Daughter finds true love with Father


This is a true story about my life. I thought for a long time about telling someone, but that just wasn’t an option. At this point in my life, with this sort of outlet I feel like I can be open about things without fear of anyone knowing my true identity.
I grew up in a small town back east. I was an only child, raised very religious by my mother and father. My childhood was great, and I was very close to both of my parents. I grew up home schooled, so I didn’t have many friends. Not that it bothered me, that’s all I knew so I was happy with my life. My father was an older man, in his mid 50’s when this story take place. He was a heavy set man with a smile that could light up the room. My mother was in her early 30’s, a chubby woman with a heart of gold! I had just turned 16, a year when both of my parents thought I was to become a woman. I had little idea of what they meant by that, and I guess part of me thought it was just doing more around the house and maybe getting a job. But I was very wrong in my assumptions! A few weeks after my birthday they both sat me down and told me they wanted to speak openly and honestly with me. My father explained how his first wife had passed away! I had never known my father to be married before my mother, so it was a pretty big shock. He told me that before she passed they had a daughter! Again, here I was never hearing anything about me having a sister. Before I could ask any questions he asked me to just hear him out and listen to what he had to say.


   After his first wife passed away that’s when he got into the church, and it made him feel good again. As he daughter grew up they had an amazing friendship, and they found that over time they were the happiest together. Their love for one another was on a different level from that of all other fathers/daughter relationships. And, when she became a woman it was decided that they didn’t want to loose one another. He proceeded to tell me that his daughter was his wife. I was very confused, and deep inside I knew what he was saying. I just think I couldn’t comprehend it!  I guess my face showed my confusion, and he told me again this time more clearly. “Your mother is my daughter, and you are a product of our love and union”. I had to ask why they were telling me this? His reply was simple and direct, they I was now a woman and they wanted to be honest with me. They felt a strong connection with me, and my father made it clear that he didn’t want to loose me either. I was VERY confused at that point, that was till he pulled out a ring and dropped to the floor on one knee with my mother sitting right next to me. He looked up at me and told me he loved me, and that he felt with our combined faith and love for one another he could make me happy. He then asked me to marry him. Now, I was 16! I had never had a boyfriend and my knowledge about relationships was zero! Making it worse, I loved my parents with all my heart and couldn’t ever have thought about hurting their feelings. So, I agreed and said yes! Now, let me make it clear I didn’t think I would replace my mother.

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   I wasn’t sure at all how I would play into things. I thought that I would just always live with him and have a happy life.
Nothing over the next few days changed, that was till that Friday evening came. A local man came to the house, I recognized him from the church. And much to my surprise he was there to marry me and my father. My mother hurried me into the bedroom and helped me pick out my prettiest dress. She was so full of joy, not something I would have thought she would have felt. But, she was very happy for me. Now the dress was nothing to brag about, covered just about my whole body. But, I looked nice and that’s all that mattered. My mother lead me into the living room where I found my father waiting dressed in a suet. She led me to him, in front of the man from the church. I took his hand, and he asked if I was ready to give my life to him. Now to be fair I had no idea what that meant, but it would make him happy so I said yes! As we read our vows to one another, I looked back at my mother. She had a smile on her face, but tears in her eyes.

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   Things didn’t take long, and when the instruction was given to kiss the bride, dad simply kissed my cheek. After the man from the church left, mom came and told me how great I looked again. And then told me she would see me in the morning. I asked her where she was going, but she didn’t tell me. Just told me that tonight was my special night with my new husband. I was confused, but I didn’t worry too much about it. After she left we sat down and had dinner alone. The conversation was pleasant; he told me how happy he was and how pretty I looked. He asked me how it felt being a woman now, not that I knew how to reply! Seeing him happy, made me happy. I loved my father very much, he was all I knew and all I wanted. After dinner he turned on some music in the living room and we danced for a while, and again he made a point of telling me just how pretty I looked. That’s when I heard the clock, It was 10:00 o’clock, and normally that’s when I go to bed. I told him I would get ready for bed, but he told me I was a woman now and didn’t have to. I smiled, and now I liked the idea of being a woman. I still wanted to get comfortable, so I changed into the same nightgown I had warn for years.

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   We danced a little more, laughed and had a good time before he told me he wanted to turn in for the night. I agreed as I was getting a little sleepy and kissed him on the cheek before turning to go into my room. He stopped me and asked where I was going? I was confused yet again, and told him in a sarcastic tone “my room”.   He pulled me by my hand and told me I was his wife now, and tonight I would sleep with him. Now, I didn’t think much of it. We have never slept in the same bed before but I was his wife. He led me into his room and pulled down the blankets. I crawled onto the bed, on the same side my mother sleeps and my father stood and slipped his suet off. He was changing right in front of me! I watched him and he slipped his jacket off before taking his time unbuttoning his shirt. I then watched him unbuckle his belt, and that when I got shy. I tried my best to not watch, but will admit out of the corner of my eye I was. He stood next to the bed in a pair of white underwear before getting under the blankets with me. He reached over and turned out the light. We talked a little as we lay next to one another, and slowly he got closer and closer to me. He told me how pretty I look in the light of the moon, still I had no idea what he was thinking.

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   He scooted up next to me, telling me it was a little cold and that we could cuddle to stay warm. I was on my back, but pushed into his body with my side.
We lay together for a while longer, enjoying the quiet. Before long I felt him place his hand on my thigh, I thought little of it at the time. But, I remember it being very warm. Maybe I should have been scared or something, but I wasn’t. His fingers traced small circles on my inner thigh, slowly creeping higher. I started to wonder when they would stop, and at the same time kept thinking how nice they felt. He asked me if it tickled, I told him no it felt really nice and relaxing. He smiled and leaned into me a little asking for a kiss. I turned my head toward him as he leaned in more kissing me softly on the lips. He had never kissed my lips before, but I thought tonight was special like my mother said so I didn’t question it. His circling fingers ran higher on my inner thigh, and almost instinctively I parted my legs. His fingers now traced circles right under my crotch, no more than an inch from my panties. They felt nice before, but now higher they started to make me stir inside a little.

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   I looked up at him, his face down very close to mine. He leaned in, kissing me softly on the lips again as his fingers slipped up now running over my lips through my panties. I let out a deep breath as the pressure from his middle finger found my clit. I had never touched myself, not once. So the feeling was totally new to me, and I found it hard to explain It to myself. Whatever it was I had no wants for it to stop! He kissed me again, only this time he didn’t remove his lips from mine, and I was so caught up in things I didn’t fight it. I could feel his tongue start to push at my lips, so I slowly opened my mouth as we kissed letting his tongue push into my mouth. His middle finger pressed firmly at my clit now, pushing down with a circular motion. My body started to build very fast at that point, and my tongue started to push back at his as my confidence grew. This feeling of pleasure took over, I had no idea what I was feeling but it was building. His finger pressed harder at my clit as my hips started to buckle. Finally my body broke as I started to climax, spilling a deep moan into his mouth as I came! His finger moved faster, meeting the needs of my climax as his lips pulled from mine as he pressed his face into my neck kissing and sucking just under my ear. “Oh daddy, oh daddy” spilled from my lips as I came, thrusting my chest into the air as I arched my back! I had just had my first climax! Oh how amazing it was, to this day I have yet to find the words that can explain that first time. After my climax passed his hand moved off my panties up to my belly, his lips still kissing at my neck as his hand worked higher up my body pulling my nightgown up as it did. His fingers finally found my breasts, cupping each of them as his fingers brushed back and forth over my nipples.

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   He released his kiss from my neck and told me to sit up for a moment before he pulled my nightgown up and over my head exposing my breasts. The chill in the air had my nipple hard, and as I lay back on the bed dad got on top of me pushing my legs part with his. He planted another small kiss on my lips before moving his head down to my neck again. He didn’t say a word, nor did I. Slowly his hands moved up and down my sides, his lips slowly moving from my neck down my chest. I looked down at him kissing my body, watching him attentively as his lips moved closer to my nipples. I watched as his tongue darted out and ran across my right breast, flicking my nipple as it did. It sent a nice little shock of pleasure through body, and still I watched his tongue flick back and forth. Slowly he brought my nipple into his mouth, rolling it with his lips as he gently sucked. That feeling between my legs returned as I watch, growing deep and more wanting. He took his time before moving lower, making sure he paid close attention to both breasts. I watched as he lips kissed down my belly as his hands ran down my sides to the waistband of my panties. As his lips feel lower, he pulled my panties down. Only removing his lips from my belly long enough to slip my panties off. He moved his body down, running his tongue up my inner thighs.

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   Over and over again I watch, the burning between my legs growing stronger. I could feel hit breath run over my pubic hair, his hands placed on my inner thighs as he pushed my legs apart slowly. I felt the tip of his tongue touch my lips, ever so gently running up ensuring to flick my clit. Each lick became more firm, parting my lips with his tongue! Oh the warmth I felt, the burning! I could feel his tongue push up inside of me, his nose pressing at my clit as he moved his head side to side. My whole body was on fire as my hands clinched the blankets to either side of my body. His tongue slapped back and forth up my slit as he moved up to take my clit into his mouth. Sucking and rolling, flicking and sucking! I came almost right away, calling out “Daddy daddy daddy” over and over again. He had a hand on my belly now, holding my hips still as they tried to buckle. “Don’t stop daddy, don’t stop… suck on it daddy suck on it” spilled from my mouth in a rage of lust! It felt AMAZING to cum like that, I can’t remember a single climax in my life that I enjoyed more! After it had passed he released my clit and moved back up my body before rolling off to my side.
    I told him how amazing it all felt, and thanked him. He took one of my hands and said I didn’t need to thank him before his kissed my fingers. I rolled to my side as he lay onto his back. His arm under me as his hand pressed at my back. I placed a hand on his belly as he pulled me in for another kiss. I felt his hand touch mine, moving it down his belly to his underwear.

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       He made sure to keep his hand on top of my, letting me feel this hard-on through his underwear. He kept his hand on mine, moving it up and down his shaft. I could feel the head moved down to his shaft. He removed his hand, letting mine explore as I wanted. Moving up and down I became more and more curious about what it looked like. He let my hand wonder for a while before asking me to help him take his underwear off. I got up onto my knees and moved down between his legs, grabbing his underwear waistband pulling down. I was sitting on my knees, now looking down and his cock resting on his belling hard as I rock. I had NO idea what to do, and I think he knew that as he told me it was okay to touch him again. My hand quickly moved back to his crotch, wrapping my fingers around his shaft feeling how hard it was. As my hand explored he sat up a little leaning against the headboard watching my hands stoke up and down his cock. I was really enjoying the feeling, maybe knowing I was making him feel good like he made me feel good. I explored a while longer, and then he placed a hand on my shoulder. Slowly he pushed me down toward his cock, telling me to kiss the head. I was very nervious, but wanted to give him what he gave me.

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       So I planted a small kiss on his head as I stoked. I kissed him again, feeling the heat hit my lips. “Oh that’s my girl” as he watched. “Why don’t you use your tongue a little” he said. Now I had no idea what I was doing so I just went with things. I kissed his head again, then ran my tongue over it. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, over his head. Kissing and licking, taking my time as he did with me. I started to think to myself, he sucked me into his mouth, I could do that to him as well. And without asking the question, or thinking about the possible consequence I opened my mouth and let his head slip inside. “Ohhhh yes that’s my girl, suck daddys cock” he said. I kept his head still in my mouth running my tongue back and forth on the underside of his head. He lets out a deep moans and moved his hand from my shoulder to the back of my neck pushing my head down gently. Slowly his head slipped deeper, my hand slipped off his shaft not knowing how far he would want me to suck him into my mouth. I felt him release my neck a little at the same time as he told me “in and out, up and down baby” as my head started to bob.


       Breathing through my nose my lips locked down around his shat as my tongue pushed against his throbbing cock. Looked up at him I could see how much he was enjoying it, and I wanted him to! He released my neck and let me suck as I wanted, telling me “oh your so good at that, such a soft mouth…. Ohhhhmmmm Just like your mothers”. I wanted him to cum just like he made me cum, not understanding that wasn’t how men worked. He let me please him a whole longer, up to the point he started to leak what I now know was pre-cum. He pulled me off and told me to come lay next to him. I did without question, and he rolled me into my back as he again crawled on top of me.
    He parted my legs again with his and lay his body on mine before kissing me softly on the lips. He then asked “do you love me?”  and I of course said “yes, more then anything daddy”. I could feel the head of his cock now pressing at my lips, and slowly he put my pressure down on me. He looked down at me and asked me “do you want our family to grow sweetheart?” I asked him what he meant, but he said not to worry about it and kissed me. I could feel his head start to enter my pussy, slowly parting my lips. He went very slowly, but still it hurt a little. He backed off a little, before pushing back down slipping more of himself inside. I bit my lower lip as he cock stretched my walls for the first time.


       He looked down at me and told me it will pass… My hands wrapped around him and, well oddly enough pulled him harder into me even though it hurt. He tried to stop me telling me he didn’t want to hurt me to much. I looked back at him and told him I trusted him. He pushed in harder, slipping more of his cock inside. A slight jet of pain shot through me, causing my nipples to stand on end. It, felt sort of good! His cock worked in and out slowly, deeper with each thrust. The pain stayed, but the pleasure came on stronger as he worked. My body was now wanting him, my inner walls clinched around his cock almost begging for me. His thrusts became more rhythmic, and the pain passed. My body was building as his breath grew deeper. It finally click inside of my head, what he asked about the family growing. And like someone shouting for her life I yell out as I started to climax “Yes daddy yes, I want us to grow daddy…  Ohhhh yesss daddy yes…” I didn’t have to say anything more, and he didn’t question what I said. He know I meant it! He kept his cock buried deep inside, finally cumming with a grunt! My pussy milking his cock, and his cock filling me with his seed!
    He lay on top of me, inside of me for a while, kissing and snuggling before we finally feel asleep.
    I would REALLY appreciate your feedback. Contact me at sublime_cassidy@yahoo.

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