Daughter Daughter Mom and Me


" I kinda Love You both too and what are you two doing in here? "
Britt and I did not hear Tammy at the door. To this day I do not know if Tammy heard any of our conversation but if she did she has never mentioned it so I decided to play dumb. I am trying to take a piss but our wife won't let me.
Britt said teasingly " I would never not want you to pee my love. I just thought you might want to pee with someone that would love to have you piss on her and now since our slave is up I am sure she would love to experience a golden shower from both of us!
" Yes mistress I would enjoy that very much "
Miranda now was behind Tammy and move up behind her, reached around Tammy, grabed her hardening nipples and pulled them straight out and said.
" Would you enjoy a golden shower from me to slave? "
Tammy sucked in her breath as Miranda pulled her nipples to there max then turn a bit to look at her.
" Yes mistress your slave would love a golden shower from all her mistreses and master. "
Britt turned in my arms and I released her. She walked to Tammy while her head was turned to look at Miranda, stopped inches from Tammy then Britts hand slid down Tammy's stomach to her pussy. Britt spread Tammy's lips with two fingers while the middle finger entered Tammy.
Looking at Miranda she said " Your wife would like a golden shower from you too. I hope your bladder is full my love as you need to piss on both of us. "
Britt moved to kiss Tammy who had turned to face her. Britt and Tammy started to french each other.
Miranda said " My blader is full my love and I hope Bill that your bladder is full because I want you both to give me my first shower. "
It may have been Britt or Tammy or both at the same time but I heard a MMMMMMMMMMMM come from them as Miranda ask to be pissed on too.


   I came around Britt and Tammy and moved behind Miranda. When I got behind her she pushed her ass into my cock and I reach to cup her tits. I was feeling rather dominant so I started to pinch Miranda's rock hard nipples, not a lite pinch but very hard, hard enough to give Miranda a jolt of pain.
Miranda did stiffen when she felt how hard I was pinching but she did not move away. I started to rotate her nipples in my fingers causing her to arch her back towards me and as her back arch her tits started to strech as my hand with her nipples did not move as her body moved backwards. Miranda's eye closed as the pain of my twisting her nipples and all the wieght of her tits must have become intense.
You like this don't you my love? Miranda did not answer for a second or to but then.
You like the pain and the plessure your feeling right now don't you.
" Yes very much My Love "
Then I felt Britts hands join mine. I let her fingers replaced mine and she started to pinch and rotate Miranda's nipples harder than I was.
" You like pain too my wife how wonderful we can enjoy that together now too. "
Miranda moaned " Oh yes I do enjoy what you are doing, god this feels so good my sences are going nuts with your wonderfully painful pinching, ohh god I might just come right here. "
Britt whispered " No my love I want to give you my pee and trust me you will come so hard since your already very turned on. "
I said " Lets go to the jacuzzi tube it will be easier to clean yourselfs up after. "
We all headed down the hall from our bedroom, I was surprised when it was Miranda that got in the tube first.

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   She got on her knees and looked at us.
" Its time I had my first shower from my wife and husband. "
Tammy was disappointed but she is the slave and knew her turn would come and she move behind Britt and I. Britt walked to the tub, got in and sat on the edge, spread her legs and her pussy was exposed in front of Miranda. Miranda looked at Britt smiled and moved her head in between Britts legs, opened her mouth and started to lick Britts pussy.
Britt moaned and then said " You ready my love? "
Miranda said " Yes! Piss all over me. "
Britt spread her pussy lips with her fingers and a golden stream errupted from her. Miranda was hit right above the nose with the first urine that emerged from Britt, Miranda move closer to Britts pussy and moved her face back and forth to cover her face with the warm stream while opening her mouth to allow Britt's stream to spray her lips and tongue that was now lapping Britts piss into her mouth
" Yes drink me my love. God this is turning me on so much watching you take my piss in your mouth and face baby. Let me piss over your great body Lover! "
Miranda move away a little so Britts golden warm stream could now shower her tits and body. Miranda looked hot and her eyes told me she was just as turned on as Britt, her hair and face where dripping wet and her nipple where erect as Britt started to shower Miranda's body. Miranda was fingerfucking herself as hard as Britt was when I gave her her first golden shower the day before.
" God this is turning me on, why did I never do this before. I love this feeling.

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   I love watching your piss come from your pussy Britt. "
Miranda was swaying her tits in the stream. Britt stopped and said.
" I want to save some for my slave my love " and she looked at me.
Britt got up and knelt beside Miranda and frenched her, then started to lick her piss off Miranda's face while rubbing and pinching Miranda's tits and nipples. I watch my wives for a few seconds then moved to the edge of the tub. I took my semi hard cock in my hands and took aim at there faces which where now cheek to cheek and both there head turned up to face me and my cock. I relaxed and my stream hit them both on the top of there heads soaking Britts hair and further drenching Miranda's golden locks. I moved my piss down going back and forth to cover both there faces.
Britt and Miranda moaned and stuck there tongues out to catch my stream as it moved back and forth over there faces. As I moved down there bodies they turned and kiss each other sharing what urine was left in there mouths. Britts hand was now fucking Miranda and Miranda was doing the same to Britt. I also wanted to save some piss for Tammy so I clamped my muscles down and the flow stopped but not Miranda and Britt they kept fingerfucking of each other and seconds later they brought each other off. Both moaning and kissing as there orgasms rush threw there bodies at exactly the same moment.
Tammy came up behind me now and droped to her knees and started to lick the drops of piss coming from the end of my cock and a mmmm came from her.

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   Tammy released my cock and said.
" It tastes kinda tangy but not as bad as I thought piss would taste. "
Britt then told Tammy " Get in the tub slave and take all three of our streams. "
Tammy did just that as fast as she could, Britt got on one edge of the tub just like she did with Miranda and Miranda did exactly the same but directly across from Britt, pussy facing pussy. Tammy knelt in the middle and I got in the tub standing to one side of Tammy. Miranda was the first to start pissing as she had not drained her bladder yet, hitting Tammy on her tits.
Tammy moved her head into the stream as Miranda had done. Tammy also move her head back and forth in the golden steam with her mouth open and tongue out, Britt and I must have been doing the same thing, pushing the rest of our piss out and both our streams hit Tammy at the same time, Britt's hitting the back of Tammy's head and soaking her hair and mine hitting the side of her face. I knew I did not have much left so I moved myself down her body to her tits. Tammy's face was now almost burried in Miranda's pussy drinking and drinking Miranda's piss, and what did not go in her mouth flowed over her chin and down her neck and body.
Miranda and I finnished first, she got off the side of the tub and came to me, we started to kiss, her body covered with urine nestled to my body, I didn't care. After playing tongue hockey for a few minutes Miranda said
" I love you and I love what we just did, I like being so free my love "
It was a very erotic experience for me too. I hope you can open yourself up to new and excitting sexual experiences Babe.
" MMMM I want to be as open as Britt and Mom my love what would you like to do with me? "
Britt and Tammy where kissing and licking each other clean. I was just going to ask Miranda we could do anything she wanted to try but I decided to test the waters.

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I would like to watch you fuck another guy, I want to watch as he sinks his cock deep in your pussy some day. Would you want that my love?
Miranda looked at me but said " Yes I would like that. Would you just want me to fuck him or would you like to join in too? "
Both but at first I just want to watch you enjoy him alone.
" MMMMM yes I would enjoy that alot and if Britt and Mom wanted to join in and fuck him too? "
I would have no problem with that idea at all Babe.
" Can I ask you something? "
Sure anything.
" One of my fantasies is to watch a guy suck a guys cock what do you think of having a guy suck you off or "
She looked at me.
" You suck a guy off while I or all of us watch? I would like to see him come in your mouth too. "
I had never thought of sucking or being sucked off by another guy but I had done alot of things I thought I would never do so as I was going to answer Miranda, Britt and Tammy where now next to Miranda and waiting for rmy answer. I suppose you know what the question was you two? Britt spoke first.
" Yes my love we heard everything, we where only a foot away you know and Yes I would enjoy watching that too and I am sure Mom would. "
Tammy said " Yes that would be something I would want to see, maybe not let him fuck me but I would like to see your cock in his mouth and you suck him off. "
Yes to both since I would lick his come out of you three so yes I would suck him off too till he came.
" You would let us fuck him bare my love? No condom? " Miranda said kinda surprised.
Yes if you have no problem with him coming in you.
" Ahh well no I would like that but he could.

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I stopped Miranda before she said anything further.
I know what he could do Babe and lets all of us talk about this in a little while. First you three have a shower and clean the piss off and I will go down and start to make coffee and breakfast, you guys must be as hungry as I am for a good breakfast.
All three of my wives thought that was a real good idea since urine does burn your skin after awhile. They headed for the shower together and I headed down to the kitchen. In a half hour all three of my girls, holding hands sauntered into the kitchen.
I had already poured coffee for them and each sat down after a giving me and each other a quick kiss. Who is hungry?
Miranda Tammy and Britt smiled and raised there hands.

    Well Eggs, Bacon, Pancakes ok with everyone? Again all three agreed with that.
    Miranda was the first to ask. " My love all of us have been talking while we where in the shower and before we have breakfast we would like to discuse about another man or woman being with us do mind? "
    No we can talk and then have breakie so shoot what have you all got on minds?
    I knew what Britt had in mind but I was interested in what Tammy and Miranda thought.
    Tammy was the first to speak " I personally have no problem with another man or women joining us. I perfer if its a man not to have him fuck me and not because it is something I disaprove of but because I really do want only a woman to touch me. Except my lesbian with the built in strap on. "
    Tammy smiled at me and we all laughed.

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    Tammy continued. " I am all your slave but I am also all your wife and all I ask if we bring another man into our bed please do not command me to have sex with him. If I decide to have him fuck me or suck his cock on my own then you are free to command me to do what you all wish me to do with him. Thats all I ask Ok. "
    I am fine with that Babe.
    Miranda said " Of course my love I know you are not really in to men and I understand and will not command you to have sex with him unless you start on your own I promise. "
    Britt shock her head and " I agree and promise my love only if you want and start having sex with him will I command you with him "
    Miranda spoke again " I have no problem with a man or another woman joining us either but we need to talk about what might happen if we do. First we have to be carefull about STD's and second about someone blabbing if they find out that our relationship is more than just lovers. Third is that Bill you have no problem with all three of us being with a man and having him come in us. What happens if one of us gets pregnant or if its a woman and she gets pregnant what happens then? "
    Britt spoke for the first time, " All three of those things might give us problems, the STD is controlable with testing us and anyone we become involved with. Having someone talk if they find we are all from the same familly is something we can control too, we all have to know that living here is not really possible. We are going to have to move somewhere. Since no one will know us it will make it alot easier since we are living now as husband and wives. As for getting pregnant us girls can use birth control or not fuck another man when where fertile but neither one of those is a 100% sure thing that we will not get pregnant. Another woman is a different problem I don't know how to solve "
    Tammy spoke again " Well I can not get pregnant.

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    " What? " Both Miranda and Britt said at exactly the same time.
    " My Loves I had my overies removed shortly after you " Tammy looked at Britt. " where born. I had a post birth examination and they found tumours on both my overies so Bill and I decided to have them removed to be on the safe side. I could not go threw some of the treatments because it was only a few weeks after giving birth to you Britt. I was nursing you and it would have left me very sick if I went threw with the treatments. You where to important to me. Both of you are to important to me so I had them removed. "
    " Ohh Mom I didn't know I am so sorry. " Britt said and both Miranda and Britt hugged Tammy and so did I. I knew that was a very difficult time in her life and that was the first time in many years she had talked about it.
    " I am ok really, yes it was a bad time for me and I felt very sad I could never have another baby but never did I feel I lost out. I had two wonderful daughter that made me very happy and now have made me even happier now that I am your lover and wife. I know anything that happens we can survive together. Nothing I can think of will tear us apart.

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       Nothing we have all proven that. Bill can you handle Miranda and Britt getting pregnant by another man? "
    Yes I know I can. I always thought they would get pregnant with there husbands so I can handle them getting pregnant with another man and I swear I will love our children, not there children, our children no matter if I am the father of not.
    Tammy said " Britt, Miranda, if Bill makes another woman pregnant and that is possible can you both handle that? "
    Britt said she could which I already knew but I waited for Miranda to answer which took a little time for her to think about.
    " If you asked me yesterday I would have said no since I did not want Britt to have a baby with Bill. But now that I know I can not control everything and I really do not want to become that kind of person ever again so yes I can handle Bill having a baby with another woman besides Britt and me. "
    Tammy finnished " Britt, Miranda, can you handle getting pregnant by another man? "
    They both said yes.
    " Well we all know I am ok with Bill having children with another woman. " Tammy smiled at both her daughters " So all the other problems we will and can solve together and it will never break us apart. I feel that in my heart I really do. So we are all ok with this?"
    We all said agreed together and hugged each other. We can talk more and we need to talk more about this but lets have breakfast and then you can all suck ohh sorry thats kiss the cook. We all laughed at my slip of the tongue or was it.
     End Of Part Ten