Damn Tired Part 1


Damn Tired Part 1 
I was tired from this last trip. I pulled up to the garage and got out of my truck and walked up to the front door. I knew my wife wasn’t home, because she went to work early that morning.
I reached into my pants pocket and fumbled for the keys. I got up to the house and unlocked the front door and walked in. The house seemed unusually warm this morning. Normally my wife sets the temperature at 65 degrees. So I went into the kitchen and checked the thermostat and it was sat at 75 degrees. So I turn it back down.
After putting my jacket in the closet I turned and saw that there was a message on the phone so I went over and pushed the play button and listened to it. It was my wife saying “honey be real quiet when you get in because Garnett (our 18 yr. old niece) is in the guest room sleeping”.
I just about had a heart attack knowing that the 18-yr. old sex kitten was in our house.
Let me get you back up to the speed on this.
My wife’s sister (Sandy) had just moved back from back east.

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   We hadn’t seen her or Garnett in about 3 yrs. What I remembered of Garnett was that she always stayed with us when they visited. She was only 18 yrs. Old the last time I saw her and was able to get my cock hard just the way she use to sashay around in front me in her little girl pajama’s. She always had to sit on my lap when we watched movies or for that fact just regular TV. She always squirmed around on me always on my cock. Making sure she always rubbed my hardness.
For an Uncle and Niece we were always close, being that her mom never married the father. I guess I was the substitute.
Anyway back to the story.
I went to the bathroom and was getting ready to take my shower. I had stripped completely, and just for the heck of it I looked in the mirror and checked out my 32-yr. old body. Not in bad shape for that age. My belly stuck out alittle but wasn’t that bad.

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   Then I looked further down and took my still soft cock in my hand and rubbed it a bit. It wasn’t big by all means I guess it was standard size. 6 inches long when fully erect and about 2 ½ inches round.
I turned and leaned into the shower stall and turn on the water and adjusted it. When I was done I stepped inside and closed the door and leaned into the spray. “Damn” it felt good. I stood there for a while just letting the hot water spray my body.
I opened my eyes and noticed that the hot water was steaming up the shower door and that meant I had it at the right temperature. So I turned and got the bottle of shampoo and squeezed some onto my hand and proceeded to wash my hair. I was humming to myself when all of a sudden I felt a chilly breeze come from over the top of the shower door. I couldn’t look to see what was going on because I had shampoo in my eyes.
Then I heard a voice saying “Morning Uncle Greg, I have to go pee real bad”. I knew it had to be Garnett, I felt relatively safe knowing that the shower door was fogged up and she could not see anything.
I continued to wash-up and thought that by the time I finished, Garnett would be all done going potty and had gone back to bed. I rinsed off and opened the door and reached for a towel off the rack.

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   But what happened at that moment was going to change the rest of my life.
Standing there bare ass naked was a little girl that had blossomed into and very sexy young lady. I froze looking first at her long brown hair slowly lowering my gaze down over her grapefruit size breasts and on down to a sparsely covered pussy.
I had no idea that my own body had reacted in its normal way. I had turned red (how I don’t know because there was no blood in my main parts) and my cock had hardened like it used to do in my younger days.
We both just stood there taking in the views that were offered us. Thinking that Garnett might get scared and run, I wanted to cover myself with the towel that was hanging on the towel rack.
As I reached for the towel, she jerked it away from my grasp and threw it on the floor behind her.
Looking at me she said “Uncle Greg I need to take a shower”. I was still inside the stall as she moved past facing me and rubbing her breasts against my chest and she even somehow rubbed my cock with the softness of her belly.
I stood there paralyzed not being able to move a muscle.
She turned towards the shower and bent over to turn the water back on. As she did this she moved her tight young ass up against my hard cock.
My cock was sticking straight out at a 90-degree angle from my body and was in perfect alignment with her pussy. She moved backward onto my cock letting my cock slip in-between her legs.

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   Bringing her hips down just a little caused my cock to touch the outer lips of her young cunt.
Bent over as she was, she started moving back and forth over my cock, Squeezing her legs together making a tunnel for my cock to slide through. It took a lot of will power not to grab her hips and dry fuck her right then and there. I just stood there letting her move and squeeze my cock with her legs. I could feel the heat surrounding my cock from her pussy.
    Suddenly I felt something else tugging at me.
    I looked and saw that she had taken the head of my cock in one hand and was jerking on it. “God what a feeling”. She turned her head and looked back over at me smiling. She then reached around her leg with her other hand and gently squeezed my balls. Well in any man’s mind that would do it. And it did. I started shooting my hot cum into her hand that was now cupping the head of my cock.
    I leaned back against the far wall of the shower stall trying to steady myself with my weak legs.
    When I had stopped cumming she rubbed the end of my cock with her other hand that had been squeezing my balls.

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    She pulled away and stood up then turned around bringing her hand (that had held my cock against her pussy) up to her mouth. Licking the remnants of my load that had settled in the palm of her hand. Looking at me with her green eyes she watched my reaction. I looked at her in amazement, as this little vixen that was going to change my life forever licked and swallowed my cum.
    Garnett turned around and finished washing her hair and body. While I stood there in a stunned state just watching. After she had finish rinsing off, she turned around and gasped. “Uncle Greg your cock is still hard is there anything else you want?” I looked down and saw my manhood sticking straight out in all its glory. She reached out and squeezed it one more time before she opened the door and left me standing there in the shower stall with a hard-on.
    When I came out of my stupefied state. I got out of the shower and reached for a towel and dried myself off. My cock was as hard as ever. Once done drying I opened the door of the bathroom and went to my bedroom. My mind was reeling with distraught with what had just occurred.

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