Daddy's Naughty Girl Part 2


(This story is purely fictional as are all characters)

I was now finally a woman and couldn’t get enough of cock. Ever since my dad took my virginity all I could fantasise about was having my juicy teenage hole filled again. Now don’t get my wrong I love my Dad and was grateful that he had shown me the pleasures of a woman but I wanted to experience things with other people. I didn’t want to be a slut just wanted to see if other men could pleasure me in the same way.

But ever since my Dad took me he had become more interested in where I was who I was with, whether I had a boyfriend, it was like he didn’t trust me anymore because he knew I was no longer a virgin and I totally understood that he didn’t want me to get a reputation. As it happens my parents were due to go out on Friday night and I couldn’t wait, 18 home alone party at mine I thought. However I guess my parents knew me too well and insisted that my mum’s friend Julie came round and “minded” me. As you can expect all hell broke loose, me in my teenage tantrum demanding that my parents trust me as I don’t need a minder I could look after myself so on and so forth. My Mum tried to twist my dad’s arm the only way a mother can but failed miserably he did not want me home alone as I could get up to ANYTHING. That was that then a night in with Julie who may I add has got to be the most clueless person and most boring adult I have ever met in the world so I could see it was going to be one long night. Friday rolled around and a had a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach, I could think of better things to be doing but I had a plan if I behaved then my parents would have to trust me and give me some more freedom. I mean what 18 year old doesn’t go out on a Friday??????

Anyway, I had just stripped naked and changed into my pyjama shorts, vest top and slippers. Laid my homework out on the kitchen table when there was a knock at the door. As I got to the door I braced myself for a bombardment of questions about school, a lecture on sex and the importance of education in today’s society but as I opened the door instead of Julie there was her husband Colin. Now I must stress that for an older man Colin was extremely gorgeous. He was the guy that everybody fancied at 44 he was still in damn good shape.

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  Me and my friends would often relax in the back garden watching him mow the lawn and on a really hot day we would ogle at him in his shorts and trainers and nothing else. He had thick chestnut hair, green eyes that twinkled when he laughed, and the most amazing six pack I had ever seen. I surmised that he had to work out the way his muscles always looked like they were going to pop out of his top and he always had a healthy brown glow.
“Well, can I come in?” He chuckled. His voice snapping me back into reality.
“Sorry Colin” I shook my head trying to shift those images of his body“I wasn‘t expecting you that’s all. ”
“Sorry, we should of called Julie‘s meant to be minding you but she‘s come down with a bug. Thought it‘d be best for her to stay in bed rather than pass it around so you got stuck with me unfortunately. ” He smiled.
That smile, I could feel myself getting damp. Mentally telling myself to behave he’s a married man and you are sooooo not his type I chided.
I shut the door behind him.
“Can I get you anything, tea, coffee, beer?” I ask
“Coffee, milk and two please. ” he replied
I walked into the kitchen, looking in the mirror no make up brown curly hair pulled into a scrunchie on top of my head. I flicked the kettle on still gazing in the mirror, my nipples hard against my vest top, damn I should of left my bra on I muttered to myself.

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   Anyway I have homework so I wont be near him I thought as I poured the coffees and carried the steaming mugs into the other room. I placed mine onto the table in the dining room and carried Colin’s into the front room, he was standing by the window staring across the street.
“here you go Colin” I said as I approached him
I must’ve startled him as he swung round knocking the coffee cup put of my hand and the coffee all over me. I screamed as the coffee begin to seep through my clothes burning my skin. Instinctively I tore my vest top and shorts off.
“I‘m so sorry Kim” he muttered “I didn‘t hear you come in till you said my name. Are you ok?”
“Yeah I‘ll be fine” I laugh “accidents happen” as I look up I see him gazing over my body and I feel my body flushing with embarrassment. “I‘ll just go get some clothes on and hopefully I wont need to rip these off” I chuckle hoping he doesn’t notice me blushing. I turn to walk away and he grabs my wrist, “are you sure you want to do that? I mean it‘s fine with me if you want to stay naked. You‘re absolutely stunning Kim and someday you are going to make 1 man awfully lucky and proud. ”I feel the blood rush to my checks again as he compliments me, does he know I want him? I wonder to myself. Feeling his hand on my wrist is sending electric through my body I want him to take me there and then to ravish me and pleasure me. To feel him inside me hear him groan in the very throes of passion as he devours me.
“Kim?” he whispers
I realise I haven’t moved, and he is inches from my face his warm breath on my cheek as I glance away.
“Sorry I don’t know what came over me there?” I mumble.

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I wont make the first move, that would make me a slut but I can feel my pussy getting wet, I want him now I need to feel him inside me. This urgency of lust and desire is driving me insane am pleading in my head for him to do something anything. He holds my head in his hands turns me to face him as he gently presses his lips against mine, that’s it I encircle him in my arms as 1 of his hands slides down my back, I press my pussy against his crotch feeling his cock growing as I push my naked body against him.
    The kiss fuelled by lust, desire and sex.
    “Can you do something for me?” he whispers in my ear “something I have always wanted to see?”
    I look into his eyes see the longing in them “Anything?” I utter, barely able to control the need in me to satisfy both him and myself.
    “Lie on the settee let me watch you play with that sweet shaven pussy?”
    I don’t need to be asked twice as he leads me to the settee I sit back spread my long legs, he kneels in front of me as I rub my clit feeling it swell under my fingers, my pussy getting wetter knowing he is watching me pleasure myself. I slip a finger inside my head tilts back low groans coming from the back of my throat as I grind my hot tight pussy onto my hand, I feel his tongue on my clit
    “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” is all I can manage as he circles it teasing it,
    “taste yourself on your fingers” he gasps, I suck my fingers hard n fast as he replaces them with his own, now kissing various parts of my me, my thighs, pussy, working up to my stomach. “Have you any idea how long I have wanted this?” he groans in between those soft little kisses that are sending electric impulses over my entire body.
    I feel his lips nearing my breasts the anticipation of where his lips will be next driving me insane as I feel them kissing over my nipples flicking his tongue against each one. Sucking them not hard and fast but soft and gentle, slow and long his fingers still working in and out of my sweet slit , I was grinding onto them harder, faster “ooh I’m gonna ……. . ahh……. ahh ……Colin” my pussy juice flooded down over his fingers over his hand. He moved his hand replacing it with tip of his cock, running it up and down my pussy lips against my clit making me jump as it was still so sensitive, “please” I gasped trying to regain my breath “please fuck me” hearing me plead for his manhood inside me drives him over the edge his cock hard and ready is thrust deep inside my tight hole by the 3rd thrust its deep to the hilt and I wrap my legs round Colin pulling him deeper into me as he grabs my ass lifting it up
    “oooooooooooh FUCK ” I moan
    I can hear him grunting and panting in my ear as he impales me with his member. Our bodies hot sticking together as we writhe in ecstasy beads of perspiration covering our bodies as he fills my tight teenage cunt with his huge prick.

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       My legs begin to shake and quiver as my whole body convulses under him the sheer force of the orgasm taking over, my whole body tingling from my head to my toes and like a waterfall to the river below I cascade my cum all over his throbbing cock as he roars he’s cuming and spews my womb with his hot salty semen.




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