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Topic: Daddys New ToyAuthors Note: This is a factual account of the events that led to me growing up as a well adjusted young woman, completely at ease with sexual situations that most women could never imagine being a part of. While some might describe me as being a pervert, I consider myself lucky to be free of the sexual repression suffered by many people, both male and female, of all ages, and all walks of had always felt very comfortable talking to my Dad about any problem that ever befell me, but I didn't havethe same easiness when it came to talking to my Mom. While Mom tended to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed, Dad had always tried to console me, often explaining things so I could better understand my problems. Because of this, I began, at an early age, to wait until Dad and I were home alone, before asking his advice about a problem I was facing, or getting him to explain a concept that I didn't fully understand. I had alreadly turned 14, when I felt the need to tell my Dad about a recent event that had left me with many questions, and many self-doubts. Luckily, Mom was going out of town for a conference, and Dad and I would be home alone for the entire weekend. When I arrive home from school that Friday, I found a note on the fridge stating that Dad had driven Mom to the airport and would be home around five. With the house to myself, I sat down at the kitchen table to do my homework, taking short breaks, now and then, to prepare some things for dinner (Mom and Dad had always insisted on me learning to cook, so I had the skills to look after myself). By the time Dad got home, my homework was done, and dinner would take only a short time to finish cooking. Dad and I ate our dinner, engaging each other in small talk. After dinner, Dad did the dishes, insisting thatI cooked, therefore I shouldn't have to do dishes as well. I went to take my shower, putting on my thin cottonnightgown and, as usually, no underwear. Mom had always insisted that underwear was counter-productive togetting a good, restful nights sleep and, as a result, neither Mom, Dad nor me ever wore underwear at night. I settled down to watch television while Dad showered and changed. He came into the living room wearing onlyhis loose-fitting PJ bottoms. On a hot summer night like this one, we never bothered with robes.

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   Dad droppeddown into his easy chair and turned his eyes to the program I had been watching. After about ten minutes, I nervously asked, "Dad, can I talk to you about something?""Sure, honey" he repied, and sensing my nervousness added, "Come sit on your old Dads knee, I'll give you a hug, and you can tell me what's troubling you. "I sat accross my Dads lap, with my legs dangling over the arm of his chair. We gave each other a big hug, then Dad kissed my forehead and lay my head on his chest. Feeling the warmth and security of his embrace diminished my nerves almost entirely. "So, what's up, honey?" Dad asked. "Some of the girls at school have been talking about sex, and the all say how good it was the first time. But, Itried doing it with a boy in my class, but it hurt too much, so I made him stop. "I looked up at Dad and saw what I thought was a tear begining to form. He smiled at me warmly and hugged me tight, and I knew that my Dad was proud that his little girl was growing up. I continued on, "How come all the other girls say it was good, but I found it too painful to want to go on? Isthere something wrong with me?""No, honey, there's nothing wrong with you. For a girl, it always hurts the first time, but how much it hurtscould depend on a lot of factors. The most obvious, that comes to mind, is that the boy was too inexperienced, and didn't prepare you properly. ""What do you mean by 'prepare me properly'?", I asked. "Well, all women need to be prepared for making love, especially her first time.

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   It's what's known as 'foreplay'. Some women need more foreplay than others, but some men, and boys I guess, either think it's unimportant, or just don't know how. I suspect the boy in your class didn't know how. "Looking quizzically at my Dad, I asked, "What exactly is 'foreplay'? How do you do it? Would I like sex betterif he knew about foreplay?""I'm sure you would enjoy it a lot more, if the foreplay was done right. I should point out that foreplay isn'tjust something the guy does to the girl, it's something they do with each other. And if it's done right, both theboy and girl will enjoy the whole lovemaking process, like nothing they've ever enjoyed before. ""But how do you do it?", I asked, "What does it involve?""Well, it starts out with kissing and hugging. Then, it progresses to touching each other, first through yourclothing, then beneath your clothes. ""We didn't do any of that, Dad," I exclaimed, "We just took off our clothes, he lay on top of me and tried toput his penis in me. So, if we had've touched each others bodies first, it would've been much better?""No, it's not as simple as that, honey. Foreplay is mostly about exploring each other with your hands and mouth, becoming familiar and comfortable with your partners body. And as you become more comfortable, your parner becomes comfortable with his or her body being touched by you. As you become more comfortable, you begin to become aroused.
When you are aroused enough, your body is ready to make love. ""What sort of things should a boy do with his hands and mouth?" I asked.

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  "He should play with your breasts, squeezing your nipples gently, then kissing them and sucking on them gently. "I looked sheepishly at my Dad. "Would you show me how a boy should do that? I know you're not supposed to, but if you don't, how am I going to know how it should be done? Please show me, Daddy", I pleaded, "No-one will ever know, except you and me. I don't want to try it again, without knowing what should be happening. ""Honey, as long as it remains our secret, I'll do whatever I can to help make your next time wonderful for you. "I leaned toward Dad and kissed him full on the mouth, and felt his hands moving slowly, but confidently over my body. As my tongue darted between his lips, Dad opened the top three buttons of my nightgown, slipping his hand inside and cupping my left breast. My nipple became erect as his fingers rubbed gently accross it. I shuddered with pleasure when he gently squeezed my nipple and rolled it between his fingers. "oh, Daddy," I squealed, "that feels so nice. Show me how it feels when you use your mouth. "Dad pushed my nightgown aside, exposing my left breast, and lowered his head, kissing, licking, and sucking my hard nipple. The pleasure I got from this new sensation forced a moan from my lips. As Dad continued the oral caressing of my nipple, his hand was once again exploring my body. When his hand went bttween my legs, I instinctively opened them to allow him access.

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   He began to rub my labia with his fingers, soon parting them, so he could rub my hardening clitoris. "Daddy," I moaned, "your fingers are making my pussy feel so good. ""Honey, I want to show you how it feels to have your pussy licked and sucked. But first, we should stand up and undress each other. "As I started to rise from his lap, I bent down and kissed Dad as passionately as I knew how. When we were both standing, we continued to kiss, breaking only long enough for him to lift my nightgown over my head. I pulled the draw-string of his PJs and let them fall to the floor. He picked me up and lay me on the couch, still kissing me, our tongues wrestling in each others mouth. His hand was back on my pussy, a finger rubbing my clit and occaisionally slipping partially inside of me.
    Dad moved his head down my body, pausing to kiss and suck, first one then the othe nipple. He continued down, kissing his way down my stomach, then lower until he reached my pussy. When I felt his tongue glide over my clit, I couldn't stop myself from grabbing him by the hair and pulling his face harder into me. As he licked, I felt a finger go inside of me, just a little at first. Soon, I felt a sharp pain, as his finger broke my hymen, but the pleasure of his tongue was a stronger sensation. By the time I felt his finger sliding back and forth inside, there was no pain, just complete and total pleasure.

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       Then, I became aware of a new sensation. It was like a kind of pressure building inside of me, and as it grew, so did the pleasure I was experiencing. Suddenly, my body began to tremble and I felt the pressure explode. "Pleasure" just didn't seem enough to describe what I was feeling at that moment. I could hardly catch my breath, and felt as though I was about to lose consciousness. I could feel the spasms inside meas my pussy flooded with warmth. I pulled Dads head up from my pussy, dragging him to me, so I could thrust my tongue deep into his mouth. "What happened, Daddy?", I asked breathleessly, "What was that?""You just had an orgasm, Honey. From now on, whenever you feel that about to happen, you should tell your partner that you are "cumming". Guys like to be told that they've made a girl "cum". Was that your first orgasm?""I thought I'd had orgasms before, when I masturbated, but they were never like that!", I declared. "Am I ready to have a penis in me now, Dad? Is that enough foreplay?""Yes, Honey. If you can get a boy to get you that far, you're ready. ""Can you put your penis in me, Daddy? Just to show me how it feels?""Are you sure that's what You want, Honey? You don't have to do it if you ndon't want to. ""Yes, Dad, I'm sure.

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      " I answered, "I want my Dads penis to be the fist one to be all the way inside me. ""Alright, Honey. But you must tell me if you want me to stop. And I think you should say 'cock' instead of 'penis'. Men like women to ask for their 'cock'. Tell me what you want. ""I want", I responded, "my Daddy to put his big, hard cock deep into my pussy!"I felt myself being stretched beyond what I thought possible, as Dads cock slowly slid deeper into my hole. When he had it all the way in, he paused for a while and asked how it felt. "It was hurting a little as it went in, but now it feels better. " I answered. Dad began to move his 'cock' in and out of me, slowly at first, then increasing in speed. I couldn't hold back the moan, as I was once again lost in total pleasure. "Daddy's fucking his little girl. Do you like it when Daddy fucks you? Do you want Daddy to keep fucking you?""Oh, yes, Daddy," I moaned, "I want you to fuck me with your big cock. "Soon, Dad was pounding me hard and fast.

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       A familiar feeling began to manifest itself within my body. "I'm cumming, Daddy!", I declared, "Fuck me Daddy and make me cum!""Daddy's cumming too, Honey. Let's both cum together. "My orgasm exploded in me, and almost immediately after, I felt Dads cock begin to twitch and spasm inside me. After a few more deep thrusts, my Dad collapsed on top of me, his breathing erratic. He raised his head and kissed me deeply, both of us panting for breath, while our tongues hungrily sought out each other. When we had regained our normal breathing, I told Dad how wonderful it was and asked him if he'd teach me as much as he could about sex, while Mom was away. He kissed me tenderly and told me he'd be honored to teach me all he could. He told me that he had never enjoyed fucking anybody as much as he did fucking me. After another 30 minutes of kissing and hugging, Dad picked me up and carried me to his bedroom. "You might as well sleep in here while your Mom's away. That way, you can have another lesson anytime you want. "We fucked twice more that night, Dad showing me a couple different positions that he thought I might like. He was right, I loved his big cock pounding my hole from these different angles. By the time Mom got home, I had learned how to give a blowjob, at least a dozen sexual positions, and how to get Dad hard whenever I wanted.

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       Dad and I continued to fuckeverytime we were alone at home, and Mom never suspected a thing. Twenty-four years later, I live in a different town with my husband, but still look forward to some of Daddies cock whenever I go to visit. A few months ago, I encouraged a situation that led to my husband having his first incest experience (maybe my next story). After that, I told him about my Dad and I, and said that I'd like to have him and Dad fuck me at the same time.
    He loves the idea, and we are planning a trip soon. But that'll be yet another story.