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Let me start off my introducing myself, I am 5'8, C cup, dark hair, and not to be cocky, but I do get a lot of attention from other boys on my ass. So I guess I have a nice ass. My mother is a single mother, D cup, amazing ass, and dark hair like mine. I have always been jelous of my mothers body, but never really thought of her in a sexual way until. . . . . . . . . "AHHHHHHHHHH!" My mom yelled out of frustration as she stormed through the door and threw her purse on the coutch. "Whats wrong mom?" I asked. "My stupid boss fired me for no reason, I have been working everydayfor the past two weeks, and I have been early everyday! I show upfifteen minutes late ONE day and I get fired! What kind of bullshit isthat?"To tell you the truth I have never seen my mom like this and I was a bit frightened. "Maybe you just need to lay down and relax, tell you what, I'll fix you up a bath so you can take your mind off this.

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  ""Thank you honey, I would really like that. "So I went to the bathroom and fixed up a bath for my mom and she walked in. "Alright mom, its all set for you, will you be needing anything else?"As she started to strip down she replied, "Well honey, if its not toomuch to ask, can you give me a massage? I am really stressed out aboutall this, maybe you can help me relax". To be honest, I couldnt help tolook at my moms body as she stripped down, I have always thought shehad a gorgeous body. "Alright, if it will make you feel better. "So I got on my knees and started rubbing her gently behind her neck. "mmmm, go a little harder honey, mmmmm, thats just the spot". I kept on rubbing her back and I noticed she started falling asleep. "mmmm yea honey, keep on going, right there. . . . . . .

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  . . . . "She finally fell asleep, but I kept on rubbing her anyways, just torelax her body. I was getting a little turned on looking at my mom nudein the bath tub, and I decided to maybe rub her lower than where myhands were. I worked my way just above her breasts and I was gentlymoving my hands around her breasts. I noticed my shirt getting wet so Idecided to take off my shirt. I took off the tank top I was wearing,and I took off my bra too. My boobs bounced up and down because i tookoff my bra rather quickly, and you could totally see my nipples gettinghard and pointy. I slowly massaged my mothers nippled with my indexfinger and my thumb. By this time my pussy was wet and you could see myjuice through my little shorts I was wearing. I couldnt resist myself,I went down with my face and slipped her left nipple between my frontteeth and played with the tip of her nipple with my tounge inside mymouth. "mmmm honey, thats just what your mom needs!"WHAT!!!!My mom was awake this whole time and she wants me to keep on going?I didnt know what to do, I was scared, but she did say to keep on going, so i did. I slid my right hand down her stomach, and very slowly right on top ofher pussy.

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   I slipped in one finger and massaged her pussy while I kepymy mouth on her nipple. I then slowly fingered her,and then continued to increase the speed of my finger.
    I couldnt take it anymore. Her big, juicy, luscious lips just waiting for my mouth. So I did it, put my hands on her fat ass,lifted her pussy out of the water, and started to slowly lick her lips from the bottom up. "mmmmm mom, this is so good"I then slid my tounge into her pussy and at the same time sucked on herlips. I reached over and massaged her boob as I did this. Then my mom said,"mmm honey, let me try!"I took off my shorts and positioned my pussy on her face,she didnt hesitate. She dove right in and I felt my pussy start to drip with cum. "Ahh, ahhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh!"I began to yell,"yes mommy, yes MOMMY, YES MOMMY!"I couldnt hold back any more,I squirted all over her face. I then slid my body above hers in the bath and I kissed her. She had my cum all over her lips and I cleaned it off with my tounge. My mom then flipped us over so that I was on the bottom and she was ontop and said, "Hold on just one minute". She ran naked out of thebathroom and came back in a few seconds with a double-ended dildo. "Wowmom! You sure know how to take care of business!" I scooted my body toone end, and she lay down on the other.

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       She then put one end of thedildo in her pussy, and the other in mine. We then closed in on eachother, her facing one way and me the other, with one of my legs on topof her and one of her legs on top of me. We first went slowly and wewent in all the way so that our pussied touched. We stayed.