Daddy's Naughty Girl


(This story is purely fictional as are all characters)

I can remember it as if it were yesterday. I was raised to respect myself and wait until I was married. I was always taught that my virginity was something special, something not to be thrown away.

That was until June 26th 2002, I was on my way home from school I had just turned 18 and couldn’t wait to be free of the shackles of education. I was meant to be in full day but had left early feigning illness. If I knew then what I knew now I wouldn’t of bothered. I turned my key in the door not expecting anybody to be home I walked straight into the sitting room ready to put my feet up and watch crap t. v all afternoon. The sight I got shocked me there was my dad, always so calm and prudish sitting on the settee in his boxers porn mag open on the sitting room table stroking himself through the material.
I was gob smacked and just about to walk out the room when my dad insisted I sit next to him. I was nervous and embarrassed. I apologised profusely for interrupting and couldn’t meet his eyes.
“It‘s ok baby” he said “I‘m sorry u shouldn‘t of had to see me like this, but there’s nothing wrong with masturbation. Am sure u have urges that u satisfy when u are alone?”
I looked at him in dismay, seriously we were not having this conversation - did my dad really just ask if I finger fucked myself???? I looked at him, yea sure I had heard about things but never had the confidence to try anything with myself or anybody else. I hadn’t even kissed a boy let alone anything more. So rather sheepishly I muttered an inaudible “no.

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“what was that hunny?” he enquired
“No, I haven’t ever well u know”
I could see the bulge in his boxers growing as he said “I didn’t realise just how innocent my little girl was but I think its about time you become a woman baby. ”
Horror was written all over my face but I couldn’t help but be curious about his cock it looked so big and I had never seen one.
“Take your shirt off for daddy” he suggested “let daddy see how big you’ve gotten”
“I have homework” I murmured as I ran out the room and upstairs to my bedroom. My heart was beating so fast whether with fear or excitement I wasn’t sure but I thought it would pound out of my chest.
I heard him coming up the stairs behind me I sat on the edge of the bed watching the door waiting for him to come in and he didn’t disappoint. He came over stood in front of me apologising as he stroked my hair. I looked up at him his crotch so close to my face, “I haven‘t done anything before daddy and I don‘t think I can with u what about mum?” I asked.
“well she would never need to know unless you wanted her to and I promise I will be gentle and if you don‘t like it I will stop, ok?”
I nodded reluctantly. He knelt down between my legs started unbuttoning my shirt. “Take it off baby” he requested.
I slipped my shirt off, as he reached forward pulled my bra down my pert teenage tits bouncing out freely. My nipples hard and erect. I felt his tongue flick against them making them harder as he grasped them between his teeth I could feel him biting pulling them with his teeth. He slid his hand up my back unclasped my bra, slid the straps down my arms and lay me back on the bed.
He pulled his boxers down enough to free his cock
“wank daddy” he groaned as his hand rubbed my pussy through my wet panties.

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I gripped his cock hard started stroking it up n down nice n slow keeping a steady rhythm gradually getting faster “am I doing it right daddy” I asked
“mmmmm yeah baby” he groaned “but it‘d be nicer if u suck it just like you would a lollypop”
I leaned down the tip of his cock pressing against my lips I licked the head - it seemed to grow with every flick of my tongue. I ran my tongue up and down the full shaft of his cock he seemed to like this as he groaned with every lick. I wrapped my lips tight round his cock slide them as far down as I could “take it deeper baby” he moaned
“I cant” I complained the next thing I knew his hand was on my head “let daddy help u” he growled as he pushed my head down on his cock “take it like a slut cos your going to bedaddy’s special slut” I was choking and gagging, my eyes watering a managed to free my head “I don‘t like that very much anymore daddy” I whimpered.
He pushed me onto my back lifted my skirt above my hips, he grabbed the waistband of my panties started pulling them down over my creamy white thighs revealing my shaven glistening slit. Before I could even ask what he was going to do I felt his finger probing me, as he pushed it deeper n deeper. My cunt so tight it could barely manage 1 finger. His tongue flicked up and down my clit and I felt a sensation I had never experienced before. He fingered me harder n faster as he bit and nibbled my clit, my body was covered in goose bumps and I was tingling from my head to my toe as he probed further and deeper inside me
“Daddy” I cried out in sheer ecstasy “I feel funny”
“don‘t worry” he groaned “that just means you like what daddy’s doing to you”
As he licked faster and fingered harder I felt like a volcano ready to erupt and fuck me didn’t I erupt, I exploded my sweet pussy juices running down his fingers covering his hand and the bed as I gushed everywhere.
    He slide his hand up and I greedily sucked my cum off his fingers.

    I thought I was done but my dad had other ideas his cock throbbing so hard the veins were practically bursting. He spread my legs, I could feel the tip teasing my pussy lips but I was scared, he was so big and I was so small and as he pushed the head inside my welcoming slit I cried out in pain. He stroked my head whispering “it only hurts for a little while baby. It‘ll get better I promise just let relax and daddy will take care of you” he eased a little more in and the pain was burning, I wanted him to stop but at the same time I wanted to feel my daddys big pulsating prick deep inside me, I wanted to be a woman. He pushed a little more but was met with resistance, no matter how gentle he was it hurt and he thrust and thrust but he could not get his large member in me. He placed his hand over my mouth -”this will hurt” he groaned “but it’s the only way daddy can do it”.

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      Fear filled me what was he going to and before I knew it he had thrust his full length deep in me in 1 almighty deep thrust, my scream was muffled by his hand and he didn’t move he just lay his prick inside me letting me adjust to the feeling. Tears had filled my eyes and as he wiped them away he began thrusting in and out long slow thrusts, I could feel my pussy stretching to embrace his huge member and take it all in as deep as possible. He thrust harder, faster, deeper.
    “oooooooooooh daddy” I squealed in delight “fuck me daddy fuck me hard and fast. I wanna be your dirty special slut daddy”
    The blood from my virginity mixed with my juices spurring my randy daddy on and as he plummeted his cock deep in me I felt that proud prick pulsating, my body began to shake and tremble as I gushed all over my daddy’s hard cock. The feel of my warm cum running down his cock over his balls drove him wild “fuck you dirty little slut” he panted as he pulled his prick out and spunked all over my belly and tits.




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