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Two days later, I was sat in the lounge watching TV, when dad walked in. "Hey sweetie," he sat down next to me on the sofa. "Are you OK?" "Uh huh! Just kinda bored. " I replied, my eyes still fixated on the TV screen. "Well, fancy coming for a ride with me? I'll take you to the place I always go when I want to relax. " He grinned, taking my hand. I quickly switched off the TV, and followed my dad into his brand new, jet black BMW. I climbed into the passenger seat, and gasped as the cold leather seat touched my half bare legs. Because the sun was shining, I decided to wear my short, black plaid skirt and my white low cut top with no bra. I had the perfect sized tits for a 18 year old; a B cup. My top was quite tight, presenting a cleavage, which I noticed dad could not stop looking at. I blushed a little, and put my seatbelt on. Dad pulled out of the driveway, smiling to himself. After about 18 minutes, we were driving down the freeway. I had my window open, and the wind was blowing through my long, dark brown hair and my cute brown eyes sparkled. Me and dad had driven on in silence for another 18 minutes when he turned right suddenly, onto a secluded road.

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   We drove on for quite some time then, until I noticed we were surrounded my luschious greenery. Dad stopped the car in a little lane, and got out, but not before ordering me to close my eyes. "No peeking!" He grinned to himself, and walked around to the back of the car. He opened the boot, and brought out a small box filled with surprises for his beautiful daughter. This was going to be her late special birthday present. He walked to the passenger side, where I was sat. He opened the door, and demanded me to keep my eyes closed. I did as he said; I trusted him. He searched in his box, and pulled out a blindfold. He gently wrapped it around my head, securing it and making sure I couldn't see. He slowly picked me up out of my seat, and took me to the place where he always sat to relax. Dad gently laid me down on the soft springy grass, and put the box beside me. I heard him rumble through, and pull something out. "You're a dirty slut. I've watched you when you've been in the shower, touching yourself.

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   I've also searched your room, and found this!" He turned on the plastic vibrator. The sound echoed through the secluded area. I felt myself tremble, as I heard the familiar noise. "I want you to be a dirty slut for daddy. I want you to please me, like you please yourself every night. I want you to make my dreams come true. Can you do that for daddy?" Dad whispered in my ear. He slowly moved his lips down to my full, red lips and parted them with his tongue. I was scared, but also turned on my his demands. I've always thought that dad was very good looking, and had often dreamt about him fucking me like the dirty slut I was. But I was still a virgin. I met his tongue with mine, and in a second our tongues were entwined, swapping eahc others saliva, enjoying the wetness of each others mouthes. Dad pulled away, and placed his forefinger on my belly button. He then gently dragged his finger towards my cleavage, and placed his right hand on my left breast. He started playing with my already hardening nipple through the material, rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger.

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   He then demanded me to sit up and take my top off. I did as he said. My tits came out of its cleavage, but hung firm and proud. I could feel daddy's warm breath over them, as he moved his mouth closer. He reached his tongue out, and licked the tip of my left nipple. My black satin panties were becoming wet, and I ached for my daddy to just fuck me there and then. I pushed my body up towards him, forcing his face into my tits. He didn't like me doing that, and forced my body back onto the ground, pinning my arms above my head. "Have you ever had a guy tasting your pussy juices before? Have you ever been tongue fucked?!" Daddy demanded to know, and I shook my head. How I wanted him to!"Tell me you want me to tongue fuck you! Tell me you want me to fuck you until you're sore!" I felt daddy's breath near my stomach, as he shouted out his demands. "I want you to tongue fuck me. I want you to make me cum SO HARD!" I felt my panties becoming soaking wet, as I imagined my daddy exploring my pussy with his long tongue. Dad pulled my skirt up, and saw that my panties were soaking wet. He laughed to himself, and pulled them off. He spread my legs wide, and moved his head close enough so the tip of his tongue could tease my shaven clean aching pussy.

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   He teased me until I moaned, and demanded he tongue fuck me. He laughed out loud, and then entered me with his tongue. He explored my pussy, touching the walls of my pussy, and experiencing the sweet juices of his precious daughter. Oh how I loved my daddy then. Dad stuck his tongue in as far as it could go, trying to search for the ultimate spot that would send shivers up my spine. He seemed to know where it was, because seconds later, I felt my body arch up and my first major orgasm spill out, soaking his tongue. Some slipped out and splashed on my inner thighs, which dad quickly lapped up. He licked and sucked my pussy dry, until none of my juices remained. All I could do was groan the whole time. "God you taste so sweet. The sweet taste of virginity. " My daddy pulled his head away from me, stood up and unzipped his trousers. He pulled them down, to reveal a nice, rock hard 8 inch long cock. He knelt down beside me, and undid my blindfold. I looked around me, and then at his cock.

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   I gasped, while daddy grinned. "Now you will see what a man's cum tastes like. " He grabbed the back of my head, and pulled me towards his thick, hard cock. I wrapped my mouth around his manhood, and tried to take in as much as I could. I managed 7 inches. I drew back, and licked the head, tasting his pre-cum. It tasted salty, but the texture was nice. I once again wrapped my mouth around his cock, and tried to take it all in. I gagged a little, but found I could take all 8 inches if I leaned forward slightly. Dad noticed I took all of his cock in, and pulled my head back and forth. He ordered to me to play with his balls, so I took them in my left hand and rolled them around. I could feel them harden as I sucked him off, gaining speed. A few moments later, I felt a hot spurt of cream flow down my throat. I swallowed it all successfully before another spurt came.
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       I was beginning to find it hard swallowing it all without gagging, and some spilled at the sides of my mouth. I looked up at my daddy, standing there looking proud, watching his precious, beautiful daughter suck him off. I milked daddy of his last few drops of cum, and pulled away. I sat on the grass, feeling my pussy become wet again. Dad looked at me, and I pleaded with him to fuck me, to make me cum, to make me sore. He smiled softly, and knelt down in front of me. He gently pulled me over onto my front, and got me to stand on both hands and knees. I did, and he moved close behind me, putting his hands on my cute ass. He grabbed his semi-soft cock, and guided it into my pussy. He gently pushed 2 inches in, before I moaned in pain. He slowly pushed in some more of his cock, ignoring my screams of pain. But the pain began to go away as he slowly pulled back, then in again, gradually pushing all 8 inches in. He put his hands forward, and grabbed my tits. He played with my hard nipples again, as he slowly fucked me from behind. Dad started moving backwards and forwards faster and faster, until I felt another orgasm coming on.

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       I creamed all over his cock, giving him lubrication. He took advantage of this, and thrust into me with all of his strength, sending me into ecstasy. He continued thrusting like this into me for another 5 minutes, until he felt the cum rising in his balls. He drew out of my soaking wet pussy, and jerked himself off for the last few moments, until his hot cream shot all over my ass and back. He then continued to pound into me, making me orgasm 2 more times, and him once. When he finished making my pussy sore, he put his head below my pussy, and ordered me to sit on his face. I did so. He started to lick up all of my juices, making sure I was totally dry before he told me to put my clothes back on. He did his trousers back up, and lead me back to the car. Before we got into our seats, I leant towards him and kissed him passionately, exploring his mouth with my tongue. I ached for daddy; I loved him so much. We got back into the car, and drove home. Once we were inside the house, we pulled each others clothes off, and went upstairs to daddy's bedroom to have another fucking session. He picked me up, and put my legs around his waist, and he held me up by putting his hands on my ass. I mounted his hard cock, and rode on him as he opened the bedroom door.

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       He gasped in surprise - mom was sat on the bed. To be continued. . . . More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.