Daddy's LIttle Girl


I know you've heard of the old cliché, "She's a daddy's girl. " Well, when I was really little, I wasn't all that close to my father, but now that I'm a bit older. I really like to spend quality time with him. So, I guess being a daddy's girl isn't confined to any particular age bracket. Besides, as I've matured, my father has turned into one of the most handsome, sexy guys I know.
Lately, my parents' marriage has not been going too well at all. I found out later that my mother was losing interest in sex and my father is one of those men who need their quota of pussy daily. He's a construction worker so he's always had a gorgeous tan and a slim, yet muscular, body that he keeps in great shape. Even though he's thirty-two, my Daddy looks years younger. My mother must have been crazy not to want to jump in the sack with him every chance she got. I would have. If the silly bitch didn't appreciate what a gorgeous hunk she was married to, then she didn't deserve him in the first place.
Anyway, Daddy was as horny as a ten-peckered billy goat, and I wasn't much better since I broke up with my boyfriend, Ricky, who I'd been fucking since he took my cherry when I was twelve. . . so I figured I should do my daughterly duty and help us both out.

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   What harm could there be in that? All I had to do was let Dad know I wasn't the sweet little thirteen-year-old virgin he thought I was, and that I wouldn't mind some of what mom was missing out on.
I'd been thinking about him a lot while masturbating, wondering what his big cock would feel like sliding in and out of my poor neglected little cunny. I just needed the right moment to get his attention and let him know I was more than interested in a little incestuous fun without coming straight out and saying it.
At every opportunity I wore as little as possible around the house, much to my mother's annoyance. Sometimes I didn't wear any bra or panties at all and would innocently it in a position where my father could see right up between my legs. I'm sure once or twice Daddy almost had a heart attack at the sight of my hot little twat poking out from under my short dress. For a long time he pretended to ignore it, but as I began to get bolder, he started to get the message. I'd sit on his lap and grind my ass down over his cock-bulge or "accidentally" loose my towel as I came out of the bathroom past his bedroom door. Of course I was careful not to let Mom see any of this, but she was hardly ever home. She was always out at her club meetings or bingo, conveniently leaving Daddy and me alone in the house together.
The first inkling that my Dad might have been interested was one day when Mom was away shopping. It was the beginning of summer and I wanted to get a head start on my tan, so knowing my mother wouldn't be back till late, I put on my favorite string bikini and hit our pool in the backyard to get some sun.
My father came outside to clean the pool and chatted to me as he vacuumed the bottom. He kept sneaking glances at me when he thought I wasn't looking, but it wasn't hard to notice the hardon I was giving him. I think that this was the first time that he realized that I was an available piece of pussy with a tight ass, firm tits, luscious lips and juicy twat.

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   I had shaved my pussy clean since I started to grow hair between my legs so my bikini lines didn't show and the skimpy strip of string-cloth between my legs concealed very little. I knew he could see the outline of my hairless little cunt and it aroused me immensely to show it off to him. I lay in the most subtly seductive poses I could think of, without being too obvious.
Playing it to the hilt, I let my legs fall open a little more than usual as I talked to him, running my hands sensually up and down my thighs every time he looked at me and pulling down my bikini tops to just above my nipples. Then, after he'd got a good, long look a my tits, I rolled over to show him my ass.
Under the pretext of getting comfortable, I spread my legs slightly and lifted my hips a bit, knowing that my plump little mound showed clearly through the fabric covering my crotch, and my young cuntslit would be framed nicely by my firm, creamy buns. Daddy was panting like a schoolboy by that stage, so I decided to really give him something to look at.
"Do you mind if I take off my top, Daddy?", I asked innocently. "I don't want to get any tan lines this summer. "
"Umm. . . sure, honey!", he stammered, pretending not to be too interested, but I could see him swallow and lick his lips nervously.
When I removed my bikini-top and released my pert young tits, I heard Daddy gasp. I even lay back and arched my back slightly so he could get a better look.

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   He was trying not to stare, but my perfect little breasts were like a magnet to him. I was getting excited just knowing my big, handsome Daddy couldn't keep his eyes off my tits. I smiled sweetly.
"Do you think they need more sun, Daddy?", I asked, trying to keep my voice sounding casual and innocent.
"Huh?" he muttered, tearing his gaze from my chest with an effort.
"My boobs, silly!", I said with a grin, "Do you think I should tan them some more?"
"Er. . no. . I mean yes. . . I guess so. "
One look at my bare tits and Daddy was a emotional wreck. I loved it! I knew my hunk of a father was getting turned on and it aroused me something fierce.

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   My hot little pussy was getting wetter and wetter and the bulge in Daddy's pants was getting bigger and bigger. He must have started getting embarrassed, because he suddenly made some lame excuse about having to go back inside the house and turned to leave. I had to act fast or the moment would be lost.
"Yes, sweetheart?"
"If I rolled over, would you please rub some lotion into my back?"
My dad stopped in his tracks and turned around. I gave him my best daddy's-little-girl-needs-her-daddy look and parted my legs just a little bit more. He hesitated for a second, then took a deep, shaky breath and came over to me.
"Sure, hon. If you want me to," said Daddy, trying to sound disinterested. But the bulge in his pants that he'd been trying to hide was even bigger now.
I sat up a little so Daddy could sit down next to me and made sure that my naked breast brushed against his arm as I handed him the tanning lotion. I could see his eyes grow big, and knew that big ol' cock of his was doing the same. My pussy was leaking like crazy and began to ache with that old familiar feeling. I needed his cock real bad!
Daddy lubed up his hands with my suntan lotion and began to massage it into my upper back. I could hear his breathing pattern become heavy and erratic, and knew he was feeling like me, extremely horny. We were both in need of a good, hot fuck, so why not keep it in the family?
He rubbed the lotion into my shoulders and down my back, but stopped short when he got to my waist.

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"Mmmmmm, put some on my bottom, Daddy. It's really dry, and it needs to be worked in. Do you mind?"
"Not if you don't, sweetheart," he muttered, "Lift your butt a little. "
I got on my hands and knees and raised my ass, watching the look on his face over my shoulder. Daddy was just staring at my mesh-covered pussy. This close I was sure he could see the moisture leaking from my cuntslit. I wiggled my ass at him in fake annoyance.
"Come on Daddy!", I smiled. "Don't be shy. . . do it!"
"Huh?" His face was red and his hands were trembling.
"Rub the lotion into my bottom before I burn!", I grinned, knowing exactly what he was thinking when I asked him to `do it'.
He licked his lips again and reached out, massaging the oily lotion into my upraised buns. I loved the feel of his big, masculine hands on my ass, rubbing and stroking my taut young flesh until it tingled.

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   My pussy was tingling too. . . for a different reason. I wanted Daddy to rub me there too, but I had to move slowly in case I scared him off. Although, the way he was rubbing the lotion into my asscheeks was more like fondling than massaging now. Once his fingers even slid a little way under my bikini bottoms. I had to suppress a gasp of pleasure as his hands slid between my legs, but he was only rubbing lotion into my inner thighs. God, it was frustrating!
"Mmmmmmmm! Ooooh Daddy, That feels so good! Up a bit!", I moaned sexily, hoping he's get the message.
But his hands remained tantalizingly away from my pussy, as if he was scared of touching it. . . which when you think about it, I guess he was. No doubt the fear of being caught molesting his daughter was still buried deep in the back of his mind. I had to break down years of built up guilt in a matter of minutes or my dad would get `cold feet' and my plan would fail.

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So, the next time his fingers went close to my pussy, I pushed my ass slightly back at him.
    Sure enough, his fingers brushed over my mound, and I couldn't suppress a soft moan. I did it again and Daddy's fingers stayed there longer that time, lingering for one delicious moment on my hot, wet mound before moving guiltily off to continue massaging my thighs. After a couple more times, Daddy's hand was staying on my cunt for a lot longer and I could feel his fingers actually pressing into my cuntslit. I spread my legs wider and moaned sensuously. . . it was now or never!
    "Uuuummmmmm! Please touch me, Daddy!", I begged, "Put you hand on my pussy and rub me there. It feels sooooo nice!"
    "Jesus, baby! We can't! If anyone ever finds out. . . especially your mother. . . .

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       I'll be jail faster than. . . "
    "I want you to, Daddy!" I interrupted, pressing my ass back against his hand. "I want you to fuck me!"
    There, I'd finally said it. Now it was up to him, but just to convince him even further, I reached back and grabbed for the huge lump in his pants.
    "Ohhhh, God!", moaned Daddy, as my fingers wrapped around his hardened cock-shaft. "You're not a virgin, are you baby? "
    "What do you think, Daddy?", I giggled suggestively.
    "I think I'm going to fuck you, that's what!" grinned Daddy staring hungrily at my upraised little ass and cunt.
    His inhibitions dissolved in a second as I rubbed his erection through his pants. Whatever fears or guilt that had been holding him back before were suddenly washed away by his lust for my hard young body. I moaned with a mixture of ecstasy and triumph as I felt Daddy's big hand cover my little pussy-mound and squeeze it forcefully. My cuntlips pressed together and hot pussy-juice leaked out into his palm as I ground my ass down onto his hand in a frenzy of lust.
    "Uuuhh, baby, you're so wet!", he gasped, he seemed a bit surprised that his sweet little girl could get so aroused.
    "You made me wet, Daddy," I smiled, looking back at him over my shoulder.

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       "My pussy is hot and wet for you! Are you gonna fuck me now, Daddy?"
    "Ooohhh, sweetheart, yesssss!", he hissed, ripping off my bikini bottoms with a wild flourish.
    I was in the perfect position for him to take me from behind, a fact that was not lost on my horny dad. He grabbed me by the hips and slid his straining prick straight into my cunt from the rear. We both moaned loudly at the deep penetration, but I had little time to catch my breath. Daddy was so horny, he began pumping his cock into my tight, hairless little pussy like a piston. He must have been exceptionally aroused, because he fucked me like a wild man. My ass shook and my tits jiggled almost painfully as Daddy plowed into me with jack-hammer strokes.
    His big cock was stretching my poor little fuckhole much wider than Ricky's boyish prick had ever done, and his huge balls slapped against my clit, pushing me quickly towards a powerful orgasm. Another couple of strokes of my Daddy's thick cock and I was cumming like crazy. I pushed my cunt back at his cock and arched my back, squealing and whimpering so loud it was a wonder the whole neighbourhood didn't hear me.
    Daddy kept slamming into me, fucking me through my orgasm as his own climax began to build rapidly. I heard him snort and felt his pistoning cock swell even bigger as he came with a shudder, filling my thirteen-year-old cunt with his incestuous seed.
    "Ohhhh! Ohhhh, shit! You gorgeous little fuck!", groaned Daddy, as he emptied his balls into my still-convulsing twat.
    We slumped forward with Daddy on top of me, his twitching prick still buried deeply in my hairless, cum-drenched little fuckhole. I was squashed beneath his big, muscular body, but I didn't care.

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      . . . my wonderful, handsome Daddy had fucked my cunt and made me come like I'd never, EVER come before. I was hooked! I was about to roll over and let Daddy fuck me again, when we heard Mom's car in the driveway.
    "Shit!" bellowed Dad, pulling his semi-hard cock out of my pussy and shoving it back into his pants. "Get your clothes back on quick, sweetheart!. . . Your mother's home!"
    I scrambled into my bikini and lay back on the pool chair just in time, as Mom came looking for us. Dad was standing by the edge of the pool fishing out leaves and I was lying back lazily on the chair with my towel around my waist by the time Mom arrived. We both waved to her nonchalantly but underneath our hearts were pumping madly. To any casual observer, it looked like the perfect backyard family scene, but Mom would have shit in her pants if she knew that only minutes before, Dad has his long, hard cock rammed up my tender thirteen-year-old cunt and we were fucking lile rabbits!
    Mom was her usual obnoxious self and complained about how bad her day had been until Dad gave me a conspiratorial wink and suggested we all go inside for dinner. Mom went in first and Dad and I followed. I knew after what happened he would be watching my butt so I gave it a seductive little wiggle and was rewarded with an intimate little squeeze of my ass as Daddy silently let me know how much he appreciated our first fuck.


       I was determined not to let it be our last!



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