David Wicker Chronicles Part I


David Wicker Chronicles

Part I


David Wicker was a horny 18 year old boy; nothing out of the ordinary. But what was out of the ordinary was that he wanted to fuck everything in his sight. Literally everything; boys and girls, young and old, and animals of all sorts, dogs, horses, and he even does cats. But those are all stories to be told later, let’s start with when he lost his virginity.


David was 18 years old then, he lost his virginity to his sister. She was 18 at the time, just got dumped by her boyfriend and David was there for her. Her name is Kathy, amazing C cups with a nice tight ass, perfect fucking material. Every guy in the school drools over her, she is just gorgeous.

So it’s a normal Wednesday afternoon David is home alone because his mom is at work and his dad left when he was five years old. He was masturbating to some nice lesbian porn when he got the idea to look up twin sisters doing each other. He found a good site that had incest but he only looked at the sisters section. Then he started to get curious, he clicked on the brother and sister and jerked to that for a while. Looked at the son and mom and daughter and mom as well, then he found a video that was a threesome of a mom, son, and daughter fucking, he came to that video. After he was done with that he went into the family room to go watch some tv, he had his hand in his pants when he started to get hard again and he thought why not? So he pulled his pants down and started to go at it again, but when he saw his three dogs were looking he felt weird and stopped. Just then his sister walks in crying her head off.

“What’s wrong Kathy?” he asked.

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“Kyle just broke up with me!” she responded with tears streaming down her face.

“Hey it’s ok, it’s not the end of the world. ”

“Yes it is!! We were perfect together, I thought we were going to go all of the way!”

“Ok, ok, what can I do to help?”

“Just go grab me a beer out of the fridge.

“You’re not 21 Kathy. ”


“OK, OK! Geez. ”

So David walked over to the fridge and grabbed a beer off of the top shelf and a bottle opener. He opened it and walked it over to his sister and she took it out of his hand immediately started to chug it all, then she told him to get another and he did. Then he got an idea, he remembered the porn he was watching earlier and thought what a perfect time to fuck his sister. So he walked over to the thermostat and turned it up to 85 degrees and kept giving her beers until she had drank five full beers.

“Hey, is it me or is it hot in here?” he asked.

“I dunno, I guess it feels kinda hot. ” She responded.

“Well, you don’t want to throw up you should take your shirt off so you don’t get too hot. ”


“I said you don’t want to throw up from the heat, you should take your shirt off. Here I’ll take mine off too” so David stood up and took his shirt off.

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   Now, mind you, he was and athlete so he was in pretty good shape, and his sister noticed. “Would you like me to help you out of your shirt?”

“Uh, um, yeah, sure” she stuttered while admiring his body.

David leaned down shirtless over her hot body, she was wearing her school t-shirt with their mascot on it. He helped her up and lifted the t-shirt off of her glorious body, she had on a red lace bra that made her tits look amazing. He placed his hands on her back and slowly undid her bra, making sure she wouldn’t object, and she didn’t. He pulled her bra off and for the first time in his life he saw naked breast, and they were his sisters. He then noticed that he was rock hard in his pants, she noticed too, she reached down and grabbed his throbbing dick through his pants.

“ohmygod,” David muttered. He rolled his eyes back when she grabbed his dick. He looked her in the eyes and leaned in slowly for a kiss. Their lips met for the first time, it sent chills down both of their bodies. At first they just held their lips together but then they started to get into it. Slowly opening, and gradually adding tongue. At the same time David was pulling his pants down, his hard cock came springing out of his gym shorts. She looked down and smiled.

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   She started to kiss his neck and then his chest, and then she was down to his dick. She slowly wrapped her lips around the head of his bulging penis. Then she pulled off, and flicked her tongue across the tip of his dick. Then in one motion took his whole dick in her mouth.

Now, if she hadn’t have held the base of his dick tightly he would’ve cum right there, but she wanted more and so did he. So she stood up and turned around pressing her ass into his dick. Then she slowly bent at the waist, making sure her perfect ass stayed high in the air. She pulled her panties down to her ankles. David almost came at the sight of it.

“Well? FUCK ME!!” she yelled, and David didn’t hesitate when he grabbed his dick and put it at the opening of her cunt. He went in slowly and when her ass met his hips he stopped. He placed his hand on her hips and started to pump. At first he was slow, but then he started to catch up speed. In no time he was fucking her like there was no tomorrow, you could hear the moans and claps from the street.

“OH GOD YES!!! FUCK ME HARD! FUCK ME!!” she screamed, and fuck her he did.

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   He kept pumping for about 3 minutes until he started to slow down.

“DON’T STOP!! I WANT YOU TO COME INSIDE MEEE!!” at that moment both Kathy and David came, neither one of them worrying about the consequence of unprotected sex. They were just savoring the moment. They were lying on the couch, both face down, David on top. His dick was still in her pussy. They were both panting like they just ran a marathon; the only difference was Kathy was out cold. Once David realized this he pulled out, his dick now soft, and picked her up and carried her to her room. He put her under the covers and kissed her on her lips one more time. He walked back into the family room got his clothes and pulled his pants on, but not his shirt. He took his shirt and her clothes back to his room. Then he went into her room, she was still out cold, he went into her drawers and got all of her panties and bras and all of her pants, long sleeve shirts and anything that covered up too much. He had plans for his sister. He took all of the clothes and hid them somewhere in his room, then he walked back down stairs and put the beer bottles in the recycle. Just as he walked back into the family room his mother walked in the house, home from work.  


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