Daddy! What are you doing?!!


Daddy! What are you doing?!


(Approx. 1920 words. )
Incest, MF, Teen, voyeur, masturbation, objects, anal, non-consential

Andrew stood in hallway of his home, still numb with shock. He done it, he’d really one it, he had, hadn’t he? He, in front of the office, had, after years of fantasying about it, finally told the boss what he could do with his job. Oh Christ what had he done. He wondering into the kitchen in a dream like state, perhaps he was dreaming, in a moment he wake in bed, and he have to face another day of be fuck about by that wanker. . . no, what had he called on him. . . yes, “ignorant tyrant that couldn’t wipe his own arse, let alone run a business. . . ” He would savour the look on his bosses face for a long, long time. Just then his mobile began to ring, which snap out of his day dream.

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   He pulled phone and glanced at the display. . . it was Claire, one of his co-slaves and sometimes lover. Well he really wasn’t in the mood for anybody yet; he needed to get his head together, so he turned the phone off.

He absently mindedly made himself a cup of tea. . . and considered his situation. For the moment, money wouldn’t be a problem, he had saving and investments, and there was still the life insurance money, but then there was Isadora, his daughter. She’d be going to Uni soon, although they’d discussed her having a year out. Christ, he couldn’t believe how quickly she had changed, one minute his sweet little girl, and then suddenly she had change, physically, into a very sexy little teen. . . just like the ones he wank over online.

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   It didn’t help that recently, in the last year or so, she had started dressing in manner that did nothing to hide the fact that his little girl was anything but little. His imagination dwelt on the other day; he’d almost said something then. He’d been sitting watching the TV, when she had walked in. Christ, his jaw must have it the floor. He was use to the short skirts and black fishnets, you know Goth rock chick (taking after her mummy) but the white halter top, that was something else, and left little to his imagination. The trouble was it was exactly the sort of thing that really got him going. She stood that, chatting, while he struggled not to stare those beautiful full breasts, with two dark hard nipples clearly defined and erect through the white material of the top.

Andrew’s cock was uncomfortably hard, and he caressed and moved it into a more comfortable position. . . Christ he was doing it again, fantasising about his daughter again. What he needed was a steady playmate, a nice young slut that was into oldermen. . . but for the moment, he would just have to settle for a nice long wank.

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   He glanced at the clock on the wall. 13:30, Isadora wouldn’t be back until 16:00, so he has the house to himself. He finished off his tea, and left the kitchen and climbed the stairs. As he walked along the upstairs hallway, just as he passed Isadora’s bedroom door he stopped dead. What was that? He listened, and it came again, a groan. He looked around for the source, perhaps one of the cats was in one of the rooms. No, it was a human moan, he went to is daughter’s bedroom door, and it was definitely coming from there. Perhaps, in all the chaos of the morning, he missed a call or something, she must be ill. He tapped on the door, and called “Isadora, is that you? Are you OK?”

He knocked again, a bit more firmly, and when he heard no reply, just another groan, he turned the handle and opened the door. “Iss, are you. . . . ” It took him several seconds to take in the scene before him. His daughter was lying on her bed, face down, and naked from the waist down.

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   Her legs where spread and she her arse was bobbing in the air. On her head was a set of head phone’s and faintly he could hear the tiny sound of music. For a few seconds he continued to stair before ducking back behind the door. He stood there in stunned shock, well that was a surprise, why hadn’t he seen that one, now that he thought about it, what he had heard and was hearing was the sound of women/girl having sex. He should close the door and walk away, and try to forget what he had just seen, but in fact he looked around the door again.

Clearly she hadn’t heard or noticed him, and as he watched he realised that she was looking at her laptop, which appeared to have sort of porn film on it. She was lying on her pillows, so that her belly was resting on them and her bum was raised up. His eyes dropped down, and he realised that she was using something to fuck herself. Her hips where bobbing up and down, while one of her hands held onto something. As he watched, he realised that it was a hair brush, he’d seen it before, the one with the thick ribbed handle. Christ, it had, when he’d first see it, even reminded him of several video clips he’d seen, where teen girls had fucked themselves with the handle of there hairbrushes. But he hadn’t imagined that his own daughter was using it in the same way. Fuck though, nothing he’d ever seen online was as hot or as slutty as what he was witnessing at this moment.

Suddenly, Isadora gasped loudly and said “God yes, fuck, fuck me, hard. .

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  . fuck. . . ” As she said this, she pushed her hips down hard, gasping loudly. “Yea. . . . fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me daddy, that it, stick you cock into you little girl, OOOhhhh god, fuck me. ”
Christ, he could hardly believe his own hears. . . was she thinking of him, as she fucked herself, had she been inviting him, teasing him. .


  . god the little minx. His lust rose up and was overwhelming any inhabitations he had, and he began to unbuckle his belt. As his trousers and boxes dropped his ankle he began to wanking his painfully swollen cock, but his eyes were fixed on Isadora arse rising up and down. The room was full of the smell of her cunt juice and filled his nostrils with sweet aroma, driving him wild with desire. He ripped his shirt off, not caring about the buttons pinging off in all directions.

Isadora only became aware of his presence, when she felt somebody getting on the bed. She jumped with fright, and turned to find her father, naked, behind of her. For a second she was too shocked and surprised to react.
“Dad! What the fuck are you doing” she demanded in a shocked voice and she tried to push herself up, but before she could, her dad pushed her back down. Looking over shoulder, she was shocked at the expression on father’s face, which was like nothing she had ever seen or even imagined or could even explain, other that it made her very afraid. Oh my god, he’s going to rape me, she though, as she felt something hard press against thighs.
“Dad, NOOO, please. . .

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  OHHHHHHhhhhhh. ” She felt her dad’s cock forcing its way into her wet cunt. Go, he feels big. . . Oh god. . . she thought, he actually doing it.

Despite Isadora’s pussy being very wet from masturbation, she was tight, so incredibly tight, and Andrew entered slowly, but firmly, savouring the sensation. He held her down, and pushed in deeply, and then slowly pulled back, until just the head of his cock was inside her. Pausing for a second, he thrust his hips forward driving his cock deep and hard into his little girl’s cunt. She groaned out loudly and gripped as her quilt cover, screwing up the material in her clenched fists.
    Andrew moved his hands to his daughter’s hips and began to fuck his cock slowly but firmly back and forth, but with each inward movement, he forced his cock in hard. Months of being teased, of frustration and guilt welled up and as he looked down at his daughters arse he had an overwhelming desire to make pay for being such a cock teasing slut.

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    He pulled his cock out of Isadora, and repositioned it against her anus, and pressed the head against it, pushing firmly and forcing the ring apart.
    “Nooo, not there, NO. . . daddy you’re hurting me. . . please. . . OOOOWWWWWW!!!” She reached around to try and push him off, while at the same time trying pulling herself up the bed, anything to escape form the painful invasion. But her dad was too big and followed her, and suddenly with a popping sensation, he had forced her anal ring open was inside her. She screamed and collapsed back down. He began to move his hips up and down slightly, but maintaining a firm inward pressure, so that gradually his cock worked its way deeper into his daughter arsehole.

    Isadora was no longer trying to escape, but she cried and sobbed, and tried to relax, yes, she need to relax, Oh god it hurts.

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      . . . But already the pain was fading into a fierce burning sensation. In her hears, the music was over, but the sound of the porn film she had been watching, was still there, and ironically, it had just reached an anal scene it had realised she was alone. She could feel her dad slight pumping movements as his cock worked into her back passage. Suddenly he whispered “you were asking for it slut, don’t think I don’t know, you’ve been begging for piece of daddy cock, haven’ you,” he made a hard thrust with his hips, making cry out. “You want this don’t you?” Again he followed the question with a hard thrust of his cock, “Tell you want it slut!”
    She couldn’t believe this was her daddy, but then hadn’t she fantasised about this very thing. . . .

    “Yes. . . .

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      yesss” she whispered.
    “Yes what?”
    “Fuck me. . . please fuck me daddy. . . fuck your little girl. . . . fuck my arse. . . ”
    She slide her hand underneath her body began to rube her pussy and Andrew, who about half of his cock inside, began to make longer thrust with his cock.


       The twin sensations of her daddy raping her arse and her hand on her clit, merged into an overwhelming wave of pleasure. Isadora surrendered herself completely, barely able to even keep her fingers moving over her pussy, fortunately her fathers thrusting was pushing her body up and down, doing most of the work for her, she just had to keep her hand pressed against her cunt.

    Andrew began to pick up the pace, pushing deeper, and then pulling back, he was trying to hold it, but soon, he couldn’t last much longer. He lay on top of his daughter and began fuck her faster and urgently becoming more frantic in motions, until with a loud groan he began to come. He thrust harder and deeper, and his groan’s combined with his daughters moans as she was hit by her own orgasm, which came with such force that she lost all sense of her surroundings, as wave after wave sensation rippled through her body. Andrew continued pump his hips up and down, until with a long drawn out sigh, he lifted himself of his daughters shacking body. For a few minutes he sat there in a daze as he daughter lay next to him quietly sobbing.

    The End. . . for the moment.

    Please keep in mind that this story is a work of FICTION


    Read more of my stories and find out about Shyblueeyes1968 at http://www1. asstr. org/~shyblueeyes1968/




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