror was situated so that he could sit in his chair across from his bed, and with the door open, watch her without her knowing. This became his favorite pastime, watching his young daughter changing her clothes or going about her business without knowing he was watching. His hand would stray to his hard cock, and he would stroke it slowly, watching her. Sitting there in his robe, legs open and dick in his hand, he would watch her slipping out of her jeans and standing there in nothing but a t-shirt. She would stretch, and yawn, and he could see how tight her body was. Her little nipples seemed to be so sensitive; they were always hard and poking against her shirt. He would wonder how it would feel to have those little nubbins in his mouth, stiff against his tongue, and his cock would jerk in his hands. She would bend over, and from his vantage point he could see her tiny white panties, snug against her pussy, and he would bite his tongue to keep from moaning out loud and stroke his cock even faster. He wanted to slide it up inside her, God help him, he wanted to fuck his own daughter.

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   Usually that was enough to send him over the edge, thick cum spurting from his cock and hitting the floor. Then he would come to his senses and wonder what the fuck he was thinking, and feel ashamed. Here was his sweet, innocent daughter and he was jacking off watching her. But he couldn’t stop. He was strict with her and knew she was a good girl, but noticed she was dressing a little provocatively since her mother left. Things came to a head and life changed completely for both Wendy and David one Friday morning. Wendy walked into the kitchen, ready to grab some toast and a glass of juice before dashing off to school. David was at the counter, making a cup of coffee when she came up behind him and reached up to kiss his cheek. "Good morning, Daddy, " she chirped, and he could feel the heat of her breast as she brushed up against him. "Mornin, sugar", he said, his cock already stirring in his pants. He was sick, he had to stop this. He turned around to smile at his daughter, but frowned instead when he saw what she had on. The black skirt came to just under her ass cheeks and showed off her long, curvy legs. Her blouse was sheer, and he could see a hint of her rosy nipples beneath the lacy camisole she wore under it, and they were hard, as usual. There was no way she was going to school dressed like that.

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   She was his!Wendy saw the frown and said "Daddy, what's wrong?"David growled at her "You go change. Right now. There is no way you're wearing that outfit to school. "Tears filled her beautiful blue eyes and she tossed her auburn hair over one shoulder. "All the girls dress this way, Daddy. ""Not my daughter. Go change or you will be staying home. " David had a raging hard on and he was pissed at hell, thinking of what those boys and teachers would be looking at if she left the house like this. He wanted to fuck her. He wanted to fuck his own daughter, and his cock got even harder as this thought passed through his mind. Wendy gave him a reproachful look, but he just said, "Do what I tell you, because I mean what I say. " She flounced out of the room without speaking to him and came back a few minutes later, dressed in a tight pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She was mad, he could tell, but before he could try to make amends a horn beeped and she ran out of the house. His eyes were glued to her ass all the way to the car. He had the day off and decided to do the laundry.

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   David gathered it from the bathroom, and started sorting the clothes. He came across a tiny pair of filmy white panties, and couldn’t resist the temptation. He held them up to his nose and inhaled his daughter's female scent, closing his eyes and feeling dizzy, as his cock grew hard instantly in his pants. So sweet, and musky, his mind whirled as he thought of his mouth on her pussy, licking and sucking, and he had to taste. His tongue snaked out and tasted the crotch of her tiny panties, savoring the sensation of her tangy juice on his tongue as his hand grabbed his dick through his pants. The combination of the nasty pictures of his naked daughter in his head and her taste on his tongue was all it took; his cum squirted from his cock in a gush that soaked his pants. He was lost. Wendy came home from school that day and seemed over the snit of this morning. After dinner, she and David cuddled on the couch and watched some stupid show that meant nothing to David but would often send Wendy into gales of giggles. She was curled up against him and he was acutely aware of every spot her body touched him. He had no idea what they were watching, he was busy trying to hide the huge erection he sported and figuring out how to get to his room before she did so he could watch her. Little did he know, this night would change the rest of his life. "Wendy honey, I'm tired and I'm going up to bed. It's not a school night, but don't be long. ""Okay, Daddy, I'll shut everything off and come up too.

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  "Wendy sat up and David eased off the couch, and headed upstairs. He didn’t see the glint in his daughter's eyes as she watched him go. David went to his room and undressed for bed, put his robe on and turned off the light. He took up his usual spot in his favorite chair with the door cracked open, and waited for Wendy to come upstairs. He didn’t have to wait long; she was humming under her breath as he heard her light step. His body tightened in anticipation and his cock was already rock hard. Wendy opened her door and turned on the light. She went over to her vanity, and David watched as she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her shapely legs, bending over and pushing them off her feet, one by one. She seemed to be taking her time tonight; bending over gave him the most delicious look at the sweet curve of her ass, her pussy lips straining against the fabric of her sheer, white panties. He almost moaned aloud, his cock iron hard as he stroked his shaft, his rough hand against the soft skin. Wendy continued to undress where he could watch, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was beautiful, thin-hipped with small, but full breasts. She was eighteen but looked much younger, with a smooth, flat tummy and a tight, juicy ass. Her skin was smooth and white, sprinkled with lovely tiny freckles. She took her t-shirt off, and for the first time he saw her naked tits, rosebud nipples hard and puckered.

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   His mouth watered as he imagined them in his mouth, sucking and nibbling. His thumb traveled over the head of his cock, and he felt the hot, sticky pre-cum as he circled the head of his dick over and over, thinking of Wendy's hot mouth. He thought the show was over; usually she wouldn't undress like this in front of the mirror, and would go to bed, but to his surprise he watched as Wendy looked at herself in the mirror and ran her hands over her erect nipples, pinching one then the other. His breath caught in his throat as her hands traveled down over her flat tummy, and slid insider her panties. He saw the heat on her face and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His hand moved faster, he wanted to cum but he wanted to see what his daughter would do, so he slowed down his stroke and waited to see what was next. David almost exploded without another stroke when he saw Wendy bring one hand out of her panties and licked her fingers, one by one, all the while looking at herself in the mirror. She kept the other hand in her panties, and he could see her fingers moving against the fabric, and could imagine them moving against her clit. He wanted to see more, and as if she knew what he wanted, she swiftly slid her panties off and stood at the mirror with legs parted. David saw his daughter's cunt for the first time. The lips were small, hairless but swollen. He could see her clit peeking from in between them, and glistening with wetness. He didn’t dare touch his cock now, he knew he would go off for sure, and he knew the show wasn’t over yet. Wendy slid one hand down to her pussy, and he watched as she stroked her lips, spreading the wetness around. Her expression was sexy as hell; he could tell she was getting off.

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   She slipped a finger inside and he could hear a small moan, and watched as her finger started sliding in and out, and up to touch her clit while the other hand pinched and rubbed her nipple. He watched as his daughter fucked herself with her finger, and started stroking his cock in rhythm with her, his breath coming faster and faster as Wendy got closer and closer to orgasm. He saw her legs stiffen and her hips jerk, and heard her moan out loud, "Daddy!"His cock exploded in his hand and the most incredible orgasm rocked his body as he came and spurted his hot seed everywhere. Wendy's orgasm took over her body, and he saw her grab hold of the edge of her vanity, fingers working furiously, milking every last sensation from her young cunt. Several quiet minutes passed, then she straightened up, and while David's brain whirled with the combination of orgasm and his daughter's last word before she came, he saw Wendy look directly at him in the mirror. She smiled, and turned off the light. David sat there in the darkness of his room, breath ragged in his throat and filled with amazement. She knew! She knew he had been watching her, and put this show on just for him! He didn’t know if he should be pissed off or scared or horny. His cock was stirring again, and when he thought of what she just did and the way she called "Daddy!" he got hard all over again. His heart pounding, his dick hardening, he couldn’t think. He kept seeing her face, the way her fingers moved against her cunt, and he knew he had to have her. He knew she wanted it and he had to have her. He stood on shaking legs, hands wet, his robe open and his cock sticking straight out. She wanted to tease; she had teased him for weeks without him even knowing, well, she was going to get what she wanted tonight. Tonight he was going to make her pay, and make her beg.

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  David strode from his room into hers. It was dim; just a nightlight shone in the corner. Wendy was in bed with the covers pulled up, she heard him come in and rolled over to look at him and said "Daddy?" David ripped the covers off of her, leaned over and turned on the light beside her bed. There she was, curled up in all her naked glory, her eyes wide and frightened. "Daddy, what's wrong?" she asked. "You know what you did," David said. "Now you're going to get what you’ve been asking for. "Wendy shivered, and David took off his robe and let it fall to the floor. She saw his massive cock and her eyes widened further. "You've been teasing me for weeks. Now it's your turn. You're a nasty girl, aren’t you? Well from now on, you are mine. "Wendy let a small moan escape. Her nipples were hard, and David wanted to taste them and every part of her body. "You are going to be so fucked tonight, little girl.

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  "He climbed in to bed beside her, and grabbed her face and turned it to him. "You want this, don't you?"Wendy looked in to the eyes so like her own, and nodded slowly. That was all David needed. His mouth covered hers and he kissed her fiercely, her little tongue touching his and sending an electric sensation right to the head of his dick. He grabbed her and pulled her close, the whole length of their bodies touching. He rubbed against her soft, smooth skin, feeling her heat against the heat of his cock, his hands full of her ass cheeks, kneading and rubbing as she moaned in his mouth. His tongue was filled with the taste of her tender young mouth, and he sucked ferociously at her lips, nibbling and biting. He couldn’t get enough of her, he felt on fire. His lips traveled to the sensitive hollow of her throat, and she squirmed, as he tasted her skin. He moved down further, his hands still massaging the globes of her ass, and caught one nipple between his lips and sucked. Her taste was intoxicating, the stiff nubbin he had fantasized about so many nights was in his mouth and rigid against his tongue, and he suckled and nibbled, then moved to the other one to pay it the same attention. Wendy writhed underneath him, holding his head against her and moaning. His dick was throbbing, and wet, sticky pre-cum left a trail down Wendy's skin as David continued his exploration of his daughter's sexy body. His lips trailed down her soft, flat tummy as he approached his prize. He tasted her belly button, and his hands moved up to her small tits to play with the nipples he had just aroused.

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  Wendy cried out softly with her hands in her daddy's hair, letting her thighs fall open. David nudged between them, holding his breath as he finally got an up close look at his young daughters cunt. This is what he had wanted for so long. It was hairless and baby smooth. The lips were swollen and wetness gleamed. He could see the hood of her beautiful clit peeking out, irresistible. His fingers parted her lips and he touched his tongue to the swollen clit and Wendy jumped and cried out loud, and David ground his cock against the mattress. He had never felt to hot in his life. He plunged his face into his daughter's cunt and her juice flooded his mouth. Wendy cried, "Fuck oh fuck daddy daddy!" and bucked her hips against his face. His tongue worked furiously, flicking against her hot clit and scooping her juice and swallowing. Her lips were soft and tender, and her clit a hard pearl between his lips. Her taste and smell were driving him wild; he drew that precious essence of her pleasure into his mouth, slipping it in and out between his lips, his tongue flicking and probing. Wendy was mindless in her pleasure, moving against his face, mewling cries deep and throaty coming from her. She was fucking his face and he loved it, but after the weeks of teasing he was not about to let her cum yet.

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   He moved away from her clit and plunged his tongue deep into his daughter's young cunt, tasting the hot, musky juice that poured from her. He lapped it up, her smell and taste arousing him to the ultimate. Pre-cum from his cock soaked the sheet beneath him. He pulled his face away from her, slick with her hot sex juice and looked up at her face, that baby face that was suffused with passion. "Tell me what you want," David said, his voice low and husky. "Tell me, tell your daddy what his baby needs. ""Daddy," Wendy sobbed, "Please, please. ""Please what, baby?"Wendy twisted against the sheets, looking at her Daddy's face between her thighs. David thought he had never seen her looking more beautiful, passion transforming her into one hot fuck, but he wanted her to say it. She had to say it in payment. "Daddy, I want… I want…"David lowered his face and sucked on her clit, tongue flicking for a brief second. He lifted his head at Wendy's cry and said harshly, "Say it!""Fuck me! I want you to fuck me!" Wendy cried. David moved up to Wendy, and spread her legs wide, supporting his weight on his arms. His mouth fastened on hers, her juice on his face and now on her tongue as he kissed her and probed her hole with his huge cock. She was incredibly tight, and he eased the head of his cock inside her, the sensation of her cunt around him just fantastic.


   She was so tight, and he was so big he wasn’t sure he could fit, but he eased on in a little at a time, stretching her virgin cunt around his shaft. She moaned in his mouth and spread her legs a little further, and David couldn’t take any more and with one quick thrust, tore through the barrier. Wendy screamed and he caught it in his mouth, his cock enveloped in her gripping cunt. He remained motionless as long as he could, lifting his mouth long enough to say "Shhh, baby, it'll get better I promise" before slowly sliding his cock in and out. She was so unbelievably soft, wet and hot and tight around him, he was delirious with the sensation. He knew he couldn’t hold off for long, Wendy was moaning in his ear and he felt her hand between them, playing with her clit. It was more than he could take, "Oh you hot cunt!" he rasped out as Wendy's fingers moved between him and his cock slid in and out of her wet pussy. Faster and faster, until he felt the muscles of her cunt gripping his cock as her orgasm rippled through her body, her cries in his ear. "Daddy! Oh FUCK ME daddy!""Oh fuck! OH FUCK BABY! Yes! Fuck your daddy, girl!" he screamed as his hot cum spurted over and over, filling his baby girl, making her cunt his. He slammed his cock inside her over and over, feeling the most intense orgasm of his life. He shuddered again and again as the hot cum squirted into her pussy, his own baby girl's cunt. He collapsed on top of her, his cock semi-hard inside of her. He had never felt like this before in his life, and he buried his face in Wendy's neck, breath heaving in and out of his lungs. He could smell the sweet scent of her skin, and snaked his tongue out to lick the sweat from her neck. She shivered beneath him and he pulled out of her with a sucking sound and laid on his side, looking at her, one hand playing with her nipples.

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  She looked back at him fearlessly, the blush of an orgasm still on her cheeks. She opened her mouth to say something but David put his fingers over her mouth. "Shush," he said. "I'm going to have what I want tonight, and you're going to get what you want. Were not talking about anything else other than what you want me to do, or what I want to do. This night is far from over, baby girl. "Wendy's eyes gleamed in agreement. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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