Daddy's Princess


My family are pretty ordinary, my mum and dad were married for 23 years when this happened. I had finally turned sixteen and most of the people I know would say I'm pretty. My parents came from South Africa so my brother and I are both coloured. A nice coffee colour, its very exotic, I have dark brown eyes and long thick black hair that’s pin straight and two inches above my waist. I’m a size 12 with a D cup that give me a hell of a lot of trouble when shopping.  All my life I’ve been daddy’s little princess, and we have always been really good friends but I would most definitely not tell him anything about my romantic life. My dad is really lame, very loving and still looks really young. He looks a lot older then he is, he’s a bit overweight, and now has grey hair.   On my 16th my friends bought me a big pink dildo as a joke but the more I thought about it the hotter I felt. Well that night I went home and used it, and, well, masturbating was a new experience… one I thoroughly enjoyed.

I often imagined fucking my bio teacher Mr Sanders, talk bout dreamy or the hottest guy in our year James. So one day I got home and having had Bio last got to work downtown with my uniform still on when I heard the backdoor open. “Anyone home?” SHIT! It was my dad home from work!“Hey dad!” I yelled out as I took the dildo out from my sopping wet pussy. I quickly stashed the soaked dildo into my drawer as my dad entered my room. “What was that?” he asked“Nothing, really, how are you dad?”“If it’s nothing then you can tell me what it is,” he said sweetly as he opened up the draw. I could smell the juices on the dildo even before I saw him fish it out.

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   “Olli? Since when have you had one of these?”“About a month…” I replied sheepishly“And how long have you been masturbating?”“About a month…” “And have you had sex?”“No dad! I swear to god no!” I said in shock“Do you expect me to believe you? You’re a slut! Just like that Em girl you hang around with!”“Dad no! I’m not! I still have my hymen!”“Do you actually expect me to believe that?”“Yes!” I shouted“Well we shall have to find out,” he stated matter-of-factly“How?” I asked and at that exact moment my dad grabbed my legs and separated them and because I had been masturbating before I wasn’t wearing any undies. My dad pinned one leg down and held the other with one hand as he undid his pants and pulled down his underpants. I looked at him in total shock and started screaming and struggling against him. Next thing I knew he had shoved h is dick into my pussy. I screamed at the top of my lungs as the searing pain cut through me. I kicked out but it was no use he had me pinned to my bed and my school skirt was about to rip at the seams.
    He became very still and just held me in place while the pain I had throbbed and started to fade away. “I’m so sorry… I was very wrong… I’m sorry Olli!” he said very quietly. “And I’m sorry for liking it. ” He said as he started to push further into me then pull out and slam back into me. I started screaming again but he ignored me. He ripped open my shirt and exposed my breasts. He leant down and started rubbing my breasts as he jack hammered in me. Soon my screams of fear where screams of delight as he fucked me and squeezed my tits. “Faster dad!” I yelled“Okay baby” he said back as his hammering became frenzied.

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      “I’m about to cum daddy! I’m gonna cum daddy!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. “Me too baby girl!” he said back“You can’t cum in me dad! You can’t!” I yelled, “Get out! Get out of me now!” he quickly withdrew and spurted his hot, sticky cum onto my breasts. He then started rubbing it in as he leant down and kissed me deeply. “Wow… thanks dad! Oh… and whatever you feel… Don’t feel sorry!”.



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