Daughter Daughter Mom and Me part 5


Britt and Me started to dress. As Britt was putting on her Bikinii bottom she looked down and my white come was running down her legs. "OH Daddy I am going to leak all over the seat you know and this Bikini bottom is not going to soak up all off the come I am leaking out of my. I mean your pussy " Well pumpkin don't you think it helped you get full of my come ? I asked with a sinfull smile on my face. " You are so very bad Daddy " Britt said with an equally sly smile " Yes it did help me get your pussy full of wonderfully hot creamy come that I wanted so very badly when we where at the store this morning. And this bikinii helped in ways I have not told you about yet. " Britt really had a sexy mischievous grin on her face now " Daddy I just didn't think I would get to enjoy the feeling of you shooting your hot come inside my pussy untill tonight. Wow you really shoot ALOT of come in a girl.
  I needed to defend myself. Its not my fault Pumpkin. I was only doing what you ask me to do and how could I know that you really where supposed to keep me out of your pussy. I was just doing what came instinctively. Fucking a hot wet willing pussy and remember the third time you started all of it. If you remember I said we should go and you just bewitched me! I was helpless! Before I knew WHAT was going on you had my cock in your pussy. Begging me to fuck you. Begging me to fill you with all my come.

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   WHAT COULD I DO ? I had to give you my come didn't I. I would never NOT do something you where begging me to do now would I ? Your not so innocent daughter even thow I admitt I was not thinking about my car seat. How it would get drenched when I was filling you all three times. So its just as much your fault my car seat is going to get messy! As for shooting all my come deep inside you. DID I HEAR you complain at anytime? NOOOOO!!! I look at Britt and she was looking at me with smiles on both of our faces. We really enjoy teasing each other. " I guess I didn't complain but I should have Daddy. " Britt fell silent for a moment " How could I complain its what I have wanted you to do for so long you know. " Britt laughed and kissed me, my hands gravitated up to her nipples. I gave then a quick hard sqeeze and then pushed the cups over her breasts again even thow I really did not want this day to end. Lets go Pumpkin and we started to walk to the car. Britt was walking with her legs tight together, almost like a waddle and I couldn't resist saying something about the way she was walking. AHHH pumpkin your kinda walking funny. " I am trying my best Daddy to keep as much of your come inside me thats why I am walking this way. Remember I BEGGED you to fill me three times for a reason.

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   " And that reason was pumpkin? I wanted the banter between us both to continue. I knew we both like to tease each other. " Well I believe the reason is I am trying to get pregnant with your BABY was I not telling you to knock me up or was it DADDY PLEASE GET ME PREGNANT! I think thats what I was screaming. Or I know what is was I was screaming DADDY I WANT YOUR BABY FILL ME WITH YOU BABYMAKERS!!!!!  Daddy did you not understand what I was telling you when I was moaning and begging you to fuck me and come deep inside my pussy? " Britt said sarcastically and then started to giggle as she turned her head over her shoulder to look at me with those great big beautifull blue eyes of hers. " Daddy quit teasing me your so bad and mean to me. Your come does not do any good if it all leaks out of my pussy now does it! " Britt had the most delectable smile on her curving lips. I am sorry pumpkin I could not help myself you know how much of a turn on it is for me when you tell me how much you want me to make you pregnant. " Are you getting hard right now hearing me talk about how I want you to get me pregnant Daddy? How I want your baby inside me? How I will beg you to fill my pussy with your babymakers? How I am trying my hardest to keep as much of your come inside my pussy so your seed will find my egg and knock me up? Are you getting hard right now Daddy thinking about how much your daughter wants you to fuck her again when we get to the car? How I am going to bend over the hood as soon as we get to the car Daddy drop my bikini bottoms and stick my pussy out so you can take me again with your hard cock and how I will beg you to fill my willing pussy with more of your hot sticky milky white come. Is that making you hard Daddy?" I grabed Britt by the hips and pulled her ass to my hard cock. Does that answer all your questions Pumpkin. " MMM Yes Daddy it does. " Are you wet thinking about how my cock is going to go deep inside you when you bend over Pumpkin? How its going to go deep in you and fuck you hard till I send more of my seed deep into you. How my seed is going to seek your egg till it finds it and make you pregnant? Is that making you wet Pumpkin? " OHHH YES DADDY I'M SO WET MY PUSSY IS ON FIRE FOR YOU ! " Theres the car Pumpkin. Britt reached behind her back and gave my hard cock a hard embrase and moaned. Then walked over to the car, looked around to see no one could see us and bent over the hood and spread her legs apart.

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   Reached for the string on her Bikinii bottom pulled it and it droped to the ground. Her pussy was gleaming with her juices and my three loads of come, soon to be four loads of my babymakers, turned her head looked at me and said in that sensuous voice she has " Please fuck me again Daddy " I walked up behind Britt, pulled my shorts to the ground freeing my raging hard on and stepped up behind her. I grabed my cock and started to run the head or my prick up and down Britts great slit. Britt tried to push back as my cock was near her entrance but I would not give her my cock yet. She had teased me to get me hard and fuck her. I liked it alot more than I could really understand but she was my slave and I had to teach her who belonged to who. " Please Daddy fuck me " Called me Master slave " Yes Master please master fuck your slave, please fuck your pussy, please fill me with your seed master " I was just moving up her slit when I felt her entrance and I could not resist her pussy anymore. I burried my self deep into Brit with one stroke. Her pussy enveloping me. I was hooked on her and she knew it " OH YES MASTER FILL ME WITH YOU HARD COCK " Play with yourself slave I want to feel you come all over my cock when I come deep inside you. Britt reach down and started to rud her clit " OH Master my pussy is on fire with you deep inside me, make your slaves pussy beg for you. Make it want you every hour of every day. " I know you want my hard cock every minute slave, its my pussy isn't it slave. " Yes Master it's your pussy only yours " And if another man want to take it slave? " Your slave only wants your cock master only your cock ever. Give your slave what she wants master give her a good fucking " I really started to slam Britts pussy again and she was all for it, " Yes Master fuck your slave hard.

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   Ravish your slaves cunt Master. FUCK ME HARD! " Britt is a great fuck and I was going to fuck her every chance I got for the rest of my life. Britt and I got into that great rhythm that did come naturallly to us. It was like we had been lovers for years. We moved as one person, we both just knew how to fuck each other. As I slamed hard into her tight pussy Britt moved back to push me deeper it was just automatic for us. I am going to come slave. Fill you with more of my seed. Come over my cock slave. " YES DADDY! OH DADDY I want your baby DADDY! PLEASE DADDY tell your daughter and slave how much you want me to get PREGNANT! TELLLLLLLLLLLLL MMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEE PLEASE DADDY DAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I 'M " Britts pussy clinched my cock and I started to shoot deep inside her for the fourth time today. Oh Britt I am filling you with my child. I want you to get pregnant so badly. Britt I need to hear you say your pregnant. I want you to give me a child. I love you Britt I love you so much.

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   " Yeeeeeeeeeeees Daddy I will give you as many children as you want! I love you too Daddy I love you so much. "
As we started to descend from another fantastic sexual union. I automatically kept my cock in Britt for as long as I could. Trying to keep as much of my come in Britts pussy as was possible. I know not many fathers have had the plessure of there daughters willingly making love to them. I know some fathers take there daughters without there consent and I know I would never have done that but both my alluring daughters wanted to be with me. One had my child already growing inside her and my younger daughter wanted to get pregnant. There is nothing like having your daughter tell you to make her pregnant. Nothing, its erotic ,its excitting, and for me it got me harder than I have ever been. I knew I would never stop trying to make Miranda and Britt pregnant. If I had 12 children from both of them I will. I own a large bussiness. I can afford a huge familly. " Wow Daddy you really know how to fuck me. I come so hard when you're inside me.

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  " My cock poped out of Britt and come started to rush our of her. We both knew there was no use in trying to stop it and anyways I was going to give her another load as soon as I could. Britt stood up bent her knees and grabed her bottoms from the ground, " Should I put these on Master?" Daddy pumpkin and do you want to put them on? " No Daddy I want to make love to you again but I guess we should go home. " Britt's blue eyes told me she was sad at the thought of going home. " I don't want to go home. I want you all to myself. I want you fucking my pussy and only my pussy. I don't want you coming in anyone but me Daddy. I do know its wrong to be jealous of Miranda but I am Daddy. She has your baby. She is going to be your wife, and she is my mistress, I belong to her but I really belong to you Daddy, only to you. " Britt kissed me very softly, I could almost not feel her lips on mine " I love you Daddy You really don't know how deep my love for you is. I have waited for this moment for a long time. Longer then you think. The first time I had a sexual urge it was for you.

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   My first passionate kiss was going to be with you. The first time I explored my body with my hands and fingers I was thinknig it was your hands and fingers on my body. I have wanted to be your lover, Your WIFE since I was NINE YEARS OLD Daddy. Alot longer than Miranda has wanted to be with you, why did you never try to take me Daddy? " Britt timidly looked at me. " I tried to show you, remember I would wear those red shorts, the one that really hugged my ass. I wore them for you Daddy. I wanted you to look at my ass it was the only thing back then I could show you " A little smile coming to Britts mouth " I did not have these big tits back then. I wish I had, I would have worn tops to make sure you saw them. I wore anything I could find to show you I wanted you to come to my bedroom at night. I wore Baby tees, the shortest dresses I had. I wore dresses with no panties on! Hoping you would get a good look at my pussy and ass as I was sitting on the sofa or chair. I even would make sure you and I would meet in the hall after I had a shower and I was wearing nothing but a towel. Then I saw your hard cock for the first time. One morning Mom was giving you a blow job in the bathroom. I watched as Mom sucked your big cock.

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   Watched her swallow your hugh load. I wanted it to be my mouth taking that load Daddy. God how I wanted you to make me your woman, your lover, nothing I did back them made you want to take me to your bed. Made you want my mouth on your cock. Made you want my pussy and ass. Made you want to get me pregnant. I had fantasies everyday and night I was your wife and pregnant with your child. For months I fingered myself thinking of you fucking me, you never did till today. One night just before my 10th birthday with Mom and Miranda out shopping for my party. You where in your bedroom. I finally got enough guts to stand outside your closed door, naked, I started play with myself thinking I was your wife and you where waiting for me to come in OUR bedroom and we would make love and I would get pregnant. I was hoping you would come out see me, replace my fingers that where buried in my cunt with your hard cock. That never happened. After awhile I just gave up hope that you would want me. I even stop getting myself off.

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   I just gave up even after I started to grow these monster tits that I could show you. Then I saw Miranda and Kim in a 69 one night when you and Mom where out for dinner. I watched them make love. I watch as Mirnda tongue was licking Kim's pussy, Kim's tongue deep in Miranda's pussy, then Kim fucked Miranda's pussy with the strap on that she now uses on my ass. It got me so hot I went back to my room and I fingered myself for the first time in a long time Daddy. It was Miranda at first I was thinking about as I finger fucked myself but I soon was thinking of your hard cock in me, fucking me hard and filling my pussy with your hot come. After Kim left Miranda was so depressed. I started to hang around with her more to cheer her up but I also want to have her fuck me too. We would spend hours in her room or mine talking about you and Mom, about sex with guys, cloths, how school was going for both of us, we really became close and I knew I was falling in love with her. The kind of love that sisters are not supposed to feel for each other, the kind of love I have for you Daddy. Then one night Miranda asked me if I liked girls, I told her I thought I did and we kissed. Miranda and I made love for hours even after you and Mom came home that night. Willingly I became her sex slave. Even as I gave myself to Miranda, I wanted it to be you I was giving myself too. As my feelings for sex came back so did my need to be with you Daddy, even stronger than when I was nine! I told Miranda I wanted more than anything to have you fuck me Daddy, to make me your wife to get me pregnant.

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   I thought Miranda did not want you, she had never said anything to me that she did till I told her I wanted you. I thought she was a lesbian really. Then she told me one night the one thing that hurt me so much! She wanted you too, she wanted your baby and she told me I was going to help her get you to become her lover. I was her slave. She was my mistress, the woman I loved! I could not say no to her and anyways you still did not pay any attention to my body in a sexual way so I thought you would never want me. Miranda told me I was to help her research about when the best times of the month where to get pregnant. I even helped her the night before she told you she wanted to to be your lover. I help her to take that test they have, you know Daddy it tells you when your most fertile. I was not to dress sexy in front of you Daddy after Miranda decided she was to be your woman, Miranda FORBIBE IT! I wanted to start to dress in short short skirts, the ones that would barely cover my ass. I would not wear thongs or panties so you could see my pussy when I flashed you. Low cut T shirts with no bra so you could see my tits and hard nipples. GOD I wanted you to notice how my body had developed, how big my tits where how my ass looked and how I wanted you to FUCK ME! But Miranda wanted you to be with her so I had to keep my desires for you to myself while I helped Miranda become your lover.
    The day you and her where first together Daddy. I took the fertility test. I was fertile that day too Daddy.


       I could have given you a baby that day! All day long as I kept Mom busy I just wanted to be with you. I wanted to be the one you where making love to that day Daddy. I wanted to be the one who was sucking your wonderful cock. I wanted to be the one taking you deep inside. I wanted it to be my pussy you where filling with your sperm since I was ready to get PREGNANT! I wanted to be telling you to knock me up. But it was Miranda that was getting pregnant that day with your baby not me and I started to die inside. I felt I would never get to be yours Daddy. My dream I had for so long was dead. I was so depressed for a month and very very unhappy. I refuse to make love to Miranda for two weeks after that day and when Miranda and I had SEX! Not make love but had SEX! I was dead inside! I did not want anyone ever to touch me again. I only had SEX with Miranda after that because I was her slave and it was my DUTY to please her so I did have sex with her but it was only SEX not like before when I was making love to the woman I love. I had just lost everything inside that makes me, ME! "
      I am sorry Britt I didn't know, I had no idea any of this was going on. I am so sorry Pumpkin it must have been horrible for you. I am sorry I put you threw that! " You did not put me threw anything Daddy, you didn't know and I could not tell you and Miranda would not have told you. Then Miranda gave me permission to give myself to you.

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       I was so happy. My dream to be with you could live again! She knew why I was so depressed and mad at the world. She knows I could really have screwed you both. I would never ever have done that I promise Daddy. I would never have hurt YOU and Miranda and Mom like that but I could have and she knows it. Miranda knew if she did not at lest allow me to become your slave it might be trouble for her. You where going to find out about Miranda and me being Dom and slave anyways and Miranda and You are married in every sence. You just don't have a piece of paper that says you are married if that really makes a difference. Miranda is pregnant with your baby and Miranda feels safe now that you will not leave her for me and I do not want you too either! I really don't want that to happen. I don't want to hurt Miranda and it would hurt her deeply if you even tried to leave her for me. It would hurt Mom just as much too. I won't let you do that no matter how much I love you Daddy. " Britt paused for a few second collecting her thoughts. " She knew I wanted to be with you and if she could control when you fucked me I would not get pregnant for many months maybe years and by that time you and her would be happilly married and even if I got pregnant I would be happy just being fucked by you and get pregnant once. We would never be man and wife like her and you where.

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       You and Me would be just happy with me being your slave and mother of only one of your children and not your wife ever. I am not stupid Daddy I know that is what she is thinking. She made me promise not to give you my pussy untill she could be there. Why would she do that if she did not want to control when you took my pussy for the first time? To start to control when you took my pussy after tonight! I Didn't care what she was trying to do. I would have promised anything to be with you. To atlest tell you I wanted you even if you told me you did not want me the same way, you would finally know how I felt. I was not going to keep you from knowing how I love you anymore. I was going to do my best to seduce you but if you did not want me. I would tell you. " Britt was shaking. " HOW I DO LOVE YOU DADDY!" Britt paused then started again " Miranda picked the day I could give myself to you. She knows my cycle and that I am not going to be very fertile today. So you can come in me tonight and tommorow without much chance of getting me pregnant but when your cock touched my pussy lips for the first time Daddy. My dream I have had for three years of you going deep inside my pussy was coming true. I was going to let you inside me, promise or not.

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      " Britt paused for a second, she was thinking weather she should go on or not then. " Daddy I know Miranda is going to try and keep you from fucking me after tonight and tommorow! In the next 24 to 48 hours I am going to be in the perfect time of the month for you to make me pregnant Daddy. I have waited three long years to get pregnant with your baby and know that we are lovers and you know I want to have your baby. " Britt was on the edge of breaking down now. " I AM NOT GOING TO LET ANYONE TAKE AWAY THE BEST CHANCE I HAVE EVER HAD FOR YOU TO MAKE ME PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Britt started to cry and I just brought her to me and held her tight for a few minutes till she calmed down and stoped crying a little. " I am being selfish I know. But now you know why I want to get pregnant so badly today. I love Miranda very much as a sister and my lover. I want her to be my mistress. I am very happy she is pregnant with your baby. I can even be happy with just being your slave and sub and Miranda being your wife thow maybe if we had been together when I was nine. If I had been more like Miranda and just told you I want us to be lovers, walked into your bedroom that night and made you fuck me. I would be getting married to you instead of Miranda. We would already have at lest one child. Well probably not Daddy I know it would not have happened then.

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       Daddy I want to have your children and Miranda's not going to control when I get pregnant or how many children I have with you. Yes Daddy I want more than one child with you. I want as many children as you want to give me and the only one I want to have control over me getting pregnant and how many times I get pregnant is you! If I was Miranda's dom I would never try to control when you got her pregnant. I would be happy for her like I am now because I know Miranda loves you and wants to be with you. Wants to make you happy. I know she does make you happy too. I have no doudt about that Daddy and you should not either, she really loves you as much as I do and you make her happy I can see it. But if I was your wife and you wanted Miranda I would be happy to share your love and children with her, it would make you happy so it would make me happy. I wish Miranda understood that Daddy, we can both make you happy and you can make us both happy. You have made Mom happy for all these years. All four of us could be together as husband and wives!"
    I was SUPPOSED to keep you out of my pussy today remember. I promised Miranda I would. You know Daddy I thought I would just plessure you orally, have your creamy come in my mouth. Then you would fuck and fill me deep inside my ass today. I thought I could keep from leaking with your come deep in my ass.

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       I never did get to have that plessure of feeling you shoot my ass full of come Daddy and now that I know how large your loads are I know my ass would leak come for hours too. I can't sqeeze my asshole tight enough to keep even one of your hot come loads in my ass for long. " Britt sqeezed her cheeks together with her hands and smiled. " Unless I walk around with my hand sqeezing my ass together. GOD I wish Miranda had told me just how much you come. Even your fourth load today was huge! I knew I would swallow ever drop of your come, that was not going to be a problem for me. And tonight when I was supposed to let you take my pussy, Miranda and Mom will be waiting to lick all your come out of my pussy. So I didn't bring anything that would at lest keep the seat dry, a towel even some paper napkins would help keep the seat dry I think. THEN You had to ask me didn't you Daddy. " What did I have to ask you Pumpkin? Britt eyes sparkled. " You had to ask me to let you slip just a few inches of your long hard cock into my willing VIRGIN PUSSY!. A few inches of the cock I have waited to take in me for so long. I had to reach down and take your hard cock and guide it to my pussy Daddy and BAM! next thing I know you are deep in me. You had taken my virginity I had waited to give you and only you. I am a women and your fucking me OHHH SO WELL and I am begging you to shoot me full of your come.

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       THREE times Daddy I begged you to fill me and did you think about what my leaking pussy will do to the car seat as you where filling me with all this come Daddy? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you where just thinking about knocking up your pure sweet innocent daughter weren't you Daddy. " Britt looked at me with a lecherous smile and then her hands went to her tits and slid both cups to the side, exposing her hard nipples to her fingers and my eyes. " So you just shot all your hot creamy babymaking come into my waiting and ohhh so willing pussy. THREE TIMES you gave my pussy all of your hot come! Its all your fault Daddy that I will make a mess of your car seat. " Britt and I started to chuckle . .



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