Daddy Loves Twincest


My little girls, Ashley and Brooke, are identical twins. I was only nineteen when my girlfriend got pregnant, unplanned, of course, so it was even more of a shock when the pregnancy resulted in not one but two tiny baby girls. They were always beautiful kids - my girlfriend Nancy (we never married) made them grow their blonde hair long and by the time they were eight it reached past their asses.
Their mother upped and left years ago, leaving me ill-equipped to bring up two daughters, who were proving to be more than a handful. The twins, now fifteen, were the most beautiful bundles of trouble there could ever be, and I’m not just saying that as a proud father. As the girls hit puberty and began to develop, my buddies began to compliment me on what a fine pair they were, and when they walked down the street more than one head would turn, men and young boys alike! Of course I worried, having such stunning daughters. They were identically sexy, a petite 5’6 with sexy green eyes and curvy figures. But what began to worry me more was the amount I had begun to notice the their bodies recently, their firm tanned legs, the promise of their young breasts squeezed into tight tank tops.
I went into the back garden one sunny day and almost choked to find my fifteen-year-old daughters sunbathing in tiny bikinis that left very little to the imagination. Ashley was rubbing suntan oil into Brooke’s back, and I was surprised, even a little thrilled to find a hard on immediately appear in my pants. They had their backs to me and unsure what to do, I hung back, dying to massage my rapidly growing cock as I feasted my eyes on their slim tan legs and achingly pert butts. Brooke undid the straps of her bikini to allow Ash better access with the oil and my hand flew to my erection as I caught sight of a glimpse of part of one breast as it sprung free of the tiny halter. I had never even seen my daughters in their underwear before, and I was surprised to find Brooke’s breasts fuller than I had expected.
“You do me,” Ashley giggled, lying face down on the lounger, and Brooke retied her bikini. Straddling her sister’s butt, she began to massage the oil into Ashley’s back. “Mmmmmm…” Ash moaned contentedly.

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   “’S good. ” Brooke continued to rub the oil over her sister’s back, while they muttered and giggled together. Eventually she exclaimed, “shut up!” to some whispered comment of her sister’s, un-straddled her and slapped her ass playfully before lying down to catch some rays herself.
I locked myself in my room and wanked furiously over and over again to the thought of my little baby girls touching each other. I imagined them kissing, the fullness of their tits, the roundness of their cute butts, and worse, what it must be like to fuck their tight young cunts. I knew it was wrong, sick even, but nothing was going to stop me thinking about it now.
Now everything they did made me see them in a new light. I wanked more than I ever had. The sight of my daughters in their tight pajama tops with no bras made me even more aware of the size of their breasts. How could I have missed it before, those full round globes with their protruding hint of a nipple, which I sneaked glances at whenever I could. They must have been at least a DD-cup, bigger than their mom’s, and fuller somehow, rounder. How I ached sometimes in my frantic late-night wanking sessions to go into the room they shared and violate them, rip off their clinging tees and slide my cock between their ample chests, to titty-fuck the pair of them before shooting me load over their beautiful young faces. They had the faces of angels, my little girls, but bodies that would tempt a saint.
My fantasies began to get worse. I love my little girls, as any father would, but some part of me, some animal part, also wants to ravage them, to grab them and fuck them roughly and hear them moaning my name.

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   I became obsessed with twin porn on the internet, but nothing could make me cum as hard as when I thought about my two baby daughters and the nasty things I wanted to do to them.
Eventually I did the unthinkable. I bought and installed a secret camera in their room, and every day when they were at school I watched the tape from the night before. Working from home left me a lot of time for jerking off over grainy footage of my teenage daughters. “Love you, Daddy,” they would each say with a kiss on the cheek as they got out of car at school every day, little knowing that as I looked up their tiny tartan school skirts as they got out (too short for school regulations of course, but then they were fifteen), I was looking forward to the glimpses of their naked young bodies and the long hard orgasms that last night’s footage would afford.
One night I was passing the girls’ room on my way back from the bathroom when I heard noises from within. I had bid the twins goodnight only a few minutes ago and they must be getting ready for bed. I pressed my ear to the door. There was muffled giggling, and the squeaking of bedsprings. “Ssssssh! Dad will hear!” one of them whispered, which one I couldn’t be sure. Then there was more giggling.
Heart racing, I went to my room and hooked up to the live digital feed I had by now set up from the camera in their room. The light was still on and I could see everything clearly. Ashley, the younger by four minutes and wearing nothing but an oversized shirt I recognised as mine, had pinned Brooke to her bed and was tickling her mercilessly. Brooke, squirming and trying to wrestle her sister off, was wearing a tank top and knickers.

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   As she wriggled her tank top began to ride up and expose the lower part of her luscious round breasts, but Ashley did not let up.
After a few minutes of helpless wriggling in which her half-exposed tits bounced madly, Brooke managed to roll over and straddle Ash. She laughingly said something as she began to tickle her little sister back, but as I had not wired the camera for sound I could not hear what they were saying. As Ashley kicked and giggled under her sister’s roaming fingers, the man-sized shirt she was wearing began to ride up and from the camera’s position I could see to my cock’s delight that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. Brooke had evidently noticed too, because she pulled Ash’s shirt right up over her tanned, toned stomach, laughing as she tickled her uncovered belly even harder.
Ashley’s legs were splayed wide open and I had the most gorgeous view of her completely shaven cunt. I actually heard Ash’s shriek all the way from my room as she realised her sister had exposed her. In retaliation she pushed her sister so they were sprawled face to face on the single bed, the shove causing Brooke’s tits to spring from the tight vest completely. Brooke, instead of covering herself, simply ripped open the front of Asley’s shirt so she could tickle her under the arms, her most sensitive tickle spot, as well I knew. As the twins struggled to get a one-up on each other in this wrestling-tickling match their bare legs became entwined and their exposed DD tits were soon pressed tightly against each other as Ashley reached round and pinned Brooke’s hands behind her back. In the resultant checkmate it took me a moment to realise that Brooke’s thigh had slipped between her twin sister’s legs and Ashley’s bare teenage pussy was writhing against her twin’s leg, seemingly of its own accord. Ash’s head flew back, eyes closed, and her mouth opened as if in a moan.
Breathing heavily, they continued to writhe, their big tits grazing against each other, Ash grinding her cunt against Brooke’s leg, loosely cupping her sister’s ass cheeks. As soon as Brooke’s hands were free she thrust one down her knickers and began furiously to rub herself. Her other hand found her twin’s throbbing breast and began to massage it, though it more than filled her grasp.

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   Breathing heavily and looking intently into each others’ eyes, the twins slowly brought their lips together in their first incestuous kiss. Slowly their lips parted and Ash’s tongue slipped into Brooke’s mouth. Brooke’s eyes closed in ecstasy as she thrust her tongue against her sister’s, deepening the kiss as she groped her little sister’s soft full breasts.
Ash, ever the wilful sister, broke the kiss and said something. Then she pushed her sister to the bed and straddled her as she ripped off Brooke’s knickers and tank top and lowered her head to suck her sister’s nipple into her eager mouth, all the while grinding their naked hairless cunts together. Brooke, though she might have been the quieter sister, was definitely not lacking in incestuous passion to match her sister’s as she reached round and started to massage Ash’s ass cheeks, her fingers slipping round between her legs to her pussy. Slowly and teasingly she began to rub up and down her sister’s ass and cunt slit while Ash ground frantically against her fingers. Eventually Brooke sunk her fingers deep in her sister’s tight hole and began to finger her in a rocking movement she had clearly used on herself.
Though Ash was clearly loath to stop her sister’s thorough massaging of her cunt, after a while she began to slip down her twin’s body, leaving a trail of kisses and bites all the way down to Brooke’s wide open legs. She descended eagerly and began to lick and suck wildly at her labia and clitoris, spreading her twin’s legs wider still with her hands. Brooke was obviously in the throes of ecstasy as she grabbed feverishly at her sister’s hair, pushing her face deeper into her bucking crotch.
I was in heaven. In the space of a few minutes my little girls had gone from innocent tickling to a full-on incestuous sex session. My boner was so hard it hurt, and all I was wearing was a dressing gown. But I was determined the night’s activities would not stop there for me.

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Quietly I left the system recording, picked up a small metal item from my drawer and slipped out of my room. The girls were managing somehow to be quiet, I could only hear their passionate moans by pressing my ear to the door. Silently I opened the door and slipped inside. The scene was a million times better in person. The twins had moved to licking each other out in the 69 position and were so engrossed they didn’t even know I was there until the click of the key in the lock as I locked us in.
With barely muffled screams of horror the naked girls sprung apart, their faces burning with guilt and shame. I hadn’t thought about how I would deal with this part but I sensed that if I handled this right, I could get the fuck of my dreams tonight.
“Just what do you think you’re doing?” I asked quietly, keeping my face neutral. I hoped they would be too embarrassed to notice the raging boner under my dressing gown.
There was a long pause. They had to know there was no way to explain this one away. “I can explain. . . ” trailed off Ash.

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“Can you really, Ashley?” I said coldly. Brooke reached for a sheet to cover herself but I strode over and snatched it from her. “I want an explanation, young lady, before either of you put on so much as a stitch!” I snapped.
“We were… we weren’t…” Brooke started, then began to cry. “Daddy, I’m sorry!”
I sat down on the bed next to her and placed an arm round her shoulder. “Don’t cry, baby,” I comforted. I pulled Ash in for a hug from the other side. “I know exactly what you were doing, and I’m not angry. ” Brooke stopped sniffling. If I moved my hand an inch further it would be touching her perfect round breast.
“You’re not?” said Ash, swallowing down her tears.
“No, I’m not. ” I pulled my little girls in closer. My hands now rested just above the curve of their breasts. “It felt natural to you, didn’t it?”
“Um… I guess so.

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“Yeah, it felt kinda…”
“Hot?” I finished.
She bit her lip, swollen from kissing. “Yeah, hot. ”
I let my hand stroke gently and comfortingly over the soft curve of the top of my girls’ breasts. If they hadn’t noticed my hard on by now they must be blind.
“But girls,” I continued, my hands getting lower and more insistent in their rubbing, “you know that in the eyes of the law, what I caught you doing was wrong. Not just wrong, but illegal. It’s called incest. ” Brooke started to cry again. “Don’t worry baby. I won’t let them take you away to a mental institution, or even prison. I know there’s nothing wrong with you really. You’re just two healthy girls who need to get their satisfaction. ”
Ash turned her big green eyes on me. “Daddy, they’d really take us away if they found out?”
“Yes, baby.

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   But I won’t let that happen, not while you’re my special little girls. My special little girls who understand that we all need to get our satisfaction, even Daddies. ”
“Daddy, what do you mean?” Brooke asked, and in reply I picked her up by the waist and deposited her at the head of the bed next to Ash. Gently I forced their bodies together. “What are you doing?” There was worry in her eyes.
“Daddy wants to see you and your sister carry on. You said it felt good. Well it makes Daddy feel good too. ”
Nervously the twins moved their lips together in a chaste kiss. “Do it,” I said angrily. “Or you’ll get such a hard spanking you won’t sit down for a week. ”
I stood to the side and began to stroke my 9” shaft as my girls began to kiss passionately, their tongues enmeshing and their full breasts pressing hard together.
Just then Ash glanced up and gasped as she saw me with cock in hand. “What are you doing?” she asked, horrified. I decided it was now or never.

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   “I thought you were my special little girls,” I said as I advanced on the bed. “Daddy needs to enjoy himself as much as little girls do. ”
I stood over the bed, 9” cock standing proud as I took off my robe. “Who wants to touch it?” I asked. When neither of them replied, I grabbed Brooke’s hand and forced it to grasp my shaft. “This is my cock,” I said, forcing her little hand up and down my length.
“It’s hard,” she said in an awed voice. I let go of Brooke’s hand and Ash, never one to miss out, reached out to touch it too.
Soon Ash’s lips were stretched around my throbbing shaft as Brooke sucked on my balls. Without mercy I grabbed the back of her head and began to throat-fuck her, her soft whimpers only serving to arouse me further. Soon I was about to come. But I did not intend to waste my seed in the back of my little girl’s throat… not yet, anyway.
I pushed them both to the bed, where they lay, half-scared, half aroused, gazing up at me with those huge green eyes. Oh, how I wanted to fuck them.
I grabbed Ash and rolled her over so her face was in her sister’s cunt.


   “Lick her out, Ash,” I ordered.
She had just begun to do so when my two fingers entered her cunt from behind, causing her to gasp in pleasure. God, she was so tight. “Oohhh, Daddy!” she yelped. She was soaking wet and bouncing her ass against my hands as I roughly began to finger-fuck her, whilst positioning myself behind her. Just as she was beginning to moan in earnest I withdrew my fingers and in one hard movement mercilessly shoved the length of my 9” rod into her tight little cunt. “Unnnnnnnh!” is all she could manage as my huge cock hammered into her virgin hole, all the while thinking it had gone to heaven. She began to struggle but I held her ass in a steely grip, ruthlessly thrusting into her, over and over, the silky tight walls of her passage squeezing my cock like a vice. Meanwhile Brooke was in the throes of ecstasy, thrusting her head back and frantically grasping at her own bouncing tits as her sister’s face thrust up and down her pussy. My little Ash, always the cheeky one, was paying the price now for her lip, as her long-suffering Daddy used her as a filthy incestuous fuck-toy.
Ash screamed into her sister’s crotch as my pounding cock spread her pussy lips wide open in its assault. Brooke, on the verge of orgasm from Ashley’s lapping pink tongue, looked at me over the writhing form of her little sister’s naked body, and the look I saw in her green eyes almost made me cream right then and there. Her eyes were narrowed in her flushed, beautiful young face and they seemed to scream, “fuck me, Daddy!” louder than any words. But all the same, I wanted to hear it.
I pulled out of Ashley and positioned myself above Brooke, teasing her swollen clit with the head of my cock.


   She let out a long, sexy sigh that caused her massive breasts to rise and fall, and quiver as she quivered. Ashley, spent after her ordeal, was lying on the bed next to her, frantically massaging her own clit. Brooke leaned over to Ashley and pulled her face in for a long, slow, wet kiss, rubbing her breasts. Ashley moaned softly.
I smiled. My elder twin was turning out to be quite the vixen! I continued to tease her with my cock, and she let out a tiny moan. “Please…”
“Please what, baby?” I asked, gently massaging her tits with my other hand.
“Please – put it in me…”
“You mean fuck you?”
“Yes Daddy, fuck me!” she groaned impatiently. “Please, just fuck me like you did Ash!”
I needed no further encouragement from my writhing naked little girl, and shoved my cock hard into her sopping wet cunt. I started slowly at first as she cried out in pain, but she never took her sexy green eyes from mine and her swollen lips opened in a tiny gasp as my shaft began to enter her faster and harder. Brooke would get no more compassion than her feisty sister, I thought as I hooked her shapely legs over my shoulders, noting how flexible she was, and began to fuck her so deeply I could feel the head of my cock slamming into the back of her pussy. And what a pussy it was! Like her sister she was tight and silky and so wet…
Just then I groaned as I felt little Ashley behind me sucking on my balls and moaning as she obviously fingered herself, her moans creating pleasant vibrations as she sucked and licked at my nuts like they were a lollipop. Brooke gave a loud gasp as the pressure of my fucking began to build up inside her. “Oh – Daddy – I – didn’t – know-” she managed between strokes until her lips sprang open and she looked directly into my eyes as her orgasm hit her and her entire body began to shake. “OH GOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!” she screamed as wave after wave of ecstasy flooded over her, her taut young thighs gripping my chest like a vice.

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That was it for me, and with a groan I came harder than I had since I met their mother, spurt after spurt of hot spunk filling my little daughter’s throbbing cunt.
As my girls and I recovered I knew that this would not be the end of our incestuous adventures. They had discovered a willing and experienced cock in their own home and as for me… well, I was living every father’s secret dream.
I hope you enjoyed this story, I know I enjoyed writing it. If you’re a bad daddy please email me: naughtydaughter89@yahoo. com



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Background about Chania You should Check before Visit.Chania is an stunning city located in Greece. Chania has a commonly known unofficial name "The Place of Joy" and in reality, this city is fairly windy during the whole year. Chania is well-known in the world of tourism worldwide, thanks to its diversified nightlife, beaches and crystal-clear waters. This town has got an emerging community as well. Hereby, you can be certain that Chania will clearly turn all your nasty fantasies into reality, because this location is the very centre of all the big parties throughout Greece, and can be by right accredited as local Greek version of Ibiza. But one look closer will be sufficient to realize that Chania has more to offer to all the fun seekers.
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