David and his Aunt


My aunt probably made things easy and on my birthday eve she eased me. “David honey, you don’t look very well. Why are you so upset on your birthday eve?” I looked up to her glorious face and her face brought about a smile on my lips. “Nah it’s nothing Aunty Rachael. ” She responded, “Don’t worry honey Aunty has planned something nice for you tomorrow. We will be eating out tomorrow night. ” She was so beautiful and so innocent. After she kissed me goodnight I framed my plan. I decided that no matter what tomorrow I had to tell her tomorrow my feelings about her. After pondering over this matter I decided to have a glass of water before going back to bed. As I passed Rachael’s bedroom I heard noises coming from within. It was a rhythmic noise. I pressed my ear on the keyhole and I froze on hearing the sound. Apart from the rhythmic squeak there was another noise, which I presumed to be the television. The noise was like “Yeah, yeah take all of it you whore. Ump, umps…” I understood what was going on inside the room.

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   My sweet aunt was watching a late night porno flick and she was enjoying it. She was masturbating. I had a tremendous erection. I had to see what Rachael was doing. Slowly and cautiously I opened the door. My eyes met with a superb sight. Rachael was up on her knees and her finger was inside her pussy. She was shaking and her tits were swaying. Somehow I controlled myself from cumming. I watched the sight with complete awe. As she neared her orgasm her began to move faster in and out of her pussy. In the end she gave a loud shriek and cried my name in utmost pleasure. “Fucccccccccck me David. Fucccccccck meeeeeeeee. ” Then she collapsed on the bed and I left her room and headed for the bathroom where I had the most powerful orgasm of my life.

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   I woke up next morning with Rachael on my bedside. She was looking the best I have seen in a long time. She said, “Happy Birthday baby. ” She next proceeded to kiss me on the cheek but today was my day. Cunningly I quickly moved my head so that both our lips met together. Rachael was surprised but I lingered the kiss on. Eventually when we parted I had a satisfied look on my face but Rachael was taken back. But she quickly recovered quickly. We remained quiet for sometime and eventually with a sluttish smile she said, “Tonight is your day Honey. I’ll do whatever you tell me to do. ” I slowly got up from bed and advanced towards her. I stopped in front of her and then proceeded to kiss her. This time she responded my kiss and I slid my tongue deep inside her mouth and started to suck her tongue. I already had my morning erection but this made me even more excited. After I completed the kiss I looked down to her and said, “Aunt Rachael you have always been my dream girl.

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  ” Then I proceeded to kiss her neck and shoulders. She was wearing a tee shirt and jeans. I slowly lifted her tee shirt and then for the first time I saw her tits trying to break free from the confines of her bra. I slowly unclasped her bra and removed it. The big melons broke free and started to sway. I began to suck on her left nipple and kneaded the other with my hand. Soon her dark brown nipples were fully aroused. They were protruding one inch out from the dark areola. I continued sucking her nipples. Soon she started to moan. “Oh, oh. David please make love to me. ” I couldn’t wait. I moved away from her and she slipped from her dress. Now she was standing in front of me in all her pure innocence showing off her naked charm.

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   I aws mesmerised. My cock was in full mast and it was starting to hurt as it tried to tear off my boxers. "Well are you going to stand there all day or are you going to give me something?", Rachael spoke teasingly. then with an extremely slutty smile she walked up to me very sexily and slowly, my eyes flowing from her graceful figure full of curves to her eyes and her swaying tits. She paused in front of me and then grabbed my cock by it's diameter. I couldn't control myself anymore. I was like a frustrated fucked up horse. I grabbed her by force and kissed her like I haven't kissed a woman for a hundred years. I ;leaned over her as we kissed, my manhood in her palms and I pressed my crotch to hers. She couldn't take it anymore. She broke the kiss and gasped,"Oh baby fuck me now,please. " I aws too willing to oblige. She lay on the bed as I undid my shorts to give her the first view of my throbbing seven inch long prick. It was over an inch in diameter. "Oh my god,"Rachael gasped.

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   I slowly leaned over her and proceeded to fuck her slowly. At first I only passed her outer lips and then withdrew. "Please don't tease me,honey. I badly need that fuck. " Well you heard the lady. Slowly but steadily I started to penetrate more into her vaginal mound. First two inches then three next four, five, six and finally all seven inches. She was tight. Very tight. It was clear she hadn't had a good nice fuck for a long time. But now with seven inches of meat inside her her pussy was getting stretched beyond all limits. I slowly increased the intensity of the fuck. The room was filled with slurping noises that our bodies were making. My cock was slurping inside her pussy. She was already full of juices.

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   She lubricated her pussy beyond my dreams, as she was so wet. Hell I wanted her. I increased the intensity even further. Now there was a thumping noise that was being produced due to our crotches thumping against each other. Our bodies started to erspond to the fucking session.
    She crossed her legs across my neck to pull me closer. Then she dug her nails in my back. It might have hurt in other situations but at present I was in total bliss. She reached forward and kissed me. She inserted her tongue inside me and slowly started to suck my tongue. Her actions made the situation even more erotic. I slowly responded to her and began to do the same. By now the fucking was becoming extremely noise. the room was filled with several kinds of noises. Our sweaty bodies in contact with our crotches thumping against each other.

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       The slurpy noises by my dick inside her womanhood. The intensity of the love making was so much that even the bed springs were making squeaking noises. Finally she let go of all pride and started to thump against me like a shameless whore. She had already crossed her legs against me to give me better access. Now in order to motivate me further she raised her head and started to bite me in the ear and talk dirty. I ersponded to her feelings and I adjusted my position a little so that I could suck her breasts. I started to suck them and slowly nibbled her nipples. She started to say,"Oh Dave honey you feel so big inside me. I can feel you up to my stomach. You have grown to become a big boy haven't you ? My, my what a big prick you have. " All this stashy words made me even closer to my orgasm. I spoke in a hushed tone,"You want it inside or out?" "Dave honey I am not on a pill and this is the most fertile time of the month for me. I would have loved to feel you inside piling your cum inside me but for now you have to give to me outside. " I thought,"Well she was a complete whore. So I might treat her as a whore as well.

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      " "Rachael", I gasped," I am going to cum inside you. " "No you don't understand. I would become pregnant",she pleaded. "That's what I want. I want you to become pregnant with my seed. I am gonna fuck you like you ain't know anything before. Hell I am going to make you my private bitch. You got that honey. ", I laughed hysterically. I had this wonderful cunt of my dreams and I was going to utilise it fully. With that I started to pile drive her pussy. I adjusted her a little and grabbed her by her arse and lifted it of the bed. Then I shifted my legs under her ass. Then I leaned over her. Rachael screamed," God you know how to fuck.

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       You are so big inside me. " I increased my tempo. I was now regularly hitting her cervix. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them and bit her nipples hard. "Yes , YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS. Fuck me harder. ", she screamed. "I am going to cum inside your unprotected pussy. ", I said. "No. Please honey don't do that. I would become pregnant. Aieeeeeeeeee. Yes fuck OOOOHHHHHHHHH. FFFUCCKKKKKKKK.

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       Shit. Fuck me Harder. Fuck me. . . . HardeRRRRRRRRRRR. PleasEEEEEEEE. Make me private whore. Oh FucKKKK. " "Your were saying. . . . .


      . . . . " "Yes Please shoot your load inside me. PleasEEEEEEEEEE. I awnt to become Pregnant with your seed. " I now started to bump the base of my cock into her clitoris. And that did it. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. FucKKKKKKKKKKKme HarderRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Oh I am CuMMMMMMMMing. I am CumMMMMMMMMMMMMMinGGGGGGGGGGG. " All this dirty words was enough for me. After one last time I plunged one last time inside her Pussy and said,"Wait for me honey.

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      " I came in gallons and gallons. After the orgasm ended I collapsed over her my head over her breasts. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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      . Watch out for the next installment of David and his Aunt's experinence Comments are always welcome. .



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