Daddy's Girlfriend


"Dave, your daughters are beautiful," Grace Lawrence told her boyfriend.
"Thank you. " Dave Michaels beamed with pride. He loved his daughters. They would grow up to be real beautiful women someday, he knew it. They would make some man real happy.
"I'd like to. . . experiment with them. You know. . . " she began. Dave's smile faded.
"I don't know, Grace, they're young.

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  . . "
"Dave, they're 16! Didn't you say you were planning on doing it with them when they were 16?" Grace pleaded. Dave nodded thoughfully.
"I did, but. . . ," Dave said.
"Call them in here and tell them the new rules, Dave! They're ready," Grace pleaded. Dave nodded.
"Okay. " Dave was a pushover and Grace knew it. She simed, smugly. She was looking forward to "experimenting" with his twins, as she and Dave always called it when they were alone. She and Dave had been making plans for this moment for weeks.

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"Megan, Emily! Come here please!" he yelled. A second later, his twin girls came into the room.
"Yeah, Dad?" They said.
"Well, you're old enough for this, so there are going to be some new rules around here. First off,. no clothes are allowed to be worn in the house. You are to take them off right when you get in the door. Second rule: You are to do whatever me and Grace tell you. You are not to say 'no' to whatever we tell you, even if we don't want you to do it. Now, clothes off," he said. The girls looked appaled.
"No!" Megan said, immediatley.
"Dad, you're not going to do this to us!" Emily said.
"Clothes off, now," he said in a warning tone. The girls looked scared; their dad had never hesitated to use the belt before.

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   They stripped down to their bras and panties.
"Take them off, too. You are to be completly naked," Grace said. The girls looked scared. They hesitated before pulling off their panties and unhooking their bras.
"Come sit down and watch television with us," Grace smiled sweetly. She moved over so both girls could fit between her and Dave. The girls sat down reluctantly. Dave turned on the tv after he and Graced stripped.
Scenes of passionate kissing soon led to sex in the porn Dave had chosen. It made them all hot. Soon, Grace inserted her finger into Emily's pussy. Dave followed suit with Megan. Soon, they were pumping their fingers in and out of the twins' pussys.
Dave jumped up.

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   Grace stopped fingering Emily.
"I have a present for you," he said to the girls. He went to his room and came back with two new vibrators that resembled the size and thickness of his cock. He handed one to each girl.
"Try them out," he said. Emily iserted hers into her pussy and pumped it in as far as it could go, which wasn't very far. Dave knew she had reached her cherry.
"Megan, help her with that. It can go farther," David said. Megan took posistion in front of Emily and took the vibrator in both hands awkwardly.
"No, shove it in further," he instucted. Megan did. Emily howled in pain has the vibrator broke her cherry.
"Turn it on and pump it in and out," Dave said. Megan listened, increasing her twin's cries.

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"Okay, now Emily, you do it to Megan," he said.
"No!" Megan yelled, but Dave pused her onto the couch and took Megan's vibrator from the floor. He handed it to Emily.
Emily took it from Dave and shoved it into her sister's pussy. When she felt some resistance, she pushed harder, like Megan had when she was doing her. Megan yelled in pain and started crying. Emily turned the vibrator on and pumped it in and out. She was still doing it when Megan's cries subsided.
Dave moved in next to Emily amd lightly touched Megan's clit. Soon, he began rubbing it. Megan soon had an orgasm. Dave told Emily to go over to Grace.
Grace was ready. She laid Emily downon the floor and started rubbing her clit and pumping a finger in and out of her pussy. When Emily started moaning in pleasure, Grace withdrew her fingers and began eating her out, paying special attention to her clit.

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  Soon, Emily had an orgasm. She sprayed Grace's face with her juices.
"My turn," Grace smiled.



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