Dad's Card Party


Just as I was trashing and crying out my mother walked into the room and said what the fuck is going on. Dad pull his head from under my skirt looked up at mom with my cum all over his face and said he was punishing me for having a bad report card and trying in use my sexy body to get away with it. I thought mom would be real upset, but she said that along with the tongue lashing that you father just gave you are grounded for the weekend. I protested and pleaded with them because I had a date with the guy with the biggest cock in school, and I wanted it in my mouth and between my legs. After dinner I was told that if I wanted to I could help serve drinks and snacks to the men that would be coming over to play cards, I said O. K. I would help if I could go out on Saturday, they said O. K. Then mom said she had to go upstairs to change into her outfit, and she had one for me if I wanted to dress like a maid. I followed her upstairs and when we entered her bedroom, she went to the closet and brought out two sexy maid’s outfits. I thought to myself that this party could be fun. Mom striped off her clothes and stood in front of the mirror looking at her beautiful 40-year-old 38-26-34 body I said her well preserved body was a knockout. I striped off my clothes and stood in front of the mirror showing off my 34-24-35 body. Mom reached over and put her hands my tits and said honey you have a beautiful body too can I suck on your tits before we get dressed? I said wow this has been a night to remember, as my mother began to suck on my tits. She lead me to the bed and laid me down still sucking on my tits, when she moved down and started to eat my pussy. I thought I was in heaven getting eaten out twice in on night.

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   I started to moan and buck my pussy into her face until I climaxed; it seemed as though I came for ten minutes. When I was done mom looked at me and said thank you Lori I got so hot watching your father eating your pussy I just had to taste it for my self. I said that really felt good thanks you mom, as I started to play with her pussy and tits. I pushed her down on the bed and started sucking her tits and licking down her body until I got to her pussy. I continued to lick her pussy lips and suck her clit until she started moan and pull on her own tits. She came in a flood of cum as I pressed my face into her pussy and sucked as hard as I could. She looked at me an asked if maybe we could do this again someday? I said I was counting on it, and maybe dad could join us. As mom handed me my outfit she said I know you have sex with the boys you date, and you seemed to enjoy your father and me eating your pussy tonight, but I want to tell you what to expect tonight from the men at this card party. There will be five men and your father playing cards tonight. They will play cards for about four hours, and are in the habit of playing with my tits, pussy, and ass, when I serve them drinks. The winner at the end of each hour will ask for sexual favors, most the time it’s a blowjob that I love to do anyway, but by the end of the night some of them will want to fuck, I also like to fuck so I don’t mind. They all have nice size dicks and fill me up really well. I’m telling you this so you won’t be surprised, if one of them grabs you or ask you for a sexual favor. If you don’t want to do anything with these guys just say no and I will satisfy them O. K.

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   I said that as horny as I was tonight I think I will do anything to please them. As mom and I went down stairs in our maid’s outfits the guys began to arrive. John and Paul came together and mom greeted them, John grabbed one tit and Paul felt mom’s pussy, they both look at me. Mom said meet Lori our daughter she will be helping serve tonight. Paul and John reached for me and gave me a hug as they did I could feel the bulges in their pants. I thought this is going to be a very good night. Shortly after John and Paul arrived Andy, Mike, and Frank showed up, mom greeted they and they all felt her up. They looked at me and ask who I was, mom introduced me as her daughter and said I was going to help serve them tonight, they all embraced me and felt my hot pussy and hard nipples. The men went in the den and began their card game, mom and I mixed their drinks and went in to serve them, I served dad first, as I leaned over the table he put a finger into my pussy and rubbed my clit, I looked at him and smiled. Next I served John, he did the same, I served Frank last and he reached up and squeezed my tits. I watched as mom served Andy, Mike, and Paul they had their hands all over mom’s beautiful body. After the first hour, where was a tie for first place between dad and Andy. Andy ask mom to give him a blowjob so she knelt down between his legs and unzipped his pants and pulled out the most beautiful cock I have ever seen, I thought to my self I have to have that cock before the night is over. I went over to dad said sense mom has Andy’s beautiful cock in her mouth I get to service you, so what’s you pleasure. He didn’t say anything right away; so the other guys said Jim what are you going to ask your daughter to do? Dad looked at me and asked will you give me a blowjob honey.

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   I said why not, turnaround is fair play. I knelt between his legs, unzipped his pants and pulled an eight inch cock out and proceed to lick and suck until he came into my mouth, after I swallowed all his cum I licked my lips and said that was great I hope you win again. After mom and I were done sucking those beautiful cocks we went into the kitchen and started to mix another round of drinks, I walked up behind mom and grabbed her tits, she turned around and we kissed. I thanked her for letting me help her tonight and asked if I could eat her pussy again. She looked at me, smiled and said you are one horny girl tonight aren’t you? I told her that after I saw Andy’s cock I was going to have a hard time waiting to the end of the night to feel that big thing inside me. Mom suggested that we speed things up tonight by removing our tops and serving topless. I had my top off in a flash, mom ask what’s you hurry Lori, as mom slowly removed hers. She then reached under her skirt and removed her panties, I looked at her and laid her on the table and sucked her pussy, until we heard the guys asking for their drinks. Again I served dad first and he looked at me as I leaned over the table and set his drink down he took one of my tits into his mouth and began to suck and then reached under my skirt and finger fuck me. I served Andy next and he sucked on my tits and stuck two fingers into my hot pussy, I smiled at him and said I would give him a year to stop. I was so hot I wanted to just rip his clothes off and fuck him right there. Mom served Frank first and as she leaned over the table Frank lifted her skirt and exposed her bare ass, he inserted a finger into her pussy and another in her ass, she smiled at him and gyrated on his hand for awhile. When we returned to the kitchen I ask mom if she had ever been fucked in the ass? She said ho yes Jim fucks her in the ass about once a week and John, Andy, and Mike took turns last month fucking her in the ass. She went on to say that while Andy was fucking her in the ass Jim was fucking her face and Paul was fucking her pussy. She said that last month was the first time I took on three at a time, but is looking forward to doing it again and hoped it would happen tonight.

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  Mom and I went in with another round of drinks at the end of the second hour; John was the big winner for this hour. So mom asks him what he wanted, he said he wanted to eat Lori’s pussy while Jan sucked his cock. So, mom and I proceeded to lay him on the floor unzip his pants take his cock out, we both jacked him off for awhile. Then I took off my panties and sat my cunt over John’s mouth, as mom took his cock in her mouth and started to suck him and play with his balls. John had a very talented tongue and had me cumming in a few minutes, but with mom’s talented mouth John shot his load down her throat at the same time. After we licked him clean we stood around and watched the game, rubbing our bare tits and pussy’s against the guy’s arms and roaming fingers. Frank and Paul tied for the third hour, Frank said he wanted to fuck Jan doggie style, so mom went over to him and got on her hands and knees Frank pulled his 7” cock from his pants and shoved in into moms’ cunt in one stroke. Paul said he wanted me to give him a blowjob, so knelt between his legs unzipped his pants and pulled out the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. It was 9” long and so big around I could hardly get my mouth around it. I started to suck him, but stopped and ask him if he would mind sticking that big cock into my pussy and fucking me hard. He looked at Jim and asks if it was all right with him, dad said it was O. K. if that’s what he and Lori wanted. Paul laid me on the floor and gently inserted his huge cock into my throbbing pussy. Once he was in he started to fuck me slowly, it filled me up and I got so hot I started to yell fuck me big boy, fuck me, fuck me, give it to me, fuck me hard.

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   Paul started to pump faster and faster I yelled I’m cumming, I’m cumming, give me that big cock, give it to me. He jammed his big cock into and I could feel his cum filling me up, I think I died and went to heaven. Dad asked the guys if they wanted to continue to play cards or wanted to play with Jan and Lori? They all said they wanted to play with Jan and me, so the card game was over. Mom and I were standing by the table when Andy grabbed me by the arm an said he wanted to have sloppy seconds, I smiled at him and asked if he wanted me here on the floor or wanted to go to my bedroom? He led me to my room where I quickly removed my skirt and unzipped his pants pulled out his beautiful cock and put in my mouth, I suck him until he was hard as a rock. He removed his clothes and laid me on the bed bent down and licked Paul’s cum from my cunt. He said he liked the taste of pussy juice and cum mixed together. After he licked me clean, he got between my legs and inserted his cock into my waiting pussy. I moaned as he started to pump in and out as in slow motion, I rolled him over on his back and started to thrust up and down on his cock faster and faster. Just as I was about to cum I felt a hand on my back it was Frank, he climbed onto the bed and pushed me forward, lubed my ass and slowly inserted his cock into my ass. I looked around and said that felt really good and to fuck me hard. Then I heard dad’s voice as he walked into my room looked at me, unzipped his pants and inserted his cock into my mouth. Mom was so right there is nothing like three cocks at the same. Dad was the first one to cum and shot his load into my mouth, then Frank groaned and thrust hard as shot his load up my ass. It didn’t take Andy long and cunt was full of his cum. I must have been a site in bed with three men with cum oozing from three holes at the same time.

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   I sucked dad dry and he pulled his cock from my mouth, I leaned forward and kissed Andy in doing so I deposited dad’s cum into his mouth, as we parted he smiled telling me he liked the taste of dad’s cum. Frank pulled his cock from my ass and we all fell in a heap on my bed and rested awhile. As I lay there still oozing with cum running out of my ass and cunt, I feel a tongue licking my pussy I look down and dad had crawled over Andy and was eating Andy’s cum from my cunt. I reached over and took dad’s cock in my hand and started to jack him off until he was hard again, then I looked at Andy laying there and slowly took dad’s cock and inserted it into his mouth. Andy looked surprised but didn’t say a word and began sucking dad’s cock. Dad stopped eating my pussy and looked to see who was giving him head smiled at me and proceeded to get into a 69 position with Andy. Watching what was going on Frank became aroused again and crawled over to me and I took his cock in my mouth and started to lick and suck him. He kept watching dad and Andy, and then he pulled his cock from my mouth got behind dad and slowly inserted his cock in dad’s ass. What a site watching three men having sex together, I got up and went to my mom’s bedroom there was John fucking mom’s ass Mike was fucking her pussy and she was giving Paul a blowjob. I watched until they all came, then I whispered into mom’s ear that the three other men were having sex with each other in my bed. She looked surprised, got up and we went to my room where the three guys were still going at it. Mom looked at me and said Boy’s will be Boy’s. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.