Daddys Lil Princess


So when i was 18 i had lost my virginity, and i had been a sex kitten from then on. At the age of 18 i was totally into sex, it was my everything, and i wanted it from any guy i seen. Also at that age my parents had split up, and i continued to live with my dad since i didnt feel like moving out of the house. Most nights when one of my guys wouldnt come over id go hang out with my dad. Which was sometimes hard since we had an open relationship and talked about everthing, mostly sex. After alot of the talks hearing my dad talk about what he would do to my mom, id go into my room and imagine he was doing these things to me. At first i thought i was weird because it would really turn me on and id have to masturbate. But it never took away that feeling of wanting to know what he really felt like.

So anyways, i was still in school and i didnt drive myself so i had to wake up my dad every morning so he could drive me to school. Well every morning he would be laying in bed sleeping and had no pants on or boxers, sometimes i wondered if he did it just so i could see his nice big rock. And he was very hard to wake up, so some mornings i stood there starring at it for a few minutes thinking about what i would do to it and what he would do to me. Unfortunatly most mornings he wouldnt wake up if i just stood in the door and yelled for him, so id have to go over and shake him. Which got really exciting because i was right there, right next to that hard rock of his.

So one morning i went down to wake him like every other morning, and there it was. It was big and hard just like i liked to see it. And since i had not had a man in a lil while i was extra horny.

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   So i called for him a few times to see just how deep into sleep he was, and he didnt answer. Thats excatly what i wanted. So i slowly moved over to the side of the bed he was laying on trying not to make any sounds at all. And finally there it was, right in front of me. So i carefully reached down and started to rub it, making extra sure he didnt wake up. He didnt so i continued to rub it. Oh my it was so big, i got soaking wet panties just by touching it. And then i seen his nice balls, they were so smooth and just the right size to bounce off my ass if he were fucking me. I started to rub his balls with my other hand, and i could not help myself, i stuck them right into my mouth wiggling my tongue all over them. Then i noticed he had some precum leaking out of his rock. So i took his rock into my mouth tasting his delicious juice. I began to suck harder forgetting he was asleep, but he still didnt move. So i began to take in more of him deeper into my throat. Then finally i heard him grunt, and before i had time to get scared, he exploded into my mouth. I tried to swallow as fast as i could so i didnt lose any of it, but some had escaped and ran onto his balls.

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   So i scooped it up with my hand and rubbed it onto my soaking wet pussy. I hurried and laid his nice hard rock back down where it had been laying, and ran upstairs to finger his cum out of my pussy and suck it off my fingers.

Later that day it was my normal bath time, right before bed. And because the bathroom was so close to my bedroom i usaully just walked from the bathroom to my room in my towel. And then i would just lay on my bed naked to dry, i hated having clothes on, they get in the way just in case sex came knocking. So that night i had did my usual thing and went and laid on my bed, but this time i had left my door open, for a reason of course, i wanted my dad to see my nice lil pussy and hopefully he would touch me. I had even hoped for a spanking for leaving my door open, even tho i was to old for them and he had never spanked me even when i was younger, i had hoped he just might. So i lay there waiting and waiting, playing on my computer, until finally i had heard him walking up the stairs calling for me. Every step he came up made my clit tingle and get even wetter. Then finally i heard him stop at my doorway, but i didnt turn around. So all he could see was my pussy starring right at him. I noticed he didnt talk for a few minutes, so i turned around and there he was, in his boxers, with a nice big rock again, starring at my pussy. I just smiled at him and said "yes daddy" and he stuttered for a minute but finally catching what he wanted to say " i need to talk to you" he said, trying to be firm. So i told him to come sit with me and talk to me. He hesitated for a few minutes but then sat down next to me.


   Some of his friends in chat had seen me on cam and was bragging to him about it, and he didnt like that i was doing that. So i flew open my towel and said well dad if ya got it flaunt it right??

After a few minutes of him gazing at my skinny lil body he tried to get up and walk out, but as he did, i noticed his rock was even harder then before. There it was huge and hard, and trying to escape his shorts. It wanted me and i knew it. So as he tried to walk away i jumped in front of him, still naked, and i dropped to my knees pulling his rock out of his shorts. It was even bigger then that morning. I took it and pulled him into my mouth, not caring this time what had escaped my mouth. Therefor my drool was running all over his rock and onto his balls. But he didnt seem to mind, as i heard him moaning and breathing heavy. He tried to pull away from me a few times saying it wasnt right, but i just shoved him deeper into my mouth. Which made him change his mind. And besides, what daddys princess wants, she gets!

I started to feel him swell harder and bigger and i knew he was gonna blow in my mouth once again, but this time he stopped me. He had told me he knew what i did that morning and he just pretended being asleep because it felt so good. But he said i already got to taste his juices today, so now it was his turn to taste mine. Oh boy, that sent my pussy into over drive.

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   I always wanted to hear him say that.
    I always imagined what daddys toungue would feel like deep inside of me, and now i was about to find out! So he threw me on my bed and flew my legs as wide as they would go. And then he buried his hairy manly face deep into my soaked pussy. He licked like ive never been licked, he did just what a man is supposed to do with his toungue. And just as i thought it couldnt get any better, he pushed in one of his big thick fingers. Before i knew it i was close to cumming. So i started to fuck his face and finger just a lil bit harder. And he must of felt my pussy spassming, because he shoved his finger in just enuf harder that i came so hard, i couldnt help but scream. I squirted for the first time, right there in my dads face. And just like i had done that morning, he didnt let one little drop get away.

    As i lay back, still out of breathe and not recovered from my awsome orgasm, i felt him start to kiss up my belly, and then he got to my neck. And thats when i felt his nice big rock hit my pussy. I wanted it so badly deep inside me, as it was the biggest and nicest dick i had ever seen. I begged him to put it in me, even bucking my hips at it trying to get it in myself. He smiled at me, and reached down to rub it on my clit, then smacking it on my pussy.

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       I cried in pleasure, begging him even more to put it in me. He grabbed it and was teasing me, putting just the head in and then pulling it back out. He loved to watch me squirm and beg for his rock. Then finally he grabbed my hips and pushed himself all the way in me. I screamed in painful pleasure. I was shaking from head to toe, i had never felt a man so big inside me. He fucked me, slamming his dick deeper inside me, ripping my pussy, hitting places i never knew exsited inside me. And i must have been tighter then hes used to, because in minutes he started to breathe harder saying he was gonna cum. I told him i wanted to feel him blow inside me. And i felt his rock start to pulsate, and then he shoved it as far in as possible, and then i felt his hot load burst inside me. And at that moment i came all over him once again, soaking him and my bed. He plopped down ontop of me after we had both came harder then ever, and we lay there trying to catch our breathe. Until finally we both caught our breathe and he got up pulling his rock out of me letting all the juices run out and all over my lil ass. He watched for a minute then said he had to shower and i should get a bath.
    Needless to say, we both slept very good that night.

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       And ever since that night we would always make sure we "accidently" caught each other naked or masturbating, and then we would have some serious fun and fuck like weve never fucked before.
    And now i am 24 and still love to fuck my dad. He is still the best dick and biggest dick ive ever had. And still to this day, daddys lil princess gets whatever she wants, especially multiple orgasms, cumming in her daddys face, or a mouth full of her daddys juices!.



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