Daddy's Disipline.


I grew up under quite strict rules, not only at home, but at the private, all girls school I attended. At home there were chores to be attended to, and if they were not completed when told, punishment was swift, being dealt with by a good spanking from my father. It was just him and me, my mom having left for parts unknown when I was very little. I learned quickly to obey, doing as told, when told, as Daddy’s hand was not gentle on my butt, always over his knee with my skirt up over my hips, my panties the only thing between my ass and his smooth, but harsh hand.
When I learned to count, Daddy showed me a pair of dice, and I would have to roll them on the kitchen table, then count the number showing. He said that this way I was the one that chose the number of swats my butt was to receive for my misgivings. I learned to hate the sound of those dice, rolling in his hand, as he would give them over to me. I would roll them, then count the number out loud , three, or five, or nine, or goodness forbid the dreaded twelve.
He would say, “Christina, you know I want you to be the good girl, I love you and this is just my way of showing you when you have been the bad girl. There are rules to be followed and in this house. I make them. ” Of course, then I would have to bend over his knees, reach back, pull my skirt up and wait for the swats.
It was not often I had to submit to this, learning that if I did what I was told all would be fine, but every now and again as young girls are, I would forget and out came the dice.
Since I was in a private school, we had to wear uniforms, guys wore black shoes, dark blue pants, white shirts, a blue and white tie and a blazer with or school emblem on the breast pocket. We girls wore flat heeled black shoes, white knee high stockings with blue tasseled garters, light and dark blue plaid academy skirts, a white blouse and a V-neck button down sweater, also bearing the school emblem over one breast. If homework wasn’t completed, or we were late for school, or we were mean to another person and got caught, or we were not good sportsmen when we would lose a game in P.

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  E. , the punishment was the same at school, swats on the butt by the Head Master, girls and guys alike. At least he didn’t make us hike up our skirts.
When I was 15, I came home from school one day and Daddy was sitting in his chair, his right hand closed, the sound of the dreaded ivory clicking inside. He stood and said, “Follow me”, and took me to his bedroom.
Sweeping his hand across the room, he asked, “What is wrong with this picture?” My eyes went wide as I saw, in my haste to get to school, I had forgotten to make up his bed, something I had done every day for as long as I could remember. My mind raced, my eyes looking at the floor, as I thought about my room, the bed still unmade. Had he looked there, also????
“I…I…forgot to make your bed. ” I looked up at him. “I…was in a hurry Daddy. I was going to be late for school. I know you don’t want me to be late. ” I was searching, hoping to help him see the plight of my situation. Swats on my butt at school for coming in late…or swats on my butt at home for not doing my chores.
“Tell me the truth, young lady.

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   Did you make your bed this morning? Look at me and tell me the truth. ”
His beautiful blue eyes boring into mine, knowing. I could hear the dice clicking, clicking in his soft yet firm hand. I pulled my eyes away from his, looking at his hand, the dice rolling in his fingers, know to lie would be worse than telling him the truth.
I looked at the floor. “No, Sir, I did not. I was going to do it as soon as I got home,” pleading, looking back into his eyes, “But you got home before me. I would have gotten it done! But I was Late, Daddy! I was going to be late for school!”
“No excuses, young lady. Come with me. You will decide how many. Hang up your sweater on the way. I will be waiting in the kitchen. ”
I walked into my room, placed my sweater on the hanger, then hurried to the kitchen, my head low, knowing, that after years without one, I was about to be spanked yet again.
He held out his hand, the dice clicking one last time, as he placed them in my now shaking palms. I closed my fingers around them, my mind asking anyone that would listen, ‘Not twelve, Pleeease not twelve!’.

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   I let them go, watched as they hit the table. Oh, NO, I had thrown too hard, the dice bounding to the edge, one hitting the floor, the other facing up. Six. I started to go into just a bit of thankfulness. Only six.
I looked at my father, then at the die on the table and counted out loud, “Six, Daddy, only Six. ”
“No sweetheart, not six. One of them doesn’t count. One is on the floor. Pick it up. But remember, the one on the table already has six. You must roll them again. When you count next time you will start with seven!”
I took the die from the table, leaned down and retrieved the cursed one from the floor. Oooooh, how I wanted just the ones. I dropped them, watching those white cubes dance, their black eyes flashing, laughing into mine, my mind knowing the outcome, as they left my hand, before they hit, before they settled into four huge grins of three each.

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   I looked at their staring, ugly faces. Eighteen!
I tore my eyes away from them, standing straight, my shoulders back, my 34” breasts pushing against my blouse, my nipples hardening as I turn my head to look into my father‘s soft eyes.
“I won’t count, Daddy,” denying him this one thing. “I will not count. The number is eighteen, but I will NOT count them. ”
“Very well, Christina, very well. Is that your decision?”
“Yes, Sir, it is. I refuse to count them!” I stood as tall as I could, refusing to blink, our eyes locked. “It’s eighteen!!”
He blinked, his eyes moving down to my chest, my hard nipples straining against my bra. My bra, Oh my gosh, my bra, my panties! In my haste I had donned the first things that came into my hands. Sheer pink silk. The matching set not concealing anything! The thong panty pulled up into my butt. ‘What have I done! Ohhhh, Chris, what have you done! He’s going to see. It’s too late. I can’t change it now.

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My father took my hand, leading me to the couch in the living room. Sitting on the edge he told me to bend over his knees. How could I have let this happen! I bent over his knees, moving my arms back to raise my skirt, the hem in my hands, pulling it up over my hips, my thong nestled between my butt cheeks, bare ass exposed to him, my eyes closed as I waited. Eighteen
It seemed hours!!! Then a soft voice. “What are you wearing? Stand up. ”
I stood, facing him. He asked again. “What are you wearing?”
I knew the answer he wanted, but stalled, saying, “Just my school uniform, Daddy. The same as every day of school. ”
“You wear the same kind of clothing as you have on now?” I shook my head, yes. “I think you might not be telling the truth, young lady. Take off you blouse and skirt and we will see just how you dress for school. ” My eyes snapped up to his. Surely he couldn’t be telling this. “Do it”
I hesitated for just a moment, my body flushing red with embarrassment.

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   My hands undid the hooks at the waist of my skirt, loosening it so I could un-tuck my top. Starting at the bottom I unbuttoned my blouse, wanting my tits covered for as l could manage. I reached the top button and shrugged the blouse from my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Unzipping my skirt, it too, dropped to the floor at my feet. I stepped forward, my feet out of the waist band and using one foot kicked it backwards, a small heap of clothes at my heels.
My fathers eyes traveled down the length of my young body, my only shield, sheer pink under things. His eyes moved up, pausing as he saw my clearly visible, nearly hairless pussy, then stopping at my tits, my nipples, pushing against my bra, hard with fear.
“Is this part of the prescribed ‘uniform’?”
“No, sir, it’s not. But Daddy, I was Late! I grabbed the first thing that came into my hands. I was in a hurry,” pleading with him again. “If I were late for school, I would have been disciplined by the Head Master. ”
“And you thought my punishment would be less severe? I will not have my daughter wearing clothes like this. Not under my roof! Take them off. I don’t want you to wear them again. Understood!?”
I nodded my head as I reached behind me and unclasped my bra, joining the skirt and blouse.


   Pulling down my panties, putting them with the small pile of clothes.
“You know better than to leave your clothes on the floor. Pick them up and put them on the chair. ”
I turned around, somewhat thankful all he could see was my backside, but also a little emboldened. I thought to myself, ‘He is seeing me naked, why not show him a little more’. I placed my legs a couple of feet apart, my feet flat on the floor and bent straight over at the waist, my ass cheeks spreading, exposing my bud, my pussy lips parting, giving my daddy full view. I stayed that way for a good minute, folding my clothes on the floor, my fear turning to excitement with my exhibitionism, my nipples, little pebbles at the tips of my tits, my pussy getting more moist, my clit venturing forth from it’s hiding place with each passing second. I straightened up and put my clothes on the chair as I had been instructed.
I turned around and walked to him, ready for the eighteen swats I was about to receive. Within arms length, he reached out and took my bare hips in his strong hands, getting one knee in between mine, forcing my pussy onto it, moving his hands up my back pushing me forward, my tits against the top of his thigh, my head at his side, my shoulder pressing into his crotch, one arm dangling at my side, the other around his waist, waiting, waiting for him to begin.
His hands moved to my naked ass, one cheek held firmly in each and then it started. A hand raised away, my eyes closed, waiting for the first, then…SMACK, wincing at the pain. The other hand raised… and…SMACK! Again…SMACK, keeping count in my head…SMACK! With each…SMACK! I would try to move forward to lessen the blow…SMACK! My shoulder pushed into his abdomen preventing me from moving more than an inch or so…SMACK! My clit rubbed his pant leg…SMACK! The feeling of the cloth against it making it harder…SMACK! I concentrated on that, my pussy responding, my cream flowing onto his pant leg, my ass a burning red…SMACK! Only eight left…SMACK!
I felt his cock hardening into my shoulder, my hand around his waist holding him tighter, pulling away from the last few blows…SMACK! I started to shudder, my pussy denying me…SMACK! I came, my pussy flowing onto his pant leg, soaking it, shaking, holding his waist tight, my head down, biting my lower lip, not wanting to make a sound as my orgasm ripped through me waiting for the next.
It never came as he said loudly, “Stand UP!” I stood in front of him as he gesturing to his pant leg, “Look what you have done! I can’t wear these, they’re wet!”
He stood, unbuckling his belt, undoing his trousers, letting them drop to his feet, stepping out of them, “Pick them up, and put hang them over the back of the chair!” I did as I was told, smoothing them, trying to prevent any more wrinkles. I turned around to see him, naked, in front of me, his thick, hard, seven inch cock pointing away from his hips, my eyes tracing up and down his body, viewing my first naked male body, fine brown hair across his chest, reaching down to his navel, the same on his lower legs.

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   My eyes stopped at his cock, the hair trimmed close, his hanging ball sack, devoid of any hair.
He sat on the edge of the couch, telling me that we weren’t done yet. I resumed the same position as before, my pussy on his bare leg, my arm around his waist, his cock hard, pressing up along my shoulder, his hands on my ass, naked against each other, the fear gone, my excitement rising inside me, anticipating as one hand raised and…SMACK! My head up waiting…SMACK! Moving my pussy along his leg…SMACK! The pain no longer a factor. One hand moving to the bottom of my wet pussy…SMACK! His middle finger entering me…SMACK! Pushing further into me. My arm moved from his waist, taking his hard cock in my hand, feeling the veins pulse into my palm, sliding my hand up and down his length…SMACK! I came again, the final blow sending me over the edge, my hand tightening around his cock as he place another finger into me, coming hard around them.
His hand caressed my ass, as if to remove the spanking I had just received, his fingers still inside me. I pulled my head from beside him, my hands on his chest, pushing him till his back met the couch, straddling his hips, my pussy resting at the base of his cock, my arms around his neck, my face moving closer to his, our lips meeting, kissing him, his tongue in my mouth, probing, my hips moving up, up along his cock, wetting it with my flowing juice, his hands on my ass, lifting me, the velvety tip at the entrance of my virginity, separating my pussy lips, whispering into his mouth.
“Daddy, I have tried to be your good girl. ” I lowered myself, the first few inches inside, “Ohhhh, Daddy!” His hand on my hips forcing me down onto him, another few inches of his hard cock inside, my head back as I sat hard, his full length driving into me, holding him there. “YEEsss ohhh Daddddy, yeeesss”, my pussy involuntarily milking his hard pole, feeling his blood filled veins as they pushed against the walls of my cunt, his hands on my ass, lifting me, then down again onto his cock, his hips rising to meet mine as I took him inside, again…and again, my hands on his shoulders, my eyes slits, looking at his, as we started fucking.
His cock pushing up into me, my hips meeting his on my downward thrust, my desire taking over, the only sound, our breathing, my pussy squishing as his smooth, hard member entered me over and over, lost in my incestuous desire.
“Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me hard, FUUUUUCK MEE!!” his cock a piston, thrusting up into my tight, hot, well oiled cylinder. I was flying in my own pleasure, Cooooming again, his hands forcing me up and down, fuccccking me harder…harder, his hands on my hips as he pushed up into me, his body stiffening, his cock growing inside me, as he buried himself inside me, my hips rocking against his short pubic hair bringing me closer, his hard cock pulsing, once…twice as he released inside, his hot come exploding into me, filling me, my cunt tightening around him, his cock releasing another stream inside. I was cooooming again, my back arched as his hips jerked up into me, letting another shot of come fill me, both moaning in orgasm, his hands holding me in place as I shuddered.
I fell forward, my arms around his neck, breathing hard against his cheek, our hearts pounding inside our chests, his hard cock still inside my twitching slit.

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   Our lips met, tongues dancing, delighting in our post orgasmic bliss. I could feel his come flowing from inside me, coating his balls, running onto his ass, excited, as I would be the one that would have to clean it from him, knowing I would have to do a good job, or risk having to throw those lovely dice once again. ;)
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