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  " she stopped in mid-sentance. There was something wet on her tit. It was her dad! When she bent over, her breasts hung right in front of his face. "I'm sorry, Nicole. I don't know what. . " at that point Nicole threw the book across the room and jump onto her dads lap. She forced her tounge into her dads mouth. She could feel his dick underneath her start to get erect. She pulled her head away and ripped down her father's sweat pants and boxer shorts. Greg has at a loss for words. Her daughter was just taking him over. "What do you think you are doing" he exclamed. she just kept going. His think, juicy 8.

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  5 inch cock was looking at her right in her face. She took it into her mouth. Every last inch was enveloped in her mouth. Her panties her moist and she started to take them off when she felt her dad start to get up. He pulled her up from her knees and then pulled down her panties himself. He saw her wet, shaven pussy. He couldn't resist and he barried his head into her awaiting cunt. She moaned as her dad took her to a whole new level. He turned her around and gazed at her tight ass. He got up and bent her over the arm of the chair. "Now this might hurt, but it will feel good in a little bit" he stated as he shoved his member into her asshole. She screamed, for anal sex was not one of the plains of the sex field she had not explored. Gradually, the screaming turned into moaning. His cock filled her ass as he pumped in-and-out. "Do you like it baby?""Yes daddy," she screamed "I love it!"He was comming closer to his orgasim and so was she.

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   And almost in synchronization, he cummed in and on her ass as she let out one last scream. He felt like he made a mess on such a beautiful piece of art work that he licked up his own cum off of her ass. And as they lay there in exhaustion, they both knew they had new sex partners that they could do at anytime. .



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