Daughter's A Field-Hockey Player


My eighteen-year-old daughter is one succulent piece of meat. I fuck her all the time--now that she's legal--and she loves it when she eats my cum. I've been dreaming about her for a couple of years, and I got to act on my feelings a month ago; I'll tell you about it.
It was a sweaty spring afternoon when Jenny got home from field-hockey practice. (I always loved to go watch her and her team-mates running around the grass with those outfits on, but the skirts were too low. . . then. ) Today, however, the Badgers' coach decided--to my great ecstasy--to give them the new ones.
My daughter walked into the living room through the open front door with a plaid skirt that rested in mid-thigh. Her dark-blue socks covered her knees, but still showed the fresh-baked-bread tan of her legs. The top was tight, and her delicious-looking mounds were stretching the sweater out; I could see her eraser-type nipples thrusting against the fabric. Her stick was in her hand, and she threw it towards the coat rack as she stormed in on me watching TV.
She stood directly in front of the television with her hands on her beautiful hips; the right side of her ass was raised higher than the other. I had to struggle to keep my ten inches of manhood from flowering in my sweatpants as I asked her what was wrong.
"I'll tell you 'what's wrong'! The fuckin' coach is making us wear these new uniforms.

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   How the hell can I play good if I think some guy's checkin' out my ass in this?" Her long blonde hair, that was fixed in a pony-tail, bobbed around as she yelled. The sweat from the day's practice rolled down her cheeks and thighs in slippery rivulets. My cock stirred.
"I don't know, sweety. I think you look fine. You'll still be scoring more goals than anyone out there. And, by the way, the guys are going to check you out no matter what you wear. You're gorgeous!" I grabbed the magazine that was sitting next to me and draped it over my crotch nonchalantly.
"Thanks daddy, I'll get over it. Ooh , is that the new interview with. . . ?" She reached forward and gripped the magazine off of my lap. I tried to tell her to "hold on, I'm still reading it", but she pulled it off, and just stared at my member bulging inside my sweats. I was glad that it was only me and her in the house right now because I didn't need her telling her mom that I was rock-solid from leering at our daughter.

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The magazine fell to the floor as my little girl's eyes were transfixed on my flesh-pole hidden inside the cloth of my sweats. I was nervous, and I started to say something when she said, "Daddy, I hope you don't mind me saying so, but your. . . um. . . penis is huge!"
My balls shriveled inside my sack as I couldn't fathom what my daughter just said. I decided to go with it. "Why, thank you, dear. But, it's okay, you could call it what girls your age normally call it. " I stretched my arms back behind the couch so my daughter could get a better view of my stuff.
"Your. . .

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  cock is wonderful. I've had a couple of dicks, but none that big. " She looked down at the floor. "I hope I'm not embarrassing you. I just never saw one so magnificient before. Does Mommy like it?"
"Your Mother can't get enough of it. I cum inside all of her holes all the time; at least, I used to. She don't give me much anymore. " I sat up and stared at my baby's glistening love-sticks shiny with perspiration. As I did, my cock-head poked out through the top of my sweats, and it rested on my lower chest.
"Damn, Daddy, how long is it?" Jenny came around the table in front of me, and sat down; her gaze never left my sausage. Her tanned legs were slightly agape, and I caught a glimpse of her cotton panties. There was a line of moisture along the crack.
"Ten inches, darling. I'm sorry that you saw me like this; I feel so ashamed, but I have to tell you this: You are a sexy young woman, and, if you would let me, I would like to fuck the hell outta you.

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"Oh Dad, after seeing that monster cock of yours, how could a girl say no. " She winked at me as she started pulling her sweater off. "You wanna see my titties, don't you Daddy?" Her bra was as white as her underwear as I watched it fight with the load of her bosom. The bottom of her sweater got caught on those jugs, and when she pulled it free, they jiggled lively in front of me.
Now my litle girl reached around and undid the clasp of her bra. Her nipples were fully erect, and the skin around them was light brown and sweet-looking. I reached down and used my thumb on the bulbous head of my dick; the pre-cum was salivating from the hole. I could have easily sucked my own penis, but my daughter was here, so what the fuck?
Jenny fondled her tits and looked down at the slab of cock in front of her. "Daddy, I could see your dick throbbing. You want your baby to suck it? Huh?"
The skirt she was wearing was pulled taught as her legs were open very wide. I could see a lot of semen soaking through her panties now. She was a cummer. . . just like mom.

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   I wanted to cum all over her knee-high socks, but then I thought better of it: better in her mouth. "Yes, Jenny, please. Suck as much of my cock as you can. Just take your time, and go inch-by slippery-inch. "
She scooted the table she was sitting her fine ass on closer to me. Her fingers gripped my waistband and hauled my sweats and boxers down to my knees. "Daddy, I'll bet you can suck your own shaft," she said as she got a complete look at my unit. She licked her full lips.
"You bet I can. I used to do it once in a while when I was lonely. I'm not gay or anything, I just feel that if you can go down on yourself. . . why not?"
"Well, I have to tell you--I can eat my own pussy, too. I do it all the time when I think about Mom.


   Why don't we do ourselves for a minute before we get to the real action?"
I liked where this was going. I would never suck another man's dick, but my own. . . sure. "Okay, honey. I want to watch you lick your pussy while you see me suck my big cock. " And with that, I bent my head down and easily placed my lips on the head; the pre-cum tasted great. I made slurping sounds as I thrusted three inches into my mouth. I kept my eyes on my daughter, waiting for her to take the plunge, so to speak.
"Oh, daddy, that's so fucking hot. Watch me. " My daughter stood up and pushed the table away from me. She laid down and contorted herself in such a weird manner; her knee-high-socked legs crossed behind her neck, and her skirt fell down a bit. She struggled a little, but finally brought her lips up to her moist cunt.

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   She used her right hand to pull away her panties, and started chewing on her huge pussy. I couldn't believe how bulging her cunt was! She sucked and slurped along her folds as I sucked inch after inch of my cock. We both moaned with bliss as I released my prick from my mouth and let it hit my chest again.
I sat there watching my beautiful daughter eat her own cunt until I said, "Let me take over, sweety. "
Before she could answer, I got off of the couch, and helped her tongue herself. I rubbed my hands around her ass as I licked and licked her juicy pussy. Our tongues met a couple of times as we both ate her fun-box. This went on for a while, and then she asked, "Daddy, can I please suck your sweaty cock? I want to feel that massive dick as deep inside my throat as possible. "
"Sure, honey. Let me lie back for ya. " I swiped at her cunt two more times, and leaned back against the couch. She uncrossed her legs from behind her back, and crawled over to me like a tiger stalking a gazelle. She wrapped both hands around my shanker, and began jerking me up and down.
"I don't know how much I can get in my throat, but I'll try real, real hard to take it. " As she stroked me off, she looked into my eyes with want and need.

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   I couldn't deny my baby pleasure, could I?
"As long as you eat whatever juice comes out, I'll be happy. Now suck daddy, Jenny. Suck him good. "
She started kissing all around the head, and immediately, my cock pulsed with some drops of liquid. She snorted those up orally, and placed my huge dick in her lovely mouth. Head in. Two inches in, now. Back up, and five steaming inches were down my daughter's throat. We're at eight, and my daughter's eyes--and esophagus--were bulging with greatness. "Two more, my darling little girl," I said in between gasps of pleasure.
"Oh-may, ammy," she mumbled as she took the whole pole in. Down and up she went, for five fucking minutes on my rod. The slurping, spongy sounds were incredible.
Before I quaked my globs in her mouth, I had to fuck my daughter. I pulled her off my veiny, slimy dick, and told her to lay back.

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   "I'm going to see to it that you eat your pussy while my cock penetrates your fuck-hole. You game?"
"Fuckin-A-right, I am! Slide that meat into my hot oven, Daddy-dear. " She threw herself back, and got into the same position as before; 'I love this outfit', I told myself as I watched those cottoned-calves cross behind my sweetheart's head again. With haste, my daughter started lapping at her pussy again, and moaning for me to throw it in her. That's just what the fuck I did.
I gripped my cock, and placed the mushroom-style head against Jenny's cunt-flaps. I rubbed it up and down the swollen, plump slit as she tongued us both. I didn't want my little girl to feel any pain, so I asked her how she wanted it: slow, fast, or fuck-fuck-fuck, that's good! She exclaimed, "Daddy, you know what's best for me, so give me what you give Mommy," she said with a faux-shy voice.
"You got it, Daughter-dear. " The head of my cock disappeared inside my baby's cunt (as with the whole ten inches of man-flesh), and she wailed in bliss. The suction sounds my cock and her cunt made, joining together in incestuous hardcore sex, exceeded the noises her mouth made on my dick.
As I gazed down at my member ripping up my daughter's moist vagina, I saw her pearl-like cum dripping down the folds of her pussy. She screamed, "Oh, that's it, Daddy, fuck your whore daughter's sloppy cunt! I'm going to cum, Dad!" I pumped and pumped, letting my little girl get filled with meat while her and I played with her clit. I heard a moan from the room; it was probably her, no doubt. I was grunting with passion on every plunge as we both said, at the same time, we were going to cum.

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As I thrusted into her two more times to work the jizz from my balls, Janine (my wife, and Jenny's mom) squatted over my daughter's face, and started grinding her cunt into my daughter's-- surprised, but willing--mouth. "That's it, Steve, fuck your daughter while she eats my dripping snatch. "
I sure as shit wasn't going to stop, so I ejected my cock from my daughter's soaking wet pussy, and leaned up. Ropes of my hot semen launched themselves right onto Jenny's face, and her mother's cunt. The snotty white mass dribbled all over my baby's lips as she sucked it off of her mommy's pussy. I groaned with each burst, and instantly got hard again as I watched this evil act being performed by my family. I let my stiff cock rest on my daughter's tummy as my wife squirted her cunt juice into Jenny's open mouth.
"I guess it's time for Mom to join in the fun, right dear?"
Jenny just mumbled an "uh-huh" as she slurped up the cunt where she came from eighteen years ago.



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