Dan's First Time


Topic: Dan's First TimeHave you ever had one of those defining moments in your life where all your pre-conceptions of how things are going to be, change for the better. It happened to me a few weeks ago and since then, I haven’t looked back. I’m Dan, 18 and in the middle of my sixth form year. While all my mates are out for all the sex they can get, I’ve decided to wait until I find the right girl or woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with. About two weeks ago, I got pretty flushed at school when a girl in my class began rubbing my cock under the desk. I could feel my hard on building but didn’t fancy this girl enough, to want to do anything with her. After class, I went to the toilets and began to beat my meat. After I had cum, I returned to my lessons and waited for the last bell to ring. Jessie tried rubbing me again and I had the same reaction. I couldn’t believe she was so into me but again I ignored it. After class I again headed for the toilets but they were occupied so in desperation, I headed home, knowing my parents wouldn’t be home for hours and my elder sister was away till the end of the week. I got into my bedroom, stripped and lay on my bed; I closed my eyes and began to beat myself off again. I was in a world of my own, stroking myself with a big smile on my face, when I became aware of another presence in my room. My eyes flew open and stood in the doorway was Bella, my older sister, by 5 years. She was staring at my meat and then I saw her lick her lips. I attempted to cover myself up but she was having none of it.

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   She was already standing by my bed and as I pulled the sheet over me, she immediately pulled it off again. Then to my surprise, Bella sat down on the bed and took hold of my meat and began to stroke it. It felt weird but nice as she started to move faster on my shaft. I wanted to tell her to stop but I couldn’t get any words out. Then I started to feel another sensation on my meat. This was warm and tingly. I opened my eyes in disbelief; Bella was now licking the bell end of my meat and putting it into her mouth. I moaned and slumped back onto the bed. I could feel my balls start to tingle and knew I was getting close to exploding for the second time that day. I reached out to Bella but in the confusion I touched her breasts. This and with what she was doing, sent me over the edge and released rope after rope of hot sticky cum into her mouth. She was still sucking on my meat as the last drops went into her throat. After that I fell asleep. When I woke, my quilt was over me and I was on my side facing the window. I turned over to get my bearings again but was even more surprised to see Bella lying in bed with me.

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   As I looked again, I could see that she had removed her upper clothes and as I sat upright to speak to her I could see she was actually naked. Come to think it, so was I. She pulled my arm from under me and once again I fell onto the bed facing her. Bella then kissed me and asked if I was still a virgin. When I replied yes, she said, not for long Dan, not for long. Bella was still stroking my meat and I was already hard, then without warning she straddled my body and sank her pussy onto my rock hard member. As for waiting for sex, I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed Bella’s waist and thrust my meat deep inside her pussy. Bella was hot and I just wanted her. Right at that moment everything else was forgotten and I began to fuck her without a care in the world. I asked her if I could get on top, she lifted off me and lay on her back, I positioned myself and without asking, buried my throbbing meat into her sopping wet cunt. As I pounded into her she was screaming and howling at me and I just didn’t care who heard us. After nearly thirty minutes, I exploded inside her and even though I had cum, I just kept going. Bella was my sister and my first sexual conquest. When I’d finished I rolled off her and talked about the day I’d had with Jessie. Bella suggested I take the advantage, if Jessie strokes me again.

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  With over an hour to go before our parents got home Bella and I made love again and agreed to carry on as often as we could. Jessie’s story to follow….



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