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Date with neighbourby skyclear
I am Satish, married have 3 children, my wife is also working she is a teacher, we live in a place called Vapi, my wife is not very beautiful but is kind and loves me a lot, our children are all in primary school, we live in flat sytem in a big apartment society. We have lot of neighbours but one such neighbour is very sexy her name is Margaret she has 1 daughter and her husband works for a multinational company they are a happy couple. Margaret (called as Maggy) is a very sexy lady she has a great figure & is admired by almost all male in the society, She always wears skirt, & whenever she sits or crosses her legs in sitting position her panties are seen, this is a exciting thing & I always made it a point to visit her house with my wife and gossip and talk to her and family, since they are a Christian family they used to keep hot drinks in the house, she knew I was interested in having a drink & she used to offer me and whenever she used to serve the drinks she had tobend her big boobs could be seen from her dress, this used to make me mad and my prick would throb inside my pants.

Maggy used to godaily for jogging to see her running I also started jogging, it was nice to see her boobs jumping it was a marvelous scene, infact all the men in the society had started exercising in the morning just to watch her,Maggy’s husband Rocky used to come home late he was a busy man, he hardly had time for his wife and daughter, he was interested in making money and money. At times even if Rocky would be home and we visited them he would talk rashly to his wife in front of us or would insult her, Maggy would feel bad and we used to also feel bad & at times my wife and myself would give her encouragement and pat her back, once when I tried to pacify her by patting her on the back she started sobbing and hugged me and her boobs were touching my chest which made me mad, As I patted her back my hands slipped down to her bums and felt her sexy ass, she did not say anything nor did she object,one day Maggy called me to tell that her Mixer was not working, could I please check it I immediately went to her and asked her to operate it she was doing so when I went behind her my body touching hers and kept her locked inbetween and managed to repair the mixer, my prick was erect and was touching her bums in the center, she then said thanks and asked me how it felt locking her in that position for which I told her it was a fantastic experience & would want to feel her more & left immediately to my house as her daughter was also present in the house.

Once my family had gone out of station so I went to their house to borrow some curds, the door was open and Rocky was talking to his friends, I asked for Maggy he said she is inside, & I went inside to look for her, I could not find her inside her room then I could hear that someone was in the bathroom, in the next moment she came outside only with a towel around her seeing me she was shocked and said how come I was inside I gave her the reason and told Rocky asked me to go in, she said wait I will change and come and give you the curds, she went into her bedroom but from the place where I was standing could see her change my goodness her figure was great it was 32-26-30, she knew that I was observing her change the clothes,She dressed and came out and said come I will give you curds and asked me to follow her to thekitchen and from behind I admired her bums, she asked me as to what I was staring at, immediately I asked her when you are doing work how can you see behind so she laughed and said that is what all men do.

I immediately told her that she was beautiful and good looking & she had maintained herself properly, she smiled and said don’t say all this just to make me happy, I told herthat she hadgreat body and a fantastic boobs and bums, she smiled and said you are being too naughty and gave me the curds, when she was handing over the curds to me I felt her hands on me it was as if a lightening had struck & that is when I told her that I wanted to date her, she blushed and asked me to come for dinner in the evening,

Rocky came home early and asked me to come over to have a drink after 2 rounds of drink he called Maggy and told her to bring cards so that we play together, Rocky asked Maggy to put the daughter to sleep so she would not be disturbed, Maggy took her daughter inside and made her sleep and then came back and we started playing cards after 3 to 4 games our interest was fading out that is when it struck to me an idea which I expressed to her & Rocky that we will play games but who ever wins will ask the other person to do some work for 2 mintues this way we would enjoy. The first game was won by Maggy she asked me to massage her back & told Rocky to massage her legsI started massaging her back and she was enjoying, I was also enjoying and my dick was also erect after that again we played and she won again this time she asked me to massage her leg & she told Rocky to massage her head and as I started massaging her frock had gone upwards and massaged till her knees she was enjoying and then it was my turn to win asked her to massage my back, & told Rocky to massage my legs I removed my shirt and she started rubbing my back, she admired and said that I have a good muscular body after that she won the next game this time she asked me to massage her waist line & she asked Rocky to go and see if he could fry some papad while massagingher waist line

I was touching her sensitive parts my hands made it to her bums after that it was my turn to win this time I asked her to massage my chest which she started doing sitting on me, her frock had gone way ahead upwards above the knee and I started feeling her thighs, when she was massaging my chest I was massaging her thighs, she had ignited fire in me and she was also ignited but somewhere she was afraid of Rocky who had come with the papad & then we again started playingRocky while playing was teasing his wife and kissing her this was making me more wild and hot, the phone started ringing Rocky said that it was his call he went to attend that is the time I kept my hands on Maggy’s thighs and started feeling it, she was also hot her legs were touching my legs she got up and went to bring some snacks that is the time I took a sleeping tablet and put it in Rocky’s drink,after Rocky returned myself andMaggy started munching the snacks and started playing two more rounds in which Rocky had three rounds of whisky & that is when my hands started roaming Maggy’s back, rocky was interested inplaying & was interested in his booze and he was getting high that is when  Myself  slipped my hand inside her frock down to her belly and then slowly inched lower and lower, gently caressing my way down to her inner thighs, caressing the silkiness of her inner thighs.

    Maggy enjoyed the way she was getting aroused she couldn’t resist as she felt me softly massaging her pussyMy hands pushed her legs farther apart and the feel of my  strong hands were driving her mad, sending chills up her spine and turning her blood into warm honey that stirred and pooled in her belly awaiting release, Rocky was unaware since he was in his own world the booze had given a strong kick with a sleeping pill mixed it had taken him to heavenand he went inside the bedroom asking maggy to give me company, we went behind him to see he went inside and collapsed on the bed. she pulled me to her and started kissing me She put her smooth arms around my neck, pulled me closer. I felt her breasts pressing against my chest. The softness of her breasts was stimulating. She then started kissing me on my neck, chest andmy lips. Then suddenly we began to kiss passionately & soon we were liplocking. The taste of her lips alongwith the lipstick was awsome. I sucked her lips hard so does she.

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      I was surprised that she was a perfect kisser. Then we started playing with our tongues. Her tongue massaging my tongue & we kissed deeper & deeper. I removed her Blouse &began caressing her boobs. Her nipples were so hard that I cud feel them over her clothes. Soon I put my hand under her slip & found her bra & unlocked it. She too began opening my shirt. I found the zip of her frock& slowly pulled it down along with the bra. The sight of her perfect breasts made my cock very hard. they were huge,the shape & curves made me mad. I grabbed her boobs & began kissing them. The nipples were so erect & hard & tasty too. I began wriggling my tongue over her tits. She started moaning. I bit her nipples with my teeth & sucked them harder I pulled off my pant & underwear & now we both were completely naked.

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    The sight of Her firm breasts,curvy body & juicy cunt I can never forget in my life. I started kissing her navel & going down I went over her pussy. Her cunt was fully wet. The hairs around had also become wet. I began to kiss around the bush. It was lovely hairy pussy. As I kissed her clitoris she spread her legs wide so that I could get my tongue inside the vagina. my tongue went deep inside & I began to lick it. . It was so tasty that I began to swallow the juices which came out of the cunt. As I licked it deeper & harder she began to moan loudly, and asked me to suck her more, she said she was enjoying it and never had such pleasureable nights before For sometime I fingered her & again licked it deep. She was enjoying & of course me too. Then I took out my tongue & went over her mouth. She was eagerly waiting to taste her own mucus & I gave her as I kissed her deep in her mouth along with my saliva. She licked my mouth completely with her tongue.

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       I took her fleshy and spongy boobs in my palms and pressed them. I squeezed them gently, and at the same time I was kissing and sucking her juicy lips. It was great doing that. Then I changed my position and held her from behind. I placed my hands on her luxuriant boobs. I again started caressing, fondling, pressing and squeezing her boobs.

    Oh, her boobs were quite firm and tight despite the fact that she was married and and her boobs might be squeezed hard by her hubby every now and then. I told her while pressing and squeezing her fleshy boobs that the pair of boobs she possessed were really firm and tight. She thanked me for the compliments in a very sexy way amidst moans and sighs, while rubbing my mouth on her boobs for quite some time, took her hard pointed nipples in my mouth and sucked them one by one. She held me tightly moaning sexily. She kept on caressing my hairs and sighed all through. Her young nude body had become very hot. Then my mouth again shifted to her crotch and thighs. I kissed her smooth and silky thighs and crotch. I brushed them with my lips again and again Maggy was writhing her sexy body in ecstasy and joy.

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       She lay straight on the bed & inviting me to come closer to her. She was looking at me sexily. She was moving her arms sometimes up and some times round her sexy looking belly. That gave slight jerks to her fleshy breasts. Her fleshy breasts stood firm like mounds. The shape of her breasts were were quite tempting that time. Her hard nipples were pointing upward straight on the tips of each of her well developed shapely breasts. The roundness of her fleshy breasts were simply luring and inviting then told herdarling, I know, you want fucking now…. …. now you are fully hot …. …. and want strong strokes from me thenseparated her sexy thighs and positioned my self between them. Her pussy was wet,pushed my hard erect dick tight inside her vagina. Oohhh, it was very hot. The hot lubricant inside her vagina eased my entry in to her.

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       My hard and stiff penis had no problem in entering her vagina. I gave some pushes and was then completely inside her. She moaned in ecstasy I toldthat I was completely inside her. I told her that I had pushed the full length of my dickinto her lovely pussyna. She told that she was longing for it and wanted me to fuck her at my will,Itold her that even in my dreams had not imagined that this holidays would be the best of my life,My penis was getting harder and harder. In the beginning I made slow movements. She held me within her arms and started moaning in low sexy voice she encircled her thighs around my waist, pushed my fully erect cock a little bit more inside her with more vigour. Her voice became slightly louder.

    I went on fucking her gently. After some time She arched her legs and thighs up so as to give way more to me more inside her. I made more thrust. she was accommodating me more and more that way inside her. I increased my speed a little more. She was just sighing and moaning making sexy voice I increased my speed. I was stroking hard into her.

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       I was trying to push my cock more and more into her. My cock was going and coming fast to and from her pussy. I was stroking. She was wriggling. She gave me all support with her haunches and I was romping fast. She was sighing and moaningMy piston was working fast into her bore. . . please go on fucking like this don’t stop it is giving me pleasureher wet pussy touching my balls each time she landed on my lap. Sometimes she went down slow and easy, letting me feel her soft flesh as my cock entered, and sometimes she hammered me, slamming against my lap with all the force she could muster. She worked and stroked me. The large bed groaned and creaked as we were doing it wildly. She was doing something magical with her hips now, twirling them in slow circling motions round and round, and I was grunting, heaving up under her. She bent over me, her superb back arching, rubbing herself against me. All I could do was grip her hips and indulge the sensation.

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    She fell on to my chest and said, "Hold me tightly. " I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed. She held her cheek to mine. I took over the movement below by arching my hips. I withdrew my penis till only the head remained inside her cunt and waited for a few seconds. Then I gave a mighty push, which buried my whole dick in Maggy’s cunt. And Maggy wrapped her legs tightly around and locked my hips, and while she grabbed my hips she pushed me again inside her. This time it felt a lot better. I was enjoying this a lot. We both were too exhausted and I asked her to finish it. And I increased my rhythm of stroking. After few minutes she and I both came together with full of sperms in her pussy from my heavy load . I came so hard I felt like someone let the air out of me, we lay there for a while and were kissing each other. This time I was kissing her with lot of love, because she gave me lot of pleasure, the pleasure that could not be enjoyed with my wife. I love my wife and we have a successful sex life and she has always made me happy, but with Maggy it was different.

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      After few months Rocky and Maggy shifted to Valsad since Rocky’s factory had shifted there after that our meetings or seeing her was reduced since it was quite far, we are still in touch, names have been changed to keep the identity a secret.



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