David Wicker Chronicles Part II


David Wicker Chronicles

Part II


“I’m home. ” His mother yelled.

“Hey, I’m in here,” David responded.

“Hey, where’s your sister?” she asked as she walked into the kitchen.

“She’s in her room, something about a boyfriend and a breakup, whatever, I’m not getting involved. ”

“Ok, I’ll go check on her”

“NO! Uh, I mean, no, she really doesn’t want to be bothered. She made that really clear. ”

“Oh, ok. You hungry?”

“Yeah, I could eat. What do we have?”

“Well, I have to go shopping, but looks like I can make some spaghetti”

“Ok, cool. Let me know when dinner is ready. ”

“Will do!”

Now, David’s mom is really hot, she has massive 36DD breasts and the curves of a goddess, total MILF. Her name is Rebecca. David would do anything to fuck the living shit out of her. And he might just know how. But we will get to that part soon enough.

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“Hey mom?” David asked.

“Yes sweetie?” She responded.

“I’m gonna go upstairs and put a shirt on and look on the computer for a while, call me down when dinners ready?”

“Sure and bring your sister on your way down. ”

“Will do. ”

David walked out of the room and up the stairs not to his room but to his sister’s room. He opened the door slowly and saw that she was still sleeping from their fuck session. He went into her drawers and found the smallest pair of short shorts that he could find and a slutty tank top, just so he could admire something at dinner. He was going to have fun with his new found freedom. He took the clothes into his room and put them on his bed. Then he went back into his sister’s room and picked up her hot naked body and walked her into his room. He laid her down onto his bed and then he pulled his pants off, once again with a raging boner. He woke her up by poking her in the face with his dick.

“HOLY CRAP!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?!” she screamed as she woke up.

“Shhhh, you don’t want mom to come upstairs. ” David said with a finger over his mouth.

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   “Remember earlier?”

“Yeah…” as Kathy’s face went white remembering the horrible mistake she made earlier.

“Well, this is how this is going to work; you are now my bitch, unless you want me telling mom and everyone else that you had sex with your 18 year old brother. ”

“Why are you doing this,” Kathy asked as though she was about to cry.

David then slapped her across the face, “Did I say you could talk? The answer is no, I didn’t, so don’t talk unless I tell you to! Now, as I was saying, whenever and wherever I want a sexual favor, you do it for me. Whenever and wherever I want anything else, you do it for me, or else!” David had a very serious look on his face.

“Now, in the next week you need to get accustomed to being my bitch, and then once I think you are ready, we will seduce and blackmail mom. No questions asked; you WILL do it! Also, I have taken and hidden all clothing that doesn’t show off your amazing body and I have taken all underwear. I have already chosen what you will wear to dinner tonight. I don’t care what mom says you will not change, or—”

“Or else, I know, I know,” she interrupted, as though she was used to his lectures.

“Okay, good. Now suck my dick bitch. ”


“David! Kathy! Dinner’s ready!” Rebecca called up the stairs to her children.

Kathy had already gotten David to cum, he just had her sitting naked on his lap and he was groping her breasts. David got her up and smacked her ass as hard as he could. Man, did that feel good, her ass was just the kind of ass you liked to smack.

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   She started to pull her tight shorts on, but started to complain, “These are too small, and they won’t fit me!”

“Well that sounds like a personal problem to me, but I’ll take a look. ” He looked over to see that these shorts didn’t only make her ass stand out but the bottom of her butt cheeks were poking out of the bottom of the shorts. Lucky for both of them she was very toned, so there was no muffin top and David couldn’t get enough of it. “God damn those are hot,” He reached over and grabbed her right butt cheek and shook her ass.

“Hey you little perv, let go!”

“I don’t think so, unless you want mom to know our little secret. ” David said with a wicked smile on his face.

“Now put the tank top, count to 30 and come down stairs for dinner. If you have a bra, panties, or anything but the two articles of clothing that I gave you I will shove my dick up your ass hole and fuck you as hard as possible, making sure it hurts. Understood?”


David slapped her across the face. “That’s master to you. ”

“Yes, master. ” She said with an evil look.

“When mom isn’t around I am master, until we get her too that is. ” He said laughing his way out of the door.


When David got down the stairs he could smell the spaghetti from the bottom of the stairs.

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   Spaghetti was his favorite dish, he always ate it when they celebrated his birthday. When he got glimpse of his mom his dick started to spring back up. She must’ve changed because now she had on some yoga pants that made her ass look out of this world. He was still staring when his sister walked past and he saw that she had on her short shorts and tank top. He was happy.

Dinner went normal, they talked about normal things like school and friends. But David knew just how he was going to get his mom, what to blackmail her about and when to do it.


David went upstairs after dinner, he told his sister to be in his room at 11:30. Rebecca made them go to bed at nine, so she would be asleep by then and have no chance to walk in on them.

11:30 came and right on cue Kathy walked into David’s room, he told her to take off her pajama bottoms and tank top. She did.

“Come here,” David said in a kind, sweet tone.

“Why?” Kathy asked timidly.

“You know why, now come here. ” David said more sternly with a serious look on his face.

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Kathy walked over to David’s bed and her grabbed her from behind by the ass and pulled her into him. Her tits landed right in his face, he motor boated them. Then he pulled her head down and embraced her in a deep and sensual kiss. She started to kiss back.

“Starting to like this?” David said with a smile on his face.

Kathy didn’t respond, but then David started to pull his boxers down. And he laid her down on her back and started to kiss her again. And then he slid his dick into her pussy, to his surprise it was dripping wet.

“You ARE enjoying this,” David laughed, as he continued to slowly fuck his sister. “I’m going to go slow on you, you’ve had a pretty rough day, you deserve a nice treat. ”

He continued to pump in and out, in and out. She climaxed underneath of him once and then finally he came. That was the best sex he had ever had, although that was only his second time, it was still by far the best. David wasn’t wearing a condom, he never even thought about it, but Kathy did.


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