Daughter of Hope: Emily IV


Daughter of Hope: Emily IVWritten with true love and explicit lust           
            Six years has past since my sister and I got married. From the first night of our honeymoon til’ this day, we are still together living in true love and passion. Actually, our history goes way back before then, during our pre-teen years. Everything started with little innocent kisses and wandering hands; being as curious as any other child on this planet. The day we hit our teens, things changed for the better. Emily and I were developing hence making our curiosity grow considerably. We began engaging in more serious sexual activities such as dry sex, masturbation and making out. Back then, we both thought that nothing could be better.
When I turned fifteen years old, I began dating a slightly older girl and engaged in a serious relationship. From there on, Emily and I mutually agreed to let go of each other. Until I hit the age of nineteen, my sister was left out in the shadows as she never had a boyfriend and stayed a virgin all those years. But at the mature age of eighteen, my fully grown, sexy, slim, athletic sister Emily and I decided to finally unite our feelings and urge for lust. That night we made love. To express our total confidence, she welcomed my ejaculation inside her womb. Thinking that it would be a one time thing, we united our love once again a month later. On that particular night, Emily’s feelings for me became so intense that, right before the moment I came inside of her, she proposed to me.

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   During my climax, I accepted her proposal.  

Several months later, the night after the wedding, nothing was mentioned but we both knew we wanted to conceive our first child. For years we had unprotected sex yet Emily never became pregnant. At our honeymoon though, things were different. The intensity of her pussy lips slamming on my penis was so stimulating that I literally flooded her womb. Her lower belly was so bloated with cum that it insured us of having a baby.
And so we did. Emily got pregnant at eighteen and became a mother at nineteen. My sister labored for hours at the hospital to finally bring new life in our marriage. Our daughter Sophia was born. We love her with all our hearts, as mother, father, sister and brother. One day Sophia will have to know the truth about us, but since she grew real smart, she may find it on her own. Our daughter is five years old, going on six. She is really talented and has lots of potential. We raised her very well and know good manners.

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   Just like the both of us, she’s really curious and asks lots of questions. But the hardest questions were asked recently, mostly about my sister and me.  

A few days ago, it was getting late at night and my wife and I were very aroused. Emily stripped out of her clothes real fast and dragged me into the bathroom. Stripping myself of my own clothes, I leaned my back on the bathroom counter as she was already working on sucking my cock. My member made its way completely down her throat every time she slid it in her mouth. Emily has been practicing on some deep throating in the past few months and she has become quite good. I kept my eyes on her bobbing head and marveled at her body.
Considering that she had a child, my sister kept herself in extremely great shape. Her breasts only became larger while her pregnancy then shrunk back to their original size afterwards. They unfortunately had to sag a bit because of the lactating period, but she still managed very well in keeping them steady and kept her nipples nice and puffy. Emily constantly exercised to recover her firm and slim body.  Her hips on the other hand, expanded and became fairly larger. That made things a lot better in bed as her newly formed curves accentuates her grinding motion while we have sex. And she made sure to slave and squat like hell to firm up her butt.


   Her ass is literally hard as rocks and it pleases me so much when I jerk my cock between her buns.  

And did I mention her gorgeous bush? Blacker than ever, the natural hair fully covering her pelvis, complimented her sweet and juicy vagina that hides right under it. I couldn’t concentrate on anything anymore. My sister took in my penis in her mouth with full force. I gently grabbed her neck with my hand to feel my cock plunge in her throat at every thrust. Emily, my sister, my wife kept on sucking and sucking. But all of a sudden, a small voice was heard coming from outside the bathroom.
Emily unplugged her mouth from my penis and stared at the door. I looked in the same direction, and to both our surprise, we saw our little daughter standing right the door’s small opening. We forgot to completely close and lock the door. We got busted by our own child. And then the questions started.  

“Mommy, what are you doing to Daddy?” she said, half-asleep.
My wife stood up and rushed to her. “Oh my God, what are you doing out of bed at this hour?” Emily replied.

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   Quickly grabbing her night gown on the floor, Emily brought Sophia back to her room.
“Now, whatever you saw me doing to Daddy, simply means that I love him. Now please, forget about this and go to sleep. Good night, my dear!”
“Good night Mommy. ” She answered calmly.  

Back in the bathroom, I was still waiting for my sister, fully erected. Yet I was a little confused and upset of what just happened. It’s embarrassing for a parent to be caught by surprise by his own kid, especially in a moment expressing sexuality. But one day, Sophia will understand all of this. Just minutes later, Emily entered the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She let go of her night gown that was barely holding on her and dropped to her knees once again. Holding it with one hand, she licked my shaft continuously. Seconds later, she got up and exposed her ass to me. I knew what that meant and I was more than ready to penetrate her.
I grabbed her by the hips and plunged my cock inside her wet cunt.

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   The walls of her vagina unfortunately could not stimulate me as much as they used to. The reason is logically due of her pregnancy. I imagined in my head the days when her pussy made me cum so fast because of her extreme tightness. The thoughts soon became too much and my semen quickly began to flow up my shaft. After a few more gentle strokes, I pulled out of Emily and ejaculated all over her butt cheeks. Since Sophia’s birth, we decided to keep it safe and use protection whenever we had the chance. If we did not have access to condoms, it was in my power to make sure not to inseminate her. But lately, we thought of conceiving another child, just not yet.  

We hit the shower and went to bed. The next day, everything went well with Sophia surprisingly never mentioning anything about what her mommy and daddy were doing the night before. Although our daughter knows everything about procreation and birth, she is way too young to learn about other sexual activities and techniques. So both Emily and I did not make a fuss and forgot about the whole thing. A few nights later, things were getting pretty hot with Emily. That day we were discussing about having a second child and how exactly we were going to conceive him or her. It got my wife very excited, making her too impatient to wait any longer as we were late in bed, and she was already working her lips around my penis.

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Emily had trouble controlling herself as she was sucking me in loud moans. She used a lot of excess saliva, making it trickle down my erection all the way to my testicles. She also made very loud sloppy noises at every sucking motion. I lay comfortably on my back in our soft bed, looking straight at the top of Emily’s bobbing head.   It didn’t take much longer to find my sister on top of me. She brushed her hot twat upon my soaring cock, circling her clitoris around my gland. Moments later, she pointed my cock upwards and slid it easily in her vaginal opening. While riding me, my member bumped on the back wall of her vagina at every thrust also making contact with her g-spot. Her spongy center rubbed on the top of my shaft, adding friction to stimulate me more.  

My incestuous wife kept kissing and licking my lips as my penis kept disappearing under her bushy pussy. Her rock hard ass slammed on my body at a very fast pace. Her breasts bounced and rubbed against my chest, making me feel her erected nipples. I became so excited and kinky ideas clicked in my mind. I grabbed her ass with both hands and spread her butt cheeks wide open. While she was still riding my cock, I tickled her anus with a few of my fingers.

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   I finally get the courage to squeeze my middle finger inside her tight little asshole as far as I could. Emily did not seem to mind at all as I felt her vagina secrete even more lubrication all over my cock.
It was time and it felt so great to ejaculate inside of her again. It felt like my penis pumped gallons of semen deep in her womb. I pulled out my finger from her ass and held my wife close to me as I finished cuming. She got off me and lay next to me on the bed. A small noise came from outside the bedroom and to our disastrous surprise saw our little daughter Sophia standing in the doorway. My sister and I were shocked and couldn’t move.
“Mommy, daddy… are you making me a little brother or sister?” she asked in a really shy voice.
To be continued in Beauty of Hope: Emily V.




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