Daddy's Surprise


"Nicki! What the hell do you think you are doing?""Daddy, I couldn't help it, Nicki said, I saw you and Mommy last night and it made me feel funny. ""I thought about it and came to peek at you, and when I saw your thing, it made me feel funny again, and I had to touch it, I already know when I touch mine that it feels good," Nicki said proudly. Bob was in shock, here was his daughter holding his cock in his hand and playing with her pussy, which he noticed was quite wet and only made his cock harder. He didn't know what to do, "Nicki, do you know that what you are doing, a daughter and a father having sex, is thought of as bad?" he sputtered. "But daddy, if it feels good and we love each other, how can it be bad?" Nicki shot back. Nicki's mind was made up, she wanted her daddy to teach her about sex. After seeing her mother moan in delight last night she knew that daddy will be her teacher, whether he likes it or not, she thought with a smile on her face. "Daddy, teach me how to do it? Show me how to fuck!" she said with determination in her voice. "Nicki, we could get in trouble if we did anything" Bob said, his voice trembling. Bob was in a quandry, he wanted so bad to fuck Nicki, to eat out her sweet little pussy, to teach her how to suck his cock. He knew this would have to be their secret affair, no way could he tell Mariane! He had made no attempt to take his daughter's hand off of his rod yet, he felt like he may come any minute with the thoughts in his head and the tiny hand on his cock. Any attempt at backing out was dashed when Nicki peeled her nightgown off, Bob looked at the budding breasts, the light brown hair forming on top of a pussy whose lips were unfolding like a flower wet with dew. Nicki climbed up on the bed and spread her legs and posed, "look daddy, do think I am pretty? do you think my pussy looks sexy? Your cock is hard daddy, will you put it in my pussy?"Bob reached for Nicki, she fell into his arms, her skin was so soft! Bob kissed Nicki tenderly on the lips then started to work his way down her neck.

Nicki shivered and goosebumps rose on her skin as Bob continued to kiss his way down to Nicki's breasts. Nicki gasped as her daddy flicked his tongue out and licked around her nipple, already erect, pink and begging for attention. Bob made his way to Nicki's other breast, giving it the same attention it deserved.

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   Nicki was breathing hard, her pussy the wettest it had ever been, she played with it as her daddy's head worked it's way down to her waist. "Do you want me to kiss you down there?" Bob asked. The reaction was swift, Nicki pressed her daddy's head into her crotch, "kiss it daddy, please. . . " Nicki whispered. Her head fell back and she gasped as her daddy's tongue licked along the pink slit. Bob licked all around Nicki's hot snatch, he couldn't believe it, she was so hot! Her pussy tasted so sweet and gushed even more as Bob's tongue played with Nicki's clit. "Ohhhhh daddy. . . I, I, I am going to have one of those feelings!" Nicki knew what was coming, she had many orgasms when playing with herself, but who cared at that moment? Her daddy's tongue continued to dance it's way across her pussy causing her to grab the sheets and arch her back.
    Bob pushed his mouth into Nicki's pussy, sticking his tongue up as far as it would go, then when he brought it out and swirled it around Nicki's clit again it was too much. "NNNNngggggg. .

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      . God, daddeee!" Nicki cried as her young body bucked with the orgasm. Bob kept his tongue going causing Nicki to squirm and buck again as she was taken by another orgasm. "Ahhhhhh, daddy it feels so good," Nicki purred. Bob could not wait anymore, he kneeled in front of Nicki, his tool in his hand. "Nicki are you ready?" Bob asked. "Daddy, hurry please. . . fuck me!" Nicki said as she played with her pussy. Bob eased forward, "you know this will hurt a little bit and you may bleed" he said as he put his shaft up against Nicki's pussy and rubbed up and down the slit. "Daddy, I know. . . I want you to do it!" Nicki exclaimed.

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      Bob pushed the shaft into Nicki's pussy slowly, it tightly wrapped around the head of his shaft. He paused letting Nicki get used to the feel of the head of his dick. Nicki pressed toward her father trying to get the rest of his dick into her pussy, she was determined to take all of it, no matter how much it may hurt! She gasped as the head of her daddy's dick eased towards her hymen, then gasped again as her father pressed his cock through the membrane and went full hilt into her snatch. They laid together for a moment to get used to things, Nicki's initial shock was over and the feel of her daddy's dick in her pussy made her warm all over. Bob started to move his cock in and out, making sure not to go to fast for Nicki, but his girl wrapped her legs around his waist and started bucking with the thrusts he was making. "Ohhh Daddy! It feels so good, mmmmmmm. . . fuck me, daddy, fuck me like you fuck mommy" Nicki gasped. With that, Bob started to pump faster, he looked down and watched his shaft go in and out of his daughter's pussy, the lips moving with the movements of his cock. The sight so excited him, he knew he was going to blow his wad. "Unngggghhh," Bob gasped as he pulled his cock out of Nicki's pussy and shot his load all over her stomach and even one dab flew all the way up to her left breast. Nicki reached down and rubbed the come into her stomach and said "oh daddy, that was so cool!" She then grabbed his softening member and said "when can we do it again?" Bob realized it was going to be a long summer"The End?More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.