Daddy's Promotion


The night before had started out very normal with the family sitting down for dinner. A fire burned in the fireplace just off the dining room that brought a warmth to the room. Bob sat across from Sue and Amy sat in the middle. Tonight was a special night for Bob, as he had just received a promotion at the office, so Sue brought out a bottle of wine to go with dinner. Normally Amy would not be drinking wine but since the night was special an exception was made. Little did anyone know at this point as to how special this night would become. As dinner continued and the wine was consumed, everyone began to feel the effects of the wine, good food and the glow of the fire. Even though it was wintertime, Sue was dressed in a very sheer tight fitting dress for this special occasion. The effect of the dress was not lost on Bob. As Bob sat at the table sipping his wine, he gazed at Sue taking in her beauty noticing the glow of her skin and the very hard nipples that poked through her dress. His mind began to wander as he continued to look at his beautiful wife and wondered if she was completely naked under this tempting outfit. He also noticed that his cock was beginning to stir. Sue and Amy were having a conversation about boys and Sue was complementing Amy on her outfit for dinner too. Although Amy was only 12, she was not shy about her body and her outfit was a testament to her physical charm. Amy wore a leather pants suit. The pants were skin tight, so much so that Sue noticed that she could see the outline of Amy’s young pussy as she had walked towards her for dinner.

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   Sue was a little concerned because it caused her pussy to get a little wet at the sight. Amy’s pants suit top was held close by two buttons. From where Bob sat, he could see the rise a fall of Amy’s breasts as she talked to her Mom. Bob began to wonder how many boys had had a chance to touch those beautiful breasts and at that point his cock went totally hard, tenting out the front of his pants. Sue turned her attention to Bob and stood up, raising her glass for a toast. The fire behind her allowed Bob to see through the dress and answered his earlier question. Sue was wearing nothing user her dress, and since she shaved her pussy, her pussy lips were on display for Bob. At that point Bob’s eyes glazed over and his lust was complete. He wanted to fuck his wife right then and there, whether Amy as there or not. Sue looked at Bob and said “Honey, to your promotion. ” Amy stood, raised her glass cause her jacket to pull open, giving Bob a clear view of one nipple, and said “Dad to your promotion. ” Both extended their glasses to Bob. Not thinking Bob stood to receive the toast. Sue’s mouth fell open at the sight of Bob’s hard cock wanting to burst through his pants. Amy also noticed the bulge in her Dad's pants and started to wonder what his cock looked like.

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   The wine was having an effect on her. She felt all warm inside and a tingle in her pussy. Bob clinked his glass against Sue’s and Amy’s and slugged it down. He then walked around the table and took Sue into his arms, pressing his hard cock into her hairless pussy. Sue started to protest, looking over at Amy but noticed that Amy was taking the scene in and smiling. Sue turned back to Bob and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Bob was totally absorbed with Sue now and not aware that Amy was watching. Bob slipped his hands around Sue’s ass and pulled her dress up so his hands could get free access to her firm cheeks and then pulled her even closer. Bob whispered into Sue’s ear “ You are so hot in this dress. Your hard nipples are poking through at me. I want to fuck you right now. Right here. ”Sue’s eyes went wide at that comment, knowing that Amy was sitting at the table taking in the whole scene. But at the same time her pussy was totally soaked knowing that Bob was ready to fuck her with his big cock right here at the table. Sue looked over again at Amy and noticed that one of Amy’s hands had disappeared into her jacket top and noticed the leather moving around over the left nipple.

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   The other hand had slid into her pants and was working her little clit over. Sue turned back to Bob and whispered into his ear “Fuck me now big boy. Right here in front of the fireplace. ”Bob pulled back from Sue with a questioned look on his face but a rock hard cock between his legs. Sue shook her head up and down and then motioned Bob to look over at Amy. Bob noticed that Amy had her eyes closed and was moving her hand very quickly in her pants. Them Bob fully understood. Sue and Bob moved away from the table and closer to the fireplace. As they move away from the table, Bob removed the single claps that held Sue’s dress up. As it fell to the floor, Bob admired his beautiful wife. Sue turned towards Bob giving him a complete view of her naked body, and at the same time showing Amy the beauty of her Mother. Sue had noticed that Amy had unbuttoned her jacket and had both hands working over her nipples. Sue wondered what had had such an effect on all of them. Could it have been the wine? As Sue continued to watch Amy work on her nipples, she again felt her pussy get wet. At the same time Bob moved by Sue near the fireplace and ran his hand over Sue’s nipples.

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   Sue moaned at his touch and then dropped to her knees in front of Bob. She wanted his cock and she wanted it now. Bob thrust his hips forward and looked down at Sue. He said ‘Suck it bitch cause I know that is what you want. ” Bob said this loud enough that Amy was snapped back to her senses. She turned towards her parents just in time to see her Dad’s cock slide down her Mother’s throat. Bob began to buck, shoving his cock even further down Sue’s throat. He moaned “Suck it you bitch. God you are the best cock-sucker there is. Come on suck it and take my load down your throat. ” All Sue could so was moan with this big piece of meat pounding her mouth and throat, but God she was hot with Bob talking to her like his personal whore. He had never been like this before. What was happening? As Sue pumped Bob’s cock with one hand she started working her clit with the other. Sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy to get her clit even wetter. Sue slipped Bob’s cock out of her mouth and said “God Bob, this is so good.

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   I am so hot. Give me your load. Spray it all over me. Give it to me now. Fuck my mouth now. ” Sue took is cock back into her mouth and stated pumping Bob again. Bob could feel the pressure begin to build. Sue could taste the precum and knew it would not be long before Bob would lose his load. Bob arched his back and pulled his cock from Sue’s mouth. Sue continued to pump Bob’s cock as it started to erupt. Bob let out a huge moan “Oh fuck I am cumming. ”, and with that started spraying cum all over Sue. Thick strands of cum hit Sue in the face and across her breast and nipples to the point where cum was hanging from Sue’s hard nipples. When Bob stopped cumming, Sue turned her face up to Bob and said “Fuck my pussy now you stud. ” Bob looked over at Amy and his eyes went wide.

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   Amy has removed her pants suit and was totally naked. Her fingers plunged into her hairless pussy, working her clit to a frenzy. Bob’s cock stayed hard at the sight and he moved between Sue’s legs, plunging his cock to the hilt on the first thrust. Sue moaned “Holy fuck” at the thrust and turned her head towards Amy. Sue smiled at Amy’s beauty and wrapped her legs around Bob’s waist not wanting to let him get away. Amy was working her clit as hard as she could, feeling the dampness of her pussy and the fire that was lit in her cunt. Never had she felt this way before. Never had she been so brazen as to expose her body to anyone, much less her parents. But then again, never had she sat no more than three feet away from two people who were fucking so wildly, and they were her parents. Finally Amy said to herself, “I have to get some of that. Mom shouldn’t have all the fun. ” And with that Amy slid off her chair and down to the floor. She slid up next to her Dad, feeling the heat from his body, and cupped his balls in her little hands. They felt so heavy and tight. Bob looked down at Sue and said “Oh baby that feels so good.

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  ” Sue looked back at Bob and said “That’s not me sweetheart. It is your slutty little daughter. ”, and then smiled. Bob looked over his shoulder to see Amy’s butt sticking up in the air and then felt a tongue on his balls. He also most shot a load up Sue right then and there. Never had he ever wanted Amy so bad. Bob looked back at Sue and said “Fuck Amy is so hot. I want to fuck her even if she is my daughter. She is driving me fucking crazy.
    ” Sue looked into Bob’s eyes and said “Give her your fucking cock and she will never want another boy again. If you really want her then take her. I will not stop you but I do want to eat your cum out of her pussy when you are done fucking her. ” Bob smiled at Sue, then pulled back from her taking his cock out of Sue’s pussy with a pop. Bob turned around to Amy and said “Baby, it is time for you to become a woman. Are your ready?”.

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       Amy looked into her Dad’s eyes and said “Daddy, I want your cock so back. Fill my baby pussy with your cock. Make me a woman. ” With that Amy lay on her back and spread her legs. Bob moved up between Amy’s legs and let his tongue touch Amy’s clit. It was huge. In fact way bigger than Sue’s was. Bob drove his tongue into Amy’s pussy all the while chewing on her clit. Sue moved around Amy and began to suck on Amy’s rock hard nipples. Amy moaned “Oh Mom, that feels so good. Please bite my nipples. Please tell Daddy to fuck me. I can not take it any more. ” Sue looked at Bob, with his face buried in Amy’s hairless pussy and said “Bob, better hurry up and make Amy a woman cause she can not take it any more. ” Bob pulled he face from Amy’s pussy.

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       It was soaked with Amy’s little cunt juices. Bob also showed Sue is cock. It was bigger than she had ever seen it. Sue leaned over Amy, putting one of her nipples very close to Amy’s mouth. Amy sucked it in and started nibbling on it. Sue moaned at the touch and then whispered to Amy “Girl, you are about the get the biggest cock you will ever have in your life. Spread your legs wide and get ready. ” With that Bob started working his massive cock into the little girl’s pussy. It slid in much easier than Bob would have figured and with no resistance. Bob looked at Amy and said “You are a virgin aren’t you?” Amy smiled and said “Well sort of. Listening to you and Mom fuck every night has gotten me so hot that I had to do something so I took a hairbrush and fucked myself a couple of times. Now just make me a woman. ” Bob started pumping his hard cock in and out of Amy. Her hips buck in time with Bob. At this rate Bob knew he would not last long but there was no way he was going to slow down.

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       He was fucking his daughter and she was loving every minute of it. Again, Bob felt the pressure begin to build and knew he would not last long. Bob looked at Sue and Amy. Sue was frenching Amy and Amy’s nipples looked like they would pop off her chest at any moment. Bob announced “Sue, I am about ready to shoot a huge load into Amy. Are your ready to eat my cum out of her pussy?” Sue looked up and smiled while Amy closed her eyes to enjoy the moment. Bob let out a groan “Oh shit… here I cum! Oh fuck it is huge! God, my balls are about to explode. ” The cum shot from Bob’s cock to the back wall of Amy’s pussy. Amy started to shake and moan. Both Bob and Sue knew that Amy was having her first orgasm. Bob’s cock continued to pump cum into Amy’s no longer virgin pussy. After shooting three huge strings of cum into Amy, Bob pulled out and shot another string of sum on to Amy’s tummy and nipples. Sue put her face in the way and caught the find stream of cum right across the face. Sue smiled at Bob and then turned to Amy. Sue started licking the cum on Amy’s tummy and worked her way to Amy’s nipples, taking each one into her mouth and sucking the cum off of them.


       Sue then went up to Amy’s mouth and stuck her tongue in. Amy opened her mouth and felt a warm liquid enter her mouth. Sue looked at Amy and said “Here is your first taste of your Daddy’s cum. Hope you like it. ” Amy smiled and licked her lips. She then noticed the white stuff on Sue’s face and started to lick it off. It was good tasting!Sue slid here body down and started to eat Bob’s cum out of Amy’s pussy. For so many years Sue had wondered what Amy’s pussy tasted like and now she knew. God it was good. Bob took in the sight before him. His cock still hard even after cumming two times. He looked at Amy’s mouth and wondered if he should slip it in and give here a taste. Two seconds later he slid his rock hard cock into Amy’s mouth. At first Amy did not know what to do with this big piece of meat in her mouth, but then she remembered seeing what her Mother had done to her Dad and started sliding her mouth back and forth, moaning at the eating her mother was giving her. Bob thought about the fact that his wife was eating her daughter and his daughter was giving him a blowjob and a big smile came across his face and them a load a cum shot from his cock.

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       If caught Bob by surprise and he did not have a chance to warn Amy. Amy didn’t care. All she wanted was her Daddy’s cock anyway she could have it and drank down his cum as fast as it shot. After Bob’s cock stopped shooting, Amy put her head down and felt the glow of fresh sex in her body. Sue lifted her head from Amy’s cunt. It was covered in Amy’s juices and Bob’s cum. Sue smiled and licked her lips. Life was good!Bob opened his eyes in bed again and realized that it had not been a dream. He had fuck his wife and daughter last night and they were both in bed with him now. He moved his hands over each of them and touched their flat tummies. Sliding his hand further down he felt the bald pussy lips of his two women. Each woman spread her legs and Bob slide his fingers inside only to find two very wet pussies. Bob smiled and said to himself “Oh yeah baby. Fuck yes!”.